Image of a field of tulips to represent Nature's Joy.

Nature’s Joy


The Nature Kingdoms gladly share their joy and delight with everyone. They are part of the One Life of Creation that encompasses ALL Living Beings. They do their part in bringing Heaven down to Earth.


When we are receptive to Nature, then we are part of their forces. When we are not tuned to Nature, we are cut off and there is no contact between us. Nature blesses all who come within its influence, but generally it falls on barren ground. Humanity’s reception would repay Nature a hundred-fold.


The Plant Kingdom


The Plant Kingdom has its pattern and its destiny, worked out through the ages. They have their portions of the Divine Plan to fulfill. The planet needs mature trees for their spiritual role as guardians of the Earth.


Trees are not known for “Doing”, but for “Being”. Their auras are so steady and peaceful that restless humans find blessings in them.


Each tree contributes its part in perfection. Feel the joy with which they play that part. They are evolved through ageless wisdom, unique in their role, free to rejoice. Each tree, plant and scrub has purpose in the overall scheme of things. They gladly beautify our gardens and produce for our use. Tune in to them and the world will return to sanity and joy.


Life is abundant joy. All Forces of Nature rejoice to be alive! They bubble with life. They want to help humans see life as ever brighter, more creative, blooming, eternal and One.


The Glory of God’s Creation


There is no end to the glory of God’s creation. Join in with Nature’s joy, and Heaven will be on all of Earth.


Humans should be co-creators with the Nature Kingdoms, using the sparkle of life to make perfection as they do. Our powers are equal to theirs and more – but what a strange mess we make of them. This would be an awesome world if we rode high as they do and all of Creation was One in the Joy of Source-God!


Nature continuously exults in the glory of God’s creation. We should join them in the praising. Humans hang on to that which brings them ill, and nothing can be done or achieved with such. There is perfection in Nature; tune to that, and strive to bring it into our lives. Why waste time bemoaning that life is a desert, when all perfection is right here now for ALL?


The Dawning of a New Age


A new age dawns, and an era when all of God’s creation walks in the Light and in joy together, loving one another, understanding one another and praising Source.


Life is wonderful; never doubt that and separate yourself from it. Just be what you truly are and find Oneness with All.


The joy that we share with Nature will save the world, and that joy must be passed on. The tree’s leaves are dancing in the breeze, shimmering with the joy of life, and they wish to touch our heart and awaken it to the beauty in us.


Humanity is moving toward the joy of becoming a part of the wholeness of the planet. Let us build on that positive picture and share the joy of the wild places in the world, and take that joy with us. We cannot but share it, for we live in it.


What Nature has to say is always fashioned in joy, and what we have to say is learned in joy. Joy is a constant attribute of the creative realms.




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