Image of a peaceful landscape. We can commune with the trees for Nature's Insights.

Nature’s Insights


Life and Awareness Everywhere   


The Nature Kingdoms wonder why humans think that they are the only intelligence, when all around them is a world bursting with awareness, full of the knowledge and truth that the Creator gives them.


Nature is very much alive. The whole of life is here and now. Life is, and All is One. The plants, the flowers, the oceans, the rivers, the mountains, the wind, the rain, all have intelligence and a great role in all life.


There is abundant, bounding, integrating life all around us, which is always there and always has been. Nature and humans have the equipment to share and can be joyous together as we each fulfill the roles which Source has for us. The same One Life flows in our veins, and the more we recognize and act on this fact, the more will all worlds come together in unison. In Truth, we are all children of the One, all part of the One Life, all here because we are meant to be here.


Purpose and Peace


There is chaos in the human world because we are influenced by every wind of chance coming our way. We fly into emotional storms when provoked by outer events beyond our control. When the storms cut us off from ourselves, we lose peace. We are not conscious of or do not hold to our purpose.


In contrast, whether it rains or the sun shines, whether the wind blows or all is peace, makes no difference to Nature. Although the outer forms may be affected, the controlling consciousness behind the trees is undisturbed. The trees remain calm in any storm, and therefore their patterns come through in perfection. In maintaining peace in the eye of the storm, the trees can link up with and control all worlds.


If we understand our purpose and are one with it, we can experience peace in the most intense activity. We would always know what we have to do and therefore have peace, and the joy of the doing. Our purposes would come through in perfection when we hold clearly to them, undeterred by outer events. When we do, we are creative masters of the world, ready to meet the changes which are part of life.


The God Within  


Nature advises humans to realize the God within them. Without knowing who we truly are, we are limited. In our limitation, we do terrible things to Nature. Humanity has control of much of the surface of the Earth. We have taken on part of our inheritance as children of God without the wisdom needed to fulfill the role.


As humans return to the Source and realize that God is within them, they will recognize their divine role and purpose in life and act accordingly. They would understand that ALL is One. God is in everyone and in everything. They would create a better world for all life on this Earth and elsewhere.


Nature wants to remind humanity that we are whole and complete within ourselves. When our awareness is increased, our life will be completely different – free, unfettered and universal.


Truth is Within    


The human mind formulates great hierarchies and ever greater Beings, yet the truth is simpler still. The truth is within you and within me, the whole of it. Where anything exists, God is – not part of God but God, indivisible. You may merely see an inert bit of matter, but behind and within that bit of matter is all there is. When you open your eyes to what is within you and learn more of the glory of Source-God, you will see that everything else is also related in the same glory.


We continually seek outside ourselves for guidance when all the time it is there within us. How can anything outside of ourselves possibly know as much about us? Each of us is unique and completely different with our own particular energetic pattern and frequency. All authentic spiritual teachings are to help us find that pattern within, to find the wholeness within ourselves. The pattern and manifestation of Nature is very lovely; the pattern and manifestation of a Human is even more so. Remember that, and seek within.


All is within. Nature can help us find it if we need their assistance. Linger in the forests. Linger near the magnificent trees. Healing comes when we do. We can learn from the silence of a tree to tune into our own silence, which is a living force, a creative force. We can be aware of these outer patterns and apply them to ourselves. Or the trees can give us loving and intelligent insights into our inner patterns, help us with our problems, expand our consciousness, and help us to align to what we are.


The one clear call from the tree messages is for Humans to find the Love and the Wholeness that is within us and to act from that. They invite us to go within, to find our true Home.




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