This book offers a series of letters generated by the Hawaiian Ancestors to assist the Hawaiian Nation (or those who are Hawaiian at Heart) in opening their hearts and learning to love again as well as finding their way to a sovereign state of being. It is the hope of the Hawaiian Ancestors that the Hawaiian Nation will find its way to sovereignty again where those who love the land can live freely from what it provides.


More About These Letters


In March 2000, Asur’Ana visited Oahu for an ascension workshop. The Hawaiian Ancestors greeted her with great joy. Here was someone willing to heal within and is willing to work with the land to heal as well. We invited Asur’Ana to move to Honolulu. Asur’Ana said, “I have so many responsibilities upon the mainland; I don’t know how this might come to be. However, I will agree to this if you weave a dream for me to move, so I will.”

In June 2001, the opportunity arose to relocate unto Hawaii, after Asur’Ana had requested her ex-husband for a divorce to end their 4-year marriage, which was not working for both of them as they have gone in separate directions. She also left her job as a research analyst to start life anew in Hawaii. This began a many year dance of working with the land of Oahu and Honolulu in particular to restore the energy flow so that the region could begin to heal and hold the vibration of the love of Mother Earth again. It was in the year of 2002 that Honolulu was one of the 10 safest cities in the US due to the restoration of love to this region. Asur’Ana fulfilled upon her goals and moved on to the Big Island where she also agreed to assist in restoring the love to this island, before finally moving on to Kauai.

Love that is flowing will produce rain; the rain loves the plants, trees and other nature kingdoms into life again. In Asur’Ana’s work to restore love of Mother Earth to the land, the weather begins balance all over the islands producing more rain to give birth to more life; for life and love are intricately intertwined. Now Mother Earth is beginning to implement this energy flow as a global dance restoring love to all parts of her body, which will bloom with life again as a result. Already this is happening from the Hawaiian Ancestors’ point of view.

In December 2019, Asur’Ana relocated to Norway to continue with her ascension journey. The surrounding countries near the North Pole held keys to Asur’Ana’s continued ascent and therefore it was a necessary step to relocate unto Norway for her continued evolutionary journey. Recently, Asur’Ana and her beloved twin partner and husband from Norway, Per, visited the Hawaiian Islands to do some healing work on the land since the Covid-19 pandemic began. To their delight, a recent series of satellite photos of Earth over the past 5 years shows scientists the increasing greenery global wide (from 3 news articles: AP, BBC and CNN).

We as the Hawaiian Ancestors have stood by Asur’Ana and Per in their work here. It has not been an easy journey but we are rewarded in watching the life return to the āina (land) again. These past few months have been the wettest in the islands ever, even causing flooding and dams to break! Now we also hope that the life is restored to the sea as well, and that one day there will be so many fish that boats cannot navigate through our bays. This is how it once was long ago upon the Big Island.

Aloha Pumehana,

The Hawaiian Ancestors

Asur’Ana and Per

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