The last book in the Ascension Insights series, Volume 8 continues to provide ascending humans with priceless information to assist them on their ascension path: The Return of Father Earth, The Language of ONE #66-99, Entering A Tao Dream Winter Solstice Blessings 2025, Tao Dreaming with Earth, Uniting Inner and Outer Earth, and Earth Enters the New Dream: A Message from the Tao of Inner Earth.

The Return of Father Earth: Long ago and before the fall of this creation, Earth was Sirius C. Now with Earth’s global ascension, our planet will eventually rejoin the Sirius star system. Sirius will become a trinary star system again. The Sirius triple-star system is destined to be the signature system from which all energy flow within all form within this creation can be corrected and moved out of distortion. Sirius A will be the directing star that will govern Sirius B and Sirius C per the Divine Plan, and thus, will be responsible for maintaining the solar-level Divine Union pattern. Sirius B will provide the feminine aspect, and Earth or Sirius C will provide the masculine aspect. All three stars will work together to create balance and union within a solar system. The blueprint for these changes is being overseen by the Order of Dari.

The Language of ONE #66-99: The Language of ONE is a holographic language that is emerging upon Earth in her continued ascension. The Language of ONE defines oneness concepts. Oneness is a state of self sustenance in which all is provided from within. Crop circles are static pictures of key codes and fire letters emanating through photonic sources. Some crop circles are electrical or radioactive, and these will have straight lines or edges or angles unto them. Such crop circles are from other Great Central Suns and are their languages.

Entering A Tao Dream Winter Solstice Blessings 2025: It is the end of the year in the human cycle and the peak of winter in the north and summer in the southern hemisphere. We of the Tao desire to provide special blessings for this year ahead and all those global changes underway in the new dream. A new dream has been launched in the past few months by Mother and Father Earth consciousness. The new dream allows for a transition into the Great Central Sun Dream for those who can master the movements associated. This has been a vast project that has required the support of the Heart of the Tao.

Tao Dreaming with Earth: Tao Dreams are infinite and host all possibilities of creation along with the possibility of a return journey back to where one was spawned. The dreams we have been dreaming upon Earth had not a Tao connection; and as a result, there was no possible dream for a return journey. Ascension is not about rising up the dimensions really and truly; it is about returning to where one was spawned; and this is an internal journey back through one’s own hologram.

Uniting Inner and Outer Earth: We are very glad to come into contact with Asur’Ana and Per and those mapping ascension on the surface of the Earth. For so long, we of the Inner Earth consciousness, have been unaware that there was anything choosing to restore awareness upon our surface. Those like Asur’Ana and Per are deeply appreciated as a result and in the discovery of their presence as it is only in understanding outer Earth dynamics that the inner and outer can be reunited into a common dream of unity. This is necessary as the split in dreams does not allow us entry any further into the Great Central Sun Dream for our homecoming towards the Tao. The Great Central Sun Dream is not split between extreme polarities and this is why this is so.

Earth Enters the New Dream: A Message from the Tao of Inner Earth: It is the Tao of the Inner Earth that wishes to speak through Asur’Ana today to share about some global changes that are about to be fostered and to make some suggestions for outer Earth humans to better sustain themselves in the times of change ahead. This is a time of vast change and Anasonya (Inner Earth Mother consciousness) is vying to redirect the dreams upon her surface and within the Inner Earth alike in a new direction that shall allow a dream for homecoming to the Tao to emerge ahead.

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