Image of the wonderful healing effects of the Solfeggio frequencies on the mind. Personal Experiences and Recommendations

My Personal Experiences And Recommendations


When it comes to listening to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can either choose to listen to one particular frequency, according to requirements, or a musical composition including all 9 frequencies together.


Having listened to all the different Solfeggio tone frequencies individually, and together, I have personally felt that 528 Hz was by far the most pleasant and relaxing to listen to.


I have experienced slight headaches on occasions. You might or might not have slight headaches. It depends on how used to the frequencies you are.


The slight headaches experienced from some of the frequencies or for first time listeners could perhaps be attributed to the brain needing to get used to these frequencies such as:


  1. Brain synchronization and new blood circulation patterns being formed, in the same way that listening to too advanced or too long a duration of one frequency of binaural beats may result in a headache, or


  1. It could be attributed to the frequencies stimulating a variety of brainwave activity, including frequencies that the body does not really want at that given time.


After further listening, I have found that I have adjusted to the tones more and are able to listen to longer durations, with less headaches.


If you listen to too many in one session or in one day, a headache will ensue, a little like listening to too many binaural beats of a certain frequency in one day. One’s brain has an optimum window of entrainment beyond which headaches will ensue.


However, with any type of brainwave entrainment, one should not exceed one’s comfortable limits, and more may be better up to a certain point, after which it starts to become counterproductive. You can either be conservative about your use of such audio tools, or you can experiment and find what your comfortable limits are and stick within these limits.


To conclude, I have found Solfeggio tones very useful for well-being, mood enhancement and relaxation and believe that more people should try this for themselves. One should be aware however that a period of adjustment may be required, as described above. Feel free to experiment.

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