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Partnership Archive #4


Mastery Sequences of the Two


Binary Encoding and Partnership


Binary encoding has a special union lore of the two. There are four sequences of union lore leading to transfusion lore of self. Binary sequences of union begin at an 8-8 level of self. 8-8 union lore is Figure-8 or infinity systems of self. Infinity systems of self cause a recurrent inoculation of the concept of the infinite truth of union of the two. Unions of the 8-8 are sublime and subject to dejection through a system of self that breaks the infinity of the two. Condrian lore humans tend to break the system of infinite union of those in 8-8 binary encoding and blessed with a union of the two. Re-numeration to the 10-10 will suffice to carry the two into another union lore beyond dejection and into the sustenance of the partnership at another level of consensus ascension of self.


Unity of the Two


The 10-10 level of partnership is an adroit equation of self fulfilling upon itself in unity of the two. Unity of the two is a binary sequence of 10-10 that adjusts the poles such that others are diminished in their union of any encoding beneath. The 10-10 union flourishes as others in 8-8, 6-6 or 4-4 encoding are diminished. Unions in polarity often reverse polarity ending the partnership through time. Those in 10-10 unions are subject to dejection over time as a result. If a couple in 10-10 ascends into 11-11 encoding, they endure the dejection finding their way to another partnership lore of unity of all or wholeness of self.


Unity of all fails to diminish the unions of others in any other binary encoding beneath or above. The union moves into a system of equality of partnership that fosters another level of mastery of the two within and without if mastered by each. Those in partnerships of the 11-11 are sublime in their capacity to care for one another and others in the dance of life. 11-11 partnerships are often twin afflicted and not necessarily counterpart oriented unless intended within. Some are born with an intention to formulate an 11-11 counterpart lore union of the sublime and are unique in this time period if fostered. Some in 11-11 mastery choose to ascend together into 12-12 level partnerships of an ordering of compassion of the two.


Fusion of the Two


The 12-12 partnership is sometimes a misfit of self. Sometimes one can re-numerate from an 11-11 into a 12-12 and the other cannot. As one adventures into the 12-12 and the other fails, the other becomes ill or departs the union in free will choice of self. Departures are frequent if the re-numeration cannot unfold for each. If partnerships remain in a non-sequence of binary coding that fails to match, the union separates through death. Death of one in an 11-11 sequence with one of a 12-12 is common in eras of light synthesis. Grief is common with the one that remains but develops further through forgiveness and compassion of self.


Sometimes two in 12-12 encoding adventures into the next level of divine action of compassion together. 12-12 partnership is superlative and fosters fusion of the two. Fusion of the two is a light synthesis partnership that is sublime to divine to experience. Divine partnership begins at a 12-12 inauguration of light motion. Divine partnership can be twin or counterpart oriented. Divine partnership is an oscillation of hope, purification, care and devoid of negation of self. Divine partners support one another in all apothecaries of life. Divine partnership is mastered only as the two choose for one another above all else.


In divine partnership, all others are forfeited for the sake of the union. Sometimes divine partners have few friends and a limited horoscope of life outside of the union. Divine partners are a mastery level all of their own. Mastery of divine partners is a succinct motion of light that does not detriment others but provides a sincere motion of care in which friendships or group encounters can be experienced. Divine partners are not generally common today but can develop in special happenstance of mastery quotients in light synthesis eras of self-realization.




De-Ascension is a foray of dream in which the 11-11 hypothesis of unity fails due to an inability to forgive. Some humans adventure to ascend from 10-10 encoding to 11-11 sequences and fail. Those who fail to forgive are reduced to 8-8 or 6-6 binary sequences to rendition the field into non-superlative actions of self. Those attempting to arise in ascension without forgiveness render others who have mastered forgiveness or compassion to appear as though they have mastered. The rendering of spirit of those sincerely mastering is great in this time period. The rendition of Tao resources allows those sincerely mastering to foster a union divine within to recover the self of the self through time.


Those mastering 12-12 that fail are numerous at this time. Often those who master forgiveness at 11-11 levels attempt to move beyond into 12-12 encoding. Most fail in this time period due to a lack of capacity to embrace compassion of each in the life. For compassionate action to be fulfilled upon, compassion must be understood for each regardless of the level of strife caused in the dream.


Some can fulfill upon finding compassion for all; many cannot. Sometimes those attempting 12-12 mastery fake the encoding and field to be fostered. Those faking mastery renew for a time due to re-numeration of the molecules into superlative frequencies that heal. Some lose the 12-12 encoding unto those who fake parallel mastery and can become ill. Those losing binary encoding to those faking mastery are best renditioning self to retrieve what has been lost and re-numerating into the encoding mastered to offset disease or death ahead.


Those mastering 12-12 foster major arcana lore of self in the dreams of life. The dreams of life foster unity within and in the experiences with each. Mastery through major arcana lore of Yogananda or Babaji rendition is not always easy to experience. The mastery lore is to foster deeper compassion into divine concepts of self. Others present themselves to reflect the non-divine within the one mastering. Non-divine themes of dream cause strife to understand and comprehend the lessons to be forgiven and the humans to find compassion for. Non-divine themes rendition spirit into sequences of superlative action as compassion is fostered leading to magical moments in time. Magical moments sequence recurrently as mastery unfolds through time.


Truth of Mastery Within        


12-12 binary encoding is a level of mastery of truth of the superlative formations of self fostering itself into compassionate action. Compassionate action is a formation of truth sincere unto the ancestry. Ancestries of compassion are less common today than in prior times of light synthesis. Those mastering the 12-12 are one out of one hundred thousand at this time. The 12-12 journey can be lonely unless others are discovered in parallel paths of compassionate action. Often those of 12-12 re-numeration find others in 11-11 superlative notions and find companionship through life. 12-12 humans may or may not discover others of 12-12 capacity in this era to dream with. Intending friends or partnership with another 12-12 is one manner to remedy the loneliness of the journey in this era.


Ascension is a rise into the 11-11 encoding. Ascension is a postulation of a rise into octaves above allowing the 8-8 to rise into the 10-10- and then the 11-11. The rise into the 12-12 is another level of evolution beyond into self-realization. Self-realization is an adroit equation of compassion made manifest through time. All rises are beautiful in the fostering of another level of dreaming in the life. Self-realization is another level of mastery that is superlative in notion. Superlative notion is wholeness theory based.


10-10 rise fosters dreams of unity with partners or friends or spiritual comrades. Rises into the 11-11 sequences foster ascension to another level of mastery of union within. Union within fosters dreams that are Language of Light in action in happenstances of life. 12-12 mastery rises above 11-11 sequences into compassion of self in superlative light formations of waves. Wave action fosters another level of introspection and forgiveness over the life happenstance that fosters compassion for each.


Analysis of the Lore of the Two     


The lore of the two is beautiful in an 8-8 sequence of infinite awareness of the care of the heart. Those experiencing the union of the 8-8 feel bliss in the choice to be together. The union can fade when others rendition the partnership into a state of loss of care through time. Unions come and fade in 8-8 levels of union. Those rising above the 8-8 into the 10-10 together in ascension lore of self are numerous today. The 10-10 unions also flourish for a time and those detrimenting the two trigger an apartheid of self in subsequent lore cycles ahead. Most 10-10 unions last one lore cycle of seven years and then fade unless mastered into the 11-11 together.


Those mastering 11-11 together are more common today. The two in 11-11 encoding foster a union sublime in the notions of care of one another. The care fosters a beautiful foray of dream until the union fades for one cause or another. Some 11-11 partnerships do last a lifetime or many lore cycles concluding only in death. The one remaining beyond a beloved of 11-11 encoding often experiences deep grief following death. The grief is a possible journey into another level of mastery into the 12-12 sequences through which another life unfolds thereafter.


Those achieving the 12-12 encoding together are rare today and number only a few at this time. Most fail mastery together of 12-12 sequences due to extreme polarity upon Earth. The extremes foster unions in which one archetype has the encoding to master the 12-12 and the other does not. The difficulties of 12-12 partnerships are great at this time due to the shifts in the sequences of dreams of light synthesis of self. Self seeks to re-numerate together if possible but the dreams detriment the possibility by pairing humans in polarities that cannot foster the goal. Those who are aware and mastering can choose for new partners that can foster the goal within and without to offset the difficulties of non-divine partnerships today.


The planet is not aligned with mastery in this cycle. Mastery has been deferred into another cycle eight hundred years ahead. Mastery of those choosing for levels of evolution will be very well thought of by resources that know that the cycles does not support light synthesis of the two in this time period. Those mastering 11-11 to 12-12 sequences of encoding together shall foster unions that are sublime and deeply cared for and supportive given the limited numbers associated. Unions that are sublime are kind to foster and should be enjoyed throughout the lifetime if they occur. Those choosing for 12-12 partnership are the beloveds unto the Earth.


Transfusion Lore of Superlative Union of the 12-12


I am the one of the two

That fosters

A Union Divine

In a sequence of dream

Of beautification

Of Soul

In a postulation

Of an equation

Of superlative notions

Of Self

That fosters itself

In a partnership

Of care



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