Image of a beautiful lady on a canoe with a harp, watching the aurora lights to represent living in the Fifth Dimension.

Living In The Fifth Dimension


Image Copyright: Kagaya Yutaka at Kagaya Studio


We are experiencing higher frequencies than ever before due to the Galactic Alignment which continues through to 2032. Since we live at a higher frequency now, we have more access to the Fifth Dimension. Love, joy, peace, harmony, gratitude, compassion, non-judgement are predominant emotional states of this dimension.


Our perception, awareness and hearts become expanded. We are more telepathic, intuitive and are often guided by our gifts of spirit and receive illumined insights. We have more access to timeless universal wisdom and receive downloads on new spiritual concepts. We can move out of linear time and can connect to spherical or eternal time.


The Golden Age will usher our ascending planet Earth into the Fifth Dimension. In the Fifth Dimension, our every thought and emotion will instantly become manifest. For example, we want rain; instantly rain would come or we think of sunlight and the sun would come out, etc.


Mastering Thoughts and Emotions


It is therefore of utmost importance that we master our thoughts and emotions and stay in higher consciousness. If we have doubt or fear-based emotions and/or thoughts or if our consciousness falls down into a lower resonance, then we will find ourselves in a lower frequency version of Earth (such as the Third or Fourth Dimension). Then, we would need to transmute such fear-based thoughts and emotions with the vibration of Unconditional Love which would expand our consciousness and allow us to ascend back to the Fifth Dimension.

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