Image of a Hispanic woman writing on a piece of paper. Preparations For Lucid Dreaming

Preparations For Lucid Dreaming


Many beginners, once they become lucid, have no idea what to do. Advanced preparation can keep you grounded and allow you to have a much better lucid dreaming experience.


In this article, I will discuss how to prepare for your lucid dreams so you can accomplish your dream goals.


1. Decide A Goal in Advance


To get the most out of your dreams, decide in advance what you want to do in your dreams. Stick to one goal per night, per week or until you have accomplished it. This helps to keep your mind focused.


1.) Do you want to communicate with your Inner Self for guidance on finding your life purpose to create your extraordinary life?

2.) Do you want creative ideas for your best-selling book, painting masterpiece, successful song lyric?

3.) Do you want to travel the universe?


Before going to bed each night, write down your dream goal in your journal


2. Plan Out Your Dream


Plan your dream out from start to finish and rehearse in your mind how you want it to go. By planning your dreams in advance, you will be less likely to forget what to do once you are lucid.


3. Imagine Achieving Your Dream Goal


When you have leisure time, close your eyes and really imagine yourself doing your dream goal. Imagine what it’s like to accomplish your goal; see yourself in the dream scene. Experience every sensation, such as visual, auditory, touch, taste, smell.


4. Post Your Dream Goal


Once you have written down, plan out, and imagine achieving your dream goal, post it up in a place where you will regularly see for motivation.


5. Motivation


Mastering lucid dreaming takes diligent effort and time. You need to develop the motivation to persevere when times get tough. Make the commitment to your spiritual growth and personal development by meditating and writing in your dream journal every day.


6. Reward Yourself


Have fun, play and reward yourself periodically for any sign of progress in your meditation practice or lucid dreaming training, no matter how small. You can treat yourself to a luxurious bath, a delicious dinner or a new outfit, etc.

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