Image of the red candle that is used for The Candle Technique. Moving Through The Veil: Candle Technique

Moving Through The Veil: Candle Technique


The Candle Technique is the process of training your mind to remove the Veil that separates you from your Spiritual Self. This process is also training your mind to move into the Mind of God. The Dark Anti-Matter is the Substance of the Mind of God. This is the substance that exists as you move into the Full Spectrum of Light, which is anti-light or pre-light and pre-sound. This magical substance transforms your Consciousness from one of separation into one of Oneness with all that you are.


Candle Technique Directions


  1. When you look at the Candle, imagine yourself standing inside of the candle. Imagine your feet standing on the stem of the candle and the fire of the candle surrounding your body.


  1. Imagine the mini body standing within the candle as your Spiritual Hologram. Look at the mini body in the candle until you can see the hologram’s eyes looking into your eyes.


  1. Realize that you truly do have the ability to walk through this mirror, which removes time and space, and allows you to become one with your Spiritual Self.


Please click here for the candle technique video on YouTube: Candle Technique

Transforming into the Plasma Body


Go back to the Candle. See your hologram standing inside of the candle. The candle allows us to recognize that there are other levels of light and sound. If you look closely at the candle flames, you see the black or brown stem at the bottom. Then, going upward you see the full light spectrum of the rainbow frequencies. Just above the stem there is infra-red light. That is the light spectrum that the digital camera can see. The next level is the Visible Light. Above that is the Invisible Light where another reality lives right here within the Visible Realm. Above that there is the X-Ray field of light. Then there is Gamma, then Plasma, and finally Pink White Light of the Mind of God on the very top of the flame.


Standing inside of the Candle utilizes the same principle using light and sound frequencies to turn on photons in the body that react with the phonons in the DNA. This causes the DNA to transmute into a brand new reality. The body actually transforms into a plasma body of pre light and sound that exists within the physical body. Both bodies exist and cannot be separated from each other.


Realize that your spiritual hologram is standing inside of the full spectrum of light. These frequencies of light are transforming the DNA of your plasma hologram while it is standing in the light of the Candle.


Realize that the hologram of you is the Spiritual Anti-Matter you. Whatever happens to your Hologram also happens to you. So, as your hologram is being saturated with the entire spectrum of light, it is transforming into the multidimensional Cosmic Body that is beyond time and space.


Your Physical Body reflects all that your Spiritual Hologram is. This is causing your physical body to transform, as the light frequencies turn on the photons in the body as they interact with the phonons in the DNA. The more you connect into Oneness with your Hologram in the Candle, the more this Light Energy will penetrate your DNA and transform your body.


The Frequency Specific Mid Brain


When you move into this state of No Time with the Candle Technique, you are moving into your Frequency Specific Mid Brain. The Frequencies of Infra-Red create a negative of the picture that you want to develop. That Anti-Matter frequency holds the ability to create the negative of a picture of your Spiritual Self. That Infra-Red Frequency weaves itself into the Visible Light Frequency to allow the hologram of your spiritual body to appear three feet in front of you.


Practice this process of seeing your hologram in the Candle and seeing your Spiritual Self three feet in front of you. This should be practiced about three times a day. This process is shifting your Consciousness to remain in the Mid Brain continuously. The process should be practiced until your Thinking Brain is placed in the state of a Trance or the state of hypnosis.


Practicing the process with the Candle helps you achieve the state of the Dark Room. The light of the Candle should be the only light that is in the room. Everything else should turn black. This means you are in the Mind of God. You are in the Dark Room of Creation. When you achieve this state of Anti-Matter, your thinking brain should be totally silenced.


We must silence the Thinking Brain completely. The only place that pain or disease can be created is in the Thinking Brain. That brain needs to be paralyzed and disconnected from your reality.


When we move to the Mid Brain, it is frequency specific. It does not speak in languages. It speaks in the language of Knowing. So, that is why we are focusing on melting the Thinking Brain away. We don’t want to hear the Thinking Brain’s opinions about death, disease, age, religions, or any of those piles of lies that have been accumulated into the cellular memory.


The Blue Frequency


If you take your little body that is standing in the stem of the Candle all the way into the complete light spectrum of the rainbow frequencies, you will see a blue sphere pop out above, below or in front of the flame. This means you have gone in, turned around and become the blue body. It means you have absorbed the All-ness of Source Frequencies.


We can easily tune in to the Blue Frequency by walking into the Candle because the Blue Hue is the result of absorbing the full spectrum of Light. We can feel that frequency filling the Mid Brain, and when that happens the old Thinking Brain stops analyzing all of the old ideas that have been placed in it over the past millions of years. The Mid Brain turns off the Thinking Brain and allows the Mind of God to take over the thought process.


When the Mind of God gets plugged in to the area at the top of the back bone and the bottom of the skull there is a frequency connection into the Seed Atom of our original creation and into the Vegas Nerve which controls all of the nerve centers in the body. So, we can, in fact plug our bodies back into the Mind of God.


When we achieve that Frequency connection in our bodies we gain the Eternal Life where the sixth level elementals are continuously re-programming the nano second rebirth of every cell in our body and transmitting correct information for the constant rebirth of all of the neuro structures of the body.


The Fifth Dimensional Blue Body


We learned how to walk into the candle, absorb the frequencies and see the candle turn blue. When we see the candle turn blue, it means we have activated the Mid Brain—the Frequency Specific Brain—the Blue Brain.


When we become the Fifth Dimensional Blue Body, we can tune in to all of those frequency channels of all of the information that has ever been known and that will ever be known. The Fifth Dimension is the hub of All That Is. It is the place where we can still be experiencing our creations in a tangible form that still has some density, but also contains all of the etheric density that must be created from the Intuition, the Knowing, the Imagination. It is the Invisible realities that we create in our Dreams.


When the Thinking Brain is turned off and the Frequency Specific Brain is turned on, we will realize that the Dreams are the Reality and the Thinking Brain is the Illusion.


The new reality is the Blue Body. That is the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension means Multidimensionality.


When we continue to use the light in the candle, we are practicing walking through the full spectrum of light, which means the White Room of the Mind of God. Once we walk through that Diamond Door in to the White Room and then turn around, our body becomes the blue body.


You dissolve into the Mind of God when you dissolve into the Full Spectrum of Light of the Candle. When you dissolve, you emerge as a Blue Hue of Light. You become the Ultra Violet Blue. Your old self has disappeared- dissolved-transmuted into the Mind of God to be re-born as the Fifth Dimensional Self which is the Multidimensional Self of all Dimensional Realities. This is the Self that will be allowed to travel through all Universes, create Star Systems, return Home to Source, or just sleep in the Mind of God.


Seeing Ascension Earth


Now that we are being given this gift of the Fifth Dimension, we will need to learn how to tune into it. We must raise our frequencies of hearing and seeing. The Candle Technique tunes you into the Blue Hue which also tunes you into fields of light that are in the Invisible Light Spectrum that you have never seen before. This will help you to move beyond the Veil in order to begin seeing the Inner Earth and the Cloud Cities and Earth all morphing into one New Earth or Ascension Earth.




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