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Light Wave Health And Diet Suggestions


The purpose of this chapter is to explore health issues that accompany light wave synergy. Light wave synergy is the capacity to infuse the cells with light so that the metabolism gradually restructures from a sugar-based system to a light infused system. The journey from sugar to light is an interesting accomplishment and is a part of the ascent of those of consensus knowledge into a light wave synergy of movement.


Photonic Light Based Transfusion


There appears to be many forms of light formation ascension occurring at this time in history. Transfusion is taking off in many directions, some of which appear compatible with health and the health of Earth, and some of which are not. There are light waves of other creation formations that many light workers run. These light waves may feel resonant in the moment but in time may prove not to be as Earth enters the new dream more greatly ahead. The new dream is photonic light based. Photonic light is particle based and requires a body that transfuses in particles to resonate. Photonic particles are gentler and more greatly self-healing to those ascending into resonant biology.


The current light formations that are other creation in origins can create real health problems due to heating the cellular structure excessively. In light transfusion, light enters each cell and heats it up causing the metabolism to increase. The increased metabolism will increase the production of cellular waste along with other phenomenon spoken unto below. If the light moved through the cells is too strong, it will create so many problems that the biology can become ill long before mastering fusion thoughtform. Electrical or other creation light will tend to toast the cells rather than infuse them with a gentle heat that sustains life.


Understand that this problem is not for all inheritances upon Earth; but those who are photonic based and who have created genetics from ancestries that originated in Sirius are most likely to become ill if they transfuse in other creation light. Photonic light infuses each cell with a particle that gently heats up and causes a gentle increase in the metabolic rate that allows for the burning off of density.


Anchoring Future Possibility of Photon Energy to Redirect Earth’s Dream


Photonic light is a different system of fusion body to construct than any have formed thus far in the examination of light workers and on the part of the Tao. Most light workers are working not with photon energy primarily as there is little in present time to draw upon. Future sequences of dreams of photon energy available 500 years from now have been rolled in to assist those mapping photonic light wave synergy biology and to sustain each that chooses to master at this time.


The anchoring of future possibility is known as futurism and is a language of the Tao that aids in the redirection of creations of destructive nature that are vying to find their way through their spiritual lessons. The Tao is present upon Earth within the future possibility of the 1,000 years of peace that lies ahead if humanity awakens more greatly. This possibility has yet to be realized and therefore Tao and Tao thoughtform is from the future.


Transfusing into photonic systems requires sustainable biology. Sustainable biology can be equated to systems in which waste is nutrients within. Ascending into sustainable biology requires mastery over light wave synergy as it is through the synergy of light that the metabolism shifts to become free of sugar and the need to eat ceases. Light driven biology allows for the transcendence of the physical plane requirement to eat and also opens the doors to the possibilities of instant manifestation and instant healing. The purpose of this essay is to explore the problematic patterns of ascending into a non-photonic light wave system that may make the body ill. Through the intention to harmonize with Earth and redirect the ascension towards photonic synergy, the body may heal or disease be avoided ahead.


Health Problems of Light Work




Acidosis is probably the single most difficult symptom of running excessive light waves through the cells and grids of the body. Transfusion of light causes the density to burn off so that the biology can lift into DNA from earlier time periods when the ancestry lived in less toxic circumstances. As the light runs through the blood, it triggers a biochemical reaction that leads to acidosis.


Some of the acidosis is also associated with consumption of plastic and petrochemical substances. Petrochemical substances can mimic vitamins and other necessary nutrients to the health of the cells. As petrochemicals are absorbed, acidic waste forms as the cellular metabolism is incomplete. As more light is applied, the cellular metabolism increases leading to yet more waste produced leading to acidosis of the blood.


Acidosis is an overly acidic state that leads to disease of all formations including lung troubles such as asthma, constipation of the liver, spleen and kidneys as well as other illnesses such as MS, Chronic Fatigue and deterioration of the heart valves in particular. The acid wears at the heart, kidneys, liver lungs and spleen by failing to support the biology in its requirement to remain pH neutral or positive in some cases. Not all biology requires positive pH but most require neutral pH at a bare minimum to sustain health. Dietary changes can alter the pH; however, light work may exacerbate the acidity by increasing cellular metabolism well over where one runs if only blood sugar was the main resource of energy.


Light enters the field in light work synergy, and each cell is bathed with heat that is transfused into the cell through the transfusion energy system. Cells then run their metabolic rate through light infusion in addition to blood sugar. In a fully sustainable biology, there is no blood sugar required, only light. It is at this point that the requirement to eat subsides and the body becomes light infused enough to retain the temperature for health without sugar. The transition into light biology may take many years and requires just the right nutrients to retain its health especially given the acidic state that the light work can cause.


Some may think that they have mastered light synergy and cease to eat too soon and this too can cause disease later on. It may be better to eat small amounts and ingest mineral and herb supplements than not to consume anything if the body is incapable of manufacturing all that it requires for continued biological transfusion. Therefore, it may be a long time before we ever recommend that light workers in photonic formations cease to eat altogether. Instead, we recommend small portions of highly nutrient rich and organic foods and herbs that support photonic light wave synergy biology.


One of the solutions to acidosis is to create an immune response to the petrochemicals and plastics one is consistently exposed to through the environment and packaging of the collective food source. Most petrochemicals that mimic vitamins or hormones are only a molecule short of the real nutrients. As the body understands the difference between the molecular structure of the petrochemical and the real substance that sustains health, then a white blood cell can be created to gather up and illuminate the toxins. The immune response to petrochemicals can be created through intention.


There are three substances that are petrochemical in nature that are absorbed in the cells of the muscles that cause an acidic waste to be produced in cellular metabolism. Two mimic vitamins A and Ester C and are associated with plastics and the third a hormone that regulates insulin and is associated with gasoline. Diabetes can be a symptom related and may be offset by triggering an immune response to gasoline through ascension. There are evolutionary sequences available in the biological dreaming through transfusion that can be intended to fulfill upon transfiguring out of acidic waste from petrochemical resources. As this occurs about half of the acidic waste is better managed in light synergy work.


Acidosis underlies most diseases. The human biology was designed to sustain a neutral to positive pH to retain its health. There are many ways to regulate pH, one of which is diet. Dietary suggestions for pH positive foods are available upon many websites associated with work on pH and health. A pH positive diet is recommended for sustaining the health in light work synergy. Also, a diet free of chemicals and hormones along with petrochemical flavorings and food source that is primarily organic and meat and dairy free is also recommended. Lots of fresh greens, fruits and vegetables are the staple of the light wave diet. Bread and processed foods also need to be minimized as they tend to be acidic even if organic.


Maintaining the pH can be measured through the urine or saliva, and many health food stores stock pH test paper. Altering the water to a positive pH is perhaps the easiest manner to balance the acidic nature of light work. There are alkaline drops that can be added to purified water; there are also alkalizing machines that are available for the home or office to purify and change the pH of the water. Drinking alkaline water can minimize the effects of acidosis in as short a time as 10 days. Fasting also helps for short periods to overcome acidosis if alkaline water is ingested. Japan is perhaps the largest consumer of pH water machines and the effect has become the longest lifespan of any other continent upon Earth.


Uric Acid Toxicity


Uric acid can form in extreme amounts due to acidosis during heavy periods of mastering light wave synergy. In such times, the kidneys, spleen and liver can become compromised with stones that form from clusters of uric acids along with other toxins released in the act of transfusion. Transfusion in heavier periods of mastery can run for days and days leading to such a high metabolism that the uric acid builds up as a poison in the blood.


The easiest way to move beyond the uric acid build up is to move the intestines through magnesium flush or in having a colonic. Other laxatives other than magnesium are not recommended and may exacerbate the condition rather than clear it. Magnesium causes the bowels to fill with water leading to a flush that is like diarrhea and this allows the body to dump the acid waste through the intestines in rapid sequence. This is far better than manifesting kidney failure and so we recommend the magnesium flush in such moments.


Magnesium in general is a good substance to ingest daily to help sustain the bowels in good working order. The magnesium causes the bowels to retain their magnetism to push wastes through and also to sustain the elasticity of the intestinal membrane. Liquid minerals high in magnesium are suggested for this application and they also help rebuild the bones if they masticate severely in tough moments of light transfusion in mastery. Bones masticate and create another problem that light wave synergy corrects through application of photonic systems over light waves systems of nonmagnetic origins.


Bone Mastication


Bone mastication is the result of spinning fusion formations that are too hot to sustain the minerals along the surface of the bones. Bones are minerals and as too much light is applied, they become frayed and then leach into the blood stream and gather upon the lining of the arterial walls or in the ducts of the kidneys, liver and spleen. The mastication leads to arterial sclerosis, liver failure, kidney disease and troubles of the spleen.


Bone mastication is best resolved by altering the fusion energy flow to photonic resources rather than running light waves that are of other creations in origin. Earth is a magnetic creation and is entering a magnetic new dream that is photonic based. The photonic energy therefore shall restore life and resonate with the new dream. The other light waves emulate from octaves above and in the solar system through time portholes that are to be reconfigured and shut in due course. Until such a time, there is other light formations to run, but as the portholes cease the foreign light will cease and only photonic flow shall be available. This appears to occur roughly 20 years into the future and therefore the map into photonic self-sustainable biology must be map carved amongst those choosing to ascend at this time in preparation.


Light from foreign creations will resonate with foreign creation DNA. Choosing to access archives from ancient ancestry of photonic nature is the best resolution to this dilemma. The dilemma is that one may not resonate into the future and become ill as a result of failing to have access to light waves that are foreign ahead. Foreign light waves are also contributing to the demise of Earth as she requires photonic energy to self-heal of the human toxic waste dump of the past 100 years. Therefore, choosing to map into photonic light synergy shall better contribute to one’s future health, the future health of the generations ahead and also the health of Earth.


It is running foreign creation light in photonic based biology that creates bone mastication. Many have ascended into photonic based biology and it is for those of this nature mastering light that we speak unto. For those that have none of the above symptoms in running light wave formations, then most likely you have foreign creation biology that requires attending unto and ascending into photonic resources of information to better prepare you and your ancestry for your future.




Mycosis is a form of pus that builds up in the act of transfusion through the biology. As light runs through the grids of the fusion bodies, it burns off denser molecules transmuting them to gas or other particles. The particles can gather and collect in the blood becoming putrid as they decay. The putrid formations can be detoxified through the skin and sweating in a sauna or bathing frequently is generally one manner to deal with mycosis. Mycosis can also be transmuted through fasting as in eliminating the food, the body can apply light to burn off the particles in the blood or wherever else that they have collected.


Signs of mycosis are flu like symptoms or congestion of the lungs or head. Baths that are hot or soaking in natural hot springs are helpful solutions to a load of mycosis that can form in heavy light work mastery. The fusion body does not run well if clay is applied to the skin; and so, adding a little green or white clay to the bath is a better use for detoxification purposes. The clays can move into mineral mastication if absorbed through the skin.


Due to the requirement to detoxify through the skin, applying only light organic lotions of oils that do not become rancid for moisture is recommended. Some skin products do not work well with light work and can form other toxins or poisons in the blood if absorbed through the skin and then transfused; and so, it is best to muscle test what works with light synergy. Therefore, we recommend that light workers muscle test not only the food that you should eat but also the lotions, soaps and hair products that you utilize.


Digestive Disturbances


In heavy periods of light wave synergy mastery, the digestion can be disturbed. The light heats up the intestines and can combust the food leading to gas or constipation. The gas is from the food fermenting and the constipation is from the waste masticating into hard configurations without fluid. The constipation can easily be corrected in ingesting potassium to flush the bowels. The gas is more readily dissipated through transfusion of the intestinal tract. Light waves can be anchored through the intestines to dissipate excessive food that has failed to digest and is becoming putrid.


Putrid substances in the intestines can flow into the blood over time and in extreme cases will lead to blood poisoning. It is best to either flush with magnesium or transfuse with light into gas. The gas itself can also be transfused again with the light leading to non-discomfort in light wave mastery periods of transfusion. A sequence of blueprint is available for a synergized intestinal tract that transfuses most wastes in any given mastery cycle.


Food may be necessary to ingest for a long time for most light workers. Many light workers of foreign light wave biology desire meat or protein in order to rebuild the muscles that masticate in the act of light wave synergy. Meat or fish is filled with death hormone due to the slaughter of the animal. The death hormone can contribute to the deterioration of the intestines if eaten in large amounts; and it is against the law of the Tao to consume flesh and those doing so create karma with the natural world.


Therefore, it is suggested that light workers derive their protein requirements from vegan resources. One whole protein that many on light wave diets have discovered is in combining quinoa cooked in mushroom stock and topped with fresh roasted shiitake mushrooms. This combination is very satisfying and will provide all the amino acids necessary to rebuild the structure if too many cells masticate in heavy periods of light wave mastery.


Foods that best serve light wave synergy include arugula and salad bitters which aid in the detoxification of mycosis. Fresh kale in greens smoothies are a beautiful resource of nutrients that retain a pH neutral in the blood. Cooked greens are also helpful in blood cleansing, and alternating between the fresh and cooked kale over the course of a week is best. Fresh berries aid in the maintenance of the cellular structure by providing ester C, a substance that is sometimes difficult to manufacture enough of in heavy periods of light wave synergy mastery.


Nuts and nut butters and nut oils provide fats that do not become rancid in transfusion and aid the nervous system in synergizing into new biology. Eating the wrong fats and transfusing heavily may cause mycosis and so is not recommended. Fried foods therefore are by and large to be avoided as a part of the light wave diet. Roasted foods with good oils added are useful to healing the many fats in the body if they have become rancid.


Herbal tinctures and other therapies are useful in light wave mastery. It is recommended that supplements continue to be taken during times of fasting. Herbs generally do not cause a poison as light is applied but some supplements may be toxic in light synergy work. It is best to muscle test always what is useful and what is not in any given time of light mastery. What substance or food is useful at one octave of vibration may not be useful at another. Herbs are natural resources from food resources and are considered a whole substance. Whole substances are best to be consumed in light wave synergy as they hold wholeness thoughtform; and sustainability is a state of wholeness to be mastered in physicality through transfusion.


Sometimes digestion disturbances can be a lack of hydrochloric acid (HCL) or other enzymes. Adding small amounts of digestive enzymes and HCL can be useful. Those who lose too much weight on a vegan diet generally do not have enough hydrochloric acid to break down the cellulose in ingesting larger amounts of raw food. Ingesting HCL with each meal is then recommended. Adjusting the blueprint through intention to produce enough HCL is another means of ascending out of this configuration. Also eating small meals throughout the day rather than one large meal is recommended for the best digestion in light wave synergy mastery. An example of this is to put a handful each of organic berries or other fruits, arugula, pecans or other nuts on a plate and nibble throughout the day.


Fermentation of any kind leads to putrefied intestines in light wave synergy work. Eating in small amounts and of good nutrient-based food will offset the possibility of putrefied intestines. Putrefied intestines lead to bad smelling breath and foul-smelling bowl movements along with foul body odor. Extreme cases of putrefied intestines can lead to blood poisoning if left unattended to over enough time. When in balance and as the denser substances have been transfused in light wave mastery, there is no body odor, the breath smells sweet, the tongue tastes sweet and the bowels will have little to no odor at all as they move.


The body can also become overly basic in some biological configurations and require more acidic food sources to sustain balance. At such times eating fresh organic tomatoes, tomato juice or tomato sauce is one way to come to balance. A greens smoothie with tomato juice as the foundation is another manner to foster a restoration of an overly basic pH.


Mastery flows in cycles that are directed by the Tao at this time through a transfusion system that is collective. There are collective cycles each year that run in the months of February, May, August, October and December. These months are times in which light workers master the most greatly around the world. The off months are periods of integration in which what was mastered comes to be understood, processed and healed. Emotional scars and wounds will arise during the peak light synergy mastery periods; and then are processed the months to follow. Fasting during the times of peak transformation is recommended.


Reproductive Problems


The reproductive organs and glands are subject to the buildup of mycosis as well as bone mastication. As a result, the body may choose to create longer menses cycles that are heavier in blood flow. The blood may clot to an extreme if the body is pushing out toxins through the menses. This is a natural response of the body in its detoxification in light work and not to be feared. Sometimes fusion can spin to an excess in the uterus leading to hemorrhaging. Turning off the fusion in this region through intention will resolve the problem. Sometimes fusion can run backwards rather than forwards leading to deterioration rather than renewal. The choice to alter the magnetism to cause the fusion to flow in the proper direction will resolve this problem.


In men, prostate trouble can develop due to the buildup of mycosis which can clog the vessels to and from the penis leading to an inability to urinate or sustain an erection. In some cases, prostate cancer can also be the end result. The over transfusion of light waves through the prostate can be the main cause along with the act of fusion into light grids. Light grids are often fused into through the tailbone but can spill over in and out of the prostate.


Fusion is a cord of light that attaches between the small fusion body and the light grid or pallet. Moving the fusion cords to the sacral region is one manner of rectifying the buildup of excessive light in the prostate. The excessive light deteriorates the prostate otherwise. In women, sometimes there is difficulty with urination or recurrent bladder infections if fusion occurs in the bladder. In moving the fusion to the sacral area rather than the bladder to sustain one’s light motions will resolve the problem.


Cranberry and pomegranate juice or fruit are two of the best foods to support prostate or bladder discomfort and disorders. Each of these fruits contain special substances that aid the ducts in rebuilding and not only of the prostate and bladder but also of the liver, kidneys and spleen. Therefore, a daily dose of either of these juices is helpful in the light wave diet. Dried cranberries and goji berries are helpful in travel and in general as well. Goji berries are high in amino acids creating a complete protein when added to salads or oatmeal. Oatmeal is useful also to the intestines and prostate or bladder by causing a slick substance to be formed that acts as a buffer between the acidic nature of the urine and the ducts that deteriorate easily due to excessive uric acid formations.


Mastication of Vision


Light wave synergy of the brain and eyes may masticate the vision. Generally, this is a temporary symptom and requires intention to defuse the light around the eyes to resolve. As the eyes defuse, the vision self corrects. If light waves are run that are incompatible then dry eyes may be experienced. If the dry eyes recur regularly, the lenses may deteriorate and cataracts may form. Utilizing eye wash and homeopathic eye drops helps in such circumstances. The cataracts are really the result of the mastication of the lenses. The solution to this is to replace the lenses through transfiguration. Sometimes the fluid of the eyes may also become cloudy due to mastication. The intent to transfigure the fluid until it is clear will help.


The visionary systems can be supported by many herbs available through the health food industry. Herbs of this nature will aid in the rebuilding of the tissues and fluids from a biological point of view. Transfiguration causes the shift into health through intention and energy flow upon a molecular level rather than requiring the biology to self-heal through time. Transfiguration can lead to an instant healing if enough light is applied. Light wave synergy makes possible instant healing and also restoration of whatever is failing through transfiguration. Transfiguration is really a technique of calling forward an organ, gland or system that is healthy from the past or future into present time. Transfiguration is an act of fusion and requires certain sequences of movements to fulfill upon.


Hormonal Balance Disturbances


The hormonal system in sustainable biology is complex. Hormones are regenerative as well as reproductive in sustainability. Regenerative hormones are not associated with reproduction but cause the body to rebuild itself by recreating the cellular structure anew. The growth hormone is the main hormone that regulates cellular renewal. If not enough growth hormone is produced, then regeneration and renewal ceases and the body begins to age. One manner to trigger the production of growth hormone is to assure that enough transfusion is spinning over the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland also produces many hormones necessary to biological ascension and this assures that all hormones are produced as they are required in the act of transfusion into new biological sequences.


An imbalance of adrenals or thyroid hormones can lead to a toxic circumstance in light wave mastery. The adrenals sustain consciousness as well as aid in balancing the metabolism. The thyroid sustains the metabolism by triggering the ingestion of sugar as well as light synthesis. It is the thyroid fusion system that distributes the light evenly to each cell within the body. If the thyroid transfusion system fails to be developed properly as an energetic system, then the heat may distribute unevenly which can lead to hot or cold biological systems which then can become diseased over time. It is best to intend that all cells receive enough fusion of light in any given moment of transfusion.


The thyroid system is biological too and can become imbalanced in the physical hormonal production if not enough light fusion is spun over either gland. As this occurs, taking herbs that support the thyroid and adrenals is recommended. Ginseng and Maca are two good substances to ingest regularly in support of the thyroid and adrenal hormonal system. There are many herbs that are useful to sustaining the health in light wave synergy mastery. It may be useful to find a naturopath in support of the body in the act of light wave mastery.




Asur’Ana is not an expert in nutritional information. Perhaps in the future, a nutritionist mastering light synergy biology will contribute with more information about herbs and nutrients that aid in the maintenance of health in the act of transfusion in the evolutionary sequences associated with ascension. We welcome your comments or suggestions along with experiences of other light workers in their health concerns.


We will share more information about the light wave brain and the light wave mind later on in this volume and a future volume of the Light Wave series. The light wave brain is so complex, it deserves an entire section to share of the details. There are many substances helpful to the development of the light wave brain. Primarily there is a requirement for good fatty acids that can come through nuts, nut butters and nut oils along with specialty oils such as sea buckthorn and black cumin seed. Sea buckthorn in particular is high in vitamin C and many micronutrients that support the light wave brain in developing. Goji berries are another resource of nutrients helpful to light wave synergy movements upon the cortex.


The light wave mind is a fusion synergy system. Fusion is a light wave system of understanding that is sequenced in a particular manner to cease to split light and dark such that unity perception can be mastered. Unity perception offers a state of being that resides in peace and unconditionally accepts all others and all other circumstances. A state of joy can also be infused into the dream to allow for a beautiful dance of life to unfold. Fusion thoughtform restores the magic to the existence upon the physical plane. Magic allows dreams to sequence in divine timing, love, peace, joy, unity and playfulness.


A magical state of being is what the ancient ones experienced as they relocated unto Earth from other creations. This is a state that can be restored through transfusion into fusion brain waves. A biological sequence for the light wave brain is available through intention amongst those mastering and with an ancestry that is associated.

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