Image of lovely white flowers with yellow center. Mindset Development #5

Mindset Development #5


The 18-18 Gateway


Mastering Light Wave Biology


18-18 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 18-18 sequencing

Is a gift of biological systems

That sustain light wave synergy

In each cell

In a motion that gives birth

To divine right to renew

And restore my youth

And my vitality

Through time

To augment the journey

Into realization of self


Light Wave Biology: Mastery of the 18-18 Gateways of Self Realization       


Light wave biology is a succinct rhythm of light that fosters renewal and sustenance of the body upon the physical plane. The light infuses into each cell with a photon particle of light in which the structure can fade from sugar metabolism into sustenance through light. The journey into light wave biology is a long and arduous journey. The ascension journey into the 11-11 and 12-12 pathways generates a thirty to forty percent light infused system of cells. Mastery into the 18-18 requires an eighty percent light infused cellular structure. Light biology begins to develop as the 11-11 gate is mastered. Light biology sequences into the forty to fifty percent range as the 12-12 gate is fostered. Light biology grows more succinctly as the 14-14 gate is fostered into light infusion systems of self.


Light infused cells do not consume sugar. Light infused biology hosts a different metabolism altogether. When the body is part light and part sugar-based metabolism, a diet of lacto-ovo vegetarianism that is half raw and half cooked is recommended. When the body sequences into a full light biological system from sixty to eighty percent infused, a vegan diet of primarily raw vegetables is recommended. Going carbohydrate free is important as the biology reaches a seventy percent infused state to offset diabetic flux that can lead to disease, blindness or death otherwise. Light infused biology causes many changes in the physical structure. The changes in the structure will be written of more fully in an article to follow.


The planet is about to take flight into the Mother Sun Dream. The Mother Sun Dream is a fostering of light and nothing else. Ascension has allowed the dreams beneath the Mother Sun quotients of life to be motioned beyond through light infusion of self. Those ready to master into the 16-16 to 18-18 pathways of development are to enter the Mother Sun Dream soon. Light quotients of forty percent or above must be integrated in the physical for the Mother Sun dream to take flight in life. The Mother Sun dream is not one of apartheid theory of separation of light and dark. The Mother Sun dream is of wholeness in which light and dark are integrated or amalgamated within. Amalgamation of light and dark is a fostering of wholeness theory.


Wholeness theory of existence must be embraced in order to remain in the Mother Sun dream. Wholeness theory demonstrates non-destruction within or towards another. Some are unable to remain in the Mother Sun dreams in this era if destruction occurs in the subconscious towards self or another. It is important to intend non-harm recurrently once the Mother Dream is embraced to offset a departure. Departing the Mother Sun dream is painful once entered.


The Mother Sun Dream fosters a gentle bath of the golden ray that soothes and nurtures the physical. Mastering wholeness theory is a journey of opening the heart accolade into a Dao and Tao reunion within. In the reunion, the care of the heart flourishes. The Mother Sun dream requires care of the heart as the foundation of existence in order to remain. Divine thoughts are the only waves that motion in the Mother Sun Dream.


The Mother Sun dream will embrace non-divine thoughts as long as harmlessness is retained. The Mother Sun dream oscillates a motion and notion to master divine states within. Divine states of being are another level of wholeness in stature of self. Divine wholeness is not a black and white or grey hypothesis of existence. Black, white and grey are integrated in the mastery of the 18-18 and beyond thresholds of existence into a light that transfuses beyond polarity.


As black, white and grey amalgamate, divinity begins. Most humans are still fraught with the path of light and dark and a middle road of polarity that is non-divine even if somewhat sublime in its fostering of dreams in life. Divinity is beyond the middle path that is fostered in polarity of light, medium and dark which polarize against one another between humans. One human sits in a light dream, another in a dark dream and another in the middle path.


Only those in the middle path can enter the Mother Sun Dream as a non-divine status of mastery. As the middle path blossoms in the 12-12 to 16-16 pathways of forgiveness and compassionate action, one enters the Mother Sun dream, and others foster light or dark dreams outside of the 16-16 to 18-18 gate thresholds. The 16-16 gate pathways foster the base of the Mother Sun dream in this era.


Divine threshold of thought-stream of the Mother Sun Dream triggers light wave genetics to grow in the cellular structure in a more rapid sequence through time. Light DNA is not to be confused with ascension DNA. Ascension DNA allows those mastering to intend dreams into middle path fostering through the principles of amalgamating the light and dark thresholds of self.


Amalgamation into the middle road fosters the journey towards forgiveness and later into compassionate action as one finds a mid-perception on all plights of the night dreamed through time. The mid-perception is a gift of spirit that fosters compassionate action in this time period. The compassionate action can blossom into another threshold of perception that is of the divine. Divine comprehension leads to the graciousness that all are divine regardless of role in the light or plight of the night of self. The golden hue of the Mother Sun dream fosters only divine perception in nuances of light wave motion of field.


Light wave biology is not just about light infusion. Light can be infused into ascension systems of DNA shifts to foster renewal and regrowth of what is ailing physically. Ascension allows renewal into health to be fostered for a time. As long as the middle path is lived and forgiveness into compassionate action fostered, the life carries on in sublime moments with others in the golden hues of the Mother Sun dream. Diversity of strife is left behind but others in polarity to oneself do live the plight that is departed from through time in the Mother Sun Dream.


Sometimes it is difficult to witness the strife of those outside of the Mother Sun’s dream. It is only in the 18-18 thresholds of dream that poles are left behind so that one’s own life of non-plight does not trigger the life of plight within another. Life is always karmic and those living plights in polarity unto one’s own self do so as a result of a settlement of karmic debt. The concept of debt is departed from as the 18-18 thresholds of mastery are entered leading to dharmic habitat of fate to unfold. Dharma, which is a gift of spirit, fosters all dreams thereafter in the needs of the whole.


Those mastering the 18-18 thresholds of gates are few in number today. It requires the devotion of a saint and beyond to motion through the polarities fostered in the extremes of light, dark and the middle path today. Those motioning on are fostered in Tao realization by the planetary systems that require a certain number of upper mastery levels each cycle. There are more destined to foster the 18-18 thresholds of gates in the coming century.


This information is for each to understand the nature of light motion DNA even if the biology may not enter such a state of being in this lifetime. Only forty percent of all developments are anticipated to grow light wave synergy biology in the coming fifteen years. The numbers will triple in the coming century. Growth of light wave DNA is not always easy and some anthologies simply do not have the archives to foster the shift. Attempting to embody light wave DNA without the proper anthology or guidance can be deadly.


Light Wave Biology


Light wave biology is a state in which each cell is sustained in the pulse of the photon energy of the golden octaves of motion. Light wave biology fosters a shift from sugar metabolism which sustains the body’s temperature into a light system. The light system is unique unto each anthology. Most anthologies trigger a shift in the blood first. The blood embraces photon particles in the red and white blood cells and fluid over time.


Next the heart is fostered into light wave synergy DNA to pump the blood thoroughly through the biology. The lymph is generally fostered next with a new fluid that forms over time. The lungs are fostered next followed by the kidneys, liver, spleen and pancreas. As the pancreas becomes light infused, it ceases to produce insulin and instead produces another type of hormone that does trigger cells to consume some sugar if they have yet to become photonic and allows other cells to balance the temperature of the biology to sustain health. There are many herbs useful to fostering light DNA in all organs, glands and systems through time. The herbs trigger the recollection of the light wave DNA to be transfused into.


The bones are modified in three time periods as the lungs, lymph and pancreas is fostered to motion light more greatly. New minerals are utilized and some detoxified in the process. It is important to ingest colloidal gold, colloidal silver and enough minerals to foster the genetic shifts given the poor nutritional quality of most human food resources in this cycle. The bones form a layer of fat on top that causes a spongy surface that light can heat up without damaging the bones.


Muscles and ligaments are the last to foster light wave DNA. As muscles foster light DNA, acid wastes associated with sugar metabolism cease. The requirement for pH neutral substances may diminish after the acid wastes cease to be produced in sugar metabolism. Light wave muscles produce instead a form of lipid that is rancid in stature. The rancid lipid will attach to certain substances present as broccoli and asparagus or other green leafy vegetables are consumed to be purified from the blood.


Light wave mindset is fostered as the bones begin to be modified through time. Light wave mindset is developed in layers of cortex grow along with new synapse junctures. There are three layers of cortex that must grow through time. The growth of the cortex requires many supplements to be fostered into a complete fourth level development. We will share more information on diet and mindset development in the “Flower Essences of Self” section of this book.


Synapse Formations and Flowering of the Mindset


The synapses formations are fostered into full cherry or round systems of motion that can flower as the waves motion through the mind. Flowering of the mindset is an act of the full development of the mind of a light wave synergy DNA system. The flowering of the mind fosters divine understanding in the art of self-realizing itself through time. The synapse development is a Tao orchestrated operation in this cycle. The Tao fosters light wave mind healing in all initiates with anthology required to develop into half or fully cherry formations.


Some anthologies cannot form full cherry formations. Those in the 14-14 category of pathway often form half cherry formations only. Half cherry formations foster compassionate action but not divine flowering of self in this cycle. Many more initiates host anthologies that can foster the 14-14 than the 18-18 and a full mindset development in this era. Only one eighteenth of the current developments into the 16-16 thresholds of self-development appear to be able to motion on into the 18-18 levels of self-realizing itself. There are many nutrients required in support of both half cherry and full cherry synapse development. Some of the sacred herb groups for fostering light wave biology and mindset development are shared below.


Entering the Mother Sun Dream


As the 16-16 thresholds of mastery are embodied, one enters the Mother Sun dream. In order to sustain the Mother Sun Dream, two thirds of the biology must have grown into light wave and half cherry synapses must have formed fostering Oska or Aliska mindset. Oska and Aliska mindset or above triggers mastery fable dreams to take flight in life. (Please refer to “Yogananda Tales of the Heart” and “Baba Fables of Mastery” in Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine for more information).


Mastery fable dreams are both of a spiritual context of existence as well as partnership and family orientation in life. Some businesses may flux into mastery fables, but most outside of a context of fostering a spiritually focused ashram oriented group life, are mastery lore based. The Mother Sun dreams are only fostered in mastery lore fables in this cycle. Those mastering into oska and aliska mindset trigger many shifts within and in the life dream. Life dreams cascade into the fostering of spirit into matter as the Mother Sun Dream is entered. Fostering spirit into matters is a very different dream from other secular pursuits in life. The Mother Sun dream is not a secular pursuit of life in this cycle.


Shaktar and Shakti Lore Fables


In secular pursuits, Shaktar and Shakti lore fables direct dreams of friendship, partnership, work related associations and family life. Partnership lore is offered in Shaktar and Shakti Lore articles in Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship and Light Wave 4: Divine Partnership for greater understanding. It is useful to know the lore that one has lived in childhood into adulthood or is living in life in the now for the purposes of forgiveness and mastery within into compassionate action thresholds of existence to enter the Mother Sun dream.


Shaktar and Shakti life lore fables are the most utilized means of fostering the opening of the heart accolade of self through experiences of strife in life for those mastering spiritually in this cycle. Strife can be associated with problems in the family in youth, in partnerships, in family rearing or also in business dreams that are family oriented in stature. The strife in life triggers the heart accolade to open through introspection into forgiveness and compassionate understanding of each in the life. All incidents of strife are lore driven through time. As the lore is forgiven, another dream takes flight leading to dreams of beauty, sweetness and care of the heart that flux into the Mother Sun Dream.


Shaktar and Shakti are transfusion lore beings that have mastered over four thousand lifetimes in each lore fable that the pair retain upon Earth in world service to humanity. Shakti and Shaktar are tantric twin formations of spirit that foster love and delight within themselves and in the dreams of those who transfuse through difficult lore fables of life. Shaktar and Shakti foster love of the two in syncopated rhythms of the divine to inspire humans to foster the love of the two within or without in a life of divine partnership.


Shaktar and Shakti are not to be confused with anything other than the self of the self of themselves fostering others upon the path of self-development into self-realization. All paths of realization coincide in terms of light wave mindset and thought-streams that align into the divine perceptions of life. Shaktar and Shakti are present upon Earth to foster divine perception of life through the strife of partnership and into the dreams of divine ordering of fate that can take flight within.


Understanding the divine requires light wave synergy motions of field that accolade into the mindset and biology to be comprehended. Divine understanding is fostered in light motions and not words. Light motion is only interpreted as the mindset fosters waves that flower. Wave flower patterns require four levels of cortex to form with full cherry synapse growth that fosters visspa and vesspa mindset. Light wave notions are interpreted as prose incantations from which one can derive a stanza of understanding within. The light wave motions trigger the notions necessary to transfigure the field into the divine interpretation over the difficult life happenstance of fate. Divine perception only occurs as one enters the 18-18 thresholds of gates of the Mother Sun dream.


The Small Transfusion Body


Mastery into the 16-16 into the 18-18 levels of gate pathways fosters light rays in the formation of a small transfusion body. The small transfusion body is a woven light body that light motions through the etheric body. The large transfusion body motions above the subtle bodies. The light motions between the small and large transfusions bodies foster light wave biology to grow throughout the body and through time.


Transfusion is an act of light synthesis of field. Light synthesis is a prevalent force of motion to trigger another level of life beyond the resources of sound. Humans dream in sound accolades of self in this cycle. Sound accolades are a formation of thought stream that is fostered in polarity. Polarity of sound triggers sweet, sour and balanced music that causes associated dreams in the life. Those in sweet music foster light dreams through time. Those in sour music foster very difficult dark dreams of strife. Those in the middle path of harmony of sound foster gray dreams that are not heightened to an extreme of elation or lowered to an extreme of distress, suicide, disease or death. Sound dreaming cannot unite within but apartheids into the three roles of beauty, strife or boredom of self. The middle path role often leads to boredom through time.


The act of transfusion allows aspirants upon the path to lift beyond the veils of light, medium and darker dream attributes of self. Many aspirants of ascension prefer light dreams only to fold into very dark dreams in polarity through time. Those aspirants in the middle path find the nature of boredom equally difficult as strife sometimes through time. Divine truth is witnessed only as light, medium and dark dreams are risen through in the act of transfusion. Transfusion requires a light quotient beyond sixty percent to begin with. Transfusion begins as the adept masters compassionate action into the 16-16 thresholds of gates of the Mother Sun Dream. Transfusion requires gates that form around the field. Transfusion gates are sustained primarily in pristine regions at this time that foster the Mother Sun dream.


The Conclusion of the Mayan Calendar      


By 2048, the Mother Sun Dream shall be upon all of Earth. The birth of the Mother Sun dream is considered the conclusion of the Mayan Calendar of fostering of dreams of non-Mother Sun orientation for the past eight hundred years. As the Mother Sun dreams oscillate into motion, humanity upon Earth shall be fostered into an age of enlightenment ahead. In time, the golden octave of the Mother Sun dream will permeate all regions upon Earth leading to gentleness and divine understanding of the collective.


The fostering of divine understanding of the collective may take upwards of one hundred years to foster. Cleansing of those who are unwell and incapable of fostering care of the heart shall perish in the coming cycle. The loss of many lives is anticipated in part due to diseases from new bacteria and viruses emerging due to light motion and the warming temperatures of Earth due to stronger light motions of field.


At this time there are some portholes of Mother Sun dreams already present upon Earth in a few regions. As the gates open in full, the Mother Sun Dream shall permeate the Aurora fluxing gates of light to open in many regions worldwide. Some regions may eclipse due to air vents to the Aurora that form from the Aurora to the surface of the Earth. Many vents may be under the ocean but some will also surface in sandy soil primarily and around the globe. Those sinking into the vents will most likely lose their lives quickly. The light gates will foster a flowering of motions upon the land that will heat up the temperature and foster light DNA to be triggered to begin to grow in the natural world along within humans who reside in the 16-16 gates or above.


Those residing in the 14-14 and beneath gates are to be fostered into a completion through death ahead unless another level of mastery occurs into compassionate action within and into a flux of the care of the heart. The care of the heart is a prerequisite for entering the Mother Sun Dream. Those who fail to enter the Mother Sun dream shall perish in the forty years to follow the end of the Mayan Calendar. Those of the stature of non-mastery of compassionate action shall reincarnate and hope to foster the mastery of compassionate action in another life ahead. There is no end to evolution and the failure to foster compassionate action within is not a failure at all, only a prelude to success in another incarnation.


Age of Enlightenment for 300 Years


The Mother Sun dream is to redirect the human systems into a non-war cycle. The possible nuclear extinction dream shall be abated off the planet and another dream shall unfold. The times ahead shall foster greater unity, understanding, compassion between nations, regions and humans and the care of the whole. The dreams shall oscillate in unity for three hundred years to follow. This is also known as the Age of Enlightenment. This is a short light wave cycle due to the density of the planet and the incapacity of many humans to master care of the heart enough to extend the Mother Sun dream for much longer.


The Mother Sun dream may abate electrical formations of waves in thirty years. Humans may develop magnetic resources of energy if electricity begins to fade. Electricity and all gadgets associated are not a part of the Mother Sun Dream. Those fostering the 16-16 and above gates can motion a dream of electrical gadgets so that they do not cease to work in the life.


If populations diminish too much, humans may lose transport systems and other means of food supply. It is important for those motioning into the Mother Sun dream to foster sustainable communities and homesteads ahead. The Mother Sun Dream does not resonate with many of the current human dreams prevalent in the cities and suburbs worldwide. A restructuring of the human systems of life shall be the future following the bloom of the Mother Sun dreams upon Earth. Those who witness the shift coming can prepare by fostering another type of life that is more community oriented with many drawing together in ashram flower formations to foster the continuation of life ahead.


Yogananda and Baba transfusion lore beings are to foster community ashram flowers of self to trigger dreams of sacred community to blossom ahead. There is an anthology of written materials in support of those choosing to cause sacred community to be fostered that shall come forth in the years ahead through Yogananda. Yogananda is a summation of consciousness that transfused in two thousand lifetimes in support of the sacred texts of life for self-realization cause. Baba is a summation of over four thousand lifetimes with a purpose of holding the sacred texts of the divine ordering of life, including divine partnership scripts.


As the Mother Sun dream fluxes open upon Earth, the lore of Yogananda and fables of Baba shall be fluxed into action for those who have entered the 16-16 gates or above. It is useful to understand the mastery lore fable you are living in life. The full hypothesis of each lore fable will not open in full until 2036 but those in the Mother Sun dream can intend the lore into one’s life unfolding in the 16-16 pathways or above in the now.


Light Wave DNA and Sustainable Health


Light wave DNA requires much understanding to be fostered into sustenance and health through time. Light wave DNA requires another diet to sustain the health as it grows. Light wave DNA requires primarily a vegan diet high in protein from vegetarian resources such as tofu, soy beans, soy nuts, nut butter and edamame or fresh soy beans; fats from nuts and nut butters of hazelnut, sesame and almond resources primarily; and a primarily raw with some cooked vegetable diet that is sustainable to the mindset (sixty percent raw and forty percent cooked of select vegetables useful to the mindset and cleansing of the blood).


The mind of those developing is easily ruptured by current human dietary systems of dream. Most human habits of food resources do not foster the Mother Sun dream equations of life. The Mother Sun dream equations are fostered by many foods but not most foods humans consumed in this time period. Here is a list of foods that foster the Mother Sun Dream:


  1. Tofu, edamame, soy nut butter, and soy nuts or cooked soybeans. Organic soy beans foster the Mother Sun Dream in providing many nutrients that trigger divine thoughts within.


  1. Vegetables of broccoli, asparagus and mung beansprouts. These three vegetables attach to the wastes associated with light wave biology which are purine in derivation allowing for elimination.


  1. Raw salads of arugula and bittergreens. Arugula and bitter greens foster the blood to release light rays that are non-succinct that would lead to ill health as light wave motion of field takes flight.


  1. Nuts of hazelnut, almond, sesame and soy. Some nuts do not foster mindset development. All nuts are useful up through ascension levels of fostering but not beyond the 16-16 thresholds of compassionate action relays of self. Those fostering another level of mastery into the 16-16 are best to restrict nuts consumed to the above and in organic compounds of nut milk. Nuts that are of other derivations if consumed may trigger mind bend to an extreme in some cases. Nut milks are readily fostered with ratios of one quarter whole raw nuts to two cups of purified water, soaked overnight, and blended in a blender. Coconut milk and stevia can be added for the flavor of a milk shake.


  1. Coconut flesh, cream and milk. Coconut milk is an allowable drink in the Mother Sun Dream. Cow’s milk fosters mind bend into ill health amongst those mastering the 14-14 or above thresholds of mindset and should be departed from.


  1. Soy Milk. Soy milk fosters the Mother Sun dream and is high in protein. The protein needs of the biology increase in times of heavy transfusion. Transfusion burns proteins in the biology which require regrowth. Soy milk is absorbed into the blood for a rapid rise in protein when needed.


  1. Sprouted quinoa. Quinoa is a grain that fluxes the Mother Sun dream open from ancient agreements in the Andes. Sprouted quinoa is a good resource of some protein and carbohydrates useful to the mind. Wheat and other grains including corn, oats, barley, groats or rice do not sustain Mother Sun dreams. Grains of this nature also create blood sugars that the cells do not require in light DNA. Too much blood sugar from grains of this nature can trigger diabetic flux leading to blindness, heart disease or other physical ailments through time and need to be abated from the diet.


  1. Green and yellow peas are useful cooked as soft curries to aid the mindset and also provide good carbohydrates for the cells and proteins useful to the mindset stability. Curry is a group of spices that flowers as it is cooked from ancient agreements in India. The flowering of the curries fluxes a Mother Sun Dream open in the home.


  1. Lentils. Red and yellow lentils foster mind bend not and provide other key proteins and carbohydrates that the light wave biology requires through time.


  1. Garbanzo Beans. Garbanzo beans have six nutrients needed for light wave mindset stability and can be consumed each day. Garbanzo beans are best cooked and blended into hummus for easier digestion. Sprouted garbanzo beans are not useful whereas sprouted peas, mung beans and lentils are helpful as a resource of digestive enzymes to be consumed each day.


  1. Eggplant is a useful resource of fourteen substances that balance the blood in times of light infusion.


Sacred Herbs for Light Wave Biological Development   


There are many herbs needed to foster light wave DNA. The naturopath system is unaware of all the nuances of nutrients required in the growth light wave DNA in its current understanding. Light wave teams of healers in the etheric do apply light motion herbs to the small transfusion body in an attempt to offset what may be lacking in the diet or nutritional supply. The light wave healers fostering infusion in this cycle are a gift of the Tao and Dao of the planet to foster another level of self-development into self-realization in the light era ahead. Often in younger people, the application of herbs occurs through light infusion only and is enough to foster the biological shifts into light wave DNA. Sometimes in older adepts, the need for the herb in the physical is required to trigger the biological memory of light motion DNA.


There are many herbs required for sustainable photonic infusion into each cell. The herbs are often grouped in threes that foster a trilogy of understanding from which the body can recall how to manufacture the needed nutrients. As the body manufactures the nutrients within, consumption of the herb must cease as it can cause toxic build up otherwise. Astute aspirants will muscle test all dosages and time of usage in association with the healing teams fostering infusion in this cycle.


Each body is unique and may require other herbs than what is annotated in this essay. There are fourteen groups of herbs useful to motioning into light wave synergy biology into each cell. Those who are developing into the thirty to sixty percent quotients of light will also benefit from ingesting most of the following herbs for a time. The light biology will grow to be more thorough as a result.


Fourteen Sacred Herb Groups


1. Milk Thistle, Prickly Ash Bark and Schisandra Berry combine to foster light motion DNA development of the liver, pancreas and spleen. Prickly Ash Bark triggers each organ to regrow what has become ill through time. Milk Thistle cleanses the ducts of each organ so that light fluxes evenly through time. Schisandra Berry causes the pancreas to balance blood sugar as needed as cells transfuse into photonic capacity to retain body level temperature.


2. Bitter Melon, Triphala, and Ajuna combine to foster light motion DNA development of the heart and circulatory system, and lymph system. Bitter Melon triggers the heart to grow into light motion contraction systems of heart beat. Triphala triggers the arteries, veins and lymph to grow into a structure that retains light. Ajuna allows the heart motions of light to syncopate with the veins, arteries and lymph for even distribution of light throughout the circulatory and lymph systems.


3. Cats Claw, Maitake Mushroom and Banaba Leaf combine to foster light motion DNA development of the immune system. Cats Claw fosters white blood cells to form properly in a light infused DNA structure. Maitake Mushroom fosters the light motion nervous repose to trigger an immune response as needed due to an invasive bacterial or viral formation attacking the biology. Banaba Leaf triggers the immune system to motion light as heat application to destroy invasive substances. Inositol is another substance useful as an immune system boost and is derived from Cats Claw and Maitake Mushroom. Inositol causes new T-Cell formations and is also considered a valid anti-depressant for mind bend not.


4. Fo-Ti, Bee Pollen, and Fenugreek combine to foster light wave synergy DNA in the nerves. Fo-Ti is a blood cleansing agent useful to waste build up in light motions that can destroy the blood through time. Fo-Ti also aids in clearing potential blood poisoning fostered in nerve bunions. Nerves can burst due to light wave surges during development triggering a fluid that is orange in color and very poisonous if present in large quantities to flux into the blood. Some developments can perish if the blood is poisoned severely enough when many bunions form at once. Fo-Ti will attach to the poisons in the blood causing them to become inert through time.


One sign of blood poisoning in light motion nerve bunion formation is orange colored skin in the feet or hands. Bee Pollen hosts useful substances to the growth of light wave nerves. Light wave nerves are larger in diameter and foster a blood vessel in the midde of the support nerves. Support nerves form in the spine, down the arms and into each finger, and down the legs into each toe in light wave biology. Bee Pollen causes the proper blood vessel formation in each nerve to grow. Fenugreek allows the nerves to create scales on the skin that withstand the heat of light motion without burning.


5. Avena Stevia, Skullcap and Wild Yam combine to foster light wave synergy DNA to develop in the soft tissues of the liver, spleen and lungs. The soft tissues of some organs require a special fluid that does not vaporize when heavier transfusion occurs so that the region remains moist through time. Avena Stevia fosters a new fluid to develop in the lungs, liver and spleen that withstands the heat of light without vaporizing. Skullcap triggers the regrowth of the soft tissue in all three organs to host the sustainable light fluids. Wild Yam allows the light motion to syncopate through all soft tissues of the biology evenly through time.


6. Vitex, Saw Palmetto and White Willow combine foster light wave synergy development of the intestines, stomach and esophagus. Vitex triggers the regrowth of the intestines, stomach and esophagus through time. All three regions are subject to recurrent damage due to light wave burn or impartial digestion of food. The intestines are subject to burning if the light motions too brightly.


If too much food is consumed, it is subject to fermentation that can cause the intestines to begin to die. The body will regrow the intestines but it is best to eat only light meals and fast most of each day on sustainable fresh juices or other drinks of sustenance of light wave DNA. Saw Palmetto triggers the stomach to motion with the light to offset gastric distress. White Willow triggers the lining of the intestines to renew recurrently through time. The intestines regrow the lining every two to four weeks to maintain the health of the biology and often due to light wave burn when heavy transfusion occurs.


7. Barberry, Spilanthes and Eleuthero combine to foster light DNA in the spine. The spine is fostered in seven layers to retain the light motions and repose of consciousness of the mind through time. Barberry aids in the formation of the first through third layer in light wave synergy DNA formations of the spine. Spilanthes triggers the fourth through seventh layer to grow through time. Eleuthero regulates the motions into even syncopations to foster consistent and balanced mindset and nervous system motions throughout the biology.


8. Dopa Bean, Hoodia and Lion’s Mane Medicinal Mushroom combine to foster the cortex in light wave synergy DNA for mindset development purposes. Dopa Bean fosters proper neurotransmitters to form in light wave synergy DNA. Light wave neurotransmitters foster syncopated rhythms in wave formations that flower above the cortex to comprehend divine concepts of self realizing itself. Hoodia fosters balanced flux between all synapses of the mind to offset mind bend into anxiety or depression. Lion’s Mane Mushroom fosters proper growth of the cortex layers associated with each level of mindset development.


9. Red Algae, Shiitake, and Reishi Mushroom combine to foster the development of light wave synergy DNA in the kidneys. Red Algae kills mold spores that form in the kidneys, blood and lymph due to higher temperatures in the biology associated with light motions of field. The body heats up through time to 103.5 degrees in the 18-18 gateways of development and due to an eighty percent light quotient.


The higher temperature does destroy bacteria and viruses that cannot withstand the higher body temperature. Although this is so, mold spores can rapidly grow leading to thick blood and lymph that over time can cause cancer. Red Algae kills the mold spores if taken recurrently through time. Shiitake Mushroom fosters the kidneys to renew and regrow as needed through time. Kidneys are subject to a regrowth twice per year to retain health in light wave motions of field. Reishi Mushroom triggers dissolution of kidney stones or other obstructions through time. All three substances can be taken regularly to maintain the kidneys through time without harming any other part of the body.


10. Horsetail, Mullein and Gymnema combine to foster the development of light wave synergy nerve endings for repose of the entire nervous system. Light wave biology fosters a flux from head into the toes and back to the cortex again every three minutes. Healthy mindset that flowers requires an even flux due to nerve growth that is sustainable through time. Horsetail fosters the nerve endings to bud to withstand a larger surge that is caused by new synapse fluxes in the mindset development into visspa and vesspa bandwidths of divine thought.


Mullein triggers the nerves to repose evenly from head to toe to offset potential leakage or bunion formations. Bunions foster uneven nervous repose that can trigger extreme mind bend into suicidal tendencies through time. Mullein is useful in the repair of the nerves if this occurs. Gymnema triggers the nerve interior to renew if damaged. All three herbs are good to take recurrently to foster healthy nerve growth and regrowth as self realizes itself through time.


11. Devil’s Claw Prickly Pear and Astaxanthin combine to foster development of light wave mindset eyes, ears, nose and soft tissues throughout the biology. Devil’s Claw fosters the eyes, ears, nose, labia majora and minora, the scrotum and mouth to renew as needed through time due to light wave burn. Mucous membranes tend to peel if light motions are non-succinct in the small transfusion body. Light motions can trigger eyesight problems due to dry eye symptoms caused by non-succinct light motions over the face. Rinsing the eyes in purified water with small amounts of colloidal silver daily is also recommended to offset eyesight damage in light wave motion of field.


Prickly pear cleanses the fluid of the eyes to remain pure enough to see through. Sometimes light motion of field can trigger eye fluid to become blurry. Too much sugar in the blood from ingesting sweets or too many carbohydrates of non-useful resources can trigger blindness. Astaxanthin triggers the entire eye gland to regrow if needed due to eye damage from non-succinct light over the face. Astaxanthin is a derivative of Beta Carotene that is refined. If Astaxanthin is unavailable, taking Beta Carotene can also trigger the renewal of the eye gland.


12. Fulvic and Humic Acids (Zeolite), Liquid Minerals, and Colloidal Gold combine to foster light wave synergy DNA of the bone marrow to form healthy red blood cells that can withstand light motions of field. The bones of the body reformat into another mineral structure that is lighter and can motion more light in succinct formations in light wave synergy DNA formations. The new bone formations require liquid minerals to grow and must be taken recurrently over many years in most cases. As the new bones form, the bone marrow is subject to becoming over heated and sometimes toasted over time if light wave DNA fails to completely form. Red blood cells can then become malformed leading to extreme anemia or blood cancer. Fulvic and Humic Acids (zeolite) triggers the bone marrow to form in light wave synergy DNA.


13. Colloidal Silver is a continuously required substance for light wave motion to remain succinct throughout the body. When ingested, colloidal silver enters the blood and lymph allowing even light motions through the fluids associated. Colloidal silver has many functions in light wave synergy biological function. Colloidal silver clears out candida and other mold formations that can deter the health of the biology. Yeast is a recurrent problem as is other mold spores due to the rise in body temperature in light wave formations of field. Daily ingestion of hydrosol or ionic particle silver is the best resolution to the recurrent strife of mold. Too much mold can lead to liver cirrhosis, spleen deprivation, lymphoma, heart disease and tuberculosis if not tended unto in proper diet and nutrition in support of light wave synergy DNA.


14. Kelp, L-Tyrosine and L-Lysine combine to foster proper synapse formation in the growth of the cortex of the brain in mindset development. Kelp fosters the synapse junctures that foster divine thoughts. L-Tyrosine causes the motions of light to flower out of the synapses of the mind. L-Lysine allows the flowers of self to align with the flowering of field associated in the large transfusion body of self-realizing itself. Kelp is a recurrent nutritional requirement through time. Amino acids are needed in small quantities only in certain phases of development and can be toxic if over consumed through time.


Sacred nutrients are necessary to mindset development and mastering light wave synergy biology in this cycle. Food resources are too diminished in nutritional supply to foster health in the 18-18 octave of development and above. Nutritional guidance needs to become an internal resource as light wave DNA is not the same biochemical system as those mastering were born with in most cases. It is the Tao of one’s birth habitat of archetype that enters the field to assess all nutritional requirements fostered for Tao realization.


Those mastering into the 18-18 threshold are adept enough to listen to the Tao within to know what is needed and when in each phase of light DNA growth or maintenance. The full growth of light wave DNA from head to toe is fostered over the course of three to four years in this time period. Maintenance of light wave genetics also requires additional herbs taken through time in the fostering of continued realization of self.


10 Potential Illnesses of Incomplete Ascension into Light Wave Synergy Biology  


1. Liver Disease. The liver can become inflamed readily due to buildup of yeast or mold and other contaminants in the blood in emerging light wave synergy DNA systems. The liver must filter contaminants released as the cells transfuse into new RNA and DNA patterns. Some toxins and contaminants can be gasified and released through the skin in the act of transfusion. Other contaminants are too large to aerate completely becoming mucous in the blood. If the blood fails to be purified recurrently enough through ingesting enough enzymes, the mucous can plug the ducts and filters of the liver leading to engorgement and swelling. Over time, the liver will cirrhosis becoming increasingly diseased triggering the choice to die.


There is a need for many enzymes in the blood to break down mucous formed from mastering light wave synergy biology. Enzymes for the health of the blood are best fostered in the daily consumption of fresh vegetable and fruit juices, eating two papayas per week and taking digestive enzymes with the one main meal of the day. Certain foods forming mucous in the blood can also overload the liver’s function as light wave synergy biology forms. Removing milk, cheese, wheat and sugar is a necessity as each has mucous or clot forming in the blood when consumed.


Wheat even if gluten free creates a sticky paste in the blood through time. Most other grains can also create a mucous paste in the blood including corn, rye, and oats. Quinoa or amaranth are better substitutes but can also lead to increasing blood sugar levels if eaten too frequently. Blood that clots even in small sizes will destroy the internal fabric of the liver leading to cirrhosis and death through time.


2. Kidney Failure. The kidneys are subject to mucous and acid waste build up that becomes kidney stones through time in light wave synergy genetic development. Kidney failure can be the second main cause of death in the journey into light wave motion of field. Kidneys easily swell and the soft tissue is readily hardened through light that is non-succinct in its application through time. Kidneys need recurrent cleansing and regrowth as the light wave synergy biology matures. Coconut milk and water are useful to retaining the kidneys in their health and are good daily drinks through time. Drinking purified pH positive and ionized water is also another means of offsetting potential kidney failure due to too many kidney stones as light wave synergy DNA grows.


3. Heart Failure. The heart can fail for many causes in light wave synergy biological development. The heart must foster a new structure that withstands the heat fostered in light. Certain proteins in the diet are needed to allow the heart to recreate itself into a light DNA structure. Organic soy beans are one of the main useful amino acid formations that allow the light wave heart structure to develop.


Edamame is a needed food resource for the development of the new light wave structure of the heart, the liver, the spleen, the lungs and the pancreas along with the kidneys. The heart requires the edamame more greatly and more frequently in its development than the other organs of the body. Heart failure can also occur due to diabetic flux from consuming too many sugars or carbohydrates that clot the blood as the light-based cells cease to feed off sugar. A carb free vegan diet is recommended to offset potential heart failure after a seventy percent light quotient is mastered.


4. Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is fostered as holes form in the lungs and one or both collapse leading to the incapacity to breathe. Holes in the lungs can form due to black mold formations in the environment. Black mold can rapidly grow spores at certain temperatures fostered in the act of transfusion. Inability to breathe easily is one symptom of the presence of black mold and the infection that this causes in the bronchioles of the lungs. The environment may need to be purified of black mold to offset recurrent re-infections. The application of a sanitization system (mainly rubbing alcohol) used in hospitals can cleanse the environment of the black mold. The mold within the lungs can be abated in consuming larger amounts of red algae through time.


5. Lymphoma. Lymphoma is triggered by black and other mold spores form in the lymph fluids and blood through time. Light motions can rapidly reproduce mold in the fluids of the body due to rising or uneven cellular temperature. If the lymph becomes overly thick due to too many mold spores, it fails to turn, triggering inflammation of some lymph nodes. If the lymph nodes cannot regrow or heal, they harden leading to lymph cancer through time.


Red algae can cleanse the mold out of the lymph fluids if consumed enough. Swimming many times per week will trigger the lymph to turn so that the lymph nodes do not swell recurrently. Swimming is an important weekly habit that fosters health in light wave synergy biology. The pressure of the water assures that the lymph and blood reach all places in the cortex to assure health of the mindset. Walking daily is also recommended to turn the lymph for sustainable health through time. Bathing nightly in hot baths also triggers the circulation to flux in light wave DNA.


6. Heavy Metal Poisoning and Nerve Damage. Nerves repose the mindset and also the health of the biology. Nerves that become damaged can lead to many health issues as light wave synergy biology is attempted. Damaged nerves can occur due to heavy metal poisoning. Cleansing the heavy metals from the biology is a necessity if health is to be ascended into as light wave synergy DNA is mastered. Those who have eaten much fish may be more prone to heavy metal poisoning than others. There are many heavy metal cleanses useful including consuming cilantro, zeolite and also the detox ionic foot bath that removes heavy metals through channels in the feet. If the nerves cannot foster health, many diseases that form at once is the outcome of the attempted ascent into light wave synergy biology.


7. Diabetic Death. The pancreas fosters many changes as light wave synergy biology forms. In some stages, the production of insulin can be impaired leading to diabetic flux. Diabetic flux is fostered due to increasing blood sugar levels beyond what the light wave cells need to consume in any given day. If the blood sugars rise consistently through time, clots form leading to debilitation of the liver, kidney or spleen. If large enough clots form, a heart attack can also occur leading to death.


Taking insulin is not a resolution to diabetic flux for those mastering light wave synergy biology. Humanmade insulin triggers cortex seizures and other problems in mindset development. Those prone to diabetic flux are best eliminating all sugars and carbohydrates through time and consuming a diet high in non-starchy organic vegetables, nuts and proteins from vegan resources such as tofu, peas, lentils and garbanzo beans. Rice should be avoided at all costs as it triggers diabetic flux to an extreme. Fasting on fresh vegetable and fruit juices one to three times per week is also useful to balance the blood sugar levels and especially for those mastering above the seventy percent light quotient of field.


8. Epilepsy. Epilepsy can develop as light wave synergy biology is attempted due to spleen deprivation. Spleen deprivation is caused through lack of enough fluids in the blood due to vaporization in transfusion. The lack of enough fluids exacerbates the motions of blood through the spleen. The spleen can crack triggering spleen fluids entering the blood. Some chemistry of the spleen can short the cortex or spine leading to epileptic seizures. If the seizures are great enough, strokes or an aneurysm can occur leading to death. Spleen deprivation can be offset by consuming enough electrolytes.


Electrolytes are prevalent in coconut water or astute human made formulas in support of physical exertion. The cracks in the spleen heal with the application of castor oil packs on the belly overnight. Castor oil is placed upon flannel and suspended against the belly with a towel warming as light motions overnight. The castor oil fluxes into the belly through the skin and fosters lubrication for the outside of the spleen and other major organs. The lubrication prevents the spleen from cracking in most cases.


9. Strokes. Blood that clots due to diabetic flux can cause minor to major strokes. The cortex can also engorge for many causes in mindset development. The cortex can engorge due to the presence of too much salt in the diet. Salt is best kept to a minimum as light wave synergy biology begins to develop. Tamari and miso are better salt substitutes in the diet and are useful to the emerging genetic changes. Salt can lead to high blood pressure that also triggers small to medium strokes. If numerous enough, the strokes can impair the synapse function in mindset development. If the blood pools enough, an aneurysm can form that can lead to death.


10. Disintegration of the Mind. Disintegrations of the mind can occur for many causes. The mind can flux out of balance to an extreme due to too many toxins in the fluids of the cortex. The cortex fluid must cleanse and replace itself once per year as light wave synergy genetic modifications begin. If the cortex fluid fails to be cleansed, the mind may begin to disintegrate. If the body is overloaded in toxins due to kidney failure, liver failure or other extreme conditions, the fluid of the cortex will foster disintegration of the mind. Disintegration of the mind triggers death to be fostered in most cases. The life is abated as the attempted light wave synergy development has failed to an extreme.


The Future of 18-18 Realization of Self       


(NOTE: The following information was channeled or translated several years ago. This is one probable scenario of Earth going extinct. Please read with discernment. Nothing is set in stone. Things can change because we have many forces of Light from many Creations and Beyond helping our beloved Planet Earth. A lot also depends on the transformation of humanity within the next 3 decades.)


Realization of self is a difficult path for most this cycle. The birth of the Mother Sun Dream shall occur and mostly for those in the 14-14 octave of compassionate action within. Young aspirants, although they may master into the 18-18, are not always considered tried and true through time. Mastery takes time. Those mastering young often fail later tests in life as it unfolds. The infrastructure of mastery is badly missing in the west and better sustained in the east at this time due to the Buddhist system of self. Those in the west are a wild card in development in this cycle. Those fostering Self Realization into the 18-18 are a select group of individuals devoted to mastery within and little else. The Tao of Earth fosters each self development into self realization stanzas of existence in this cycle in both the east and west.


The 18-18 levels of self-realization shall increase in the coming one-hundred-year cycle of flux of the Mother Sun Gates upon Earth. The Mother Sun is gathering up her tribe of those fostering divine thoughts for the last time ever. The Mother Sun Gates may not be capable of fluxing open again upon Earth in any cycle ahead. Those resources who have awaited a time to retract are to foster this goal in the coming three hundred years. Reincarnations of those mastering self realizing itself may be numerous ahead due to the desire to complete with the existence upon Earth and foray for a dream to reincarnate elsewhere in the future. Those remaining upon Earth have other goals to foster equally important until an extinction system is launched.


In four thousand years, Earth shall enter a galaxy that shall abate her life. The galaxy is the remains of an asteroid belt that diminished possibly due to nuclear annihilation. The comets are so numerous that Earth will be bombarded over time upon her surface bringing an end to life as all has known it upon her in this era. The cessation of life upon Earth may be very painful for the consciousness remaining. A retraction shall be fluxed forth to remove consciousness that is required elsewhere to continue its journey of self-development into realization of self. That which remains upon Earth after the retraction of all consciousness shall sink into the firmament of the void of the infinite to be recycled elsewhere. Nothing ever is lost; all is recycled in all creations everywhere.


The life upon Earth is about to extinguish itself for all time. The dreams of tomorrow are only for a few short centuries that lie ahead. It is up to each to choose to develop as far as one can this cycle to foster a retraction of self. Retractions are succinct motions of completion of all karma ever fostered upon Earth or complementary karma from other creations leading up to life in this creation. Those fostering completions this cycle know within the import of the mastery now and not tomorrow. Mastery is never an easy journey. Mastery is perhaps even more difficult in a completion cycle than in other cycles where time has a hand to alter the fate of oneself ahead.


Nemesis Assessment of the Mother Sun Dream


It was originally anticipated that there was another cycle of light motion of field to repeat in eight hundred years. In recent months of nemesis assessment, the Mother Sun dreams will most likely be unable to be fluxed open again. The consciousness of humanity and nature is too detrimented to foster another gate opening. That which has been yearning for long and short time periods is vying now to retract.


The grief is large and the journey is short to this goal of completion. It is in the grace and mercy of the Dao of Earth that the journey of humanity will be fostered in compassionate action ahead. A mercy reversal is underway given the sincere hopes of the humans that attempted ascension into self-development and realization but failed this cycle. The Dao of Earth knows that there is more fluxing against humanity than ever and that development has failed simply due to unknown causes in this cycle.


Development of self into self realizing itself occurs upon many levels surrounding the Earth. There are fourteen levels of development. Development at the base known as the physical vessel is only a small part of the equation of what has failed this cycle. Development was fostered in many striations of self upon Earth. The region of domain of development stanzas of self was shattered about three years ago. Developments have ceased as a result.


A rebuild is underway to foster completion rather than another light synthesis era in eight hundred years’ time. There is always a conclusion to life in regions such as the one Earth resides within. The third dimension is to be abated so that life may lift off in other galaxies upon other dimensions in polar counterbalance. Life carries on always and all consciousness shall carry forth in a new direction as a result of the shifts in the current world dream.


The Mother Sun dream is a prose incantation light wave motion language. Those who foster the languages of the Mother Sun shall retract into her ahead. Those who fail to may reincarnate to develop the necessary languages to retract. Those failing to retract may reincarnate in neighboring galaxies to foster mastery of the Mother Sun dreams in another cycle ahead. There is no end to life ever; only the recurrent goal of evolutionary fulfillment through time. The pain of extinction is great. Those departing this galaxy face the pain of extinction within to forgive to foster another outcome in the future of oneself and the monadic relay of soul associated. The Dao and Tao of Earth blesses each reading these materials with the hope that you shall foster your completion in this cycle ahead.


If you are a development of the 16-16, intend the opening of the Mother Sun Dream in your field. Intend to embrace another level of light infusion and inhale the new DNA growth into each cell of the biology in light motion of field. Exhale that which no longer syncopates with the rising octaves of vibration. Intend to open unto the Dao and Tao of the planet and foster self development into self realizing itself within. The era is short and the need to foster more realization is great in the west. Be well in all that you have accomplished this lifetime. Open the heart and syncopate into the care of the whole and the Mother Sun dream will embrace you ahead.


In the birth of the love of the love within,

The Planetary Tao


18-18 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 18-18 sequencing

Is a gift of biological systems

That sustain light wave synergy

In each cell

In a motion that gives birth

To divine right to renew

And restore my youth

And my vitality

Through time

To augment the journey

Into realization of self


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Beings on their Journey to Self Development and Self Realization.

May the Love and Joy of All That Is embrace you on your Path.



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