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Light Wave Archive #8


Anthology of Anu Self Predisposition


The family of Anu were an adroit expression upon Earth. The foray of the Anu is a dream of Pleiadian derivative of knowing that arrived upon Earth when she was a fourth dimensional expression. The Anu departed in a fiery explosion of a nuclear winter generated due to the happenstance of great darkness that befell their relationships. The history of the Anu will be discussed in greater detail in two workbooks generated by Mother Earth foray of consciousness. (Please refer to Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Workbook 2 for more information.)


The Anu lifespan in fourth dimensional terms was extended into deep despair in the end of each lifetime. The lives of each moved between deep deprivation and depression into deep affixation with tantric appeasement of self. Tantra is a foray of energetic systems of self that allow for synergy within and between the two; or an intoxication of emotion due to a repose of the elixir of existence. The family of Anu drove their tantric practices into elixirs of life at the expense of others of red nation relationship with Earth.


The Anu were a derivative of condrian DNA that failed to resonate with Earth’s magnetic fulgurations of self. The self of those of condrian attributes of self reside in a primarily electrical foray of dynamics of self. Electrical attributes of self foray for dreams that resonate in a system of systematic function with a foray of dreams associated with the fabric of DNA of condrian association. Self of condrian derivation resonates not with self of magnetic association of DNA.


Self of electrical predisposition hosts attributes of existence that render the self of those of magnetic predisposition. Rendering of self leads to loss of dream, loss of renewal, abortion of self and loss of participation in self-realization. The Anu deprived those of red nation lore of the capacity to realize self. The family of Anu were not desirous of the outcome of the karma of their existence. The realization of the self of the Anu failed and as such they had little conscious awareness of all the accolades of dis-achievement caused in the life happenstance.


The life of the Anu was not happy or adroit in its expression although they may have arrived in such a state. The state of the being of the Anu diminished greatly over time. Attributes of life extension predisposition sustained the self of each at the expense of many of red nation lore. The happenstance of the Anu is precarious in its rendition. The rendition of the Anu has been attempted in many time periods as a foray of responsibility. The responsibility of the Anus is only an accolade of self dis-achievement. As such those self-realizing can forgive others who dis-achieve self and complete.


The mindset of those venturing into accolades of further achievement of self will understand the derivation of stories of self. Every self has a story. Stories are attributes of self in interactions that range from kind in forensic application to renderous in outcome. Regardless of behavior, the self of those in dis-achievement render and cause the self demise of others. The choice to retrieve and re-synthesize self repairs the happenstance of loss of self in any format through conscious intention.


The Anu derivative of self is a renderous notion in predisposition of hatred. Hatred is an act of desecration of self. Self is not designed for desecration. In the desire to life extend, the Anu desecrated self of others to foray for an extension of the life story. Each life story has a script that begins and ends at a particular age and accomplishment of self. No story is designed to extend forever. The stories of the Anu raptured into four distinct phases of existence stripping many others of life.


Loss of Self Realization on Earth


The Anu desire to life extend through self-revitalization is an accolade of suppository of self as well as a dis-achievement of self. Suppository of self is a gathering of the fabric of self for the purposes of self-realization. The Anu renditioned to strip the self relayed for realization for thousands upon Earth. The result was a loss of realization of self upon Earth.


Self-realization is an attribute of astute awareness of self. Self is an attribute of the archetypal structure that associates with the foray of dreams available. If archetypal structures are unavailable in a particular creation, the resources of self foray into stagnation of self. Stagnation of self is an attribute of the wrong designation of self into biological structures that fail to realize.


Those who are not designed to realize and are deposited with self for this purpose become confused as to the purpose of the life. Many today have received suppositories of self that do not accolade with the purpose of realization. The confusion in the metaphysical foray is an example of those in leadership that cannot realize beyond the basic degree of suppository of self. Self-realization requires an accolade of symposium of achievement in a renditioned biological foray to accomplish.


Self is also a foray of nonphysical association with inter-dimensional attributes of realization. The physical is the apex of realization of a multidimensional foray of self. As the physical fails to realize, it complicates the realization of other dimensions of self attending to evolutionary sequences of dream.


The complications of self in a mixed biological system of self are not unknown. The genetic inheritances are often confusing leading to the mis-appropriation of self that should realize in the apex. When self is mixed in the physical, the physical can be renditioned to extinction and left behind by self that is realizing in dimensions above. This is the sad fate that shall attempted to be reversed through a rendition for self-realization amongst those with the correct inheritance for the journey.


The Anu relays for life were derived from suppositories of self from the Pleiades. The first dreams of the Anu were fulfilled upon in a normal sequence of dream for the related story and lifespan for each. The second through fourth dream stories caused a vacillation of self acquired in the nuclear attrition of Earth. The self rendering was vast in the ancient time periods associated.


Adroit and Perfunctory Expressions


We share details about self-betrayal of the Anu from an adroit position of experience. The family Anu were adroit people and not perfunctory in expression. Red nation lore is perfunctory in its expression. Perfunctory and adroit experiences intermix in forays of dis-achievement of self leading to karmic sequences of dream. Karmic happenstance is an adroit expression in a perfunctory experience of dream.


Perfunctory issues of life are self associated. Self is a relay of happenstance of understanding of archetypal systems accoladed by spirit. The accolades of spirit cause enlightenment of self. Adroit expression fails to become enlightened in condrian lore. The Anu adroit experience is more commonplace today. Adroit expression leads to all the dysfunction of relationship happenstance.


Perfunctory expression is an adjunct to self suppository of realization fabric. The fabric of self expands in realization through three attributes of perfunctory vocabulary. Perfunctory vocabulary is not meant for the physical command of creation. Self relies upon perfunctory language and not infinite prose and ckantor of dragon derivation of thought. Prose transfigures the dream of the physical through ckantor language. Prose are not adroit but poetry in motion that is perfunctory in its use of language that accolades unto the self for the purposes of realization.


The Anu relied upon adroit prose that happenstanced a foray of dream that transfigured for themselves at the expense of others. Others lost the transfigurative characteristics of ckantor prose in the manipulative nature of adroit systems of self. Adroit systems of self fail to serve those realizing in ckantor prose transfigurative nature. The first rendition of self for those realizing is to release adroit sequences of prose and adapt into non-adroit systems. Dreams shall be fostered in sweeter accolades of achievement in perfunctory prose command of self.


The Anu Happenstance of Self




Merduk was an adroit character who was handsome in himself. Merduk accoladed achievement over science of self. He ventured to Earth to presupposition a theory of self-realization in the romance of accolades of medicinal fabric of Earth. The foray was for the purpose of life extension theory through herbal remedies of self. The research and development achieved Merduk a Pleiadian award of merit for the validity of revitalization of self through medicinals.


Merduk developed fifteen medicinals from plants of kingdoms of Earth not prevalent in the Pleiades. He farmed the plants and caused a series of prescriptions amongst the elite of the Pleiades who paid well for the foray of dream for the extension of life. The medicinals extracted life stories from those of red nation lore adding the extension of existence amongst the elite utilizing the medicinals.


Merduk was a character that was handsome in the physical and tantric in nature. His romances were large in number and often with Pleiadian visitors of the family who were known for their tantric capabilities. The family caused a tantric community to develop. Merduk relied upon the community for a vast array of self interludes that led to the anesthesia of self through tantric misuse of energetic dynamics. Merduk happenstanced the best possible dreams to numb to the pain of himself.




Persephone was a perfunctory female that wandered into the garden of medicinal foray of Merduk. Persephone was young and unaccomplished. Merduk seduced her and lured her to him in a long happenstance for tantric expression of self. The tantra rendered Persephone in self and spirit to a point that she failed to know who she was. Merduk displaced other rendered self upon Persephone from accolades of red nation and whale lore. Natural world self was also a part of Persephone’s betrayal of herself.


Persephone and Merduk became increasingly intertwined in self. The intertwining of self forayed a life extension for Merduk. Merduk rendered Persephone into suicidal attempts. Suicide failed and disease followed and Persephone accoladed into a forensics happenstance of self. The happenstance restored her youth for another term of life. The sentence was not appreciated and Persephone fell into deep depression in the continued self-annihilation of Merduk.


Persephone remained with Merduk in spite of her depression. Merduk relied upon the tantric foray of Persephone to further numb himself into an extended position of life. He forayed for another dream of another accolade of achievement. The dream renditioned his happenstance from medicinal foray of life extension into treatment centers for rehabilitation of the aging desiring to renew. The centers were developed in another planetary system that he traveled unto. Persephone never traveled with Merduk. Merduk had many tantric affairs in spite of a deep association of tantric systems of self with Persephone.


Persephone sensed the affairs flowing into deeper despair of rejection of self. The rejection accoladed her into disease. The disease failed to be renewed and Merduk resourced her for euthanasia. A close scientist friend administered the drugs until she fell into a deep sleep and passed. Persephone passed into a repository of self that was accoladed into the systems of renewal of the Anu.


Merduk went insane following Persephone’s passing. The insanity was more than he could repair in relation to self. His friends and family disappeared. A war of sorts broke out between he and his half-sister Innana. Merduk forayed for a dream of euthanasia for himself. He attempted administration of the associated drugs but failed to pass. He accoladed a rendition of himself causing one more time period to be life extended. The life beyond Persephone was not a happenstance of union or unity despite many tantric lovers. The rendition of Merduk failed to cause a synchronicity of himself. Self departed himself leading to a death by nuclear attrition of Earth.




Innana was a presupposition of a tantric maiden of self. Innana was beautiful and a repository of tantric prose in adroit fashion of condrian lore of self. The lore of the condrian is a dis-synergistic system of self amongst those of non-adroit happenstance; and a synergy of deep union amongst those of adroit paradigm of self. Innana dis-synergized many in her tantric foray of delight upon Earth while unifying with many others of adroit behavioral sequences of self. The underlying cause of disease or death was never examined by herself amongst her non-adroit beloveds. The self of herself had long moved into a disfigured system of systematic self that failed to examine itself.


Innana lived four lifetimes of self derived stories. Her first life was primarily Pleiadian with many lovers and a vast understanding of tantric forays of delight and sensual exposure of relationship happenstance. Her knowledge was adroit and perceptive and admired in the region that she lived. Innana ventured to many creations accolading associations with others of tantric lore interests. She ventured to Earth due to Merduk’s interest in self-revitalization.


Innana forayed for a harvest of funds for her travels. Her adroit tantric system of self designed a line of clothing and jewelry that were beautiful and of natural world substances from Earth. The line was a hit amongst females primarily seeking tantric lore associations of a beloved of self. The funds generated supported her vast travel to other tantric communities. Innana’s repository of self diminished extensively following her second life story.


The third life story was of a natural world wonder in association with Athena derivation of anthology. Innana adventured into natural world symposium of repose of self to accolade another journey in life. The journey stripped the natural world of lifespan through accolades of dis-synergy of earth. The third life involved the association with a half grandson known as Gaylya. Gaylya was a beloved of a non-love motion of self. Gaylya extended Innana into another foray of life script that renewed her happenstance of self.


Gaylya achieved his own foray of tantric understanding through Innana and many teachers abroad. He ventured for many years to adroit creations for tantric intervals of training. The knowledge acquired happenstanced a tantric community that grew upon Earth. He met and married his twin Daylya who Innana personally trained to pleasure himself. Gaylya and Daylya did not life extend but passed before Innana befell her sad fate. (Please see “Light Wave Archive #4” for more of the Gaylya, Daylya and Sampson karmic fate).


The fourth life story of Innana was the most difficult. The life renewal of self began to fail and she refused euthanasia. Instead, she renditioned for another period of renewal of self in communion with Athena. Athena practiced many spiritual postulations that continued to renew herself. Athena and Innana were twins of the foray of self and happenstanced another repository of renewal at the sad fate of loss of red nation lore realization.


The suppository of self for realization confused Innana and Athena. Each renditioned to transfuse when the archetypal structure of nature was not present upon Earth. The transfusion caused Innana a series of perfunctory demise capitulations of self leading to insanity. The insanity destroyed the foray between her and Athena as the self of each failed to carry on in the accolade of mutual agreement.




Athena was a sorcerer of vast achievement of self in Pleiadian spiritual lore. She renditioned to adventure unto Earth for spiritual cause. Athena was interested in self-development of happenstance. Her achievements involved social structures of nations of underprivileged archetypal foray of humans. An adroit happenstance of human interbreeding occurred upon Earth and Athena adventured to rendition the civilization structure into an adroit system of education. Self associated with Athena’s foray was seeking answers to problematic systems of self that paralleled in Pleiadian happenstance of civilization of underprivileged archetypal cause.


Athena maintained the systems of self for the civilization of a small population base of underprivileged humans upon Earth. The self repository was small and accoladed a sensation of lack and non-achievement in life amongst the populations. She renditioned to attain more self and stripped the self of the land as a suppository of happenstance for human populations. The loss of self of Earth predisposed the systems of creation to fail over time leading to extinction lore.


Athena attempted transfusion upon Earth in an adroit system of self. The adroit systems of self reposed sour symphonies upon Earth leading to demonization of happenstance. Demons flooded to Earth rendering the systems of functional happenstance causing a demise of the structures of Earth. Humans became demonized in red lore leading to a vast loss of consciousness of self.




Zeus was an adroit business partner of Merduk. Zeus accoladed a synergy of happenstance at cause of the success of Merduk’s foray of life extension medicinals. Zeus seduced Athena into a life happenstance of marriage. The marriage was accoladed as necessary by the family due to adroit tantric forays of privileged of happenstance. The marriage was not a choice of Zeus who felt confined by any partnership at all.


The marriage lasted many years with Zeus becoming increasingly interested in tantric knowledge for himself. He ventured to study in many creations that Innana enjoyed tantric lore practices of self. He had many beloveds and over time separated from Athena. Zeus’ interests spread to red nation tantric systems of self often rendering those who associated with him. The rendering failed to be understood as the self of Zeus became dandered in the magnetic repose of Earth.


Zeus was the first of the family to choose euthanasia to end his life. He returned to the Pleiades and completed with a book of self anthology of tantric lore. The completion extended his story one more rendition of dream as he met and married his twin Hera. Hera accoladed renewal for Zeus and not a completion in euthanasia. The two returned unto Earth and into a suppository of self from red nation lore. Hera fell ill over time and the two chose euthanasia together in twin lore understanding of joint capitulation into death.




Apollo was an adroit self of vast scientific knowledge. He came to Earth to foray for communications and understanding between systems of magnetic and electrical predisposition of self. Apollo was unhappy upon Earth and adventured to other creations for tantric lore practice and understanding. The tantric lore caused Apollo to become highly creative in many avenues of expression including music, art, dance and acting. He starred in two award winning films on tantric love that awarded him an academy of Pleiadian derivative of achievement.


Apollo befell a mysterious romance with Vestivia, a child of a tantric affair between Zeus and a red nation tantric lore beloved. The child was unexpectedly conceived and raised by Innana in vast tantric happenstance of understanding. The tantric self of Vestivia attracted Apollo at a time of boredom and enlightened himself. The joy of the union was short lived due to interactions of self that did not resonate between the two.


Apollo much as Zeus chose to end the life in euthanasia. Apollo did not return to the Pleiades but relied upon medicinal of Merduk to foster his life choice. The rendition of self failed and he ended his life in sixty days dying in relative peace of self. Self of Apollo failed to understand the karmic consequences of actions upon Earth due to dandering of self.


Vestivia (Rosetti)


Vestivia was the child of Petulia and Zeus. The two had a brief tantric affair producing an offspring. Petulia struggled in the pregnancy and deliberated her decision to abort. Her twin Nanomo provided healing and effectual adroit rendering of the Anu happenstance to accolade a live birth. The child was offered to Innana to raise as Petulia could not happenstance any other cause. The child was named Rosetti by Petulia; and later Vestivia as Innana adopted her as her own offspring.


Innana had a close association with Zeus and undertook the task of raising his beautiful child. Vestivia was gorgeous in her face and body. Zeus was a very handsome adroit individual with darker accolades of provisions of biological self. Petulia was a beautiful female and the offspring was to be raised as a tantric delight reflecting the stature of the family in Pleiadian lore.


Vestivia grew up in a tantric lore family happenstance with many who attended to her as a child, teenager and adult. The tantric community appeared to bloom and grow due to her happenstance. Vestivia loved all the attention and attraction to many lovers beginning early in age. She traveled extensively with Innana experiencing many variant tantric communities and practices. She learned of all the delights of the beloved and the understanding of union pervaded her attention.


Vestivia did not anticipate a family union. Apollo appeared as an association in a tantric lore holiday and the two came together unannounced and unaware of common habitat of association. They befell a difficult fate as Innana recognized Apollo as her half sibling. Pleiadian lore does not allow familiar sexuality and Apollo had taken Vestivia in a manner that was precarious to the intention of marriage. Marriage is a conscious choice, and if the male chooses intercourse rather than solely tantric union, then the fate is sealed. The happenstance of marriage of Apollo and Vestivia paralleled that of Athena and Zeus.


Vestivia produced a beautiful daughter with Apollo known as Vestuvia. Vestivia translates into beautiful goddess in Pleiadian lore. Vestuvia translates into goddess of the heavens. Vestuvia repeated her mother’s history as a tantric child that was accoladed unto in many tantric communities upon Earth and in other creations of mindset. As Vestuvia matured, the agreements with Apollo ceased, and Vestivia divorced.


Vestivia renewed her lifespan via Merduk rendition of self twice. The early life was the foray of her tantric lore activities. The second life was one of marriage and child rearing in tantric lore fashion. As the marriage ceased, her capacity to rendition for another life extension went to Innana in karmic accolades of self. Vestivia returned to her tribe and to spend time with her mother Petulia. The dream for the reunion did not fare well for Petulia. Petulia fell ill and Nanomo was rendered in the Anu foray of dreaming through Vestivia.


Vestivia had a brief affair with a twin to Petulia and of parallel age. The two conceived a child that is born known as Gaylyla. Vestivia returns to Innana and offers up her child for her to raise. Vestivia knew that she would not live long. She fell into hardship within due to damnation of self. The hell and demons consumed her and she died in deep grief. Petulia died in parallel due to the damnation of both mother and child. Vestivia’s daughter manifest a parallel fate also taking on the hell fire of Innana to extend the life one more rendition of self.




The Anu family anchored a tantric lore upon Earth of condrian self-abatement. Self-abatement is the rendering of self to accolade self unto anther to extend the foray of life dream. The Anu forayed for many dreams of the physical along with the self of the self within. The self within expanded via a realization stance accolading many happenstance that were not sincere to the actualization of self. The lack of actualization of self is a difficult happenstance for any creation. The creation of Earth and red nation lore humans befell the sad fate of a fall into extinction lore due to the loss of self to an extreme in condrian happenstance of systems of self.


Condrian systems of self strip in one creation and lose in another. Self accolades to a journey to understand. Sometimes self chooses to foray for dreams in foreign creations to understand something that cannot be perceived in the creation of origin. Self is always interested in growth, perception, understanding and forgiveness. The sad happenstance of foreign mix of self is one of rendition of existence through extinction lore.


Extinction lore is a renderous notion that causes life to abate itself and sever the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to realize itself into a foray of beautiful understanding accolading into a stance of infinite forgiveness. If self is lost to an extreme, the possibility of accolading into infinite forgiveness ceases. As forgiveness ceases, karmic foray of continued dream of the renderers paradigm occurs. Earth is in her third cycle of renderers notions since the era of the Anu folded as a fourth dimensional foray of dream.


The possibility of motions and potions to transcend Anu abatement of self was attempted in Atlantis time of history. The possibility failed and an abatement of self occurred leading to nuclear demise of Earth. The repeat of the cause can be accoladed into a polarity reversal of self. As self reverses, then the possibility of a happenstance of redemption of condrian lore can begin.


Mindset development is required for a redemption of karmic happenstance to unfold. Mindset development was attempted in Atlantean time of cycles of evolutionary fulfillment. The attempt failed. In the deeper understanding of why the mindset development failed, the possibility of achievement of a different path of fate could occur. The development of mindset shall be attempted through the actions of self-realization ahead.


Mindset development has the difficulties of mind bend syndrome. Atlantis suffered from extreme mind bend for parallel cause of techno-gadgetry development. The development of the technology could deter mindset development again ahead unless renditioned out of the human foray. Renditioning the comforts of techno gadgetry is difficult for humans unless happenstance occurs where the requirements of the physical bypass the requirement to consume. As consumptive behavior ceases, the requirement for the techno gadgetry may cease for comfort’s sake.


It is unclear what the future will behold in the physical. For those willing, mindset development will unfold. The focus upon media-based interests must be relinquished if mindset is to sustain itself. A precariously good diet is required to fulfill upon the goal of self-realization. A need for a pristine environment of supportive dynamics of land-based systems of circuitry is also required. The regions with healthy light wave mindset of a land-based derivative is rapidly receding due to the toxic happenstance of humanity.


For those choosing to master, there is a requirement to dream dreams supportive of the choice to self-realize. There may be few who realize, but those who accomplish the task are vital to the support of self. Self shall accolade the journey for a time. As self develops from a physical desire to realize, then self above accolades the achievement. The achievement may not develop unless there is a supportive happenstance in the life dream to fulfill upon the goal.


The presentation of the self-analysis of the Anus is offered for forgiveness of self. Each self of the inheritance has experienced adroit symptoms of self rendering self. The adroit symptoms require redemption amongst those foraying for a dream of realization in this time period. Self has deteriorated, and it must be accoladed into a new synthesis of repair for the evolutionary sequences of self-realization to begin. We invite you to explore the personal karmic happenstance of self and to choose to forgive. Three prose are offered to follow that are useful to achievement of the goal of forgiveness of self.


Forgiveness of the Adroit


In the infinite forgiveness

Of the Dao

The forces of the feminine

Are called to the foray

Of the dream

Of a non-renderous plot

In the synthesis of self

Of the self of the self within

To accomplish the task

Of self-realization

In recognition of the need

To infinitely forgive

The loss of self

In all predispositions

Of self


The I Am


In the infinite forgiveness

Of the Tao

The I am that I am

Accolades a journey

Of rendition of self

Of the I am presence

Of all that I am

And all that I will be

In the forever of the void

Of infinite possibility

Of Tao derivative truth

In the love of the love

Of the beloved



The Happenstance


The happenstance

Accoladed unto

Is not of adroit symptoms

But of perfunctory cause

In a rendition of language

To accolade the dream

Into a new foray

Of non-plight

Leading to delight

In a forensic notion

Of a synergized motion

In which the divine

Of the union within

Can be expressed


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