Image of a Buddha meditating with many planes of reality surrounding him or her. Open the Gates to Your Unconscious

Open The Gates To Your Unconscious


The following meditation is from Chapter 12 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1:


Opening the gates to your unconscious requires one’s intent. Intend to become conscious of that which is unknown to oneself. Intend to remember your dreams, and remember your dreamtime travels and encounters. It is only as one begins to remember that one receives a fuller picture of whom one really is beyond time and space. You are magnificent, you are multidimensional, and you are also distorted by the many twists of polarity that have occurred in the dimensions that you reside. As you become conscious of the twists, you may intend to untwist them, heal them, transcend them, unbend them, and then in so doing, retrieve lost parts of self-fractured in the twists and turns down the dimensions. As these parts of self are retrieved and embraced, one becomes more whole, more unified, and more magnificent within.


Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Ground unto Earth firmly anchoring soul into your form. Connect with the Source of All Sources, and allow Source to fill your field and form with the golden light of the love of All That Is and All That Has Ever Been. You are a part of the whole. Before you stand two representatives of the nature kingdoms. These are your guides, as these species have agreed to support your choice to ascend, your choice to return home in this lifetime, and your choice to become conscious of the unconscious. Allow the love that they feel for you to fill your heart, and allow them now to commune with you now.


Now, intend to open the gates to your own unconscious. What does the inner landscape look like? This is different for each initiate, for you are the dream and the dreamer, the story and the play, the actor and the producer of your own play. Others dovetail with your play inside of their own, and this is what a consensus reality is, a common agreement to a particular script for the overall experience of life upon Earth. However, the script is changing. The script now includes ascension and transcendence, and those choosing not to ascend or transcend shall cease to exist in due course, as this is the new consensus for Earth.


One may enter the new consensus by choosing to ascend, choosing to transcend, choosing to alter their thought-form to become unity-based. This is what is required if you are to ascend rather than die in the years ahead, and transcendence requires becoming familiar with your inner landscape, the thoughts, feelings, and energy behind the dance of all interactions in your life experience.



The Inner Landscape


In the intent to open unto the inner landscape, you shall create two experiences in the near future for yourself. The first experience shall be joyous, and an expression of the love and light that you hold within. The second experience shall be an encounter with your own darkness.


Sometimes the darkness presents itself as a lost and lonely child or wounded teenager. Embrace and love the child or teenager, and he or she shall smile and be joyous once again as it becomes a part of the whole of whom you are. Sometimes the darkness presents itself as a monster. Know that your darkness is a part of yourself, a part of yourself to conquer, a part of yourself to transcend, a part of yourself to embrace and love again. Such a part is only powerful because you have given power unto it to do you or another harm.


You have a sword of light in your hand, which shall shatter and dispel any darkness you may encounter, and your guides shall support you through the experience. Allow the experience. Allow the dance, for it is only in becoming conscious of the unconscious that one may begin to transcend. Transcendence is a necessary part of your ascension, of your journey home.


The inner landscape is widely misunderstood within the current human consensus reality. The inner landscape is a place in which all patterns within, all thought-forms at cause of one’s own creation and experience upon Earth, can be uncovered, discovered and then transmuted through intent. Most often, these are seen in the form of pictures of some sort such as the lost and lonely child or teenager in the above example. Other times such pictures come in the form of movies containing past life memories. Allow the reels of such movies to be seen and experienced consciously. As the pain from such lifetimes surfaces, cathart (purge) the pain and intend to release and erase the experience from the genetic memory banks. As this occurs, the thought-form held captive in the past life experience is released and transmuted.


In addition to thousands of records of past life experiences, one will also find oneself dancing upon other planes of realities in a variety of capacities upon the inner landscape. Such capacities include gifts and talents, expressions of all kinds including work of art, homes, friends, businesses and all things that you also experience upon Earth, but in a different polarity from your conscious physical self. What do we mean by this? Well, that those whom are friends upon Earth are enemies upon an alternate plane.


Those whom are husbands or wives or significant others upon Earth are married or involved with others upon another parallel plane of reality. One may find themselves with an entirely different spouse, set of friends, job and interests within each parallel life.


Parallel Lives


Why is this so? All polarities must be expressed. If they cannot be expressed in the physical, they become expressed in the nonphysical. This is what dreamtime is for, to experience the alternative experiences in opposition to your current life expression to keep all energy within in balance. If only one polarity was expressed alone, there would be extreme imbalance in the energy flow of the whole of the field. So, these unconscious dreamtime planes are utilized to balance the field and balance the polarity of extremes in expression in form.


Allow such parallel lives to come to consciousness. Then intend to integrate them in full into your current life experience. As this occurs, one shall cease to exist separated off within the parallel life, and become more whole and complete within. In so doing, one can bring the gifts, talents and expressions upon another parallel life into your current life experience. There are 36 separate planes of reality in which each human dances upon in the current human distortion, and each plane has a totally separate and different life dance occurring upon it. Each integration leads to greater freedom of self-expression, and greater wholeness within.


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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