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Light Wave Archive #9


Dragon-aid and Dragon Lore Dreaming


Dragons and demons are beginning to be explored in our writing. Demons are serpents with tethers to the material world. Dragons are serpent like systems of ordering dreams for sustenance of the physical. Sustenance of the physical is a phenomenon of dragon dreaming. Dragons prevail in natural world orders and human systems in which regeneration and renewal prevail. Demons prevail in systems that penetrate the renewal of others and foster renewal at the disease of another or the consensus.


Demons and dragons have surfaced in many systems of self-realization over time. In other time periods, demons were small and dragons larger in number in relation unto Earth. The eras of realization of self are generally times of dragon dreaming of deep accolades of synergy of self. In this time period, demons are more common than dragons, and dragon dreaming becomes difficult and filled with strife amongst those attempting realization. Dragon dreaming renditions the problematic patterning of those in demonic strife. Dragon dreaming accolades synergy of self into the dream such that the happenstance of demonic interplay ceases.


Dragon dreaming is a self-realization happenstance. Dragon-aid dreaming is a precursor happenstance of realization amongst those in consensus ascension momentum. Dragon-aid dragons are forces that are part dragon and part demon. Forces realizing ascension in the consensus movement of Earth are primarily dragon-aid in nature. Dragon-aid nature is part conscious and part unconscious in synthesis of self. Humans accolading to dragon-aid patterning learn to modulate through difficult happenstance of strife as well as ignite passion for times of deep synergy of caring. Dragon-aid happenstance is about ignition of care into the infrastructure of the dream. Dragon-aid is a transitory system leading to further realization of self.


Love, Care, Forgiveness and Compassion


Care is an oscillation of self that allows love to blossom into the chalice of the divine within. The chalice does not open for those of dragon-aid nature. The chalice of the divine oscillates into an opening only as dragon nature prevails and the conclusion of dragon-aid nature is fulfilled upon. Dragon-aid nature is a precursor to dragon dreaming within. Dragon dreaming within is an oscillation of purity of love that happenstances the union divine. Dragon-aid experiences divine union that is happenstanced in group expression of self. Dragon dreaming allows for divine union to take flight within each life.


Dragon-aid systems of self are an infusion of spinal oscillations of the biology that cause the requirement to care to surface as a forensic motion of nervous system repose. Those who fail to learn to care in the spiritual tests of dragon-aid mastery fail to develop the nervous system repose of oscillations of love. Those who foster deep care within move into dragon mastery of self and depart dragon-aid systems of self if appropriate. The motions of care are so obvious that those who fail to develop are denoted as condrian archeology of ancestry. Condrian ancestry can develop dragon-aid systems of care but rarely develops past this into dragon dreaming of self. The oscillations of love preclude condrian archetypes due to motions of dis-synergy.


Dragon-aid theory triggers forgiveness of happenstance to unfold. Forgiveness theory is an act of blessing that allows for completion of self. Self completes with happenstance of archeological dreams that happenstance plight of self. Forgiveness is a theory of oscillation of forensic motions that trigger a release of the dreams of strife. As the dreams of strife are released, a dream of non-strife unfolds. Dragon-aid theory allows for a certain level of conscious perpetuation of dream happenstance to be realized within.


Dragon self-realization is an oscillation of happenstance that fosters a deeper understanding of the spiritual plight of the human condition and fosters compassion within. Compassion is a happenstance of its own beyond the foray of forgiveness theory. Compassion theory causes dreams to align in dragon happenstance such that love prevails within. As love prevails, the oscillation of self shifts into the divine accolades of rendition.




Divinity is a state in which the divine is annotated as a happenstance of life. Divinity is a mastery level in variance sequences of dragon dreaming of self-realization. Compassion is a prerequisite to understanding divine principles of theory of self.


Divinity is a state of mastery in which all is perceived as divine regardless of happenstance. Divinity lies within each circumstance including the darkest of dreams. Divinity is a spark that ignites into a beautiful foray of happenstance amongst those who can achieve the realization of self. Divinity is not to be confused with compassionate action. Compassionate action must prevail first to allow a state of divinity to be mastered through dragon dreaming self-realization.


Divinity is a state of being in which the love of the Source or the Tao is revealed. Those causing the love of the Tao to reveal oscillate a motion in which divinity is achieved. Achievement of divinity allows the love of the Tao to oscillate motions that foster a union divine. The union divine is offered through the chalice divine as a modality of surrender between Dao or feminine attributes of self unto Tao or masculine attributes of self. As Dao surrenders unto Tao, the union is fused. Fusion of union is a special oscillation of self that ignites a flame of the divine. The flame of the divine infuses the self of the self within of the love of the Source or the Tao.


Wholeness Theory of Self


The Tao understands through forensic motion, and the Dao realizes through divine accolades of self. Realization can be equated to application of divine notions towards all circumstance. Divine notions recognize the beauty in all life forms and all peoples regardless of happenstance of plight. Divinity within acknowledges the beauty of Dao and Tao attributes of self. The love of the Tao is a motion that is applied internal to self. As self infuses in the love of the Tao, the love is inaugurated as an outer motion to fulfill upon compassionate action. Compassionate action realizes the wholeness theory of self.


Compassionate action is Dao and Tao driven in oscillations of unification of extremes such that heaven and hell cease to exist within. Wholeness theory precludes the concept of heaven or hell. As heaven and hell unite a formation of self occurs that is not suspended in polarity. Polarity or duality oscillates notions and potions of the non-divine at cause of most life happenstance of strife. Wholeness unifies the opposites such that strife ceases along with inversion of self and the middle path of self may develop. Wholeness is a Tao concept and not driven by dragon-aid of human order systems. Dragon dreaming is a Tao wholeness theory for self-realization the occurs beyond dragon-aid order level of synthesis.


Those in polarity in dragon-aid order dreaming will oscillate between heaven and hell principles of self. Heaven may be equated with healing the natural world that provides a positive or lighter dream of happenstance in trade. Healing the planet to acquire beautiful dreams is an attribute of dragon-aid dreams and not associated with self-realization. Self-realization is a modality to ascertain the polarities within and unify through rendition into divine states of being of wholeness precept and theory. Dragon-aid theory may choose to rendition dreams of heaven founded polarity into hell in order to achieve notions of the divine in continued mastery.


Dragon-aid dreaming often oscillates into notions of healing the planet. Healing the world is a difficult happenstance of self-realization. The world is a self of its own oscillation of planetary forces. Mother Earth consciousness is a self that is fostering a resolution to her own reunion within. Mother Earth self is associated with consensus derivation of theory. Consensus theory oscillates in notions of divine sequencing of self through natural world ordering. Natural world ordering is a happenstance of dream of Earth lore. Earth lore dreaming is oscillating into a rendition in which that which received heaven principle dreams will move into principles of hell to balance the scales. This is the foundation of nemesis dreaming to prevail in human happenstance ahead.


The purpose of nemesis is to realize what the darkness of hell has to teach self in the dreams of life. Hell oscillates a motion in which dreams fail to align or syncopate in the hypothesis of heaven. Heaven syncopates dreams into oscillations that mimic the divine. Divinity can be oscillated into a symposium of resources that are not wholeness theory in foundation and polarized against resources of hell. Those existing for long periods in synergized dreaming may oscillate into dis-synergized dreaming for a counterbalance of theory towards wholeness.


Mastering Divinity


Self-realization theory utilizes the experiences of heaven or hell to recover self. Self has lost itself into sequences of darker dreams and regains itself as divinity is mastered. Divinity is mastered as compassionate action is applied to the oscillation of a darker dream happenstance. As compassion flows the darker dreams depart and can be unified into a middle rendition dream happenstance. Middle rendition dreams flow into realization of self through oscillations of the divine forensics motion of a repose into sweeter incantations of prose dreaming.


Transfiguration of dream is a self-realization attribute that causes strife to be renditioned through divine expression oscillated through poetic prose incantations. Incantations form a spell that renders the darker attributes of dream and ignites a flame in which the happenstance is cleansed. As the happenstance is cleared, a rendition flows in which self can realize through divine recognition. Divine recognition is a state of being in which the divinity is perceived in all attributes of life.


The oscillations of realization foster compassion, forgiveness and truth to oscillate together leading to mastery of divinity. Divinity has many levels of mastery in dragon lore synthesis. Synthesis of self is an action of divinity. Divine action of self causes the consciousness to expand leading to increasing awareness through application of the forensics of love. The forensics of love is an oscillation of Dao and Tao in an ignition of the flame of truth within.


The flame of truth ignites as compassionate action unfolds leading to an oscillation of self revelation. As the self is revealed, dragon lore dreaming unfolds. Dragon lore dreaming is a forensic notion founded upon the principles of wholeness theory. In wholeness theory each is represented as a part of the whole and is necessary unto the equation of life. Each part plays a role that contributes unto the self of each. Each self masters itself in an accolade of achievement through unification of the extreme poles of self.


Dragon-aid Dreaming


Divine expression is a result of the mastery of dragon lore dreaming. Dragon lore dreaming varies from dragon-aid dreaming in many ways. Dragon-aid dreaming relies upon intention to foster a change rather than incantation of prose. Intention renditions the dream time fostering another dream to unfold. Transfiguration is an application of an incantation to cause dreams to flow in synergy of self. Dragon-aid dreaming only synergizes in group accolades of achievement. Alone and separate those in dragon-aid dreaming often fail to synergize leading to darker life happenstance in-between gatherings.


Dragon-aid dreaming is founded upon self-appreciation. Self appreciation is a precursor to the development of divine attributes of self and must be mastered before dragon accolades of dreaming can unfold. Appreciation of self allows the love accolades of the reserves of dragon-aid dreaming to oscillate a beautiful foray of care into the life happenstance. The care fosters renewal of self and the biological sequences of dreams. Dragon-aid dreamers synthesize rather than synergize. Often dragon-aid dreamers synthesize with nature to renew. Natural world dreams accolade synthesis to those renditioning into dragon-aid realization for the purposes of renewal. Dragon-aid dreamers appreciate nature in return through the actualization of blessing theory.


In the year past, dragon-aid dreaming fell into oscillations of dis-synergy of the self of nature. The cause of the dis-synergy is tantric interplay of self that oscillated a motion of the non-divine upon Earth. The theory and suppositions of self-realization of Earth renditioned into another notion and segmented dragon-aid dreaming causing a forensic motion of non-compliance of self. Those in non-compliance of self in dragon-aid dreaming may experience a relapse into darker dream happenstance until self-realization is fostered. Self of Earth is choosing to cease to synergize with dragon-aid dreaming at this time in her own realization.


Karma is a heightened motion in times of cyclic changes of self. Self is a happenstance that is cyclic and realizes itself in heightened presuppositions of self. The cycle underway is a heightened time in which self can realize or fall. Self that falls from dragon-aid dreaming will return to demonic interplay of self. Those who fall may have failed to master self appreciation and cause false appreciation in oscillations of dream. False appreciation causes one to synthesize at the dis-synthesis of another.


False appreciation is an oscillation that renews another rather than self. Renewal of another and not of self is a forensic motion of non-care. Non-care is an act of non-appreciation of self. Self-appreciation requires rendition into care of self and other selves who care in return. Caring for selves who fail to care in return is an act of dis-achievement of dragon-aid realization. Care oscillates motions that synergize self if shared. Two in dragon-aid dreaming that care learn to synergize with each other. Many in dragon-aid dreaming learn to synergize with nature instead of another human. Those in dragon-aid dreaming that synergize against nature causing her to dis-synergize fail their tests of dragon-aid mastery.


Dragon-aid dreaming occurs in certain regions held in polarity foundations of self against those regions in demonic interplay. At this time, less than 30% of the current human happenstance occurs in dragon-aid oscillations of dreams. Those mastering dragon-aid or dragon lore dreaming self-realize best in regions that sustain dragon-aid dreaming and not demonic interplay. Dragon-aid dreaming occurs in pristine happenstance of natural world regions that renew. Dragon-aid dreaming can occur in small equations in any region, and therefore it is up to those who are mastering self to relocate to those regions that better serve the mastery in the life happenstance.


Dragon-aid dreams in partnership are a special oscillation of mastery. Two in self-appreciation knit together a union divine that can oscillate into self-realization theory. Dragon-aid and demon lore dreamers are a difficult happenstance. Those in dragon-aid theory of self generally separate from partnerships in demon lore dreaming in order to succeed at continued mastery.


Dragon Dreaming


Dragon-aid dreamers aid the dragon realm into causing realization to a point in time in which dragon dreaming can oscillate within. Dragon-aid dreamers are only temporarily supported into happenstance that realizes so that dragon levels of mastery can succeed thereafter. It is only as dragon levels of self-realization unfolds that the dreams of the whole can be restored into enough synergy of self to offset potential attrition leading to extinction. Extinction is a demonic interplay dream. As dragons fail, demonic interplay succeeds leading to extinction. As dragons succeed, another dream of enlightenment can be fostered.


Self achieves through synthesis of consciousness into the fabric of the field. Synthesis of self in dragon-aid formations is clustered and not clear. Clusters of consciousness are allowed in dragon-aid dreaming. Dragon self-realization requires purification of self into striations of synthesis that are rainbow like in formation. Rainbows of self-distinguish those mastering enough to transition from dragon-aid levels into dragon mastery.


Dragon development of self begins with an oscillation to purify self. Self is a striation of many dandered attributes that arise out of physical consciousness. Physical consciousness that consumes striates in tones of non-awareness. Non aware states anesthetize self with life habits that cause consciousness to sustain a non-oscillation. Preoccupations with condrian thoughtform causes the habituation of non-awareness leading to consumption of self. Consumption of self and life practices are associated. Those rendering self in any composite habituate consumption.


Consumption is associated with consumerism. Consumerism causes an imbalance of self of natural world systems along with human systems of spiritually adroit happenstance. Spiritual awareness eclipses due to consumption behavior of those affiliated with self. Self that is aware draws boundaries and happenstances separation from those that consume for preservation of realization possibility. Those that fail to separate from consumptive happenstance can fall into a cease realization circumstance due to loss of self.


Those mastering self-realization theory will cease to consume through life habituation. Consumption is an un-adroit occurrence in which more is sought to be taken than given back to the life. Realization only occurs in balance in all accolades of self. The biological self must find balance in all areas of life in order for self to realize into dragon accolades of truth.


Dragon-aid happenstance allows for certain levels of imbalance to balance the scales of karma in the ancestry. Ancestries each have their karmic happenstance. For some, accumulation of much is a necessary experience to offset many incarcerated lifetimes of impoverishment. Equations are applied to the self through dragon-aid dreaming to allow the systems of self to cause a fate to balance the scales. As all scales are balanced, karmic systems of self cease and dharma life happenstance unfolds in dragon lore dreaming of further realization.


Dharma, Mindset Development and Compassionate Action


Dharma is an equation of divinity. Divinity is founded upon the gift of existence. Existence is a gift to accolade a suppository of self to allow for expansion. Expansion of self is not to manifest wealth but to trigger mindset development. Mindset requires self to accolade unto itself to understand. Wealth causes self to expand to accolade perceived adroit equations of consumption rather than realization. As mindset fails to develop as self expands, mindset fosters the greed paradigm of self.


Mindset development oscillates the waves of the brain in systems of self in equations of numerical issues of thoughtform. Thoughtform is a mindset of select happenstance in which the thoughts occur in oscillations of self that fosters the understanding of divine precepts and theory of life. Theory of life is a divinity prose incantation of self. Self accolades into divine precepts and theory in order to expand through compassionate action.


Compassionate action is a series of equations that allow the thoughts to deliver a wave action that oscillates in a particular motion leading to happenstance of adroit forgiveness. Mindset that fails to forgive oscillates in alpha and beta happenstance which causes the deliberation of waves that inflict, render, mutilate and do not serve another. Those oscillating in motions of alpha and beta cannot realize and generally are remorseful, reject others, are unrelenting in deliverance of grievances, and do not forgive. Happenstance with alpha and beta level humans is best offset through avoidance and forgiveness of ancestral conditions of self.


Many dragon-aid humans develop thessa and thulsa mindset. Dragon lore dreaming requires development beyond this to sustain into achievement of oska, aliska, sesska and sisska mindset. Dragon-aid dreaming can forgive through oscillations of self. Thulsa and thessa mindset cannot understand compassionate action. Compassionate action requires development of oska and above to understand in equations that sequence mindset to expand to perceive the larger picture of the happenstance.


Compassionate action is an accolade of the first levels of mastery of dragon lore dreaming. Dragon-aid dreaming can be departed from by those who have mastered compassionate action in life. As dragon lore dreaming is anchored, many attributes of life in strife and equations that pulsate in nemesis dreaming can be departed from. The following prose oscillate dreams into an expression of divinity within for dragon lore dreamers.


Happenstance of the Divine


Divine aspirations of self

Are a magnetic repose

Of a happenstance within

To understand and forgive

In the divine expression

Of the infinite will

Of the Tao

Ignited in the adroit sensation

With the Dao

In the masculine and feminine

Repose of self

In a flame of ignition



The Divinity Key


Divinity is an accolade

Of achievement of self

In which the happenstance

Tempers itself

Into a forensic motion

In which perception

Is expanded

Into infinite equations

Of a hypothesis of self

To realize itself

Into a forgiveness foray

Of the Tao


Dao and Tao Union


The Dao

Is the feminine

That releases itself

In a surrender

Unto the Tao

As the masculine

In an oscillation of notion

That ignites an equation

In which love flows

In a presupposition

Of the void

Of the infinite


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