Image shows the wonderful change of the Sun signifying the New Earth is here.

The New Earth Is Here – Part 2 of 2


The New Earth


The New Earth is simply the higher dimensional Earth. We can access it through our open heart with love. As we unify the polarities within us, we open up the doorway of our heart to step through into the New Earth as Co-Creators. We no longer operate from duality and fear; we have moved into the higher dimensional worlds, by becoming our Multidimensional Self.


The heart is the doorway to the New Earth. We create it from our love, and the light that illuminates from us, as we are one with the Suns. The Sun of our Divine Self glows bright and gives life. We have merged Heaven and Earth within and without.


We are already experiencing the New Earth when we come from unity consciousness and have open hearts, trust in the abundance of Source, enjoying life and living a life that is in harmony with Nature, family, friends and everyone we come in contact with. Life just keeps getting better and more loving, more wonderful, flowing, abundant and joyful. 


Earth is ‘the RA’ is ‘Heart’


Planet Earth is a precious jewel in the galaxy and has a long history of interconnectedness with our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe as it is an inter-dimensional doorway for other worlds.


When we unscramble the letters for ‘Earth’, it is ‘the RA’. The RA is the Creator God/Goddess coming back through the Second Sun which is now unifying with our Sun to bring in the heightened energies to uplift humanity through the DNA, chakras, kundalini and cellular structure as we become re-patterned back to our Source as the Creator Gods/Goddesses we are.


The Earth is us. We are One with the Earth. When we realize this, we take responsibility for our self that the Earth Changes are our changes. If we release and transmute lovingly our anger and rage, then the volcanoes do not need to erupt; if we deal with our emotions rather than feeling overwhelmed, then the tidal wave is within us and becomes gentle waves; the hurricane becomes a gentle wind. If we flow with change, and embrace in love and acceptance all creation, we do not need the shakeup of the earthquakes.


If you know you are the Earth and in unity consciousness, then you are the doorway to the New Earth and the marriage of Heaven and Earth is through you. If you fear the changes, then you will stay stuck in the illusion of duality and the belief in death and destruction, until you finally realize that all is one, love and divine. Then peace is within your heart. Your heart is Earth so Earth is at peace as you are, as there is no separation. The word ‘Earth’ can also unscrambled to ‘Heart’, just as it is to ‘the Ra’. In your heart is the radiant Sun (Ra) of your True Self.


This shift is a shift in consciousness and a shift in cycle. The return and unification of the Sun’s Twin the RA AR is heralding this shift as the RA Light illuminates humanity. There is no separation, and the Earth is also the RA. Sun and Earth are One. The Earth herself is becoming a Sun, as the Sun becomes a Central Sun, the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun. The Second Sun is the doorway into the New Earth.


We Are the Guardians and the Ancient Ones


We are the guardians and the ancient ones returned. We are here to herald the new day, the New Earth and the Age of Light. This is not foreign to us but our natural state. Being caught in the illusions and the world of materialism and limitations is the abnormal state of existence that many of us can no longer maintain. It takes too much energy being in fear and pain.


We are being downloaded with new light codes at a rapid rate now with the solar flares. This is facilitating the opening of our hearts and honoring the Sun that we are.


Do not put all your attention on the fear that is propagated through the media. Do not buy into the illusion, that’s all it is. Love is real. Love creates and you created yourself from your love. You chose to experience your creation, and so here you are in the third dimension as it falls to dust, and the New Earth is created from your love and is multidimensional just like you.


The fear we have is in our cells and energy bodies. It keeps us trapped into the limitations of 3D. When we transmute the fear into love, we become multidimensional and unlimited. Fear is not bad; we needed it for survival in the lower dimensional realms of the third dimension, as it propels us to do something to help our self.


Now is the time to transmute all of our fears so that we can live in the peace and joy of the New Earth. To transmute any fear, breathe in the pale golden silver light of Source, love and acceptance into it. Enjoy your fantastic dance of love, light, unityharmony and bliss on the New Earth!


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