Image of an exquisite blue water lily with a yellow center. Mindset Development #6

Mindset Development #6


Atlantean Seeds


Fostering Light Wave Sway


The Atlantean Seeds


I am that I am

A fostering from Atlantis

Seeded through time

To sway in light wave DNA

With my soul family

And foster light wave dreams

In an incantation divine

Of the planetary Tao

Who fosters renewal into my youth

In this life of mine

In light wave motion of field

Into another level of spiritual mastery

Of realizing myself through time


Atlantean Seeds: Sprouts of DNA from the Past into the Now  


The Atlantean Seeds are soon to sprout. Are you an Atlantean Seed? Atlantean Seeds were spawned in this time period to foster a recollection of light wave motion of field in order to grow light wave DNA in the physical and in the now. There are approximately forty thousand Atlantean seeds incarnate today as adults. There are another thirty thousand Atlantean Seeds incarnate as children or teenagers. There is another sixty thousand Atlantean Seeds to enter the world in the coming thirty years. The Atlantean Seeds are to sprout light wave DNA and mindset develop into another level of mastery that is destined to self-realize in some cases.


The Atlantean seeds are incarnate in pockets in regions that host light gates worldwide. There are those nearby that can foster partnerships or friendships of a kinship of fellow Seeds. Some families of Atlantean seeds will form, but most adults are the first generation to sprout in this cycle of light motion upon Earth. The entire purpose of the Atlantean Seeding of DNA is to foster a certain level of mastery of the mindset and also to cause self-realization to foster another bandwidth of thought-stream that is planetary in its effect over the whole of humanity. Those seeded may not know who you are yet. As the seed sprouts, another life begins to unfold of another level of mastery known as “self-development”.


There are also part-seeds of Atlantean thresholds of light motion aptitude that are already sprouting at this time. Those of part-seed Atlantean DNA may not mindset develop as much as learn to motion light and transfuse the body into an infused state of light that renews and revitalizes the life for a longer lifespan through time. Light motion DNA is a very beautiful derivation of mastery also to foster in your life. Part seeds sprout first; and full seeds take flight after the part seeded DNA has grown in the body. The part Atlantean Seed DNA fosters light motion into the cells of the body but not the mind. The full Atlantean Seed DNA sprouts as another layer of cortex of the mind that grows to cause mindset development in the life.


Not all archaeologies of ancestry can foster a fourth layer of cortex in this time period. Many mastery level genetics have lost the information on the fourth level of cortex needed to develop visspa and vesspa mindset. The goal of the full Atlantean Seed is to grow to become a saint in the fostering of compassionate action within and in the life dream. Those seeded are beautiful human anthologies that rarely incarnate except in light cycles of Earth. The parents of most part and full Atlantean seeds are not the same generally as your parents. The archetype is interjected in a sacred incantation prior to the development of the child in the womb of the mother; and the sacred DNA of each sprout forms the child in an artificial insemination fostered by the planetary Tao from the ethereal into the physical.


Fostering of Atlantean Seeds


Many masters long come and gone hold thresholds of instant manifestation and foster each seeding of the egg and sperm into the womb of a female chosen for sacred cause of raising an Atlantean seed. Parents are chosen carefully for the sake of karma to be settled and spiritual lessons to be learned early in life and into the teenage and young adult years. Many Atlantean sprouts chose very difficult childhoods in this cycle due to the need to understand the darkness plaguing the human species due to the last fall in consciousness about four thousand years ago. The difficult childhood and teenage or young adult years creates the foundation from which forgiveness can be fostered over life strife.


Part Atlantean Seeds foster forgiveness in action through time. The forgiveness blossoms a motion of heart sway that can bless and augment dreams of themselves and others into deeper beauty and care of the heart. Full Atlantean Seeds foster another level of mindset that causes leadership capabilities to often be fostered in some manner in the life. Leadership is a destiny key if it is to arise in the life. Full Atlantean Seeds are beautiful humans that master an aptitude of love that is not common in the current human paradigm. In the coming hundred years, part and full Atlantean Seeds may become more of the norm of a new human civilization that shall unfold as the planet is bathed in full in the Mother Sun Dream.


Major Light Gates


The Mother Sun Dream has just begun to flux on to the planet in new light gates opening up in select regions only at this time. It will take thirty years for the entire planet to grow to be bathed in her golden ubiquitous light of the Mother Sun dreams. Certain regions are already beginning to be encased in Mother Sun Dreams.


Atlantean part and full Seeds were sprouted only in regions fostering light gates in the now and not ahead. There are sacred regions that host archives for self-realization. Those destined to self-realize into a full Atlantean Seed sprout choose regions to live of self-realization archives remaining from other cycles of divine understanding and interpretation over life. There are four regions that foster self-realization aptitude at this time; one is in Tibet; the other is in Idaho and going into the Canadian Rockies (Banff and Jasper); the third is in Northern Norway; and the fourth is in Sweden in the north.


Archives for self-realization are to be opened in these four regions and then broadcast into major light gates around the globe. There are eight major light gates open at this time. One is near Stockholm Sweden, one near Alta Norway, one in Denmark (Jutland), one in Iceland, one in Amsterdam, one in New Zealand (South Island), one in Peru near Lake Titicaca, and one in the Canadian Rockies into Idaho. There are secondary gates opening in most regions around the world.


Most part or full Atlantean Seeds have fostered a life in a secondary light gate if not a major one through time. Part seeds are beautiful aspirants in thulsa and thessa mindset. Thulsa and thessa foster an even temperament with an undertow of joy that recurs through time. Thulsa and thessa mindset is interpretive in its capacity to look at karma within and foster a stance in life that forgives. Most are perceptive if not psychic in this time period as a part Atlantean Seed.


Soul Family


Full Seeds are very different from part Seeds in derivation of truth. Full Seeds are very ubiquitous in light incantation from birth. Full Seeds sprout earlier than part Seeds in most cases. Full Seeds know that they have a destiny that may be of a wider birth of popularity in its actions than part Seeds. Full Seeds and part Seeds complement and often find one another through time.


Full Seeds tend to follow themselves and not any other guru or teacher in this cycle. Part Seeds can follow many but generally will find a Full Seed to work with in the long haul due to overtures of resonance of heart and mind syncopation. Full Seeds bless Part Seeds into their full aptitude of development into an actualization of a life dream that might not occur otherwise. If you are a part Seed, then find a Full Seed to study with or live near and you will be far better off for it in the long haul.


Full Seeds may find one another in the dynamics of soul family only. Soul family is an ordering of dreaming reserved only for Part and Full Seeds in this cycle. Soul family is a love-oriented society of people who are mastery oriented in self development into self realization aptitudes within and in their journey with others. The group of Full and Part Seeds fosters a very beautiful dream when motioning light waves together.


Soul family is a heavenly excursion from the day to day strife that plagues current human thought-stream. Soul family is an oscillation of the divine in order to motion spirit into a group of others to soul infuse. Soul infusion of a group is a very sacred expression of spirit into matter. The last time soul infused into groups was over two thousand years ago. The light gates are a required function in order for the monad to infuse into both the individual or a group in soul family configurations.


As the seed sprouts, light motion of field takes flight if you are in a major or secondary light gate. Transfusion begins and suddenly you may find yourself introspecting more heavily than common in your earlier life. The oscillations of light foster a ubiquitous coating of glow that surrounds the biology of part and full Atlantean seeds. The light renews the physical structure rolling back time if you are middle aged in stature at this time.


For younger sprouts, they may not age at all if the light motion of field remains succinct through time. Light DNA grows fostering the entrance of light serum around each cell. The cell is infused with photonic particles through time triggering the release of carbon atoms that are dense, triggering enlightenment to unfold. Light wave DNA grows leading to a new found beauty within and dreams that are beautiful begin to dance more graciously in the life for each Seed.


Nonphysical Resources and Light Motion Healing Teams


There are many resources present upon Earth to guide part and full Atlantean Seeds through their life journey. Sacred action of the planetary Tao has called in sacred light motion healing teams to aid in the infusion of light required as each part or full Atlantean Seed sprouts in this time period. The light emulsion infusions are administered at night by sacred healing teams. Night sweats may be common as the light teams work upon the physical.


Night sweats are a florescence of light fuse that is designed to illuminate where the biology is failing to release its carbon density. An uneven light formation leads to many diseases through time. Atlantean sprouts may befall trouble if you have consumed too much of the wrong foods over time. The sacred diet for all Atlantean sprouts is destined to be vegetarian. If this has not been so for you, it is best to cleanse heavily on fresh juices to allow the wrong fats or other toxins to release as you begin to transfuse.


The Archangels


Transfusion is a sacred action caused by the archangels for all Seeds. Archangel Gabrielle is the main gatekeeper overseeing light transfusion in this cycle. For children, the gatekeeper is archangel Sorisel. You may call upon these two archangels if you are needing support in your transfusion in any given day. Transfusion requires gates to flux the light motion of field up continuously. The archangels maintain the gates required for succinct rhythms of light motion of field that flows upward and now down in each region that they are sustained around the globe. Once you begin to transfuse, downward light motions make you feel ill or tired. Call upon archangel Gabrielle if you feel unwell and he will elicit a dynamic to flux the light up triggering a force that enlivens your day instead.


The Atlantean Seed sprouts foster three levels of transfusion. One level surrounds the physical and infuses light into the cells of the biology to sprout light wave synergy DNA and renew the vessel into its youthfulness through time. The second level infuses light into the self of the self which is contained in the subtle body. The subtle body ignites a divine key to combine the mental, emotional, intuitive and creative aspects into a single vessel.


Only Atlantean part and full seeds will be capable of uniting the subtle bodies into a single vessel in this cycle. The archangels are the ignition key for whom is to foster transfusion and whom is not. The planetary Tao assesses the DNA and divine keys and makes the final decision in all cases of ignition into transfusion. It is important for each to attune unto the planetary Tao if you are an Atlantean Seed sprout.


The Planetary Tao


The planetary Tao is a masculine aspect of the god or supreme male aspect of Earth. The Dao is his complement and is the feminine aspect or goddess or supreme female force of Earth. The masculine directs the dreaming of the planet and the feminine fosters the nurturing and heart space required to heal the planet along with each human in soul family configurations.


Each human destined to transfuse and who is an Atlantean Seed also is born with a Dao and Tao associated with your archetype that is internal to the field. The Dao and Tao inhabit the void of the infinite within yourself as well as the planet at large. The void is the space of silence, peace, care, and not to be confused with darkness, although it is devoid of light motion. All dreams are commanded from the void of the infinite on the part of the planetary Tao or your personal Tao within.


The planetary Tao has a personal relationship with each Atlantean part or full Seed. The Tao of Earth fosters a unison with the Tao within associated with your archetype of birth. The unison accords communications for you to understand and interpret your life from the perspective of the God of the planet to the God of oneself. The Tao of Earth is the main fostering of all self-realization at this time.


Those destined to self-realize will work directly with the planetary Tao in all life experiences through time. Part Atlantean Seeds also will work with the planetary Tao in complement with the needs of the light motions in each region. Part and Full Atlantean Seeds are gate keepers that motion the light to foster the regional light gates succinct and open as they are needed for collective transfusion to occur. The archangels work directly with both full and part Atlantean seeds to sustain the planetary light sequences at this time. You may discover you have a personal relationship to the archangels and planetary Tao if you were Seeded in this lifetime.


The Planetary Dao


The planetary Dao is the feminine fostering requiring humans to learn how to love. Love is the most missing ingredient in the current light scape of the planet. The non-love is so huge that it has grown to be a detriment to planetary health as well as a detriment causing falling human mindset. Humans have fallen into the most ill of mindsets the planetary Tao and Dao have ever witnessed ever. A part of the problem is the electrical gadgetry surrounding most humans that bends the mind to a point that some may fail to mindset develop at all this cycle.


Giving up the media in the form of television, big movie hits, video games and computer surfing is almost a requirement in order for mindset development to grow to be sustainable in this cycle. Music if it is acoustic on the other hand can aid mindset in stabilizing enough to develop. Not all electronic gadgetries are necessarily bad, but light motions will foster a separation between the gadget and the energy field of each sprout.


Light motion actually makes it easier to live in human density through time if you are living in a cityscape within a secondary light gate. The density simply vanishes as light turns on as all density is an aptitude of darkness that is very ill in this cycle. As light turns on, the dark illuminates and what cannot stand the light motions within its circumference of affluence dissipates. Dark is associated with serpentine thought-stream. Serpentine thought-stream separates and divides and hurts the energy field of all humans. Serpentine thought-stream prevails in the media and injures the fields of the young destined to mindset develop if the parents do not know not to allow the television or video games in the home.


The Dao fosters dreams for families of light motion of field to tune out the television and find projects that are creative to focus upon instead. There are some schools that are useful to mindset development level children such as the Montessori program, and Steiner and Waldorf schools. Most education as it currently is dreamed fosters mindset loss in this cycle. This is very sad for the planetary Dao to witness. She is motioning another level of system of mindset wave motions upon the planet in an attempt to undo the damage caused by the media upon all age ranges of potential mindset development possibilities of destiny. If you are a Seed, please cease to attune unto the media and focus instead inward upon your path at this time. Find music that sways and attune unto this instead and you will feel better within.


The Baba


The Baba is a fostering of a transfusion level resource that has been present upon Earth for fifteen thousand years. The Baba is a compilation of twelve thousand human lives who were incarnate in self-realization habitat of fate and transfused into the Baba upon crossing. The Baba is a ubiquitous notion of the pink ray to foster care of the heart and non-conditional love in all walks of life. All may call upon the Baba to feel the love of the divine within. For those who are full or part Atlantean Seeds, the Baba creates a perch of self to foster your heart motion to develop fully in a life of self-development levels of mastery.


The heart motion of those in thulsa and thessa mindset develops as a sway of care that swings together amongst the monadic soul family. All Atlantean Seeds are a part of the monadic soul family in this cycle. The soul family is just beginning to infuse in light gate regions in this time period. The monadic soul family will draw Atlantean Seeds to find one another through time. There are many destinies that adjoin amongst all Atlantean Seeds spawned in a given region. Some older adepts may have spawned one Atlantean seed child too, allowing the family to grow in light syncopation together.


For all full Atlantean Seeds, Baba grows to be a partner in the life to foster the care space of yourself and for each that crosses the path through time. Love is such a needed attribute upon Earth that the Baba is taking a very active role in the development of each Atlantean part and full seed. Calling upon the Baba is recommended if you are sprouting at this time. Baba loves and cares and fosters the life into succinct rhythms of heart sway to foster divine understanding and interpretation of the wisdom of the ages so that you may forgive and find compassion for each in the life dance.


The Ananda


Ananda is a resource of soul family inauguration. Soul family is just beginning to infuse into a monadic relay in this time period. Monadic infusion occurs in light gates amongst those who are succinctly transfusing together. Soul family transfuses together stabilizing the light gates in each region that they have spawned an opening unto the Mother Sun. The monad descends into the light gates and infuses whomever is present.


The Ananda motions the infusion into the heart accolade of self first. The Baba then draws the infusion into the physical in the heart accolade sway of you. The infusion of the monad is a delicate motion in this time period. Many energetic systems of the electronic world shatter the soul of humans who have been infused. It is important to not participate in energetic dreams that harm the monadic infusion of you through time.


The Ananda is present upon Earth to call soul family people together to create a journey of deep care of each and the whole together. Soul family feels and will feel the love of those who are kin through time. It is the love that shall call soul family together in the sway of the heart accolade. As two sway in their heart accolade, the pair adjoins and the centrifugal force fosters the flavor of love to dance between the two. As three or more sway, the love is enhanced into a delightful encounter or event of the heart meeting the minds in the conversations of the group.


The sway of the heart is also delicate at this time. There are many demons who render the heart space of the emerging soul family. It is important to discern whom supports heart sway and whom does not; and cease to sway with those that harm your heart center. Often pressure or compression of the chest is one sign of attempting to sway in the heart with someone who damages in return.


Ananda is a resource designed to foster blessings. In this cycle, you bless and each blesses in return in a sway in the heart accolade between the pair. Many foster a false heart accolade and shatter in return in this time period. Choosing not to sway in the heart with anyone that damages you is the best recourse for now.


Blessing others does not require a heart sway to be shared. Blessing others can grow to be a showering of light of love in the pink and gold ray to purify the dream of others. The shower of blessings is an Ananda system that you can call unto you at this time. The Ananda often appears as a Yogi. The Yogi system is an Ananda fostering in all cycles. The Ananda is a compilation of four thousand Yogis that transfused into himself upon departing the physical. The Ananda has been a Yogi resource for over twelve thousand years upon Earth.




Nexostradan is a resource that involves predicting futures. Nexostradan is a transfusion level being that has been present upon Earth for four thousand years. Nexostradan is a resource to understand where you are heading and if the path you are on is the right one as a part or full Seed. Nexostradan descends into crucibles of self that foster future visions of what may be a dream for you ahead that is either positive and negative to experience. The purpose of the negative visions is to transfuse through the karmic bonds with the cast of characters in your life, purifying the dream so that it fails to manifest.


The purpose of the positive dreams is to witness where you are headed and make sure it is the right destiny for your life cause and purpose. The monad of soul family determines the soul’s purpose of each. Cause is a dharmic habitat of fate and non-karmic in this cycle for full Seeds. Those destined to realize self transfuse through the planes of karma and enter the planes of dharma. Dharma is a gift of spirit and does not create any debt between parties ever. Part Seeds continue to live in karma law of bonds of cause and effect through time however. As karma is forgiven, part Seeds witness another dream of greater beauty unfold always in the life.




Austradamus is a resource of alchemy. Alchemy is the combining of rays to foster divine concepts to flow forward in the mind. Alchemy is not to be confused with any other cause. Alchemy is fostered through ubiquitous light motions only. Ubiquitous light motions un-fester dreams, un-fester the mind, and un-fester the heart if it has been compromised. Learning to flow in ubiquitous light is a notion that is helpful to both full and part Atlantean seeds in this time period. Ubiquitous light holds the aptitude of sealing the cracks in time that the serpentines dander reality through.


Austradamus is actively involved in supporting those who are transfusing to learn to utilize ubiquitous light to foster the conclusion of the experience of darkness in the life of each full or part Seed adept. Austradamus may be called upon to learn to transfuse into alchemical reactions that fosters your divine interpretation or re-interpretation over your life in order to foster forgiveness or find compassion for those of difficult life happenstances of fate through time.




Instradamus is a resource of divine aptitude of the heart and mind syncopation of field. The purpose of self-realization into visspa and vesspa mindset is to unite the heart and mind into a common thought-stream that feels and thinks simultaneously. The thoughts of the mind united with the heart oscillate into divine love allowing the heart to sway in grace with spirit and soul. Spirit then descends into matter to foster the life in beautiful incarnations of the divine. Instradamus is an expert on prose incantations that form as poetry in motion and transfigure the dreams of those in light formations of field into beauty and care of the heart. Call upon Instradamus to learn to motion in divine grace this cycle.


Tao of Shaktar


Shaktar is a resource that directs human dream lore fables. He is a very gifted being that is very much attempting to foster those who are Atantean Seeds to sprout. Call upon Shaktar if you believe you are a part or full sprout in this time period and he will arrange the gates needed for your transfusion lore to be fostered. Transfusion lore fables are different from other secular lore fable dreams playing out over humanity at large. Transfusion lore fables are sacred action systems of dream defined in the “Baba Mastery Lore Fables” and “Yogananda Tales of the Heart” sections in Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine. It is useful possibly to know the lore fable you are operating within as you learn to transfuse.


Dao of Shakti


Shakti is a feminine resource as the twin flame of Shaktar in this cycle. Twins are very sacred action instruments as they meet as pairs who learn to transfuse together. Twins are sometimes of mother and child or father and child systems or sibling family systems in this cycle. Twins can also cross the path as friends of deep kinship of the heart through time.


Twins also can foster divine partnership if the pair meets with divine keys to marry and foster a long-term relationship. Some twins also foster short term partnerships to learn, grow and find their way to deeper care of the heart. The purpose of the Dao of Shakti is to accord “Twin Season” into the monadic soul family. (Please see the chapter titled “Shaktar Twin Flame Lore 3” in Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship for more information on Twin Season to allow for a gracious understanding of the nature of twin flames.)


Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha


Although the scribe of this essay has been gifted this name, Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha is a resource of the flowers of self. The flowers of self foster a light motion of field that bubbles up and cleanses and purifies the Earth along with each field of those transfusing in this cycle. Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha is an angelic resource transfusion lore being encompassing over twelve thousand incarnations of those who transfused into their crossing with her due to the flowering of themselves at the end of their realization cycle.


Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha is a female Yogi Master aspiration through time guiding the feminine choosing to master divine thought-stream and transcendental states of being. In this cycle of light motion ahead, there will be many more female Yogis mastering than in prior cycles of a mostly male dominant threshold of self-realization. The feminine adds a very different flavor to the concepts of self-realization than the masculine. If you are a female Seed, call upon Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha to support your mastery level dreams into Yogi pursuits.


Dao of the Natural World


The Dao of the natural world is a fostering of the planetary Dao into nature. The planetary Dao reaches humans primarily through natural world ordering of the Dao of nature. The Dao of nature has fostered many aspirants through ascension levels of mastery under the pen name of Mother Earth. The Dao of the natural world is a resource of Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha as the feminine force of the flowers of self that occur in nature.


The Dao of Earth is choosing to foster many more flowering systems in natural world ordering to offset the electrical systems of darkness that plague the human condition at this time. The flowers of nature dissipate the electrical currents in light gates and the tundra associated. Those who flower alongside the Dao of the natural world aid her in many ways. Please call upon the Dao of the natural world to foster flowers of the land to aid you in your own purification into care of the heart and the sway of the divine in your life.


The Need to Light Sway


As light motions on, there is a need to sway in light motion of field to and fro back and forth with nature or together as soul family. Swaying with soul family unites the clan into the tribe so that the monad can adjoin in a collective stance of a group that is to be soul infused. Soul family monadic infusion is a very sacred action in this time period. The collective numbers soul infusing are so limited that they must adjoin through the act of swaying together in each region the monadic infusion is to be launched.


Learning to sway is an art all of its own in this time period. Both full and part Atlantean Seeds will need to learn to sway to feel the soul family’s presence. Often it is easier to sway with the two and three year olds in any given region who are soul family as they do not limit their heart accolades. Start swaying with the young if you know you are a Seed and see how it feels unto the self of you to sway in the care of the soul family fostering.


Swaying is not something unusual for most Atlantean Seeds. If you were Seeded this cycle, you swayed in childhood and teenage years and adult years too. You may have swayed to music that has been popular. Many popular musicians are Seeds and put the sway into the music to aid the other Seeds in swaying too. If you feel the blessings in the music, you know you are dealing with an Atlantean seed musician. Over thirteen hundred Atlantean seed musicians were seeded in the metaphysical wonderland of sound-based dreams this cycle.


Generally, those seeded grow to be increasingly popular over time due to their mellifluous light shows that shower care of the heart upon the masses attuning unto their music. Turn on the music that swings and remember to sway daily to renew, revitalize, to connect with your regional soul family and choose to draw them into your lives to experience the magnitude of care of the heart possible amongst two or a group of your own tribe.


Music to Sway With


Swaying is a dance of tri-beat music in most cases. The Cha-cha is one example of a tri beat system that fosters swaying to and fro and back and forth in light motion of field in Latin music. The Latin people sway in light gates that are superlative in this time period. Many Latin night clubs foster a superlative sway as a result of the music that they party within. The joy flies as the people dance to the Latin beat within and together. Swaying occurs in some ballroom dance such as the waltz although it is more monochromatic in light formations in this time period. Swaying occurs in blues music and its swing dance that has grown to be more popular in the past five decades. Any of the above types of music can lead to swaying in light motion of field with others and the soul family too.


Heavy metal cannot sway. Some Rock and Roll music sways. Many musicians of lyrical beauty foster a sway even if the beat of the drums differs from an um-pa-pa rhythm. Lyrics that are emotional in stature draw people into a sway of the beat of the thought-stream aired through the music. There are many musicians gifted at words in this time period. Find the thought-stream that allows you to sway and listen to the gifts of talents of Shaktar in himself.


Most gifted musicians fostering light sway lyrics have been written direct by Shaktar as an incarnation into the associated individual. Shakti often incarnates also if there is a dance theme that develops in association to the musician too. The pair may be twin flames of the heart if married through time. Swing and sway to the music you care for and learn the rhythms enough to do so without the backdrop of the sound and you will feel all the better for it through time due to swaying more of the time than not.


Light Motioning Wardrobe to Sway With


The people of the Earth are in need of learning to sway again as light motions on upon a planetary level. There are many gears of secular dreams designed to foster sway between people in each light gate region turning on at this time. Some restaurants sway in the beauty of the chef who sways into the enticing food offered. You will know a superlative restaurant or club by the light motion that defines the offerings as beautiful, romantic, and chic in its design of itself. Those light motioning will also dress in superlative outfits through time as the fabric must motion light in order for the sway to remain through the day or eve. If you are a Seed, please choose each item in your wardrobe carefully examining if they motion light or not. If not, you may want to discard them as they will interfere with your heart sway ahead.


Shoes are also an important attribute of the wardrobe and also need to sway. Shoes that sway are generally vegan that is crafted well in its infirmary of dream. Expensive shoes may sway but not always. Swaying from the base up is very important over time. If the shoes do not motion light, the sway of you may be usurped through the day even if the clothing motions light. So, make sure that the shoes you wear motion light or you may want to discard them at this time.


Live in Regions That Sway


Light motion is very sensitive to region that you live. It is important to live in a gate that fluxes superlative light motion if you are an Atlantean Seed. One sign that you are in the right region is the flavor of joy or feeling at home. If the region does not sway and does not bring you joy, then it is the wrong place for you to live. Living in a region that fails to sway will kill the sway in you too leading to dark dreams that can cascade upon you instead of beautiful light infused dreams of beauty, grace and joy. If you are an Atlantean Seed, please only live in a region that you can sway within through time.


Swaying is a beat and rhythm of the planetary Dao at this time. She sways to the beat of herself in a motion that lifts and lofts the light motion field of those learning to swing with her in their fields. The loft draws you into the Dao’s swing and into natural world dreams of beauty and grace through time. As you loft to the sway of the planetary Dao, spirit descends to take flight with you. In flight, the field develops what appears as gossamer wings that motion up and down drawing you further up octaves in transfusion gates on any given day of superlative light motion of field. In order for flight with spirit to take hold, you must sway only in superlative light motions of field.


Flight Path with Spirit


The sway of field is a delicate issue for spirit at this time. Humans who are not gifted at light motion of field sometimes attempt to sway and then damage others in light gates which damage the spirits that have descended to participate in the flight with humans who are transfusing. At this time, those who damage spirit in swaying only to detriment the sway in another, are to be weeded out of the transfusion system as they are hurtful to spirit as well as others in the same flight path.


If you are damaged in a flight path and feel ill after swaying with your soul family, call upon Archangel Gabrielle to aid in weeding out the one who is not destined to transfuse this cycle. There are some anthologies of archetype very damaging unto light in other eras and cycles long come and gone. The same anthologies incarnate once again and damage the light gates along with others learning to light motion once again this cycle. Being damaged while in flight with spirit is only karma for you to realize something about them and you if such a dance unfolds in your life through time. Those who damage in the sway are non-Seeds attempting to be Seeds in this cycle. Non-Seeds are to be removed from the transfusion palaces at this time.


The love and care of the heart is the most important accolade of expression while in the sway. As the heart syncopates a rhythm with each soul family member, the love expands to ingratiate spirit and the land nearby. The love enchants you as you sway and enchants each nearby along with each soul family member whether you are near or remote in the physical.


The love of the two or many is one of the main themes of the articles presented in the Light Wave series. There is a need to transfuse through karma for ill sways between the two as well as many. The ill sways of partnership are reflected in the Shaktar and Shakti relationship studies of Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership. Allow yourself to read the information presented and forgive the ill dreams of the two so that you can manifest something else very joyful this cycle ahead as an Atlantean Seed of the planetary Tao.


Ill partnership sways kill one while it enhances the life of the other and is deemed a false sway. The sway is not a destructive force ever. The sway is a gentle motion that enhances the love, renews the body and heals the mind through time. Divine partnership fables foster two who live longer and heal one another in a life together extending the life of both. Divine partnership is a marriage of fate in this cycle. Those fate keyed for divine partnership are many in the soul family clusters about to emerge. If you are in a non-divine partnership, allow it to fade so that a divine partnership might unfold in your life ahead as an Atlantean Seed. Seeds are not destined to participate in partnership with non-Seeds in all cases due to planetary Dao choices in this cycle. Intend to find your twin flame too.


The love of the two and the three and the many is a succinct rhythm of divine orchestration about to emerge. The soul family will sway to a drumbeat all of their own ahead. The emerging soul family will foster many dreams of kinship together and in mutual projects in a new dream ordering about to unfold as the light gates motion on in superlative light formation regions. The projects within the soul family may accord kinship through work as well as through friendships or divine partnerships. Welcome the soul family as it emerges in your life stream. Be well as the Atlantean Seed of yourself and in the emergence of the truth of your Tao to blossom ahead in this lifetime.


In the birth of the love of the love within,

The Planetary Tao


The Atlantean Seeds


I am that I am

A fostering from Atlantis

Seeded through time

To sway in light wave DNA

With my soul family

And foster light wave dreams

In an incantation divine

Of the planetary Tao

Who fosters renewal into my youth

In this life of mine

In light wave motion of field

Into another level of spiritual mastery

Of realizing myself through time


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Light Wave Art & Glossary



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Beings on their Journey to Self Development and Self Realization.

May the Love and Joy of All That Is embrace you on your Path.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 7: Mindset Development and Self Realization. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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