Image of a brilliant happy yellow flower. Mindset Development #4

Mindset Development #4


The 14-14 Gateway


Realization into Transfusion Theory of Self


14-14 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 14-14 sequencing

Is a gift of mindset development

Into oska and aliska

In a new threshold of awareness

That births realization

As a component of self

Experiencing itself

Through time

In a mesmerizing journey

Into the divine concepts of life

In the actualization of oneself


Tao Realization Theory: Mastery of the 14-14 Gateways of Ascension


Tao realization theory is an adroit equation to foster self of the self within. Self of the self is consciousness that fosters self-awareness to allow for divine concepts of existence to prevail within. Divine concepts are not difficult to illustrate and are presented to follow. Divine concepts are easy to read about but are difficult to realize within as each level of mastery must foster a rising above difficult happenstance of karma in life. Divine concepts are realized as they are acknowledged in often the most difficult of circumstances of experiences. Acknowledging divinity in those that resonate is easy. Acknowledging divinity in those that fail to resonate and are cantankerous in nature and damaging to one’s spirit or physical presence is the real task of those mastering the 14-14 threshold of existence in this era.


Tao realization is fostered by the Tao of the Tao within or the God aspect of self. The Goddess aspect is known as the Dao of the Dao within. Tao realizes the consciousness of the physical self while Dao realizes the consciousness of spirit. Self is realized through Tao inaugurations of field that bring light infusions into the biology and mindset of mental activity to stimulate divine interpretation of life. Light infusions trigger another flux of mindset to unfold as the synapses form in the cortex of the brain. Light infusions of field syncopate the biological mindset with the formations in the mental body to foster divine understanding of life in its unfolding through time.


Light infusion of field does occur in many who develop into 12-12 thresholds of development too. Light infusions trigger variations on a theme of forgiveness or compassionate action theory of life in 12-12 developments. Light is less infused into 11-11 developments. Light thresholds of 11-11 systems generally are no larger than thirty percent. 12-12 developments can foster up to eighty percent light infused field and biology through time. The larger the light quotient in a 12-12 development, the deeper the compassionate action that forms directing the life into dreams of deep sincerity and sustainability of presence.


11-11 developments receive up to twelve light infusions through time. The light renews the body allowing time to foster forgiveness through difficult life occurrences. 12-12 developments are fostered in up to thirty-two light infusions through time. 12-12 developments are fostered in three segments of focus. The deeper the compassionate action that forms within, the more likely the next phase of light infusion will occur. Those motioning into an eighty percent light infusion in a 12-12 category of development must become extremely acute about the dietary requirements of light biology.


Light biology feeds the cells through photonic particles lessening the requirement of blood sugar to sustain the life. Many may consume far too many starches or too many meals each day triggering diabetes to form. Insulin destroys the heart in light DNA. The better solution is to remove carbohydrates and sugars from the diet entirely and fast one or more days per week to balance the sugar ratios in the blood to normal levels.


One early sign of diabetic flux is blurry vision and shortness of breath that develops suddenly. The excess blood sugar inflames the eye socket leading round eyes that become extremely near sighted. The excess sugar also inflames the lungs leading to asthmatic symptoms through time. The excess sugar can trigger clots to form leading to heart attacks, liver clots, kidney clots, clots in the spleen and pancreas that destroy the health of the biology through time. The best solution is to limit food and live off light and sacred nutrients to feed the mindset and sustain the health and wellbeing of the physical and of the mindset. Excess sugar can lead to extreme depression due to sugar that snuffs out the synapse ignition in the cortex of the mind.


Those motioning into the 14-14 category of development foster 48 light infusions triggering up to ninety percent of the cells to become light DNA. Those motioning onward into the 14-14 pathway demonstrate a capacity to find divinity in each encounter through time. Those mastering into the ninety percent threshold of light infusion must rendition the diet more extensively to prevent diabetic flux or other ailments of imbalance of light motion in the biology.


Fasting at least one day per week is mandatory and weeklong fasts required twice or more per year or more to balance the blood sugar. Fasts include many fluids and not necessarily just water to sustain the health and renewal of the structure. Fasts are useful to cleanse and maintain the health at all levels of evolutionary fulfillment in this era.


If you fast too frequently, it can trigger diabetic flux deaths in some. The body may take the choice to fast for a month or more as a sign of the choice to create a conscious death. The pancreas can turn off triggering a buildup of blood sugar to a point that it clots in the heart causing a diabetic flux death. Fasting in mindset development needs to be monitored to occur only as it is needed and on the days or weeks that the blood sugar requires balance in an eighty to ninety percent light infused fields. Light quotients beneath the eighty percent level need only to fast twice per month and one week of the year for maintenance, cleansing and renewal of field. Diabetic flux death is also an easy manner to end a life of a diseased body that can no longer renew through time through continuous fasting until the life concludes.


Divine Understanding of Sainthood  


The 14-14 levels of development are not unusual from a metaphysical point of reference. Many have developed into the 14-14 range of aptitude of self recognizing itself as a Tao giving birth unto life in an unfolding dream of divine understanding within. Tao realization is more common today than in prior eras of non-development of self. Tao realization is an augmentation of mindset development. Some mindset development occurs in the womb in thresholds of a 14-14 level hypothesis of life in this era. Often children lose their development due to poor dietary family happenstance. Some born in oska mindset but losing it through time may resolve the inner conflicts later in life and re-develop.


Oska is the first level of development in the 14-14 gateway of life. Oska is a circular semi-cherry synapse formation that leads to circular thoughts. Circular thoughts demonstrate the capacity to comprehend divine aptitude in life. Aliska is the non-verbal counterpart to Oska mindset. Both Aliska and Oska must form in eighteen synapse systems for the 14-14 notion of mastery to unfold. Growing and sustaining the synapses require specific nutrients that are often unavailable in the current bad dietary flux of humanity. It is best to consume an organic vegetarian to vegan diet in a nutrient rich context of added supplements to grow or maintain oska and aliska mindset.


The 16-16 pathway triggers another level of mindset development into full cherry formations of synapses. The 16-16 level of cortex renditions the partial cherry synapses into an octagonal formation that triggers waves that flower in the mind. Flowering mindset is known as visspa and vesspa levels of development. Visspa and vesspa flower in eighteen circular motions each of which triggers another level of divine mindset to unfold. Visspa and vesspa mindset development are often considered saints in present time. Saints are ones who witness the divine unfolding in all life forms and all peoples regardless of happenstance of ill fate or cantankerousness of nature.


The love of the love within is a level of development associated with the oscillations of the 14-14 gateway of development. The love of the love within is a synonym for loving self of oneself and loving the self of each other in the life through time. The love of the love within first blossoms as the divine chalice of the heart gives birth unto itself in the Tao of the Tao within. The Tao inaugurates the love of the love motions in the divine chalice as divine concepts of theory of life. The love of the love within is the first notion that the 14-14 level of development fosters. There are thirteen other notions to be fostered through time.


The Fourteen Divine Concepts of 14-14 Levels of Mastery


  1. The love of the love within is a personal unfolding that occurs in a rebirth of self to foster a motion from the 12-12 into the 14-14 pathways of evolution. Those fostering the 14-14 notion of the love of the love within are often sentimental and extremely sensitive in the rebirthing process. As the rebirth is complete, another life unfolds that was not possible prior to the rebirth process. Rebirthing is a formation of the Tao of the Tao within to acknowledge the mastery and also foster understanding through a process known as nemesis dreaming. Nemesis dreaming is an adroit equation of fostering an understanding of the dark exchanges through life. As the darker exchanges are honored and forgiven and compassionate action unfolds, divine understanding prevails and the entire episode is forgiven in life leading to the birth of the chalice divine. The rebirth is complete as one enters the 14-14 gateways permanently.


  1. The care of the heart of the Tao is the second unfolding in the 14-14 development of divine thoughts. The care of the heart of the Tao is a notion that the Tao within refracts his love into the life and the initiate refracts the love out to others and recreates the love for the Tao of the Tao within as a divine oscillation of self. The care of the heart of the Tao is a fostering of the Tao of the Tao within.


  1. The love of the three is the third unfolding in the 14-14 development. The love of the three is a trinity aspect of life in which love prevails in the heart between the Dao and Tao within and self. The trinity can express itself as sincere love in a beloved or in a family happenstance of fate.


  1. The love of the four is the fourth unfolding in the 14-14 development. The love of the four is a concept of the four directions and the care of the north or air or wind, the south or the water or snow, the east or the rising sun or fire, and the west or the setting sun or earth sentiments of notion. The love of the four can be expressed as a medicine person of self or of anyone finding sacredness through life in a medicine wheel hypothesis of existence. The love of the four can also be expressed as a care of a group happenstance of fate.


  1. The love of the care of the Dao is the fifth unfolding in the 14-14 development. The care of the Dao is a feminine system of a tri-focus of liberation of self. Self is liberated in the love ignited between Dao and Tao and self of the self within in the care of the Dao. The love fosters an internal blossoming into divine statutes of concepts of the heart.


  1. The love of the truth of the Tao is the sixth unfolding in the 14-14 development. The truth of the Tao is an infinite wisdom of life that flowers into divine understanding of the truth of oneself in the heart accolade of self. Truth is a synonym for understanding oneself in each life happenstance unfolding through time in the divine wisdom of self.


  1. The love of the freedom of the Dao is the seventh unfolding in the 14-14 development. The freedom of the Dao is an expressive nurturing that transfigures the life dream into sharing of gifts and talents in the life with others out of the care of the heart. Gifts and talents can be internal reflections shared with others developing in parallel mindset.


  1. The dream weaver of the Tao is fostered in the eighth unfolding of divine concepts of self at a 14-14 octave of development. Dream weaving fosters an understanding of how to manage dreams consciously to foster beautiful moments in time in unison with the Tao of the Tao within and with others in life.


  1. The dance of life fostering of the Dao is the ninth concept of the divine to be witnessed in 14-14 levels of development. The dance of life is a flowering that is experienced with others or in group happenstance of fate. The flowering of self fosters beautiful and gentle dreams with others to unfold.


  1. The fostering of the divine within is the tenth concept to be extrapolated in a 14-14 level development. The fostering of the divine is experienced as a deep commitment to the service of the life unto the Dao within. Service unto the Dao can unfold in many directions that foster subtle nuances in others to trigger healing or enlightenment within.


  1. The nurturing of the divine is the eleventh concept to unfold in 14-14 ratios of development. The nurturing of the divine is an honoring of the self of the self, the Tao and Dao within along with each that crosses the life path of fate. Honoring others is symbolic of divine sustenance of self that relays itself into the life dream. Divine sustenance is a fluid that pours over the dream of self fostering deeper levels of renewal through time, extending the life for continued realization of self.


  1. The fostering of divinity within is the twelfth concept of life to be mastered in the 14-14 development. Fostering of divinity is a sincere appreciation of the Dao and Tao within in the care of one’s life. Divinity is a reflection of the care of the Dao and Tao outwards into the dreams of the life and within in the care of self.


  1. The fostering of life is the thirteenth divine concept to be mastered in the 14-14 journey. The fostering of life is an episode that tests the mastery of the divine understanding of self. The test at this level of life fate is not always easy. As the test is accomplished, there is a deep surrender to the will of the Tao in the direction that the life dream is fostered.


  1. The fostering of the path is another test to witness the surrender unto the Dao within. The Dao leads the way fostering the direction of the life dream in the moment. Completion of the test is a testimony to the development of oska and aliska mindset in full within.


Nemesis Action and Rebirthing


Rebirthing is an action of nemesis. Nemesis is dark life happenstance of fate that surfaces to be forgiven. Nemesis action occurs in all dreaming of all mastery in life. Nemesis action can occur in deeply contemplative times where the deeper meaning of the experience is extrapolated to witness compassionate action unfold. Nemesis is sometimes so deep in 14-14 levels of development that more time is spent dreaming the life through meditative action than living the life. Those in deep nemesis action understand the process and witness many interpretative understandings of the hows and whys of the karmic fate of life. Deep nemesis action is less common in 12-12 thresholds of development. Light nemesis occurs in 11-11 and 12-12 understanding.


Deep nemesis is a fostering of the divine in the interpretation of the life journey. Divinity is uncovered as the eye witnessing of dark encounters are embraced as a part of the journey towards the flowering of self. Self of the self flowers through nemesis action and as a release into a fostering of divine understanding unfolds for each in the life happenstance. Flowering of self is a journey all of its own and triggers deep ecstatic reunion with the Dao and Tao within as divine understanding unfolds.


Ego and negative ego must be surrendered at each level of 14-14 gate mastery to cause the ecstatic reunion to unfold. Ecstatic reunion is known as tantric rush as it flourishes with spirit or in the path of the two in a union divine. If the ego and negative ego fail to surrender, long periods of depression in nemesis dreaming often occur in 14-14 levels of development.


The Nature of Humans in 14-14 Development


14-14 developments are peaceful humans who strive to recognize the difficult karmic happenstance of fate to be surmounted in each threshold of continued development of self. Most 14-14 developments are highly interpretive of the issues that life presents from day to day, week to week, month to month or year to year through time in dreaming of the life. Some may follow other metaphysical or indigenous teachers for a time. Ultimately, the 14-14 destiny is to walk a path of one’s own making in following the Tao and Dao within above and beyond all else. Following the Dao and Tao within is a deep surrender to an internal guidance to foster each day of the life.


Some walking the path of the 14-14 may foster followings as medicine women or men or metaphysical teachers or healers of some sort. The 14-14 tends to attract others who need something that those mastering foster. Others tend to cling to the healer or teacher through time. The 14-14 may not develop a following other than family, friends or workmate hypothesis of existence in this era. Each karmic habitat of fate is unusual unto the 14-14 development in this time period. The Tao of the Tao within each fosters the experience to express and find divine theory of dream through the life in interpretive sequences of fostering within in the 14-14 pathways of realization.


Dreaming within is a fostering of the 14-14 threshold of development. Dreaming within may or may not align with life without. Dreaming within fosters an interpretive understanding of the karmic dramas underlying each experience in life. Karma is to be witnessed, forgiven, found compassion for and fostered in divine understanding into a completion through time. Divine fate of 14-14 developments is not always an easy life journey. Divine fate is a series of keys that trigger realization through time in increments of four-year cycles. Each year is devoted to another concept to realize in the fourteen possible in the 14-14 threshold of development.


Year cycles are common but sometimes two years is required for a particularly difficult understanding to unfold in the release of the ego and negative ego. Ego and negative ego are to be surmounted in all 14-14 level developments. Self-development is a lifelong project without time as a measure in terms of what is witnessed or fostered in the life. The Dao and Tao within do not give up on any development through time regardless of how long it may require to realize a particular thoughtform loop of divine understanding within.


Transfusion Theory of Self      


The 14-14 level of development fosters transfusion theory of self. Transfusion theory is a light motion that is gate sustained rather than a system of light body synthesis. Light body synthesis is a mastery in 12-12 thresholds of development. Transfusion light synthesis begins in the 14-14 octave of mastery. Transfusion involves gates that motion light up and into octaves above 180 in this era. Transfusion concludes at octave 4,000 in this era. Octave 4,000 is considered a mastered and realized human that has actualized their existence through time. Actualization of any human is a rare occurrence in this era.


Transfusion requires mastery over transfusion gates. Transfusion gates can be constructed but most rely upon regional gates to foster mastery of self. Transfusion gates are precarious to region of origin. Mostly pristine regions only sustain transfusion gates in this era. Transfusion is a light motion that drives the consciousness up and down through specific gates associated with aligning spirit with matter.


Spirit descends through the gates to intersect with self of the self within and the matter of the body. Dao and Tao of the biology modulate the gates and foster spirit along with self through time in the realization and actualization of life. Spirit is far more available to foster the life after transfusion begins. Those mastering beyond the 12-12 must demonstrate clairaudience in order to foster another level of development into the 14-14 or beyond.


Transfusion is a succinct rhythm of the divine. The light motions into the transfusion gates foster a sweeping of field that light infuses to a greater degree than the 12-12 fostering. Light motion of field allows karmic cause and effect to clear more readily. The more rapidly karmic fate clears, the more rapid the development up the octaves of self realizing itself through time. Transfusion allows new DNA that is light motion oriented to grow, triggering light infusion to a greater degree than possible in a 12-12 fostering. 14-14 levels enter another level of lore fable of dream that is mastery oriented and in association with transfusion theory of life. Transfusion theory is founded upon equality and divine principles of relating in honor to others in all circumstances through time.


Transfusion theory of self must demonstrate harmlessness in all fosterings with all others and with spirit through time. Harmlessness is a state of being that allows forgiveness of difficult motions of field that might render or disturb another in life to fail to manifest. Harmfulness of spirit is associated with alpha-beta mindset that is love and hate oriented. Hatred sublimated upon others through time generally fosters actions of harm of spirit. Harmlessness is an oscillation of the divine. The divine understanding of the will not to harm is an action fostered in the mastery of the love of the love within as a concept of truth at the 14-14 threshold of existence. The love of the love within fosters the desire to love rather than harm.


The Future of 14-14 Developments   


The light infusion of the planet will trigger far more 14-14 levels of development to unfold ahead. The planet is to be infused with light to foster a healing of the Dao and Tao of Earth. The Dao and Tao of Earth desire to foster more developments of humans as a physical happenstance of self. Often development occurs above the physical. Sometimes the physical is excluded in the understanding of the divine fostering until post death and in a bardo review of field. The field of each human hosts five levels of development. Each level fosters another life that is in polarity to the physical. Parallel lives are a journey of understanding all of their own as death is fostered.


Parallel life development is a succinct rhythm that sometimes accolades over the physical triggering an awakening unto the divine within. The divine awakening is the beginning of the 12-12 journey of interpreting life from a compassionate action point of view. 14-14 thresholds of development foster realization in the physical and not just the parallel lives above. Due to polarity, not all parallel lives realize self. In self-realization, three levels of parallel lives realize concurrent unto one another. Sometimes the physical is included and many times it is not.


Polarity and density along with physical disturbances are often the cause of why the body is polarized into non-realization happenstance of fate. All realizations are witnessed post death when the physical is not involved. Many 12-12 developments foster more realization in parallel planes than accomplished in the physical. Density is a difficult happenstance to overcome as it triggers mindset fluxes inappropriate to further development. Mindset fluxes can be overcome as all synapses grow to maturity in the cortex of the brain. Nutrients and toxicity levels of personal habitat and environment play a large role as to who may develop and who may not in the age of enlightenment ahead.


In the birth of the love of the love within,

The Planetary Tao


14-14 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 14-14 sequencing

Is a gift of mindset development

Into oska and aliska

In a new threshold of awareness

That births realization

As a component of self

Experiencing itself

Through time

In a mesmerizing journey

Into the divine concepts of life

In the actualization of oneself


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