Image of shooting stars to represent wishes coming true. Prescription For Manifestation

Prescription For Manifestation


The following meditation is from Chapter 14 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1:


1. Call on Mother Earth to anchor for you. Ground by connecting to the center of the Earth. Utilizing the grounding and kundalini meditation from “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension” . This ensures that your field is clear of those forces that may wish to distort or manipulate your vision.


2. Begin by envisioning what it is your heart truly wishes to make manifest in your current life experience.


3. Fill the vision with the emotions of joy, love, unity and nurturing.


4. Call on the I AM that you are and the Oversoul from which your I AM extends itself into form to infuse your vision with its vision for your life experience. Surrender to the changes that your soul wishes to make in the greater understanding that your soul sees more than yourself what is necessary to experience to fulfill your mission.


5. Align your vision with the Divine Plan of God Goddess /All That Is by asking Source to support your vision with its blessing.


6. Intend your vision into manifestation. It is the act of intending (or willing your vision to be so) that the vision is sent to your solar sun to be recorded. As the vision is recorded on the solar sun, and understood, it is then relayed back to the outermost dimension where you exist and begins to step down into physicality.


7. Intend to ascend! In the act of ascending, you begin to integrate your unconscious parts of self, thus speeding up the time of manifestation of all visions or intents into the physical.


8. Intend to bring to consciousness those unconscious thoughtforms that would prevent your manifestation from becoming realized. As each thoughtform blocking your manifestation surfaces, intend to release it in full. This intent has the greatest power just before you fall asleep at night or as you awaken in the morning when you are ‘between’ the worlds.


9. Intend to bring to consciousness those unconscious thoughtforms that distort your manifestation in a manner that would not bring you joy. As each thoughtform that distorts your manifestation surfaces, intend to release it in full.


10. PAY ATTENTION! Pay attention to the small creations to give you clues as to your unconscious state of being. Pay attention to the mirror of your thoughtform that you attract in the world around you. Do you attract an angry client or friend? Then what part of your thoughtform is angry? Intend to release your angry thoughtforms and patterns. Do you attract a cold-hearted lover? Then what part of yourself is cold hearted? Intend to release all related patterns so that the next lover can be closer to what you desire to make manifest.


11. Give thanks for what does manifest. Sometimes what does manifest teaches you about your unconscious distortions yet to be released. Then whatever does manifest is a great gift if you utilize the experience to release the patterns at cause of the creation.


In ascension, you come to understand that you are empowered to change your world. You learn that as the inner world and unconscious changes, along with all related beliefs and thoughtforms, your experience of the world simultaneously changes. Then you learn that you are indeed powerful after all, powerful enough to change your own experience of reality.


For a very long time now, you have believed that power has resided outside of yourselves, that others controlled your fate, whether that other was your parents, your boss, your client or your child. Ascension brings forth the truth. The truth of the matter is that you create each of your experiences, whether they are difficult or joyful in outcome. As you understand that only you hold the keys to your creations, and that you take your power back from those you have given it to, and take responsibility for your own thoughtforms, then life has an opportunity to change and become what you have always longed for.


The power of human intent can move mountains. In alignment with the Divine, anything becomes possible!


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.


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