Image of multicolored orbs or holograms. Overview Of Holographic Counterparts

Overview Of Holographic Counterparts


Divine counterparts are variant parts of the same holographic nature that join hands in some type of partnership. Divine counterparts can come together in all types of configurations, from friendships to parents and children to working or creative relationships of all types to the dance of the beloved. The dance of the beloved is perhaps one of the greater interests than other types of divine counterpart relationships. The beloveds are the two that come together in a dance of synergy and then in so doing love; love one another, loving others in the dance of life and in whatever role each may play. In ancient history this was the gift of the divine counterpart beloveds; they provided love to the other counterparts in other dances of relationships that were not as intimate in nature.


Divine beloveds play many roles in the counterpart circumstance. In this chapter, we will explore the divine counterparts of the beloveds and other natures of archetype that may be more secular based. Divine counterparts hold the light wave synergy of the tribe in special sequences of movements that provide a foundation for the dream to be dreamt for the individual and the tribe. Whereas the twin flames hold certain sequences of waves that provide for a clearing of the energies of the tribe, the counterparts hold space for the foundation of dreams to be fostered. Therefore, the counterpart beloveds and each relationship is very special and important unto the whole of the tribe.


Over time counterparts fell into polarities related to Tantric Lore. Tantric Lore is a dance of relationship that is founded upon nemesis thoughtform. Nemesis thoughtform is about mirrors; and on one side of the mirror is the light and the other the darker attribute of self. Each of ancient holographic knowledge and in present time shall be more related to the patterning of Tantric Lore than of the original counterpart nature. It is our wish now to go into the nature of each counterpart.


The Unique Nature of Each Counterpart


Counterpart of Resonance


The counterpart of resonance holds the resonance of the whole. Resonance is a state of being in which each part of the whole aligns in magnetism that is whole and complete. Those of this nature are gifted at holding resonance within the individual, family or tribe. The resonant one is harmonious and filled with joy and laughter in the dance of life calling dreams of resonance unto themselves. Resonance is a very beautiful manner to dream as it calls to oneself that which brings one joy.


Counterpart of Service


The counterpart of service is one who in service to the whole, which translates anything necessary to sustain the tribe. Service is a state of being where one is in the dance with others in a helpful manner. Those of service characteristics are not servants but those who offer themselves up in numerous manners in support of the whole.


Counterpart of Truth


The counterpart of truth is the one that sustains truth within the tribe. It is often this one that will speak forth the truth of self or others or the tribe in any given circumstance and sometimes under great odds. The counterpart of truth has many attributes including sustaining written or oral language or storytelling to sustain the lessons of truth of the tribe. Truth is integral to balance between the two or within the family or in the tribe.


Counterpart of Compassion


The counterpart of compassion expresses compassion, understanding and forgiveness within the family or tribe. This counterpart helps those who are in need of healing through finding compassion for others or self to fulfill upon spiritual mastery. The compassionate one is also a vast communicator and story teller within the tribe and of the nature of compassion. The compassionate one also shares their compassion with nature helping to hold a contiguous relationship with the circle of life of the whole. The compassionate one is often deemed a loyal friend or ally in a time of conflict.


Counterpart of Vision


The counterpart of vision is one who holds the vision of the family or tribe. Visionary counterparts guide the individual, family or group at large in the direction that the dream needs to flow to sustain harmony, unity, oneness and love within the whole. Counterparts of vision are gifted at healing dreams that have fractured and perceiving into the future possibilities from the infinite void to guide individuals or families in the direction that their dreams are taking so that they fulfill upon their purpose.


Master Counterpart of Magic


The master counterpart of magic aids in sustaining the harmony and peace of the whole. Those of this nature are gifted at running light waves that synergize the group. Synergy is a state of being in which the dreams align in a manner that allows for fluidity in the experiences of the individual, friend or group. Those of this nature are gifted at magic which harmonizes the dreams of others. Magic is a form of alchemy in which one can also transmute density or discord into light. Magicians are also gifted at spiritual mastery due to their capacity to sustain a state of alchemy within.


Master Counterpart of Sustainability


The master counterpart of sustainability allows the families or tribes or region to relate unto Earth in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is an act of creation in which all parts are aligned in a manner that sustains the whole. Those of this nature hold the sustainability of dream for each individual, family or the tribe or region at large. Sustainability is an act of dream weaving and those of this nature are gifted dreamers of group organization. Group organization has a place within a dream of evolutionary fulfillment and spiritual purpose.


Master Counterpart of Wisdom


The counterpart of wisdom has the purpose of sustaining wisdom in the tribe. Wisdom is an attribute of knowledge in which information is realized as a practice that is in service to the whole. Wisdom is a beautiful gift to each individual, family or group as it offers up advice and a script that is useful to dream to sustain the goals of each. Wisdom is beautiful when it is relied upon to sustain the integrity of the individual or group.


Master Counterpart of Integrity


The counterpart of integrity has the purpose of sustaining the integrity within the individual, family or tribe. Integrity is a state of being in which unity and wholeness are sustained. Integrity is integral to the group to sustain the principles of life of each within the tribe. Life requires integrity to dance together in a meaningful manner that is useful to the life of each.


Master Counterpart of Creativity


The counterpart of creativity has the purpose of sustaining the self expression of the individual family or tribe. Creative self-expression is an attribute of life that synergizes truths in a manner that they can express their unique capabilities and truth. Truth allows for creative expressions that are unique and individual to the expression offered.


Master Counterpart of Life Scripts or Lore


The master counterpart of life scripts has the purpose of creating the dreams of the individuals in relation to one another. Life scripts are short movies of various attributes of characters on the stage in the act of the dramas that they are engaging within. Scripts are unique to each cast of character in the play of life.


World Service Counterpart of Evolutionary Fulfillment


The world service counterpart of evolutionary fulfillment has the purpose of sustaining the cycles of birth, death and rebirth within the family or tribe along with evolutionary cycles in which fusion out of physicality can occur. Birth, death and rebirth is sustained through karma that has yet to be cleared causing future existences that resonate with the thoughtform that has failed to be transformed in the act of mastery. Mastery is an act of fusion. In fusion, light is applied to transmute the denser attributes of self into a purer state of being.


World Service Counterpart of Healing


The world service counterpart of healing has the purpose of sustaining the healing attributes of dream within the whole. Healing is a resource of knowledge that allows the body to go from sick to well. Healing is also a capacity to restore the energy flow of health to an ailing body group or civilization. The world service counterpart of healing has a special job of allowing the healing modalities available to cause healing.


World Service Counterpart of Harmonics


The world service counterpart of harmonics has the purpose of sustaining the sound and music in the energy flow of the whole. Harmonics are an act of vibration that sustains beautiful music within each and the tribe. Beautiful music calls beautiful dreams to the group. Sweet sounds sustain the health and well-being of the individual. Sound is a necessary attribute to life and also directs the dreams of each into sustainable acts of life.


World Service Counterpart of Creation


The world service counterpart of creation has the role of holding the movements necessary to sustain the dreams of the whole. Creation is a state of motion that carries within it fluidity and beauty. Creation is an act of the elements suspending a motion that directs dreams into the field to be lived. World service translates into sustaining the motion of creation for the whole.


World Service Counterpart of Vibration


The world service counterpart of vibration holds sequences of frequencies for the purposes of the sustenance of life and dream. Dreams require frequencies to hold them together in the modality of fusion. Fusion is a form of light wave bond that adheres the dream to the individual, family, group or tribe. Fusion is an act of light work in which light waves are woven together in unique manners that sustain the whole.


World Service Counterpart of Dream


The world service counterpart of dream has the role of holding all sequencing of dream now and into the future. Sequencing is an attribute of transfiguration that allows dreams to align into the greater purpose of fulfillment. Fulfillment is an attribute of sequencing in which dreams can be realized. Realization of dreams is a transfigurist attribute of life. Transfigurists transfigure dreams into the sequences necessary to dance together in unity and wholeness.


World Service Counterpart of Tao Law


The world service counterpart of Tao law has the role of sustaining the agreements that sustain creation. Agreements are written or spoken thoughtform that state that one agrees to this or that in the life. Everything here is founded upon agreements. Agreements enact a particular sequence of dreams that lead to a particular sequence of events upon the physical and nonphysical planes of reality. Agreements direct the scripts of life.


World Service Counterpart of Biological Knowledge


The world service counterpart of healing and biological knowledge has vast understanding of human anatomy. Those of this nature are gifted at sequencing biology dreams into the health and wellbeing of the individual, family or tribe. Wellbeing can be equated unto the fostering of the life journey upon all planes of physical and nonphysical reality. The physical requires nourishment and a life journey that sustains peace and fosters evolutionary fulfillment. The world service counterpart of biological knowledge is willing to foster the biological evolutionary fulfillment of each that chooses to master in any given lifetime.


World Service Counterpart of Spiritual Knowledge


The world service counterpart of spiritual knowledge has vast knowledge about the act of transformation and transfiguration in the choice to create a cycle of fusion out of physicality. Those of this nature direct the transformation of the individual or group in association with an evolving truth. This counterpart is most gifted at understanding the thoughtform of fusion which is associated with a language that is oneness or wholeness based. It is out fusion thoughtform that evolutionary fulfillment occurs.




Each of ancient holographic knowledge will have one or more of the above counterpart natures or the twin natures offered up in the prior chapter about Holographic Twins. The holograms are complex, and as one invokes light infusion, the layers open up offering up variant sequences of relationships that one’s ancestry has danced upon the physical plane. One can be a counterpart or twin to many as a result in the dance of life; and the purpose of nemesis clearing is to clear all levels of karma between those of ancient ancestry of great knowledge so that a new day may be born ahead. Nemesis karma is difficult as it has to do with the destroyer. In this chapter, we did not explore the destroyer attribute of the counterpart or twin; we shall explore nemesis in a separate article ahead.


The next chapter about Tantric Lore or Scripts shall come forth to explain how each of the above counterparts fell into polarity scripts of light and dark. It is the dark and light scripts that create the act of nemesis. Nemesis is a mirror in which one is reflected back unto either in the lightness or darkness of truth. As light and dark are integrated, then one moves back to the original middle path destination of the holographic counterpart script.


Let us agree to transcend and master beyond the polarity.


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