Image shows beautiful blue sky with rainbow and a brilliant sun for merging with your Infinite Self meditation.

Merging With Your Infinite Self Meditation


You can record the following meditation and play back for your personal use. Or you may click on the following link to listen to the video recording: Merging With Your Infinite Self Meditation


Background Information


In this meditation, your Infinite Self and your Soul are used interchangeably, and refers to the same Being. However, for clarification, your Soul is a stepdown version and smaller aspect of your Infinite Self which is omnipotent and omniscient.


As you connect to the loving consciousness of your Infinite Self, life becomes more flowing. Your priorities change. You feel more confident because you know that you are one with the Source of all life and will always have all you need. There is a rhythm of peace, joy and lightness in your life.


You can do this meditation in a sitting or lying down position.


Meditation Instructions


1. Get in a comfortable position and when you are ready, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then relax. Take another deep breath and then relax. Take a final deep breath and then relax.


2. Imagine dazzling golden silver light in front of you. Connect and feel the light. We are going to fill your entire body with this loving light from Source.


3. Allow the light to come into your head, your face and your ears.


4. Let the light move into your throat and your shoulders.


5. Allow the golden silver light to move through your arms, your elbows and out your hands.


6. Let this light continue from your throat down into your chest and your heart area. Feel it go deep into your rib cage, your abdomen, filling in all the nooks and crannies with light.


7. Allow this liquid light to move into your hips, your thighs. Then move the light into your knees, your calves and your feet.


8. Next, imagine that you are sitting or lying down inside a pillar of golden silver light that is 6 feet in diameter.


9. Above your head, allow this pillar of light extends all the way up to God-Source. Below your feet, let this liquid light pillar extends all the way to the center of the planet, grounding you firmly to the center of Earth.


10. Allow the Earth or Mother Earth to send you her love, energy and support. Send Earth your love and gratitude for the blessings.


11. Focus on the golden silver light above you. Let it draw you upward into a world of magnificent, beautiful light of the Soul Plane. This is the plane of infinite light, of all-encompassing love, of limitless space. There is no time here.


The world of the Soul Plane knows only love, peace, joy and bliss. As you look, you see sparkling, moving points of light everywhere. It seems that you are in an ocean of love and light. Your consciousness is expanded; it is fluid light. You can travel anywhere, moving from point of light to point of light.


You can spread out into infinity in the blink of an eye and contract into a small dot of light in the same blink. You can be at every point in the ocean of light simultaneously. You can be a point of light floating in this ocean, and you can be the ocean itself.


You are an exquisite, balanced, harmonious and luminous light. Relax and immerse yourself in the limitless ocean of Source light for a couple of minutes before we continue on with the journey to meet your Infinite Self.


12. Now, we are ready to journey to the Temple of Enlightenment. This is a place where Enlightened Ones such as the Masters and Beings of Light work for the betterment of humanity.


Although you might imagine this Temple having walls and rooms; in reality it is composed of light and has no form. The Beings here are making it possible for you to see or sense it as forms and shapes. It may appear differently each time you come to it, for it is composed of constantly changing patterns of light. You may not even experience it as a place. You may simply find it as light or recognize it by the feelings of love and peace.


In the Soul Plane, you can travel anywhere by making a picture or having the intent of where you want to be and you are there instantly.


13. Picture yourself now at the Temple of Enlightenment. As you enter the Temple, many Beings of light joyfully greet and surround you with their pure love and beautiful light. They are happy to provide their service in helping you to reconnect to your Infinite Self.


14. The Beings form a circle around you. You sit down in the middle of the circle and close your eyes to make an inner call to your Soul or Infinite Self. You are requesting that it become a permanent part of your consciousness and establish more of its presence into your daily life.


15. Your soul immediately appears in front of you. It is delighted to reconnect and link with you. Feel how powerful, glorious and beautiful your Infinite Self is. Experience its infinite vastness and great love. This is a part of you. Your Infinite Self is an exquisite, wonderful and divine being. It has so much love for you. Send it your love. Allow yourself to receive its love.


16. Imagine your soul as a massive, radiant sphere of light. In its center is a beautiful, brilliant light veiled by many petals. They are not truly petals but vortexes of energy.


The central light in the middle of your soul is like a glowing jewel.  It is the source of your soul’s life—its source or Spirit.


17. Your Infinite Self is going to allow you to move your awareness into its jewel. It is making its petal more transparent, revealing a magnificent, beautiful and luminous light, dazzling in its effect.


18. Observe this jewel in your soul’s center with your inner vision. Watch as light and energy radiate from it. There is no end to this light, for you are traveling into infinity. You are merging with Source, with Spirit.


19. As you travel into your soul’s jewel, you find yourself expanding into a higher state of consciousness. You feel suspended inside an infinite world that is beyond time and space.


When your awareness is fully inside your soul’s jewel, you experience a profound stillness. Bathe in the stillness of this exquisite light. Let it flow through you. This light of Spirit has the power to transform you at every level. It connects you with the very essence of your being. Stay in the stillness for a few minutes before we continue with the meditation.


20. Now you are ready to merge with your Infinite Self.  Let the sphere of light of your soul gently enfold your body with its jewel of light around your heart center. Experience this merging as fully as you can.


21. Feel yourself encompassed in light. Imagine moving patterns of light all around you.


22. Feel your soul’s light and energy pulsing through you. Imagine that its light is so great that it always lights a path in front of you for you to see and follow. It shows you the light that is all around you, in yourself and in others.


23. Sense your Infinite Self’s light, lighting up your highest path and creating light all about you. Receive its light into your mind. Let your Infinite Self bring you new thoughts, ideas and creative inspiration.


Your soul purifies all it touches. As your soul bathes you in its light of purification, it transforms lower energies within you into their higher expressions.


24. Draw its light into every cell and atom in your body. Imagine a tiny light in the center of each cell and atom growing radiant with the luminous light of your soul.


25. Allow the love of your Infinite Self to flow through you. Feel the essence of its love pouring through your heart center. You are absorbing its love and expanding your ability to love.


Your Infinite Self is unlimited and knows no boundaries. It is absolutely creative and intelligent. It can take you far beyond what you think is possible in your life. It can lift you into the higher dimensions, expanding your capacity to think and to create. Take a moment to draw in your Infinite Self  energy of expansion so you can release any limits and realize your limitless potential.


Your Infinite Self is aligned with God-Source Will. It knows the higher purpose of your life. You can absorb this knowledge every time you merge with your Infinite Self.  Ask for your Infinite Self’s will to flow through you, showing you more of the higher purpose of your life.


You have planted many seeds. Many wonderful changes can now occur in yourself and in your life. They may be subtle at first, but they will eventually come into your life.


You have merged with your Infinite Self and felt its presence. You now have access to more of its limitless love, power, wisdom and light.


Once you have done this meditation, you can call upon your Infinite Self during ordinary moments, sense its presence and make it a part of your daily life. To do this, breathe calmly and evenly a few times. Picture the golden silver light and fill yourself with its light. Let it assist you in calming your emotions and clearing your mind. Think of your Infinite Self and call it to you. Sense it surrounding your body as you merge with it.


With practice, you can call your Infinite Self, merge with it and experience its presence just by thinking of it.


26. Finish by thanking all the Beings of Light who have assisted you.




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