Image of a pristine scenery to represent Planet Earth's Transformation.

Planet Earth’s Transformation


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Presently, most of the Council meetings in Agartha are about helping surface Earth human populations. Great things are happening here due to Earth’s Ascension, and there will soon be changes for many people. The following article discusses the Galactic Federation of Light and Inner Earth Council’s plans for the future of the planet.


The Galaxy is on Standby


Although most of the Earth’s population are loving and yearn only for peace, there are still thousands who wish to control the population of Earth, including all her resources. They do this through war and threats. The galaxy is on standby. The whole galaxy unanimously believes it is time for the Earth to restructure in a positive way. At this point in time, the work has already commenced. It is high time to cleanse our beautiful planet of all the rubbish which is threatening to suffocate it and Mother Earth. They are going to do this soon.


The Galactic Federation of Light will make sure that all our weapons crumble so they can never be used again. Rage and aggression are concepts and feelings which must be banished. We have to realize that these symbols of evil have no place in the world of Love which will rule on Earth. Violence must end NOW.


Planet Earth has free will to play with. On other planets, free will is limited and held in check. Violence and egotism aren’t allowed. Earthlings’ will has developed in the wrong direction. They use it for evil, and call on powers which shouldn’t be allowed to exist.


Earthlings have been advised to live peacefully and spiritually. Our reward for this is to automatically reach a higher level of life. We have to teach our children at an early stage not to hurt each other and to treat others as they wish to be treated themselves. We have to practice thinking kind thoughts and being kind. We have to practice good manners and positive thinking.


Evacuation of Earth


In the not too distant future, the whole planet will be evacuated. The Earth will move into the fifth dimension and the surface will be purified. As the Earth’s frequency increases, electricity will cease to function. There will be mass landings of the Galactic Federation’s lightships in towns and the countryside in all countries. All those alive will be taken into the ships. They will divide up the fifth-dimensional souls and the third-dimensional souls, and there will be a great reformation of human souls on Earth.


Earth’s Transformation


Once Earthlings are in the ships, they will be able to witness the transformation of Earth. It will be a fantastic sight. They will come to know things which have been cosmic secrets.


The New Earth will be expanded to five-dimensional on the inside and the outside. The deserts will disappear and instead there will be tropical paradises.


The inside and the surface will be reunited. There will be plenty of World Trees. Enter one of these, and you enter a beautiful extension of the Earth.


There will be many alternatives in communication and entertainment. Each household will be supplied with a machine which transforms light energy into matter. It will provide us with clothes and food. There will be prosperity programs which will provide the financial resources necessary.


We will have new methods of transportation, making cars, trains and airplanes obsolete. Great changes await transport and infrastructure. New technology will transform medicine. Inner Earth’s technology will be used to reverse the terrible pollution surrounding our planet. Our entire environment will change fast.


There will be no wars. People are brothers and sisters across the world. We will be able to travel across the universe. There will be complete intergalactic cooperation.


Immigration to Agartha


Human’s destinies depend on their own choices. Many people from surface Earth will end up in Agartha. Some will relocate to other planets.


Surface-dwellers will tend to arrive in Telos first, where they will be interviewed and assessed their suitability for immigration to Inner Earth.


Agartha Has No Fourth Dimension 


In Agartha, the Bridge of Mists separates the third and fifth dimensions. The fourth dimension doesn’t exist there. The bridge serves as the boundary between Telos and its surroundings and the enormous country of the fifth dimension.


The fourth dimension is the astral plane, populated by ghosts and specters. It has a certain type of clientele, and some Earthlings may choose to move there. That is their business. There is still free will on Earth. The Inner Earth and Galactic Councils will assist those who wish to relocate there. They take into account the choice of the individual.


Progressing Directly to the Fifth Dimension


In the third dimension, which we want to leave, there are opposing energies like good and bad, love and hate, joy and grief, and above all, life and death. In higher dimensions these don’t exist. Your controlling ego no longer dominates your world. Instead, the Higher Self takes over, and the Creation and the Unity dominate in everyone.


Unconsciously, surface humans are passing from the fourth to the fifth dimension, where full consciousness reigns. This goes a long way in explaining people’s current confusion — the stress, curious decisions, time that rushes away, karma which is immediately balanced, and so forth.


Unbeknown to many, Earthlings have the opportunity to progress directly from the third to the fifth dimension. We have been submerged for 13,000 years in the third dimension, manipulated by the Dark Force. The bells of freedom are ringing for us now. The time of reincarnation is past, and life will become part of the Whole.




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