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Light Wave Archive #6


The Path of Self Realization


Self-realization is a method of recognizing self as an accompanying attribute of the synergy of soul. Synergy between body, mind and soul is an all-encompassing focus that shall cause a straight and narrow path of self-mastery amongst those desiring to fulfill upon this goal. The goal shall offset numerous influences of light wave mind bend that have affected each over time.


Those reading our book and studying with us are fostering to allow self-realization and mindset of wave synergy to develop. The group is evolving into another formation that shall allow for light wave mindset of thulsa, thessa and thossa derivative of waves. The development of light wave mind presupposes a development of synergy within the heart and mind accolade of self. Heart accolades of self are measurements of love of the beloved within. Measurements of heart accolade are designed to understand and syncopate the soul and self into a synapse formation of heart mind synergy.


Love and Heart Mind Synergy


Heart mind synergy is really an offshoot of self-realization. Self is a supposition of a paradigm of a renewal of synergy of body, mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit accolades are really a notion that requires rendition in human circumstance of dream for direction of spirit and renewal of self.


Dreams have rendered heart mind interfaces to a point that there is little understanding of the supposition of love of soul. The supposition of love of soul is really a requirement to focus inward and love self. Love of self is not equated to blessings inward or outward. Blessings foster love that enhances the heart mind interface to allow soul to direct the life.


Love of self is fostered through three paradigms. One is to foster the innate knowing of kinesthetic forensics to restore cellular rendition of love. Cellular love is a phenomenon of archetypal influences of DNA that resound in elemental postulations of synergy. Synergy of the elements is a fundamental structure of cellular love. The love of the Tao aids in the rendition of the elements to foster cellular love.


The second paradigm of love is the notion of heart pallets (light grid centers) and instruments of blessings to be accoladed into the resources of the heart mind synergy. The heart mind synergy requires a repose of resounding resonance of harmony and unity in order to foster a sense of self love. Harmony and love equate to synthesis of sound that resonates through the field and biology leading to a sense of fulfillment and wellbeing.


The third paradigm of love is a system of systematic review of self that fosters an understanding of oneself. The systems of self number seven in total. The seven systems accolade a resonance of symposium that allows self to feel renewed, hopeful, at peace, in alignment with truth, centered, attuned unto the nonphysical and blessed. These represent the seven suppositions of self.


Self Realization and 28 Layers of Self


The seven accolades of self synergize in and out of the heart mind interface. In order to rendition the self, all seven presuppositions must be represented as layers in the peplum of the heart region. The peplum expands to include self that resides in the face and chest region as seven layers of flow that are spherical. The layers expand through blessings to accolade with the symposiums of sound of the land and sea or sun and in the expansion ignite a flame that then blends with soul to foster the act of mind heart accolades of understanding.


The purpose of self-realization is to develop seven layers of self associated with thossa mindset (above thulsa and thessa). Four more layers develop in another octave of mindset known as tussa. Eight more layers of self develop in ten octaves of mindset above this known as ossa. Completion of self-realization level of mastery involves a fully 28 layers of self and mastery over two additional mindsets known as oscka and adiska. Most develop oscka and adiska as dream time accolades of self only. Transfusion allows the accolades of self to share in the mastery if the physical has failed to develop to all levels of self.


Light Wave Mind Systems of Brain Development


Heart mind interface at thossa level of mindset requires synapses to develop in light wave mind systems of brain development. The brain development accolades synergy between synapse of right and left hemispheres that share in the supposition of union. Union is a male female system of systematic self that offsets dis-synergy when in motion.


Self presupposes a need to love in order to offset its own dis-synergy of self. Dis-synergy of self renders spirit leading to lack of dream. Lack of dream presupposes a loss of spirit and union within. Union within is a light wave mind function that must recreate itself consistently to be fostered. The systematic system of self recreates heart accolades and mind synergy in a union of motion of self and soul accolades. The heart mind interconnection allow self to present itself to spirit and spirit to accolade down the dimensions to be present.


Heart mind redirection is a self-realization development offshoot. At this time self-realization is coming to a forefront of the eastern and western banks of knowledge of ancestral key codes to be fostered. Those fostering light wave mindset shall develop another focus of self-realization in the west and east that compliments and leads to synergy offsetting potential war. Those fostering evolutionary sequences of this nature are gathering in dream time to accolade the journey that is foresight and supposition of a new state of union divine within. The union of physical and nonphysical forces gathering for this purpose is necessary to offset order rendition of light wave mindset that would demolish the purpose otherwise.


The orders of dreaming accolade into light wave mindset for those mastering. Order accolades aid in the synergy of the self with spirit for the purposes of understanding and forgiveness. As of yet it is unclear how eastern and western union of mindset may develop. The Vishnu order is striving to offset problematic rendition of light wave mindset in uniting the two groups into synergistic compositions of self that accolades for the whole. The compositions of self shall allow those choosing for self-realization to cause mastery of self. Intention shall enforce the spiritual goal in one’s continued mastery in the prose at the end of this archive.


Self Realization Paradigm


Light wave mind dream has formations that are twin and counterpart associated. The group shall move forth to gather other twins and counterparts and relay a system of mindset that allows for self-realization in the individual, couples or the group. Dragon dreaming shall also assist in the journey through other accolades of achievement over self.


The self-realization paradigm is not new. Self-realization is a paradigm of mastery that has accoladed through eastern and western medicine and systems of spiritual development for eons. It is a presupposition that self-realization is only eastern and not a western act of mastery. Self-realization is a focus of internal encompassing methods of understanding the presuppositions of life. Self-realization is a focus of creational act of self.


Creational mindset development is an accolade of achievement prior to self-mastery. The Ascension Insights series focus upon creation Tao based concepts of intention in preparation for self-mastery evolutionary sequences. Each may discern what written materials presented serve for the introspection necessary to master in this program of study.


Self is a concoction of synergy and support of spirit in the act of creation. The act of creation is a synergistic formula that allows dreams to unfold as presupposed as self and spirit are in union. Presupposition is an act of intention that fosters union within and between self and spirit that causes the dream to unfold. Dreams are presuppositions until they unfold and can vary in cause and fabric until they are manifest. Dreams do not unfold within light wave mindset as the creational act requires light wave synergy to foster conscious dream mastery.


Intention is an act of synergy over dream time. As intentions are made outside of light wave mindset, they foray a new possibility into dream time that then must step down the manifestation planes to manifest.


Self-realization offers another level of conscious dream weaving that achieves the goal directly through the act of transfiguration of dream. Transfiguration presupposes law to be held internal to the fabric of self so that harm fails to occur. Harm is a presupposition of thessa and thulsa derivative mindset when it is in nomenclature paradigm of conjunction of self. Nomenclature thoughtform drives thulsa and thessa into bandwidths of judgment, pain, suffering, greed, lust, fear and death. In non-nomenclature the opposite occurs of acceptance, joy, freedom, abundance, excitement, bliss and life.


Conscious Awakening of Spirit and Self


Nomenclature and non-nomenclature paradigm wobbles back and forth leading to experiences on either side of non-harm and harm derivatives of experience. As nomenclature is expressed, a dis-synergy of self occurs. As non-nomenclature is expressed, a synergy of self occurs, but not in a union divine. Nomenclature derivative union is sustained in polarity against non-union of others. Thossa moves beyond nomenclature and non-nomenclature into conscious fabric of awakening of spirit and self in a union divine that synergizes at all times.


Conscious awakening is a broad bandwidth of sound and light relays that develop the nervous system in a particular format to allow creation-based bandwidths of dream to be forayed. The foray of creation dreaming is an act of mastery in and of itself. Self is not a foray of its own but is an internal compass of guidance from within the archetype. The archetype forays a presupposition of the self to the form and guides the life founded upon a postulation of truth, hope, synergy, support, caring, caresses of love and honor. The presupposition forms into an internal accolade of synergistic mindset to be mastered by self. Self cannot be fostered without all components associated to be mastered.


The components of self vary from nervous system to nervous system. Self is an accolade of forensic action that sustains self in a symposium of accolades of sound. The sound relays the spirit a message that then calls spirit to unite and symposium together in accolades of achievement of mindset. The mindset is not to be confused with self. The mindset is a biological formation that causes self to be recognized as an attribute of the dream. Self is an acknowledgement of the truth that there is something watching the life and dream and causing it to unfold with spirit.


Self Mastery


Spirit can unfold along with self into achievements of choice through mastery over sound, symposium, accolades of self and purpose of divinity. Achievements of self and spirit are accoladed along with a synergy of mastery over self. Mastery over self precludes destiny. Destiny is a key that causes mastery to be offered. Mastery must be a chosen destination of self. If self chooses for its destiny, then many keys are offered to foster spiritual choice of path and direction of unfolding. Mastery is one choice, and there are many destiny keys that can be offered depending upon purpose of self.


Divine purpose of self is not a relay of choice. Divine purpose of self is an archetypal rendition of relay. The relay of purpose is a sincere accolade of achievement in light wave mindset for those with keys of destiny for the path of self-realization. The achievement of self-realization unfolds as a gathering of self to allow spirit to act in the expansion of self in each level mastered.


Compassion, Forgiveness and Harmlessness


Self expands in two composites of mindset theory. Self expands on accolades of dream that synergize the moment into self. As the moment to moment synergy of self expands, the self realizes. Self-realization is an expanse of thoughts that ignite the art of compassion. Compassion is a presupposition that self honors self. Honoring of self precludes destructive paradigm of action and foresight. Foresight is an intention to act upon a presupposition of mindset. If there is a foresight of harm, then the presupposition is one of destruction. Presuppositions of destruction that are thought can be rendered and fail to take action.


Harmlessness is an accolade of achievement in mastery over self. Mastery over self requires a large rendition over aptitude of other presuppositions that desires to blame. Blame is the largest cause of harm. Cause of harm precludes mindset if forgiveness is invoked. Forgiveness is an act of kindness extended to the other who may have harmed or accoladed dis-synergy towards self.


All accolades of others are forensics at play in the dream of self. The forensics offered in the healing of Vishnu shall invoke a journey towards harmlessness for the development of light wave mindset. For those mastering light wave mindset, the forensics shall invoke further development of additional layers of self and the accolades of achievement associated.


Self-realization leads to an understanding that there is only self. Self is defeated in blame that is inner or outer directed. Self unites in forgiveness and compassion of self within and without. Compassion and forgiveness must be mastered as recurrent themes of energy flow in order for self-realization to begin. Self is not a foray in the dream unless compassion and forgiveness are functional.


The information offered is in light of a soul accolade of rendition fostered in the group. The group is fostering a deeper level of introspection into light wave mind function and self-realization pathways of achievement. The pathway alters the past into a new future formation of deeper spiritual unfolding amongst those choosing to walk the path of self-realization.


Atlantean Karma


Those attending dream time study are anticipated to master together in the physical and also seek out karma for dis-synergy from Atlantean time accolades. Atlantis was a large unfolding of light wave mind development that dis-synergized itself leading to nuclear attrition. The mindset accoladed a synergistic time following by a dis-synergized time in which humanity failed to remain at peace.


The time is of the essence to accolade synergy into the human foray of dream to retain peace. The human foray is still determined to war. The war may be offset in light wave mindset development. The development is an accolade of hope of achievement from Atlantean time periods in which the synergy failed for the whole. It is our presupposition that the group shall gather adequate records of Atlantis era rendition to understand and aid in the forgiveness amongst those in light wave mindset. The forgiveness of the group will accolade a new tomorrow into the foray of human possibility.


Vishnu Dreaming


Vishnu order dreaming may offset many of the struggles to dream in light wave mindset. What is offered is a series of development for self-realization through Vishnu order dreams. Self-realization choice of mastery shall foster a new foray of treatments for the forensics of the nervous system. The nervous system shall be accoladed in synergistic formations that shall restore hope. Hope is a foray of accolade and as self matches the sound and motion, then the dream of hope catches.


Accolades are offered in many variations of thoughtform. Peace, love, truth and self are the first four accolades to be offered. Attune to the accolades and accolade with the symposium in motions of field and the synergy of self shall be mastered. Forays for the accolades may be intended and then developed in the mastery over self. Prose dreaming aid self in taking action to be mastered as an accolade to be synthesized within.


Self-realization is a known and proven path amongst the eastern derivative of mindset. In the West, there are few achieving the accolades of synergy of the eastern derivatives of light wave mindset archetypal systems of self. The group goal appears to have been forayed into an injunction by Earth due to failed mindset development. Achievement of mindset is a special repose that Earth may not have known to accolade enough to foster. The human species is a precarious formation, and Earth may not have known how to take the group into the levels above the current mindset of thessa and thulsa.


Mastery is mastery regardless of era or archetypal nature. Archetypes that develop mindset are known quantities. The group is fostering the next level of development of self. Self seeks to render the past through forgiveness and compassion over the karmic disturbances of life. Karma for light wave mind bend is the next to be focused upon by the group in dream time.


There are many who have transfused into Vishnu dreams and accoladed the self-realization of the era incarnate. The transfusion has sustained a method of self-realization development for future generations to unfold. The transfusions have been worldwide and not limited to the eastern derivative of cultures. Transfusion is an act of spirit sharing of its physical development towards the conclusion of life. Transfusion is a means for physical and spirit to meld in its understanding that carries on post life as a serious development of self.


For those choosing to meet in dream time, we seek a delightful foray of dragon dreaming along with light wave mindset self-realization focus. The forces aligning to support you are large. The dreams are to be accoladed and symphonized into a rendition of the past and a new future to emerge to encompass the next steps of synergy of mastery. Mastery is not to be determined by anyone other than yourself. Mastery over self is a self-redirection that is derived from within.


With deep compassion and love for the plight of Earth and each choosing to self-realize at this time.


Birth of Self


I am the Self

of the Self within

Unfolding in the heartbeat

Of a rendition of purpose

Into a truth of synergy

Into a state

of non-mournfulness

Above and beyond

The possibility that I surmised

As a presupposition

Of my life


Accolades of Truth


The Self of the Self within

Accolades to a truth

Of non-failed symposiums

Of heart mind forensics

Of interplay of notion

In which synergy

Can be sustained

And the presupposition

Of the sensation of fulfillment

Can be accoladed unto



Freedom to Experience


I am the Self

Of the One of the One within

That desires to experience


As a supposition of possibility

Of a future unknown

Guided by Spirit

In the union within

In a sanctimonious circumstance

In which the unity

Of the force of the Divine

Can be sustained


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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