Image of the Holographic DNA of the Living Library within us.

The Living Library Within


The God Within


Our precious Planet was meant for all to partake in, was meant for all to explore, was meant for all to realize how magnificent the God within is. For it is the God within your being who has created all of this, and it is the God within your being who wants to experience all of this.


You are a self-contained storehouse of life. You are a microcosm of the Universe. You are a replica of God. All of life pulses through you. All knowledge is contained within you. All can be accessed by you. Just go within and ask; then listen and feel. Then you will know, for all answers are within you, for you are within ALL and ALL IS ONE.


We Are Multidimensional Beings


We have many more than the five senses. Some claim that we actually have 12 senses. In actuality, we are all multidimensional beings, who are here to discover the other senses within our multidimensionality.


When you discover your extra senses, you will discover the Universe. By then, you won’t need books to learn from anymore, for all of the learning will take place within you. You’ll be able to travel any place you desire, and learn from the actual experience of going there. Books will become obsolete, for the real place of knowledge is within. For you are the source of everything, you are where everything is stored. You only need to learn how to access the Living Library within your very being, within your very body, within your Temple.


Raise Your Consciousness


Wonderful things await you as you raise yourself in consciousness and raise yourself to higher frequencies of Light Vibrations. The higher you vibrate, the more knowledge you can access.


All knowledge is within us, and it is quite simple to access it once we’ve moved up our vibration to the necessary frequency where suddenly all becomes available to us.


So the purpose of life is to move up in vibration until all you can see is the pure essence of life, the pure essence of All That Is. The pure essence of Source, which dwells in each of us, is the essence that creates the Worlds Within the Worlds.


Inner Earth Beings Are Cheering Us On


Inhabitants of the Inner Earth are cheering us on our path, the ever winding path that never ends, that leads only upward and onward into the glory of God, the glory of God within us. For within us is all the answers we are seeking, and all the explanations we need. It is all there, within our vast human temple that stores all the information of the Cosmos.


Inner Earth Beings want you to call on them if you ever need any help or guidance. They will hear you, and they will respond. For this is their mission, this is their dream, to connect with each one of you on the surface, and gently lead you and guide you into the Light of your higher Self.


All life on Earth at this time has access to their inner doors of consciousness that need only be nudged to turn the lock and open. So, move these doors and open them, and we will find Inner Earth Beings there, ready to walk with us into Eternity. They are ever beaming their lights to us, they are ever beaming their love to us, and they are ever beaming their thoughts to us.


Exploration Comes From Within


Exploration comes from within you; you don’t need to go anywhere. You can explore the depths of your very own soul and the universe from right where you’re sitting. There’s no need for physical travel of any kind.


The Living Library of all knowledge is located within you. From this access point within you, you have your fingertips reaching all the knowledge there is.


You do this by going into meditation and consciously connecting with the God-Source that you are, and calling on your friends in the Subterranean Cities and the Hollow Earth, your Family of Light, to be here with you and to explore the Hidden Realms with you, until the hidden realms become exposed and open pages for you to read. These are the same hidden realms that you explore nightly in your etheric body, as you leave the Earth plane and are once again free, free to be all you are meant to be.


So be with Inner Earth Beings in your thoughts and explore the Hollow Earth in your visions. See them just waiting for you to connect with them so they can take you on the journey of your life into the Hollow Globe and out to the Stars.




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