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Livets Bog, Volume 1 By Martinus


Background Information


Many great Souls have worked tirelessly for World Peace for the past decades. We have witnessed and experienced the downfall of a world culture through the great upheavals, crises and social transformations of our time during the last century and into the 21st century. Now we’re at the dawn of the New Age of Love, Peace and Enlightenment. We hear about it everywhere. But there are still conflicts in different parts of the world, and many of us wonder if we will live to see and enjoy peace around the world for all of humankind?


In his collective works, known as The Third Testament, Danish writer Martinus offers a comprehensive world picture showing that all living beings form part of a living Universe and evolve continuously towards higher forms of life. Martinus (1890-1981) provides hope and optimism that we are birthing a new, humane world society. He creates a spiritual science that offers seekers of the Truth profound insight into the nature of life and a road map for the spiritual development of Love, morality and conduct that is crucial for the realization of world peace.


The Third Testament consists of Livets Bog (The Book of Life) in 7 volumes. The Eternal World Picture in 5 volumes forms a supplement to Livets Bog. Martinus has also written a series of other books and a substantial number of articles and many of his lectures have been transcribed and published. Martinus’ books are openly available to those who are interested. Please click here to read his works:  Martinus Institute.


Every summer the Martinus Institute offers an international program of courses in Denmark with lectures, symbol explanations and study groups. The courses are held at the Martinus Center in Klint, Denmark, which is located by the coast in a scenic, peaceful area of natural beauty near Nykøbing Sjælland about 110 kilometers northwest of Copenhagen. The international courses are held during the last two weeks of the summer season, usually at the end of July and the beginning of August. There are courses in Danish, Swedish, English and German.


“By taking part in our courses, you will also have the opportunity to meet people from other countries in an atmosphere that we hope you will find warming and inspiring. We strive towards creating the love and warmth that will characterise the new world culture.”


Complete Text of Livets Bog (The Book of Life), Volume 1


The complete text of Livets Bog, Volume 1 is freely available on the web. Link to Livets Bog, Volume 1 Text


Excerpts from Livets Bog, Volume 1


I would like to share the following inspirational quotes from Livets Bog (The Book of Life), Volume 1:


26.”In the same way mankind in the future will shudder at the thought of many of our manifestations of today, such as war and bodily injuries, vivisection, the death penalty, meat-eating, hunting and fishing, all of which are most definitely animal-like manifestations which will become more and more impossible for the individual to practise as his faculties of feeling, intelligence and intuition begin to grow and his present latent cosmic organs develop.”


27.”Thus we see that man has had to change his idea of existence continually in line with his ability to uncover more and more the shining guidelines of Truth which, through the ages, have been hidden in all concepts of existence, so that with each new concept there was one veil less, and more and more Truth could shine through.”


“In this way the idea of existence at any point of time constitutes a certain truth based on that special viewpoint from which it is observed, and the total sum of all ideas of existence will therefore represent a constant growing scale of clarity the further one advances on evolution’s eternal journey.”


28.”When will no more veils surround the Truth?” And here the answer will be: “When the individual’s sense perception is so far advanced in its development that he is capable of experiencing as a realistic fact that – everything is very good – by then the revelation of the Eternal Truth is completed, for indeed that experience could not exist without being identical with the actual experience of that same Truth’s scientific basic analysis”.


“the kind of human being who has become “one with the Way, the Truth and the Life” or with such a human being who, here in Livets Bog, has been termed a “moral genius”.


32.”Fundamentally nothing less than a completely new spiritual world impulse will be capable of remedying the world’s distress and directing the Globe’s spiritual course on towards such heights in the zone of love that the so-called “kingdom of God”, or the kingdom which was formerly “not of this world”, shall not remain as a distant radiance from a heavenly realm, as a utopia or the “promised land” but, on the contrary, shall arrive in the shape of a fully developed human kingdom, to cast its everlasting peace shining out over the length and breadth of the Earth. And thanks to divine Providence, who always permits help to reach the nearest where the need is greatest, a new divine impulse has already begun to make an entry into the world. Gradually, as it is rendered visible and the unfolding of its uplifting, life-giving inspiration becomes prevalent, a wholly new world civilization will be brought about, which being built up not on faith but on knowledge, can become a guarantee for terrestrial mankind’s salvation or freedom from the dark zone of hatred and mutilation. ”


38.”This makes the eternal existence of living beings a growing experience of greater and ever greater heights in cosmic spheres of consciousness with a widening view of lighter and happier regions of the planes of existence in the Godhead’s eternal kingdom.”


39.”the Creative Principle is actually manifested through specially initiated beings, or beings who are so advanced in evolution that through their own personal experience they have acquired a view of life and its laws in such dimensions that they are able to shape the morals and idealism on which the civilization of mankind can be built. Each of such genuine spiritual reformers or builders of civilization is identical with that kind of being who in ordinary life would be called a “messiah” but who here in Livets Bog has been termed a “world redeemer”. Such beings are recognized by the fact that their mission always results in the community acquiring a new and more complete spiritual civilization which releases it from the primitive traditions, superstitions and resultant sufferings of the old outworn civilization.”


42.”Generally these special beings have been met by their contemporaries with great mistrust and misunderstanding, and then later when the divine effect of their mission was made plain, posterity has met them with such unshakeable faith and unreserved recognition that the result has been worship. … This fantastic adoring and worshipping of “older brothers” in development instead of the true Godhead became at a later time one of the great hindrances in the development of those communities in question, and it is, of course, just as applicable today for thousands of people within the world religions. But this hindrance will not be repeated to such a degree in the new world civilization, because through the new world impulse people’s consciousness will become directly focused on the Father or the Godhead.”


48.”The Earth will consist of only one kingdom – “the United States of the World” – “One flock and one shepherd”. The real human kingdom (kingdom No. 3) which is still not of this world, or at least is present only in embryo, will have become a terrestrial fact by that time and will be the absolute ruler over all material matters as well as spiritual phenomena.


49.”The people of the Earth have thus an immensely long and brilliant epoch of evolution awaiting them, an epoch in their development where they will awaken to a consciousness about their own eternal nature and be liberated from their dark, unconscious earth-bound existence and will come to experience beautiful and divine planes of existence, shining and sparkling scenes of past and future world perspectives in a culmination of love, intelligence, intuition and bliss.”


65.”And so the fundamental and final result of the new world impulse will be that mankind’s latent spiritual faculties of today will be brought forward to a fully usable condition, so that people will gradually be able to sense spiritually as easily as they now sense physically. They will come to experience the “Great Birth” which is the entrance or gateway leading to the true experience of life, the experience of immortality and the experience of feeling one with all living beings.”


69.” terrestrial mankind is now going through a crisis concerning morality, a crisis which has already led to an increasing decline in that attitude of revenge and conquest which belongs to an old civilization; it has turned people’s eyes away from ancient traditions and superstitions, and has aroused longings in them for a new and better civilization, for a purer view of life free from militarism and war and for a world full of spirit, art and love.”


“So we will point out here those realities in the terrestrial community that are imperfect and consequently on the decline, and those which are under development; those which have led to suffering and pain, and those that lead to harmony and happiness, or constitute the absolute, unfailing road to World Peace.”


79.”The terrestrial community is just coming to a realization that the present basis for the existence of peace and security no longer lies in physical power alone, for this crushes everything, regardless of right or wrong; but that this physical power, on the contrary, when inextricably bound up with “right”, will prevent all forms of dissension, war and mutilation. The knowledge terrestrial mankind is gradually acquiring through its dark experiences will then, in the very highest degree, animate a combination of physical power with real “right” and morality and with the law of existence itself. The road to the “Great Peace” thus goes exclusively through this association of “right” with “might”, and to the degree that terrestrial mankind succeeds in fusing true “right” with “might”, so to the same degree will peace exist on Earth.”


90.” … The spiritual basis that will make all people on Earth “one flock”, or one unit, cannot thus be formed from a belief in the Godhead, but from an experience of the Godhead. It must be the very vision of the Eternal Father. Just as the individual has learned to experience day and night, summer and winter, sea and land, so he must also learn to experience the one great God, the only great “Shepherd”. Solely in this experience lies all wisdom, happiness and harmony. And only through this experience can World Peace be conveyed to all earthly zones, and the divine real human kingdom arise. To experience the Godhead is then the same as to experience His manifestations. These will again be expressed as the living beings’ daily existence or experience of life. …”


91.”…The Eternal Truth, or the absolute analysis of life, is the same throughout the universe, it is the same for all individuals regardless of their supposition and imagination about that Truth and whether they know it or not. And it is this eternal unchanging analysis of the Truth, this true value of the collective manifestation of life, its movements and vibrations, which all terrestrial people and all nations must be made to know and to accept. This alone possesses the necessary stability within itself to bring about peace for mankind over the whole world, to direct the spiritual course of an entire globe up towards the eternal regions, towards the summit of life, happiness and universal love.”


94.”To the same extent that the spiritual qualifications of human beings develop their unselfishness and universal love, to the same degree will their State power also develop in the form of a system of law and justice, and to the same degree as it develops to be more and more protective to single individuals, so it becomes more and more an expression of love.”


98.”The first great fundamental step towards world harmony, towards peace on Earth, would therefore be the development of a world authority. The law and the court room can never in any way become a guarantee for justice, peace and security as long as they constitute a law court only for individuals. There must also be a law court for nations. It must develop so that it is able to compel nations to acknowledge their responsibility. Every nation is, after all, an element in the whole of terrestrial humanity’s conditions of life and existence, and it cannot justifiably continue to be irresponsible in its actions against other nations.”


100.”Therefore the present direction that evolution is taking, which is the growth of internationalism or universal love, will gradually neutralize those methods of settlement between nations which release war and mutilation, in favour of all those tendencies which, without any bloodshed, and in peaceful and human ways in harmony with the law of existence, can enable all nations and races to enjoy “right” and justice. And as the fundamental basis for this can only be a World Court based on actual world power united with world law, then such a World Court, such a world authority over all people, has to become a realistic fact before lasting peace on Earth can be fundamentally secured.”


104.”This international World Government will be exclusively the foundation or skeleton upon which the “real human kingdom” can be built. It is only from this international World Government that lasting peace can proceed, and not from any kind of national court or State power.”


110.”In the World State, an individual’s own personal and useful work effort will then be the sole existing method of payment. Indeed, as the World State gains possession of the valuable goods, money will gradually disappear from the face of the Earth.”


111.”This statutory work cannot in any sense have the least hint of drudgery or compulsion, for the high moral and scientific administration of the World State will guarantee for every person, work in those professions and fields in which he or she has a special interest and the most developed talents and qualifications. Born artists will then work in the service of art. Scientifically talented people will work with science, both spiritual and material, while those gifted in handicrafts and artifacts will work in these special areas. So, in this way, every individual will find his own experienced and tested niche and consequently be content in his work. A World State can only have an interest in making work stimulating, entertaining and a blessing for the single individual…”


“… the normal working day in that World State will be far shorter than is the case at present, and this means a great deal of leisure time for everyone, just as there will be – as mentioned above – weekly study days for all individuals for the development of the spirit and of culture.”


114.”Therefore, as there cannot be any financial crises in the coming world administration – no high prices, no struggle for money and valuable goods, no mutual exploitation of individuals, no “gratis existences”, no parasites on society, no unemployment, no homelessness, no need for poor relief or subsidies, no superabundance and no poverty, but, on the contrary, a healthy prosperity and easy access to all material and spiritual values for everyone, then the kingdom of the world will be far from tedious; it will not be a life in servitude and bondage, nor will there be any ideals of wealth and power, but quite the opposite – a life of ideals which can only concentrate on the highest endeavour to represent the greatest effective performance, the most beautiful work, the most perfected creation and the deepest love. In this way, life in the realm of this planet can be only a life in the highest freedom, spirit and culture, a life in the greatest harmony, happiness and joy.”


123.”Naturally, it is also a matter of course that these people are not plagued by such vices as smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or taking in other kinds of narcotics which are so destructive to physical well-being, just as meat-eating or consuming food which is produced by the death or mutilation of animal beings represents for all these people a stage of development passed and left behind a long time ago.”


“Human beings in the first category have advanced in their development to the point of feeling great respect and tolerance towards the religious ideas and concepts held by others, although they themselves have grown away from such a stage. They will never be heard to criticize or argue, and in fact it is very seldom that they even express their own particular view of life, except under urgent request, and only then where there is the possibility of it being entirely beneficial. Preference for life in obscurity is one of their typical virtues, and therefore it could be said that they sometimes become like a type of “hermit” or “recluse” in the most dense centres of civilisation, anonymously devoting themselves to the benefit and welfare of the masses. It must be added, however, that there are to be found just a few of these people who have in some way deviated from this general rule and – partly because of their own half-initiation and partly because of support from higher spiritual beings – have become founders of great spiritual orders, movements or fraternities. As mentioned in the above analysis, those in the first category have not the smallest desire for power, but with their quiet wisdom and loving kindness they influence their surroundings so that they become endowed with a power far surpassing all earthly pomp and pride, allowing them to become synonymous with those foundation stones upon which the new real human kingdom is to be built. They constitute the finer parts in the present embryo of the coming Kingdom of God on Earth.”


“Human beings in the first category have thus evolved into the most significant representatives of mankind and, on account of their highly developed nature -liberated from all old traditions and prejudices, relieved from dogmas and relying firmly upon the spirit – it is easy for them to understand the present world situation and to meet the new release from the Creative Principle with an open and loving attitude. They are thus the most sympathetic and best qualified seekers of Truth and will quietly become the leading practitioners of the new spiritual refinement within terrestrial humanity.”


130.”On the other hand, the perfect human being is one who lives under quite different sexual laws and conditions, because all sexual powers are converted into natural capacities which make all his manifestations a practical observance of the law of existence, letting his consciousness, as if in the feeling of God’s presence, shine like a sun with life-giving warmth on everything and everybody around, cleansed from all animal and unfinished tendencies as gender, jealousy and possessiveness. So, terrestrial people and real cosmic human beings differ mainly in the fact that the former, by sexuality, maintain tendencies which attach them to the animal kingdom, while the latter’s sexuality, on the contrary, maintain abilities attached to the real human kingdom. Thus, the animal kingdom and the real human kingdom each has its own individual form of sexuality which accordingly create either animal or human capacities and tendencies. So sexuality is the background behind every form of creation, behind every form for the manifestation of consciousness. Sexuality is the inner core of the Divine Creative Principle, and the subjects touched upon here are expressed as the “Highest Fire” and will be analysed later on in Livets Bog.”


139.”So one cannot advocate enough the development of love and understanding towards those young beings in the school of life.”


171.”With regard to the particular nature and character of these facts we have learned that mankind is found at a stage of evolution which can be expressed as the transition from animal to human. Terrestrial mankind thus represents the last great part of evolution before the zone of the real human kingdom begins. Since mankind consists of transition beings between animal and human, in addition to their animal tendencies, they will show in their manifestations expressions of more or less human tendencies. And it is the latter tendencies which have given the still unfinished creature the title of “human being”.”


175.”But as these energies – because of their state of vibration – are not of a physical nature and therefore cannot be brought into such a contact with physical organs that through the latter they can be experienced fundamentally, then it is only through spiritual organs that they can be experienced. And to the same degree as the individual can develop these organs, so can he reach the possibility of reacting to finer and finer forms of feeling and intelligence. Therefore, the ideal for a progressing human being is concentrated in the great commandment: “Love one another” in that these words exactly constitute an exhortation to develop love which is identical with a harmonized combination of pure feeling and pure intelligence.”


176.”But as we approach nearer to the real human kingdom we find living beings of a more and more refined nature, more and more receptive and sensitive to the high energies such as feeling, intelligence and intuition. And we say about these people that they are “enlightened“, “cultured”, “intellectual”, just as we also begin to meet at this point those we know under such definitions as artists, authors, scientists, geniuses and the like. In other words, these people have to a certain extent begun to make use of spiritual  energies to develop spiritual organs, to create spiritual manifestations and thus to turn into spiritual beings. And the nearer we approach the real human kingdom the more we find people devoid of crude materialistic desires such as feelings for revenge, for gross physical pleasures or for the appropriation of wealth and valuables. Their interest in material things is thus strongly reduced, to the benefit of spiritual interests, true knowledge, real creativity and genuine love. And so in these people there is beginning to dawn a transfigured existence.”


178.”Genuine love “does not seek its own” but is of the absolute essence, not in any way releasing itself in the expectation of gain or reward.”


179.”When the individual has reached so far in development that pure love radiates from him, he enters into a new phase of existence where he remains permanently receptive for the highest of the basic energies – intuition energy. This energy, as will be explained in subsequent analyses in Livets Bog, is the only basic energy in existence that is absolutely all-permeating, which means that through it the individual will be able to “see” the highest realities in existence – in other words, the true value of life itself. “Seeing” the true value of existence is brought about by the Great Birth, becoming thereby the initiation into the true life.”


Please click here if you would like to read:  Livets Bog, Volume 1 .

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