Image of the word "Bless" in many colors and nature symbols. Opening To Receive The Blessings

Opening To Receive The Blessings


The following blessings are from Chapter 19 of Ascension Insights, Volume 2:


The Creator of Creators, Source of all Sources, along with Mother Earth wishes to extend a Holiday Blessing to all whom are willing to receive it. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time to remember with gratitude that which one has. Gratitude for objects possessed, fortunes made, and objectives manipulated into manifestation are not the type of gratitude that we speak, for such forms of gratitude are false and unfulfilling in the long run. Much like the drug addict, one moves from one object or possession to another for the next “high”, but it is never sustained in the falsified form of gratitude that is so prevalent in the human dance upon Earth.


Real gratitude is the result of communion and connection to one’s source, oversoul and I AM Presence. As the source and oversoul descend into the human form, and fills the form with its love and life force, one becomes fulfilled from within with the love of God Goddess/All That Is. For those that have never experienced such fulfillment, then this blessing is for you in particular, along with all others whom are willing to receive it.


Opening to Receive the Blessings


Receiving this blessing requires an open heart. So, sit for a moment, with your eyes closed, and ask your heart to open. Breathe in slowly, and breathe out. Ground your soul and source into your form, and now allow it to fill you to the brim with the Love of All That Is and All That Ever Will Be.


Breathe in again slowly and breathe out. You are infinite, you are multidimensional, you are a part of the dance that has existed inside and outside of time. Allow yourself for a moment to touch upon the infinite nature of whom you really are beyond time and space. You are vast, but you are not All That Is, but rather a piece of the whole. As all pieces unite and dance together in union, great bliss is experienced and an expansion that carries one Home.


Allow the parts of yourself to unite now, dancing together outside of time and space, expanding to touch upon the One Source, the Source of All Sources, from which all creations, all existence originates. Now allow the One Source to fill you with remembrance, to fill your heart so that your longing and loneliness shall cease forevermore.


Say unto yourself “I AM THAT I AM. I AM A PART OF THAT WHICH HAS ALWAYS EXISTED AND ALWAYS SHALL EXIST, A PART OF THE WHOLE”. Now allow yourself to experience the communion of all dimensions leading to the one upon which you exist simultaneously. Not possible, you think? Go into your heart and see.


The Heart Is Your Gateway Home


The heart is the gateway to your source, to your soul, and to all dimensions. Your heart contains the knowledge of the ages and can guide you home if you so allow it. For most, the heart has been sealed shut so long ago you have forgotten that you have any connection to anything outside of yourself. Allow the layers of armoring that surround the heart to be peeled away now so that you may remember whom you are beyond time and space, beyond physicality, beyond the distortion within which you live. Your heart is your key, your gateway home, if you allow it.


The heart cannot become the key nor the gateway until it is opened. For many, this is a painful process, one in which much catharsis of difficult and traumatic memories occurs. Allow it beloved, for without the catharsis, without the cleansing, soul has no access to your consciousness. It is your soul, your source, that must guide you home, must guide you upon your path of ascension. So allow the process, allow the cleansing, feel the pain, and then feel the ecstasy of union as enough of the heart has opened to allow for it.


You are not alone. You have never been alone. However, you have perceived yourself as alone due to the armoring of the heart, which disconnected soul and source from your life experience, and for all of your ancestors’ life experiences. You have thousands and thousands of lifetimes of separation, each of which must be addressed, healed, processed and released in order for a continuous and ongoing experience of connection and divine union to become your truth of experience upon Earth. Allow the processing, go into the memories of your ancestors’ lives and release the pain and loneliness therein. In so doing, your connection to Source and your connection to God Goddess/All That Is shall be repaired, one step at a time.


You Are a Walking Library


Many may say, I cannot read my past lives! Yes, you can. Simply intend it so, and ask to remember. You are a walking library of every lifetime that each and every ancestor ever lived in relation to your extended family tree. Soon, you will witness your own ancestors’ lives, dramas and traumas before your eyes much like a movie. Turn off the television and turn on your own past life dramas so that they can be cleansed. You will discover that there is no movie more entertaining and more important than your own, for you are the actor and the actress, the movie and the play, and the drama and the trauma of the God Goddess of your Creation. As you heal, so does the God Goddess of your creation for all is ONE.


The Nature Kingdoms have been long awaiting your touch. You cannot even begin to touch upon them until the heart has melted open. As the heart opens, the devas and plant kingdoms can join you in communion, can assist you in the healing with the multitudes of vibrations that they contain upon Earth. The animal kingdoms can come to your side to assist you with guidance and wisdom of the ages that you have lost in your forgetfulness. The minerals can support you on your journey home by anchoring certain frequencies in their physical presence that you do not hold with ease. So, draw upon the Nature Kingdoms for the support that you need to fuel your momentum Home.


In the dance, the One became the Many, and now the Many must become One again. This is what ascension is all about, the many taking the steps necessary to become as ONE. As one, one moves into unity and in unity all kingdoms dance together in an ongoing state of harmony and Unconditional Love. As all species upon Earth dance in unity again, so shall all dimensions dance in unity within your Godhead and Goddesshead, as all is ONE.


You Are a Precious Jewel


You are key to healing your entire creation, and without your key, there shall be no change, there shall be no golden era, there shall not be a return unto unity consciousness. You are a precious jewel, covered perhaps with a lot of dust and decay. It is time to polish the jewel, and this takes work, and what ascension and the spiritual path of evolution is for, to cut through the dirt and decay to the brilliance of what the human species was holographically designed to reflect.


As more begin to reflect their light from within, by purifying their thoughtform, the veils shall lift around Earth and all shall see the brilliance of the TRUTH. The truth is not perhaps what one wishes, but is rather what is, and sometimes is indeed unpleasant in its original uncovering. This cannot be helped, for so conned and so manipulated the human species has been by beings playing in the shadows-play, stating that they are God when they are not.


It is for this reason that we tune you inward. God will never be found outside of oneself. You are a piece of God Goddess/All That Is, and if you allow yourself, you shall lead yourself home. So, beware of those pretending to be perfect, pretending to be omnipotent, pretending to be superior, pretending to have mastered. Our channel will tell you mastery is ongoing and ever-present in any ascending being’s dance, as one masters each phase after the next. In so doing, one never claims to have “MASTERED”, one is a master in the making in the dance of mastery. And so, it shall be until you ascend back to All That Is and become nonphysical again in nature.


Thoughtform Purification


Purification of thoughtform requires fire. Fire is indeed the kundalini in human form. One must allow the biological changes that lead to the heating up of the form upon a cellular level to transmute the thoughtform and become unity-based. No biological changes, no ascension, no transmutation, no karmic release, no momentum home. It is for this reason that our translator has delved into the biological changes within the ascension materials, to bring to consciousness that which needs to occur for those that wish to ascend in this lifetime.


How does one purify thoughtform? One allows their biology to move up in frequency, to become warmer in temperature, much like global warming. In the heightened frequency, that which is fear-based is dissolved and becomes increasingly unity-based in structure. The structure of the form likewise becomes unity-based in relation to how all cells and organs relate to one another.


Unity-based thoughtform perceives the human dance from a new vantage point. In the new vantage point, that which once was of great import in one’s life may become of little import and is then released. This is how the releasing of attachment is reflected in the ascending humans changing thoughtform and physical life experience. From the new vantage point, the greater good of the whole out-weights one’s individual and personal needs. Therefore, one gives up and lets go of that which does not serve one’s personal journey of ascension in the greater understanding that one’s ascension serves Earth’s ascension. This is what entering World Service means, that one places the needs of Earth over one’s personal needs. And Earth needs you to ascend and release your attachments now.




There are many personal experiences for initiates on the path of ascension. However, there are parallels in the journey that one could consider “signposts” that one is on their way Home rather than moving in a dead-end and non-ascending path. The one major signpost is change.


Change is essential to ascension. One cannot ascend without leaving their job behind and creating a sovereign form of income. One cannot ascend and not leave behind the friends, family members or spouse that is not choosing to ascend, for the continued interaction only delays one’s increasing frequency. One cannot ascend without all areas of one’s life experience shifting to reflect the unity-based paradigm that one is emerging into. It is not possible.


So, we guide you to allow the change. Each change will lighten the load of attachment that penetrates the field causing one to move up in frequency, and in so doing, one shall feel more free, more liberated, and in the freedom and the liberation, one has the first taste of returning Home in one’s life experience.


Bless the Holiday Feast


There are many whom are hungry and without upon your plane of reality. As you stand around the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table, or any holiday feast, take a moment to bless the food before you. Bless the kingdoms from which the food has been provided, and bless those whom grew or gathered the food for the feast, along with those whom prepared it. Breathe deeply. Now ask the Source of Sources and Mother Earth to commune with your feast.


As you commune, imagine all whom are hungry in human form being filled. This filling is not physical, but energetic. As you feast, imagine each in human form feasting with you regardless of nation, regardless of race, regardless of age. In so doing, the Creator of Creators and Mother Earth shall work through you to fill those whom are starving. You too are starving. Perhaps you are not starving in the physical, but you are starving nonetheless, you are starving spiritually. So, allow us to fill your hunger with our love.


Our love and our blessings shall fuel you home if you allow it. Allow the love of the feast and the communion of all species to embrace you. Know that you shall not hunger again for that which you long for. For what you truly long for is to go “home”. Home is a metaphorical concept that reflects a return to unity, a return to wholeness, and return to the oneness. As such is achieved in the physical, it is achieved in the nonphysical simultaneously. As you return to unity, you return home, and so does all souls and beings upon all dimensions within All That Is return home.


This Holiday Blessing is for those whom wish to return home in this lifetime. May you succeed at your goal! Call upon us as necessary and we shall support you, embrace you, guide you, and ultimately fuel your personal ascension, your personal journey Home.


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 2. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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