Image shows tablet, calculator, notebook and coffee on the grass to represent the new business paradigm.

The New Business Paradigm


The new business paradigm is based on creating or producing for the highest good of the community and the planet. As most people will be living at a fifth-dimensional level, there will be an emphasis on cooperation, seeing the best in others and empowering them, offering excellence and each person contributing in a way that makes their heart sing. Those businesses that honor everyone concerned and actively promote the good of animals, the Nature kingdom and humanity will continue to be successful during the transition period.


Fairness and Integrity


The economies are collapsing because the planet has moved up in frequency and the cogs of old and new are no longer in sync. In order for them to synchronize, the world economy must move at a faster frequency, in other words with more honor, openness, honesty and fairness.


The system will continue to collapse and evolve until an economic structure based on fairness and integrity is in place. Then this too will dissolve as money ceases to have relevance after 2050.


Operating for the Highest Good


As we’re transitioning into the Golden Age, the huge businesses will continue to collapse. All companies that exploit people, animals or the land will disappear. Big supermarkets will gradually dissolve to make way for locally grown produce and small farmer’s markets.


Only those companies that accommodate the changing frequency of the planet and operate for the highest good of all will survive, although in a very different form from that of their current modus operandi.


Money Will Gradually Be Phased Out


Although money has been the basis for commerce, its major use has been to concentrate power in the hands of a few individuals; therefore, economic reforms are crucial as we transition into the Golden Age. This immense imbalance cannot continue and it won’t.


Within thirty years the concept of lending non-existent money and charging interest on it will be considered corrupt. The principle of rich and poor will be unimaginable. Honest, knowledgeable people will manage the new monetary system, which will be based on precious metals, and they will allocate fairly and equitably all of the world’s resources.


People Power


Gradually, rich people will no longer feel able to sit back and allow children or adults to work in sweatshops or for slave wages to provide them with material goods. Led by the people there will be a huge move by richer countries to help those that are less fortunate, and this will help to balance the enormous divides globally. By 2022 there will be massive international cooperation on many fronts and terrible working conditions will no longer be tolerated.


We foresee that money will gradually be phased out within the next fifty years. There will be no banks or financial institutions. The way that the banks, financial institutions and many businesses work is not aligned to the highest good and must adapt to accommodate the new paradigm.




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