Image of the glorious oak trees. The planet needs mature trees.

The Planet Needs Mature Trees


Nature is an intelligent presence that is eager to communicate and cooperate with an awakened humanity.


The trees are not only the guardians, but also the skin of the Earth. They are calling us home to ourselves and to the work of restoring our Planet. They call us to wake up from our self-absorption and to remember who we really are. They urge us to evolve a new relationship with Nature.


They call on humanity to protect the old-growth trees and to re-forest the Earth for its own survival. While the ecological role of trees is acknowledged today, their spiritual role has not yet been fully realized.


The Divine Purpose of Trees


All of Nature was created for the edification of an ever more perfect Creation, including humans. No part of creation should be taken for granted.


Trees are expressions of the Love of the Creator for the planet’s abundant, unique and related life.


Annually, the trees are torn and ground to dust as humans machine them out of the way to make room for shopping malls, hotels, etc. They are untouched by this, but it is not right. They are as much part of Divine life as humanity. There should be communion and a sharing of intention. Although the trees do not agree with our thoughtless approach to them, they offer us unconditional love.


Even though we have realized the essential role of world forests to Earth’s survival, we use silly economic reasons for selection with no awareness of the planet’s needs. We should not cover acres with one quick-growing species which, though admittedly better than none, shows ignorance of the purpose of trees and their channeling of diverse forces. The world needs mature trees on a large scale.


The Spiritual Role of Trees


There are various reasons for the need of mature trees on the planet. Large trees are an absolute necessity for the well-being of the land. Their forces make a great deal of difference to the balance of the whole. They are converters of the higher forces to Earth through to the ground. Take them away and the planet can no longer function but dries up and dies.


Large and mature trees are conductors of energy. They stand, ever ready to channel the universal forces which surround and are part of the world. Mountains are channels for this energy, especially pointed ones, but the large trees are of a higher and more living substance and are carriers of especially potent vibrations. They are magnificent sentinels for us and for the cosmic energy from the universe. They stand rooted and upraised, transforming the power in an aura of peace.


Trees act as a protective skin to the Earth and in that skin bring about necessary changes. They are outer sentinels of that change, able to do their work where others could not tread.


Great forests must flourish and humanity must see to this if we wish to continue to live on this planet. The knowledge of this necessity must become part of our consciousness, as much accepted as our need for water. We need trees just as much; the two are linked. They are indeed the skin of the earth and a skin not only covers and protects, but passes through it the forces of life. Nothing could be more vital to life as a whole than trees, trees and more trees.


We repeat, mature trees are needed. It is not enough to have the land reforested, for young trees are not capable of fulfilling their task of transmuting energies. We need mature trees for this; we need them for the balance of peace and stability. If there is a dearth of the large trees, the peace and stability of humankind is affected, for we are One. We cannot destroy them without destroying ourselves.


Love and Appreciate the Trees


Let your love go forth to the trees. They are vanishing all over the world is another sign of the troubled times at the end of an age. Mature trees are necessary for the welfare of the planet. Thank Source-God for their creation.


Link with the trees whenever and wherever you see them. This is good for them and good for our relationship. Notice them, see them with new eyes, notice the way they grow. It will help you to imbibe the unique quality which they bring.


A large tree is a family, a home, a country to explore and a place of beauty. It stands giving out to all and is a refuge for many. It stands proud, reaching to the sky and deep into the Earth, enduring. It stands as a symbol of a particular perfection of God. Let it stand and you will come closer to Source-God.


Large, mature trees are meant to bring the beauty of infinity to the planet. They are meant to embody the qualities of strength, stability and everlastingness. It is a very high vibrating, grounded energy they channel, and we cannot have enough of it. Absorb it; it is a great privilege.




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