Image of the magnificent giant sequoias. They are ancient and represent nature's wisdom.

Nature’s Wisdom


The Trees, the Elementals and All of Nature would like to share the following insights about Humanity, the Human Condition and Planet Earth’s Ascension.


Claiming Your Divinity


Greetings from the Tree World. We are so happy to be reunited with you again! Our love for humanity is great.


We are all immortal souls living out this Earth experience to gain more wisdom, to improve our quality of life, and to experience life on a higher level, but humanity doesn’t seem to understand this. Instead, you are creating experiences that take you further away from Source, instead of bringing you closer to Source.


Moving closer to Source is why we came here. We came here to use our experiences to move our consciousness closer to Source, so that some day in the eternal future, we can become creators and create planets and solar systems ourselves. As a result of our living experiences here on Earth we would have learned the eternal Universal Laws governing Nature. It is these Laws we came here to learn, and we use our experiences with each other to learn them, for our soul growth. 


We Trees can fly! Although our trunks remain dug in, our consciousness soars to other places, other dimensions and even to other Star Systems. For we Trees are very evolved also, just incarnated in a different “stationary” form to “oversee” the land.


Even though you are moving around, you are not able to perceive the movement around you, as you have dulled your senses and perceptions through pollution and doubt. You have not claimed your divinity and this prevents you from recognizing all the varied life forms around you.


We Trees stand in our divinity and mirror our divineness to you. So take time out of your busy pace and touch us, hug us, sit under us, and we will respond by invigorating and rejuvenating you with our energy. Our energy supply and our love for you are endless.




Knowing who you are is crucial to your evolution and to your rise in consciousness. Once you know who you are, you become a force that no one will meddle with, for you then stand in the power of your great I AM PRESENCE.


We Trees are magnificent Beings, and we know that all Humans are glorious Beings also. Only you don’t know it, and this is the problem. If you could only see the greatness that each of you are, you would see it in everything and honor everything as a result. So first you must see yourself in all your greatness, and then see all of Nature in the same way. See the Earth as the magnificent Being that she is.


Before you can see the God in us all, you have to see and acknowledge the God in yourself; then you will know that all of existence is the Creator in form. This is how the Source expresses itself in myriad forms on myriad planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and cosmoses.


One Great Family of Creation


The Nature Kingdoms want to remind you that all life is part of the Great Family of Creation. We are related through the great life force of the Creator. We are related through our Souls. It’s true that our souls are all One Soul, just dressed in different clothing so that we can complete the circle of life necessary for life to thrive on Earth. We each give and take from each other, so that we all have all that we need.


There is no difference between Nature and other life forms. All of Nature is part of Creation, and all of Nature means all of Humans, too. There is no separation between any of us. Many humans are waking up and are able to make the connection between the Earth’s well-being and your well-being. You cannot live without us.


We give you the oxygen to breathe and you give us the carbon dioxide we need to breathe; it is a complete cycle of living energy. We are your inbreath, and your outbreath gives us our inbreath; if one of us becomes extinct, the other immediately follows.


This is the cycle of life that all are dependent on. We all need each other to live. All species are part of this great life cycle, and all are needed to keep it perfectly functioning. It is the great rhythm of life that we all carry out together. Every single species, every single plant, every stone contributes to the overall plan of Creation, and without each and every one of us, life will eventually collapse.


Wondrous Times Ahead


All Forces of Nature sing to you of times to come when the whole Earth’s surface will be free of tyranny, and when our people will be able to stand in freedom along with yours.


We bring you good tidings from the Nature World. We are all excited about the merging of our worlds, and now we know it will come about. A critical mass will soon be reached, carrying you along in an unending stream of events leading to many future possibilities of great promise and surprise to human eyes. Marvels undreamed of are on the horizon of hope as many of you wake up to the brilliance of Source’s Light setting at last on Earth’s shore, bringing all life forms and all kingdoms into harmony, balance and Oneness. We have come home.


Mother Earth Speaks on the Ascension


As the energies pouring onto the Earth plane increase in might, velocity and intensity, anchor yourself to my heart, the heart of Mother Earth. Ground yourselves to my core and hold on fast, for I will soon explode into a brilliant Light, into the Sun Star that I AM. As you hold on, and keep yourselves centered to the core of my planet, you will rise with me. You will ascend as I ascend, into a dazzling Light, the dazzling Light of your I AM PRESENCE.


As you stand within the dazzling Light of your I AM PRESENCE, you will know all, for all is contained within you. To reach your full Light, which is where you experience the Ascension process, you must keep your focus on who you are, why you are here and what you came here to achieve.


You came here to achieve many things, foremost is your ascension and the planetary ascension. You came here to bring All Life Forms into the Light. You work for the Light. The Light is your employer and you are the employee. You work diligently to bring Light everywhere you go. You hold the plans of Light in your DNA cells. Your DNA are now exploding with the Light you have been holding for eons and eons on your trek through Earth incarnations. As this Light comes to the fore, it washes away all the dross and impurities that have accumulated over lifetimes and lifetimes of Earthly incarnations.


Sometimes you may wonder if the ascension ever will happen, for time on my Earth plane appears to go by so slowly for you, and yet what you have accomplished in just the last few years has been quite earth shaking, literally; for you have accomplished the work of hundreds of lifetimes in just these last few years.


Time is greatly speeding up, and it will even speed up more in ratios of higher proportions. So yes, the ascension is about to occur. You are all ascending now in consciousness. All life forms are ascending now in consciousness. All cells are ascending in consciousness; and, before you know it, you will have ascended. It will happen that fast. One day you will open your eyes and you will be on Earth; and the next moment you will be in a higher frequency of Light—a higher dimension.


So, it will be just a little longer, and in the meantime while you are still in the 3rd dimension, know that I am surrounding you with my love every moment of your time and that you are not separated from me at all. Just reach through the time zone into “no-time” and feel my presence. I send you great waves of Love and Light from deep within my core.




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