The Psychology of Self is an anthology of understanding of a psycho social era known as Atlantis that prevailed for twenty thousand years in light synthesis motion of field. The Psychology of Self in Atlantis fostered a time of deep sincerity of care of the heart, friendships and partnerships that meant something special throughout the life, and a myriad of dreams of prosperity that allowed the creative self-expression to shine into the divine.

It is the will of Shaktar that the Psychology of Self model of possibility reasserts itself in this time period of possible enlightenment. Atlantis was an age of enlightenment. The current era may phase into a brief cycle of enlightenment lasting no more than three hundred years due to a crash course of extinction possibility that Earth is upon. The time is now to realize you. The Psychology of Self is present for you to realize you and not anyone else.

Tao realization systems are the only systems of development remaining upon the planet for mastery of humanity. The Earth lore systems of ascension fostering are fading due to the need to foster another level of spiritual mastery into self realizing itself through time. Self is the conscious fabric of life. Consciousness is a striation of field that is fostered in the subtle bodies of the field. The subtle bodies reformat in self development to foster striations of light. The light synthesizes with spirit and soul to foster realization of self.

The love of the Tao is an infinite radiance of self realizing itself through time. Tao realization is not a new concept but one that is executed in many eras of light synthesis motions through time. Light synthesis signifies a requirement to Tao realize from within. Tao realization is a syncopated motion from the archetype that relays communication, healing, and fostering of self along with liquid light to be infused into a field and physiology as wave motions are mastered within giving birth to divine thoughts over life.

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