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Nature Is The Best Doctor


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Hollow Earth inhabitants do not interfere with Nature. They always leave Nature untouched, as she is the best doctor there is, to solve her own problems. She has been doing this since life on Earth began. She has all the innate knowledge within her DNA, and can administer all the remedies her trees, plants and flowers need, in perfect dosages.


The Best Remedy


Letting Nature cure herself is the best remedy of all. All trees, plants and flowers in the Inner Earth are always in perfect health, perfect shape, and perfectly delightful. They never tamper with what Nature creates, and this is the secret. Nature has its own inbuilt pharmacy and knows when to dispense its remedies and exactly how much to keep all in divine physical perfection.


The problem on the surface is that humans have tampered with the internal guidance system of Nature. Our interference throws her off course, so that she can no longer adjust herself to what plants and trees need. She has been blocked from responding to them. We have built dams to impede the flow of water, changing the natural course of its flow. The water is alive, it knows where it is needed, it knows where to go, but human’s interference has blocked its natural instinct and blocked its communication with the land.


Our soil has become depleted of nutrients, our rainforests cut down, our air and waterways polluted, all contributing to the disease and decay of flora and fauna. If we can learn to honor and respect Mother Nature, then she will rebuild herself instantly. She knows exactly what each life form needs for a healthy and happy life, and she provides it all bountifully, if we just leave her alone.


Trees and Plants Are Living Entities


Residents of Inner Earth consult with all life forms on all matters that concern the well-being of all involved. All life forms are represented at their meetings. Their state of existence has been, is, and always will be peaceful.


They know that all trees, plants and vegetables are living entities, each with their own consciousness carrying the Life Force. However, the plants and vegetables give themselves freely to Hollow Earth Beings for their consumption, as long as they leave the plant intact and eat only its fruits, so that it can multiply and reproduce year after year. They let the plants govern themselves, and reproduce as often as they like, without interfering. Mother Earth herself is the director, and governs their growth cycle.


In Hollow Earth, trees are never cut down. Inhabitants eat their fruits, but allow the trees to live on perpetually. Their trees are huge and magnificent and reproduce cycle after cycle, giving them the most abundant, succulent fruits.


The trees on surface Earth want desperately to stay alive and participate in the planet’s ascension. We never consider that the trees are here to evolve too, and to ascend along with humans. Many of us do not ask the trees’ permission before cutting them down. All life forms are on the ascension path, and anything detrimental that we do to retard or destroy their lives puts a block on their ascension path.


We Are the Same as the Earth


The Earth is a living entity and her environment is alive. The Elementals of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water are alive in consciousness. The Earth is imbued with divine characteristics of love, harmony, balance and joy. The problem on the surface is that some people have not developed these qualities in themselves, and therefore, cannot see it in others, nor in the living Earth.


Once humanity’s consciousness reaches a higher state, they will be aware of all living things, such as the Earth, Oceans, Mountains, Rivers and Trees, and will be able to see these as “living beings” clothed in different forms. Once people become more aware and more attuned to the Earth herself, they will identify with her and will know that the Earth and humanity are One.


Consciousness is energy. All energy is conscious. All Living Beings come from the same Consciousness of Source and all are part of Source. Therefore, all Living Beings are the same in Spirit or Consciousness, and all are One.


Those in Inner Earth already know who they are, and they know that they are the same as the Earth, and that there are no differences. The only difference is in the forms they have taken in this lifetime. Because their awareness is heightened and all encompassing, they can see beyond the five senses. They can see the life-force emanating from the Earth, trees, plants and flowers. So they know beyond a doubt that all matter on the Earth including the Earth are ALIVE.


The Firmament


In the ancient days, there was a firmament surrounding the whole Earth, which was many miles high and made of crystalline ice particles which blocked the radiation of the Sun. The firmament kept the whole planet in a perfectly regulated greenhouse, which supplied just the right amount of oxygen and moisture for both Nature and humans. When this was destroyed during the Atlantean and Lemurian wars, it also destroyed the self-regulation of Nature.


Nature now had to redefine itself, and build in another system to dispense water to the land. So clouds came into form to hold the moisture rising from the oceans, and carry it to the land. This worked well until rivers and streams dried up, dams were created and oceans became polluted. The water lost its antenna, and could no longer read the environment around it. Water has consciousness, and the pollution on the surface has dulled its consciousness so that it cannot respond to Nature. Its rainfall became haphazard in distribution, with no guidance as to where it is needed.


This is why in some places there is an abundance of rainfall, and in other places there is severe drought. The interconnection between the elements has been broken and dulled by pollution of toxins and pollution of thought forms.


In the Inner Earth, everything is still in pristine form, and operates according to its divine blueprint when Earth was first formed. Everything there is totally interconnected, and can read and respond to the environment around it. The cells of all living things in the Hollow Earth have receptors that work perfectly, and read the needs of the environment, and then supply what the environment and their bodies need in exact proportions. It is like a living pharmacy. Residents don’t go to the store to buy what their bodies need. Nature automatically supplies it to them, and they automatically receive it because they know that they are all one unit of life.


The firmament on the surface will be restored in Earth’s Ascension. Then Nature will operate in perfect divine harmony again, and so will the cells in our bodies. We won’t need to go to the pharmacy for vitamins or medicines either, since Nature will supply it all, as it was meant to.




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