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Partnership Archive #3


Transfusion Lore of Equality


Holographic Wheel of Fables


The lore of equality is the first transfusion lore to be executed as each begins to transfuse. Transfusion is an act of light synthesis that involves small and large transfusion bodies. Some aspirants transfuse only the large transfusion body and fail to inaugurate the small vessel of light. In failing to inaugurate the small vessel, the body sinks in vibration rather than raises in conjunction with the larger transfusion body in the act of light synthesis of self. As the physical sinks in octaves mastered, it de-aplombs itself of all mastery and flows towards disease.


The large transfusion body is only to be inaugurated at the same time as the birth of the small light system of self. The small light system of self covers the physical with a sheath of fusion that inaugurates renewal of the cells. The sheath of light encompasses and permeates each cell and each organ, gland and system for maximum possibility of renewal through the act of transfusion. Renewal in transfusion can lengthen the life substantially until a detriment occurs. As long as a detriment of self fails to occur, the life continues unless there is the desire to pass. All detriments of self result in disease of some sort in life. Detriments of self are to be avoided at all costs in transfusion lore of self.


Transfusion lore is different than Shakti Lore or Dragon Dreaming lore of self. Transfusion lore is founded upon equality. Up until equality is mastered within, transfusion cannot take flight. The octaves of 100 to 300 of mastery are to attempt to inaugurate the lore of equality of self into the life. If equality of self fails to become inaugurated, the transfusion ceases and ascension lore carries on. Ascension and transfusion lore are case specific and not necessarily an archetypal sequence for each associated with a particular counterpart or twin lore theme of life.


Concluding with Ascension Level Mastery for Self-Realization


Ascension lore theory is founded upon natural world derivations of possibilities of archetypal sequences of self. The natural world foyers for a dream of focus of ascension mastery for those choosing for the postulation offered in a given cycle. Ascension postulations work for some and not for others. Those who fail in ascension lore rendition of self choose to retract leaving those who can choose for realization in the cycle to follow. We are concluding collectively with an eighteen-year postulation of ascension mastery cycle and giving birth to a cycle of realization for those who can foster mindset development. Ascension level mastery is not about fulfillment of mindset development. It is a foray to lead to the postulation of mindset development to inaugurate the self of the self within.


Fables of transfusion mastery are not to be confused with Shakti Lore of the Two or Dragon Dreaming accolades of achievement. Shakti lore and dragon dreaming are postulations of another life that is non-mastery based except if ascension accolades of achievement are to be developed within. Those inaugurated for ascension achievement are few and far between in the current life happenstance. Many of ascension mastery prevail in the metaphysical foray of life. Most in the metaphysical foray are capable of ascension development of self. Few are capable of fostering realization in this time period due to dwindling capacity to develop mindset.


Development of mindset requires minerals and other nutrient components to inaugurate the synapses of self. Synapses are precarious to nutritional delays or losses and can subject a biological happenstance to fail to inaugurate into mindset development. Some falling into disease patterns are subject to an attempt to realize without the nutrients necessary to develop the cortex and synapses junctures of self in the biological foray of dream. Biology is subject to four synapse injunctions at cause of lack of development.


Failure to Realize


1. Striation Loss: The loss of striations of self will cause a failure to synapse juncture the mindset to understand the thoughts of Spirit. Striation loss often occurs amongst those who fail to develop psychic or clairaudient perception of self as octaves 100-300 are transfused through.


2. Development of Self: There are fourteen systems of self that must develop in order for mindset to flow with the self of the self within. Perception of self develops at 400 octaves. If all fourteen layers fail to develop or cease to flow inward, then realization in the life ceases.


3. Loss of Nutrient Foray of Self: Nutrients are both self derived and also physical. Physical nutrients are required for the development of the synapses for mindset levels of self to be fostered. Energetic nutrients are woven into the self striations to foster the synapses necessary to allow understanding to flow between physical and nonphysical junctures of self. Shakti and Dragon lore is all about condrian and non-condrian systems of self and how they collide through time.


4. Development-Not: Development-nots are a foray of dream that foster detriment of self to a point that self may cease to develop. Development-nots are a forensic motion that disturbs self to a degree it fails to develop further. Nots prevent the dream and equation of development to fail to resurface to re-inaugurate further expansion of self.


Global Wide Fusion in 800 Years


Development of self is a precarious system in this time period. There is little light synthesis to cause development in most regions. Development requires light gates and transfusion to be fostered. Transfusion is a foray of dream that occurs only as the gates of transfusion lore permeate a particular region. Regions vary from gates and vortexes that cause fusion. Some regions foster fusion and others deficit it; yet others foray for dreams of fusion to occur that flows and others experience fusion that fails.


Fusion in 800 years will be global wide and a time of inauguration of Earth’s self to make up for the deficit of loss that has occurred in the past cycle of transfusion lore dreaming. This cycle began before the fall of Atlantis and has succeeded at detrimenting Earth’s self to a point that she is no longer present as a global foray to foster her own realization. Earth lore has ceased to develop ascension levels of mastery. Those developed will carry on and those who can will foray for a dream of realization ahead. Those realizing are few and far between and special in their case specific nature of self.


Minimal Development in This Era


Inauguration of self is a massive project in global succession of self. Lines of self foray for dreams to postulate and understand in global cycles. Each self chooses planets and creations that distinguish itself in its postulations of understanding and forgiveness. Earth is a foray of self that requires the experience of detriment to be fostered. Self that requires detriment is not necessarily the best of selves to inaugurate light synthesis eras of existence. This era is a prelude to another era to come to be fostered in a foray of development of light synthesis of the planet. This era of development is minimal and a precursor towards the goal of light synthesis to be dreamed eight hundred years into the future.


Many think enlightenment is to occur soon. Enlightenment is an era ahead yet and may possibly cease to develop if a nuclear attrition recurs. This is an era to attempt to prevent nuclear attrition. Thus far, the nuclear war possibilities are delayed three hundred years ahead. If nuclear attrition occurs, then the light synthesis age of enlightenment cannot unfold in the cycle ahead. The cycles ahead may not afford Earth anything but a dream of extinction of self if nuclear postulations of self unfold. Extinction of self is a precarious happenstance in which a foray of precarious hypothesis unfolds. Self moves in and out of the planet in such a cycle deriving what is necessary to carry on in the realization of self through extinction hypothesis.


This is not an era of development except for a few. Recent conflicts in the desire to realize have engaged a system of etching theory of self that has destroyed four octaves of synthesis of an archetypal foyer needed to realize self. There are four less archetypes to realize within. The minimal numbers of realizing attributes of self limit the large transfusion body from synthesizing down to inaugurate the small transfusion body for realization of self in the physical. Those who are inaugurated will be fewer in number in this time period and will receive more self to realize within increasing the bandwidths of mindset development in this era.


The fable lore of the hypothesis of equality is an equation-based fable that equalizes and renunciates that which cannot carry on in the transfusion lore of self. Many entering transfusion lore exhibit many life changes of departures of friendships and beloveds of self who cannot carry on in a stance of equality within. Equality allows those who are equal to express equally in the life dream together to foster a beautiful foray of synergy of the two or the group. Synergy of the group or the two is a special foray of dream that fosters transfusion of the couple in union, the friendship or the tribe. The following story is an essay about the lore of equality of self.


Lore of the Hypothesis of Equality


Makedia was a beautiful African maiden of US hypothesis of American foray of dream. Her life took her on the road as a Samsonite graduate of orderly self of sales representative venue of life. She enjoyed visiting companies and other organizations stocking Samsonite products in North America. Samsonite is world renowned and Makedia aced her job in an international luggage representative position inaugurating calls in Europe and the Middle East. Makedia was an unusual name and her lovely photo often caught the attention of the big executives or CEO’s of certain companies. She was ranked high on the pedestal of the number one sales person of the year in a short time.


The heightened motion of Makedia was a beautiful foray of dream. She caused many an executive to forensics a motions of seduction and occasionally happenstanced a bed time notion of self. The love affairs became recurrent in a few cases with beloveds in Paris, Rome, London, Lebanon and Madrid that she enjoyed periodically. Her lovers were each married and high paid CEO’s who appreciated her delicate appearance and offered her large sales quotients of self in exchange. The love affairs bloomed for a time and then faded as Makedia found a love of her own.


Her beloved was a wealthy Middle Eastern man of many wives. Makedia was of a Black Muslim faith which allowed her to inaugurate herself as his thirteenth bride. She carried on in her luggage campaign for a year after marriage before conceiving her first child. The child awakened her into her spiritual transfusion lore and soon she departed her high-level position to assume a low level of stature amongst thirteen wives. However, she produced the only son, and this made up for the difference with the father who betrothed her with the sanction of the number one wife in the family. She adored him and the others, and soon discovered herself in a position as a spokesperson for Middle Eastern flavor of self.


Middle Eastern life of the feminine is not understood well in the public foray. Makedia writes a book about the expose of life of a Sheik of wealth and the beloved nature of the partnership and group. The book becomes a number one bestseller in the Middle East and forays for a Bollywood production associated. She is invited to oversee the production and also dance as she has learned many gifts in her duration of life as the wife of a Sheik.


Makedia is launched into world fame with her Bollywood leading role of the beloved of naught who desires the yacht and catches it in a pallet of strife only to make up for it all in the child rearing of a young prince who is destined to foray for the dream of the Sheik of Arabique. The title is the “Sheik of Arabique”. Makedia wins a prize at the annual forensics awards of the Bollywood system of self. The British empire offers a wax model of her appearance in the clothing of her production in the London Wax Museum of self. She meets the Queen of England in a foray for an affair with the Royal Prince.


The prince is mesmerized by Makedia on film and striates himself into her life. He appears at the ball of her inauguration of delight of the Queen. The Sheik is also present and the prince is unable to get too close. His obsession wins him a weekend with Makedia as a gift of the Queen and upon a yacht. The prince attempts to seduce but is not a catch of Makedia who delights in his entertainment qualities of self, but not interested in having an affair with him.


The two kiss and depart without interest and the prince resolves his affection as a seduction of the screen. The Sheik is not happy however with the outcome of the scene at the yacht as the two depart. The kiss upon the cheek is an outlawed happenstance of the feminine in the Middle East and he divorces Makedia depriving her of continued access to her son.


Makedia decides that she really is not a Middle Eastern bride and carries on in her life all the better. The son turns sixteen and manages to sneak out for a visit in London where she is a purveyor of continued happenstance of Bollywood Productions in the UK. Makedia meets an Indian lore man who is far from adroit and rocks her to and fro in himself. She loves this man more than anyone embracing the lore of the love of the two in equality of self. The two have no children choosing for another life as he has had two brides and six children already. The two adventure into another lore carrying on in their union with a tantric foray of spiritual interests under the guise of a guru of the east. The guru is pleased that his devotee has found the love of his life in a spiritual happenstance of delight.


Analysis of the Hypothesis of Equality


The love of the two is a precarious happenstance in the inauguration phase of development of the lore of equality. Sometimes one finds the other in equal status of self. Sometimes a union is born that leads to a union of equality ahead. Sometimes one desires equality and chooses a life in the sovereign for the sake of self-development of the Dao and Tao within. Sometimes two ceases in a union as the development of equality fails to be mastered. The journey of mastery of the two in equality is a sublime notion and motion of self.


Self forays to balance the scales into a state of dharma in the life. Dharma is inaugurated in the successive lore of self beyond the theory of equality as they develop within. Dharma is a state of being in which karma ceases. As karma ceases, the lore shifts to one of delight in repetitive sequences of self amidst other self who may still function in the foray of karma. Self that moves into dharma causes an increasing beautification of the life happenstance and self of the self within.


Self in beautification can attract many others that then choose to participate in the life happenstance of self. World leaders of guru status often exhibit dharmic happenstance without mastery of self. Those that master dharma are ignited within to foray for dreams of the most popular to rendition the world out of the karma of the guru within. Gurus strip dharma of others to live a life free of karma that is not so within the anthology of self. Karma must be transfused through in order to be defused in the life happenstance. Some gurus accomplish this task in part; few in full. Dharma is a sequence of dream that is inaugurated only into non-guru happenstance of mindset development of self.


Transfusion Lore of Equality


I am the one of the two

Who delights in equality

With all others

In life

In a presupposition of Self

To inaugurate itself

In a foray of

The love of the Beloved within

In a state of union

With the Divine

In a display of affection

As the prince and princess

Of myself

In the path

Of the two


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