Image of a delicate white flower with green center. Mindset Development #3

Mindset Development #3


The 12-12 Gateway


Ascension into Compassion Theory of Self


12-12 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 12-12 sequencing

Is a gift of the heart

Of the planet

Attempting to give restitution

In an entanglement with the dark

Fostering a shift

In a direction of polarity

In which the journey of ascension

Triggers the breath of life

To flow for each and for the whole

In compassionate action


Compassionate Action Theory: Mastery of the 12-12 Gateways of Ascension    


Compassionate action is a theory of a life of mastery in many time periods. Compassionate action theory begins at the 12-12 threshold of thoughtform loop and motions upward into the 18-18 octave of development of self. Thoughts are formed in loops of forensics motion of light synthesis around the planetary systems of self. Loops of forgiveness are spirals that form in the cranium as well as in gates of the 11-11 sustained in nature. Nature sustains all gates for development of awareness in all time periods upon Earth. Earth is a natural world foray of dream.


Loops of compassion foster arc formations in the mindset. Loops of forgiveness fosters spirals in the cortex of the mind. Spirals flux into arcs as compassionate action is mastered in life. Arcs that foster compassionate action occur as the mindset develops into theta and meta bandwidths of thoughtform loops. Theta and meta is a fostering of formation lifting life from alpha, beta, love and hate loops of polarized thinking into the actions of forgiveness and the birth of compassionate action within.


Meta is active mindset that occurs during the day. Theta is dreaming actions of thoughts that occur at night while asleep. Conscious dreaming is a rare occurrence in meta theta bandwidths of development. Meta theta development cannot conscious dream due to a lack of forensic motion needed. Meta theta development can foster psychic perception to interpret the messages of spirit and the journey fostered while asleep. For many 12-12 developments in meta theta mindset without psychic perception, forgiveness and compassion occurs while asleep and then spills over into the daytime activities through time.


Psychic Perception and Mastery


Psychic perception is not conscious dreaming. Psychic perception can attune to the dream time explorations in theta, thessa, aliska or moska mindwaves and interpret the mastery within. Those gifted at psychic perception are better at mastering in general in all levels of development including the 12-12 octaves. Most adventuring to advanced mindset development are skilled at psychic perception through time. Psychic perception allows the reality of the nonphysical to be brought to physicality and interpreted to direct the life on the part of self, Tao, soul and spirit. Psychic perception is one means of interpreting the self of the self within in each nonphysical association.


Self is formed striations of consciousness seat in the heart accolade of the field. The heart blossoms in 12-12 developments in a lotus pattern that the self of the self is seated within. Soul dances with self in its wave motion of field sharing of its knowledge. Self attunes to soul to determine its stance in life. Those with psychic perception can attune to self for the direction of soul in the life. Self attunes unto the archetype for ancestral knowledge to interpret the spiritual lessons of each moment in time lived. Those with psychic perception can also attune to self to experience the guidance of the ancestors. Self attunes to the natural world foray of dream also for guidance about the life habitat. Those with psychic perception can develop a flavor of communion with nature in attuning to the self in its oscillations with nature through time.


There are many nonphysical forces that assess and align self of the self within in its developments. Angels and dragons are the main support of ascension development in the 12-12 levels of mastery. Angels foster the casting of field and light body systems of self ascending itself. Dragons drive the dreams of mastery forward through time. Arc angels foster the movements of mind waves produced by the cortex. The ancestors and archetypal keepers associated with the Tao provide genetic templates from which the body, field and cortex of the mindset may develop through time. The nonphysical is in constant communication with the self of the self to foster the mastery at all levels of development. Tao directs all development of each archetype capable of mindset development.


The mindsets of 12-12 meta theta levels of awareness cannot interpret the nonphysical. Self interprets the nonphysical for meta theta mindset through psychic perception. Meta theta arcs are so simplistic that the wave motions of soul, spirit and the archetypal keepers cannot wave with the mind. Soul, angels, dragons, arc angels, archetypal keepers and Tao rely upon a complex language that is only begun to be interpreted as wave motions match in the mindset development of visspa and vesspa levels of development or above. Visspa and vesspa are a series of motions that flowers and begins at the 30-30 octaves of mindset development and is rare in this time period.


12-12 ascension development is more common today than other levels of pathways above. Many have motioned towards the concepts of compassionate action within. Those fostering meta theta relays perceive through spiritual forays of teachings and often learn to discern life lessons through those who are psychic and gifted upon the path. It is not unusual for those of 12-12 thresholds of development to rely upon gifted psychic counselors, astrologers, or teachers of other thoughtform loops of the metaphysical foray of dream for discernment of the path. 12-12 developments are sometimes difficult in their lack of internal perception over the life plights of the night of their lives.


12-12 Development of Compassionate Action


Compassionate action is an act of development of the heart accolade of self. The heart buds into formations of synthesis of self at the 12-12 threshold of binary encoding of field. Binary encoding motions of the 12121212 sequence rearranges the molecular structure into triple sphere patterning. The field realigns into a triple sphere motions in each chakra and in the light body that synthesizes self to sustain the consciousness of the mastery over the 12-12 path. Triple sphere molecules and field rotation align the concepts of life into the trinity of self.


The trinity of self fosters the concepts of plant, animal, mineral, and dolphin whale, and human as non-conscious and conscious species of Earth. In religious theory, the father, son and holy spirit is another trinity-based concept of 12-12 mindset development. In native theory, the creator, mother earth and human expression is another interpretation of the alignment of the trinity of self in 12-12 octaves of development. Trinity of self concepts gives birth to an emergence of compassionate action in life.


Compassionate action is a difficult emergence amongst those mastering in this time period. Compassionate action requires the capacity not only to forgive but also find the love or care for those of deep life strife happenstances. Those capable of fostering compassionate action learn to articulate the disturbance of strife from the vantage point of a larger perception that aids the body in finding a stance of care of the heart for each involved. Many sustain grudges through time and find it difficult to come to a stance of compassion over some difficult life encounters. One must find compassion for all in life in order to be considered a master of the 12-12 principles of compassionate action.


Compassionate action forays a system of life that is very special to foster. A life of mastery at the 12-12 gate threshold is an attunement unto the goals of soul and spirit above and beyond other goals sustained in the current paradigm of greed. Compassion fosters development of self realizing itself through time in interpreting strife of life into concepts of care of the heart. Compassionate action is the first concept of self realizing itself must master in order to witness other levels of development of further mindset levels ahead.


Planetary Theory


(NOTE: The following information was channeled or translated several years ago. This is one probable scenario of Earth going extinct. Please read with discernment. Nothing is set in stone. Things can change because we have many forces of Light from many Creations and Beyond helping our beloved Planet Earth. A lot also depends on the transformation of humanity within the next 3 decades.)


In recent years, the will of the planet was broken by a group of 16-16 developments that went heavily demonic fostering a mind spill upon Earth. The mindset of Earth fluxed in two directions at once as four of realization development spiraled into a difficult breach of self and fell. The mind of the planet is not well and the push and pull is fostering more land motion than would have occurred if the planetary mindset had been sustained in peace. The Tao of the planet has been broken. He will not remain but is fostering an upwards push for humanity to enlighten themselves in further mindset development than originally planned for in this era. The purpose of the development is to heal the planetary mindset enough to foster a retraction towards extinction through time.


The planet is choosing to motion towards an early extinction. The choice is not only of the broken planetary Tao but also of the planetary keepers and natural world kingdoms that no longer perceive a future that is helpful to their own self development. The planet will go demonic in time and extract what is useful allowing the Earth to motion towards recycling her resources elsewhere. All consciousness will motion elsewhere and carry on in its choice to realize self somewhere else. It is important for mastering humans to choose to develop as far as possible this cycle due to the planetary flux towards extinction that cannot foster another light synthesis era ahead.


Meta Theta Mindset Development    


Meta theta synapses develop in two stages for the 11-11 to 12-12 path of ascension mastery. The first stage develops synapse clusters that trigger spiraling mind waves of forgiveness thoughtform loops. Spiraling mind waves cause the 11-11 opening unto gateways or pathways of global thoughtform loops for forgiveness of self. As the gates flux open, a recollection of the action to forgive is triggered in the forgiveness recorded through time in the 12-12 planetary system of self. Forgiveness is a global foray of mindset that fosters those who attune to the spiraling waves to remember to forgive rather than harbor resentment towards others of strife through time.


The second phase of meta theta development fosters four large clusters of synapses that grow in the cortex of the mind. The clusters foster spirals that reform into arcs as the mindset of compassion takes flight. As the arc waves flux in the mind, another level of gates open into the 12-12 octave of compassionate action as a global stance of self. The arcs weave a dream to discern the spiritual lessons underway and foster compassion as the outcome of the strife. Spirals first form triggering forgiveness to flux in the dreams of life. As the forgiveness is fostered, the mind then fluxes into arcs allowing compassionate action to blossom within.


Compassionate action systems of self descend into each 12-12 development to foster the awareness of the requirement to find compassion for others at cause of strife in the life. If compassion for others is not fostered, the development may cease triggering a retention of mastery in the 11-11 gateways of forgiveness. Compassionate action systems of self direct the dreams through a series of tests that monitor the mind waves to interpret if compassion is fostered or not through time.


There are six arc angels that monitor each development. There are eighty tests that must be passed for development to move fully into the 12-12 system of compassionate action theory of life. Many 12-12 developments do fail their tests in this time period. Only one out of four thousand potential 12-12 developments have succeeded at passing all tests at this time. Those that have passed all tests shall be fostered now into another level of development due to the needs of the planetary Tao. Many 11-11 developments can intend to motion upwards into the 12-12 gates to foster another level of development too.


There are one hundred and forty-four 12-12 gateways currently available upon Earth. Another sixty 12-12 gates are to be fluxed open fostering more humans in further development. 14-14 through 18-18 gateways of thoughtform loops are nested in a base of each 12-12 gate opening. 12-12 gates are not fostered in toxic environments. Those developing also must remain clear of toxic habitat of life. Toxins can damage mindset preventing further development through time or triggering a fall in consciousness rather than a continued rise.


The Nature of Humans in 12-12 Development    


12-12 theory of mindset development is a peaceful individual who contemplates the unique dreams in life to understand, forgive and find compassion for others. The arcs that flux in meta theta bandwidths trigger the requirement to bless each along with Nature through time. The act of blessing fosters a communion between heart accolades with other humans of parallel or above development or with the natural world through the 12-12 gate system. Communion with nature is a common experience for those of 12-12 mindset development. Communion only occurs as the 12-12 gates flux open around oneself. Often one must be out in nature in a 12-12 gate region to experience natural world communion. Many of 12-12 mindset development find a recurrent need to retreat into nature to foster self-healing through the act of blessing.


Compassionate action is a reflective expression that triggers one to delve inward to discover what there is to forgive out over any difficult happenstance that occurs in life. Through the act of forgiveness followed by compassionate action, another dream unfolds where the individual at cause can be embraced in care rather than dejected, dishonored, judged or hated within. Compassionate action theory finds some means to love each in life along with each at cause of life strife. The act of loving what has been difficult dissolves the karmic habitat through time. The self of the self within fosters the love and erases the karmic habitat as compassionate action takes flight in life.


Karma is a two fold process to foster a completion through time. Forgiveness theory of life fosters a release of the karmic ties that bind one to another. Attachment forms in karmic systems of self. Forgiveness erases the attachments so that one may free oneself from a difficult karmic fate with another that triggers strife in life. The karmic habitat does not release until one finds compassion for the one triggering the strife. Karmic habitat causes parallel happenstance to recur through time or in the act of reincarnation until compassionate action takes flight.


The art of compassionate action is subject to two difficulties in this time period. One is the lack of superlative mindset to develop thoroughly in the cortex of the brain. The cortex must develop all four clusters of synapses in order to sustain superlative thinking. Superlative thinking is a full arc formation that occurs in all four clusters of the mindset that must ignite simultaneously.


Development of all four clusters of synapses sometimes fails to grow in full. Sometimes there is a lack of nutrients underlying the cause of why all clusters of synapses fail to develop. Boosting the diet of missing nutrients can trigger a reparation of the path of a 12-12 development into a complete understanding of compassionate action. Generally speaking, colloidal gold and colloidal silver are two of the primary and necessary ingredients for development of all meta-theta synapses in order to ignite superlative thoughts within.


Some ancestries do not host all the keys to foster a full formation of all synapse clusters for superlative thinking. Those failing to develop superlative thoughts are retained in forgiveness formations of 11-11 octaves of development. Toxins in the environment or diet can damage synapse clusters through time leading to a fall from superlative thinking or forgiveness theory of life. Toxins in the air and water are prevalent today. Living in a pristine region is necessary for 12-12 formations of development in this time period as a result.


The Future of 12-12 Developments   


12-12 thresholds of development are about to double in number upon Earth. Those who have developed into the 11-11 gateways can foster another level of introspection over life in the choice to light infuse again into another level of development into compassionate action theory of existence. Those motioning above the 11-11 gates will be selected directly by the Tao of the planet for the purposes of fostering a healing of Earth in this time period. The healing of Earth is necessary and those willing to motion forth are invited to attune to the Tao of the planet and request assistance in motioning beyond the current level of ascension mastery. One must live within a reasonable circumference of a 12-12 gateway in order to develop further.


Light is infused six additional times to foster 12-12 levels of development. Light must infuse evenly or disease formations may step down into the physical more rapidly in the continued development. Light is monitored by special teams of forensics specialists and angels that arrive in the night and dream with those to be developed. The teams are formed from Tao based angels and other resources of dragon and human archetypal origins of self. The teams are adroit in the understanding of the physical alignment into health. If the light cannot be administered evenly, the fostering of the next level of development may cease. It is best to choose to detoxify through diet and bathing rituals to complement the choice to light infuse to another level of mastery.


Minor ailments may disappear in further light infusion. Light has the capacity to heal minor afflictions or ailments. Those to be fostered will be examined and aided in clearing cancerous spots and other disturbances in the biology through light treatments. Some nutrients may need to be provided unto the body to allow the cortex of the brain to grow and the synapse clusters to form. Yet other nutrients may be needed to foster a rebalance into health from biological disturbances. It may be useful for those choosing to develop into the 12-12 octave to find a naturopath that can diagnose disturbances in the blood and foster an understanding of the nutrients needed to bring the body’s chemistry to balance.


Regions suitable to 12-12 development include Hawaii and Fiji, rural Australia (Blue Mountain rainforest regions), rural Western United States near mountainous or parkland formations, rural Canada in the rocky mountains or remote coastlines on each side of the continent, rural coastal South Africa, the Alps of Austria and Switzerland, Iceland or Greenland in general and parts of Finland; the Norwegian and Swedish countryside in general, Tibet, rural and coastal China, rural and remote Russia, and rural Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. The 12-12 gates are only sustainable in the above regions in this time period due to toxic mayhem of humankind.


As compassionate action is mastered, one may choose to motion above into the 14-14 to 18-18 levels of development. 14-14 levels of development and above require another synapse to grow in the cortex of the brain. Thulsa and thessa, oska and aliska, moska and nesska mindset development require round synapse development. Special nutrients are required in order for the mindset to develop. More will be written about other level of development possible above the 12-12 gateway ahead in this section of articles.


The Tao of the planet blesses each human who chose to ascend in this time period. Ascension is not a fostering any longer. Those who have ascended into the 11-11 gateways of forgiveness theory in life have developed already. The requirement to retain the 11-11 developments and to motion upwards is imminent due to increasing toxins and radioactive poisoning due to the meltdown of a nuclear power plant in Japan.


There is an increasing concern over loss of oxygen upon the planet due to radioactive gases. Those developing cannot be oxygen deprived or the cortex of the mind ceases to develop or may descend in consciousness. It is useful to add substances such as cell food to increase the oxygen in the blood supply and purchase ionic air filters or negative ion generators for home, car, plane and work habitats to retain the mindset developed in the life.


It is time for the light workers upon this planet to motion anew into another level of development ahead. The planet is in crisis and needs your support. Please attune to the Tao of the planet to foster another level of development of you. You are the self that has ascended in this lifetime. You are the one of the self of you that has aspired unto the spiritual path. You are the care of you in the life journey to foster your understanding into forgiveness and compassion of each. Foster your journey and your life into another octave of development and witness another level of mastery rise to meet your path ahead.


In the love of whole,

The Planetary Tao


12-12 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 12-12 sequencing

Is a gift of the heart

Of the planet

Attempting to give restitution

In an entanglement with the dark

Fostering a shift

In a direction of polarity

In which the journey of ascension

Triggers the breath of life

To flow for each and for the whole

In compassionate action


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Beings on their Journey to Self Development and Self Realization.

May the Love and Joy of All That Is embrace you on your Path.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 7: Mindset Development and Self Realization. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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