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Light Wave Archive #5


The self of the self within is a complex synergy of systems that requires rendition in association with the accolades of light wave mindset. Self is a phenomenon that accolades with spirit in a synergy of symposium of sound that allows soul to dance with the physical. Without self, soul fails to manage the physical dream octaves and humans fall into a sad incarcerated state of loss of abundance. Abundance is a state of renewal. Loss of self appears as a loss of renewal in the incarceratory state of degeneration.


Self is sustained through the holographic systems of management, and sometimes it is rendered leading to a lack of self. At this time, we are clearing the karma for light wave mindset loss of self in the holographic archives through time. The karma for loss of self has to do with order dreaming and also karma with foreign creation archetypes. Foreign creation scripts often render self of another to sustain itself. Rendering of self is a phenomenon that occurs when difficult accolades overwrite the script of the archetype due to incompatibility with the system of dream.




Archetypes have synergized upon Earth for thousands of years due to anthology of the ancient ones of larger spiritual aptitude. Archetypes also synergized from transfusions of long ago when spiritual aspirants migrated to Earth and evolved into nonphysical formats of being. Nonphysical formats left an imprint of self that accoladed down the dimensions as aspirants continued to transfuse. The accolades of synergy remaining attracted the ancient ones who were compatible in their mindset and accolades of resonance.


Accolades of resonance are a self-derived attribute of archetypal nature. Archetypes synergize between spirit and self in four mandatory methods of precept. The precepts include accolade of self, accolade of synergy, accolade of motion and accolade of truth. Precepts are formations of derivatives of notion that include aspects of archetype. Archetype translates into infrastructure for human existence that offers accolades of genetic holographic information for forming the biology and energetic field. Self is an attribute of the energetic field that amalgamates with spirit.


Self plays a demonstrative role in synergizing physical and nonphysical precepts of existence. Self is an archetypal structure inherent in the forensics of the biology and energetic flow. Forensics is a topic that has been less focused upon in association with light wave mindset. Forensics is an attribute of the nervous system relays that synergize the memories of the physical into certain precepts of formations that cause thoughts to align with soul. The nervous system is designed to sense reality in the physical and create thoughts of light wave mind derivative nature.


Synapses and Light Wave Mindset


Forensics utilize light wave mindset in multiple variations of theatrics and performance levels of synergy of self. Light wave mindset derives its forensics upon precepts of wholeness. Wholeness is a necessary attribute to forensic relays. Whole and complete forensics causes a complete set of neurotransmitters to form to allow for whole and complete mindset to foray the dreams of the life. Incomplete mindset has missing forensics that leads to dysfunction of life dream.


Dysfunctional mindset leads to relays of forensics that are incomplete in their derivation of synapse response. Synapse response is a complete coupling of neurons and transmitters that relay a systematic system of function. The systems of function run relays from the synapses through each nerve in the nervous system of the body. A complete set of nervous system response leads to regeneration into 1,000 years of life and a function mindset that experiences and expresses in light wave mindset.


Light wave mindset was designed to fulfill upon evolutionary sequences of dreams. With a whole and complete series of synapses the mindset could conceive of the precepts necessary to understand, forgive and cause the self to evolve into an expanded state of being. Spirit evolves along with self through the sequences of dreams of understanding and forgiveness that is associated with both physical and nonphysical precepts of existence.


Forensics of Self


Today, humans have such an incomplete set of relays that forensics is incapable of renewing most beyond age 70. The incomplete relays lead to a state of non-wholeness in which a lack of fulfillment prevails in the life dream. Nervous system reponses are systematically dis-synergized in most circumstance leading to degeneration following age 28. Degeneration is really the result of a loss of forensic motion in the synapses and the relays through the nervous system.


The nervous system is a symposium of oscillation of forensics that causes renewal to occur. Renewal occurs through stem cells that respond to the forensic motions of nervous system oscillations that cause the repose of cell to recreate in health. Nervous system relays are complex and acutely insufficient for light wave mindset in present time along with renewal. Those venturing to develop light wave mindset require forensic systematic rendition to accomplish the renewal enough to foster a new system of systematic function to unfold.


Systematic function is an accolade of reunion of spirit and self that renews the biology through forensic motions. Forensic motions do not occur without self or spirit present to accolade the synergy into motion. Light wave mindset motion synergizes self into the spirit formations in the physical. If light wave mindset is dysfunctional then spirit cannot be present to renew the biology. Self oscillates the systems of energy motion for spirit to descend and cause forensic reactions that renew. Self is a motion of mindset all of its own in light wave formation.


Aligning and Uniting Spirit, Soul and Self


The self of the self within is an accolade of function of light wave mindset precepts of notion. Notions are synergized functions of sound that cause cadences of rhythms to form that are delicate and structured to create a systematic service for spirit and self. Structures oscillate in a variety of systems of synergized formats to cause spirit and self to align. Structures can be rendered leading to a dis-synergy between self and spirit. Most human archetypal infrastructures have been so rendered that there is little relationship today between spirit and self.


There are four functions that stimulate self and spirit to unite. The four functions simulate a symposium of cadence of sound that spirit resonates with. The first function is an oscillation that derives a system of sound for spirit to understand. Spirit must resonate with the sounds that the self produces or a lack of communion with self occurs. The lack of communion is a notion that spirit is not capable of uniting and therefore the field is somehow inept at light wave mindset.


Soul is vastly misunderstood by current human mindset. Soul is a derivative of symposium of knowledge that is held in accolades of sound that resound only as self aligns. Without resounding sound then the alignment fails to occur and spirit offsets the circumstance in a separation. Circumstance is a stage of notion that precludes variations of mindset. If mindset fails to oscillate in accordance with spirit, then spirit flows elsewhere. Mindset has four functions to flow with spirit.


The first function is a structure of symposium that oscillates in sequences of sound and rhythm. The sound and rhythm align and soul can descend to participate. The second is a derivation of mindset flow that can be accoladed. The accolade has a prose and a syncopated rhythm that aligns spirit and self in a direction of support. Spirit supports self in renewal and communication bandwidths of understanding. Self supports spirit by allowing evolutionary fulfillment to unfold in sequences of understanding and forgiveness of the life experience.


Spirit has many functions in association with self. Self must align or spirit fails to complete its interaction. Incomplete interactions of spirit and self lead to many derivations of loss; loss of self, loss of spirit, loss of soul and loss of mindset. Loss is so prevalent from the cycle past of deep nuclear devastation that most fail to align with spirit in adequate mindset to participate. All dysfunctional mindset is a soulless state of being that fails to love, commune or synergize with self or others. It is soullessness that has caused the unrelenting falls in consciousness in eras gone by.


Self has two additional attributes to offer in association with spirit. Self is an accolade all of its own that is generated from within. In the cycle past, self moved outside of the field and performs its function separate from the body. Although this may renew the field, the archetypal systems are designed to contain self. Another blueprint of self can be ascended into by those fostering the evolutionary fulfillment of light wave mindset. The blueprint shall allow self and the field associated with the biology to reunite so that self is contained within; as self is contained within the sense of separation from soul or spirit shall cease.


Self is a symposium of resounding joy when it is present in the accolades of synergy. Synergy causes self to rejoice at the presence of spirit and unite in a union divine. The flow ignites a truth system of symposium that accolades the truth of the archetypal nature into the self. Humans that unite of common systems of truth cause a synergy of symposium of soul that can knit itself into the collective. Collective soul is not present at this time. It will take many more mastering light wave mindsets to foster a return of spirit unto human groups. As spirit returns to more humans, then a collective evolutionary fulgent sequence of dreams can be fostered.


Human groups may think that soul has an interaction in spiritual happenstance. Today soul is far from descending into any relay of human spiritual focus as there is not the light wave mindset present to allow for it. Groups of large following happenstance follow a series of records of a time when spirit descended and participated and may mimic the flow of the actual event that occurred long ago. If enough light wave mindset is restored in a group setting, then spirit may muster its presence again to dream along with the self. It is a foray of hope to cause this in small numbers of humans at this time to witness a release of karma from eras past of loss of light wave notion in a state of group synergy.


Light wave mindset is structured through derivations of notion that oscillate in time with spirit. Spirit has an oscillation that has failed to become corrupted. The physical has become so corrupt spirit fails to dream alongside self. The path for those willing to focus upon evolutionary fulfillment becomes the requirement to master light wave mindset of self to foster the connection unto spirit. Self will cause circumstance and happenstance to align soul within. Dragon souls are the first precepts of soul willing to descend to aid adepts mastering light wave mindset in reuniting self with soul.


Dragon souls are special instruments of spirit for rendition of light wave mindset. Dragon souls are accustomed to regions where light wave mindset fails to oscillate. Dragon souls are equipped to function in light wave mind bend and foster a rendition of truth to the pallets (light grid centers) of sound so that spirit and self may align. Sound requires pallets and instruments to foster. Pallets and instruments are a system of dreaming sound that resounds with spirit. Pallets and instruments are a function of dream time foundation of existence that can be fostered to be restored so that accolades may resound to unite self and spirit again.


Forensic and Dragon Soul Dreaming       


There are fifteen treatments for forensic disturbances available through dragon dreaming. The treatments oscillate the rhythms of ckanton into the field so that soul begins to synergize as a means of participating in the life dream. Soul that descends is attracted founded upon self. Self is to be renditioned into a new happenstance that relies upon dragon dreaming to participate in the life dream. Dragon dreams are variable in nature and oscillate in a resounding symposium of a cadence of renunciation of the current dream.


The current dream is soulless. Soulless dreams function in mechanical sequences that repeat the same venue of supposition repeatedly. The recurrent supposition leads to boredom and repetitive thoughts and systems of circumstance that cause happenstance to be relayed that does not support. Non supportive happenstance is a dis-synergization of self from dream. Dis-synergization of self from dream is an accolade all of its own that is the result of mindset that fails to align with spirit.


Spirit aligns in four motions of synergy. The motions suppose a symposium of unity to ignite within. If the symposium of unity fails to synergize, then soul fails to descend. Symposiums of unity require four precepts of notion to be mastered in light wave mindset of sound, motion, light and self. Light wave mindset has motions that flow in the synapses of the mind. As the proper synapses compose itself through birth or rendition of ascension, then enough symposium can occur that spirit can participate in the thoughts and dreams of the adept.


Symposiums require special orchestration of field in addition to mindset. Symposiums oscillate rhythms of ckanton in motions of light and sound to reflect the beauty of the dance of spirit and self. Spirit is called to reflect the beauty within. Without beauty of mindset, spirit fails to be called to the dream. The notion of inner beauty is one that is derived from the truth of an oscillation in time in which love turned inside out causing outer beauty to become more greatly desired than inner reflection of self in momentous occasions of love. Soul requires the love of the love within to be called; and the self of the self within to be present.


Nervous System Fluctuations        


Nervous systems fluctuations flow recurrently in current mindset of most adepts. The nervous system tends to over amp in some places and under amp in others. The over amp leads to fulgurations of self that do not oscillate in relation to spirit. Self requires a constant flux of nervous system repose to sustain. Fulgurations that are variable lead to the loss of self that then fails to synergize with spirit. Fulgurations are best restored in forensic treatments with dragon dreaming realms.


Dragons are gifted at working forensics to modulate a systematic reproach of nervous system response to repose with spirit. Those fostering light wave mindset are invited to work with the dragon spirit realm to foster a restoration of forensics that sustains self. Self is a necessary attribute of light wave mindset. Without self, there is no repose for the mindset to offset a symposium of accolade to cause the thoughts of synergy. Synergy is the notion that all is well, all is hopeful, all can be fulfilled upon and each is loved.


Dreaming with Spirit


Love is a foundation of symposium of sound that draws spirit to the cadence of the crescendo to fulfill upon the action of synergy. Love is missing in the systematic reproach of current human violations of light wave mindset.


Loss of love is only a light wave mind bend equation with another. Love that is sustained is a light wave notion that is fulfilled upon in the fullness of the precept of a cadence in time. Cadences that revere and are grateful are the most suited to the current shift in mindset amongst those attempting to fulfill upon light wave mind notion. Gratitude will call spirit to dance with self out of love.


The self of the self within is a cadence of its own. The harmonics of self resound down the dimensions calling spirit to the dance. Light wave mindset causes the notions of self and spirit to ignite in a suppository of sound that fulfills upon the commitment to share in the dream. Dreams are synergized into accolades of repose of spirit and matter to resound and display the talent of the two. Talent is really a sense of spirit and self in union with itself and dancing in the dreams that unfold together.


Dreams that unfold with spirit can be magical to witness. Dreaming with spirit can be a cadence of joy and fulfillment that is unknown to most in present day accolades of dis-synergy. Synergy is sustained as notions of light wave mindset match spirit in the formations of truth. Truth is an accolade of synergy of its own that oscillates in sequences of time. Truth is a supposition that light wave mindset of synergy aligns with spirit in a flow and cadence of non-deficit of self.


Deficit of self is an action of reprieve on the part of those who fail to understand self. Those who fail to understand self strip self and use self to accolade larger dreams than the supposition for the life should unfold. The archaeological nature of those taking of self for renderous purposes of greed and fulfillment at the expense of others are better known as derivatives of lost mindset. Lost mindset seeks to restore mindset through rendition of self in accolades of rendering the soul of another.


Foreign Archetypes


Those of foreign archetypes became thieves of self and soul. The self lost involved many archetypes that sacrificed self to sustain the principles of mindset of the whole. Self seeks to sustain itself in the wholeness of twin formations. If self is deprived that which is lacking is filled until sustained. As those who were non-sustainable became succinct motions in the mindset of the whole the self of others renditioned towards foreign scripts caused a failure of the system of self. Failure of self is a succinct experience that causes a fall in consciousness.


Falls in consciousness occur as a result of the loss of spirit and self to sustain an order of dreaming for the whole. Orders of dreaming require self to direct the dream for each synergized through the notions of mindset. Mindset presupposes a unique flow of self to foster. If mindset fails to flow, then self is incarcerated to a system of non-self. Non-self is a state of being in which the loss of spirit causes a dream to occur that oscillates upon a stage of its own precept. Oscillation of dreams lead to deprivation of some and greed of others.


Ascension and Expansion


All scripts for human existence are a stage of experience to foster evolutionary sequences of fulfillment. The stage is set and spirit and self dance in an accolade of experience that teaches each. Self and spirit mirror to one another accolades of symposium of expression to caress, nurture, delight and allow the unfolding experiences to lead to expansive systems of self. As self expands evolution unfolds. Spirit and matter unite into sequences of dreams that cause cadences of expansion to be fostered in light wave mindset.


Ascension and expansion have often been confused as precepts of awareness. Expansion is a system of evolutionary fulfillment where self unites with spirit and cadences a crescendo of an accolade of symposium that expands concepts of light wave notion. As light wave notion expands, ascension is fulfilled upon. Ascension is about the expansion of self into self into self into the whole of self.


Forensics Healing        


Healing the forensics requires the reproach of systematic rendering of self. Self is an accolade inherent to the fabric of the being of the archetypal nature. The archetypes have been rendered through time, and the first recovery notion is to intend to recover self through time. This intention will relay a motion that will begin to reassemble the self of the self within. The self of the self within is an accolade of formation that assembles itself in the nervous system repose of system articulation of expression.


The self is an expressive force that demonstrates its actions through time. Self that has ceased through time ceases to express leading to a listless life and dream of boredom. Self that has catharted itself respective to another leads to a demonstrative life sometimes of anger or reproach if the combination is noncompliant. Noncompliance is an action of self that diminishes self in accolades of subordination or expands self in accolades of dominion. Those in dominion have more self of others incarcerated into their fabric of being.


Perishing forensics to renew life are a result of a loss of self. The fabric of self overlays the nervous system in seven systems of self to allow for renewal and continued life. The reassembly of self requires that all seven systems become reinstated in order for self to demonstrably resound within enough to renew the biology. As the systems of self are present, then the forensics of self can begin as an accolade of spirit. The seven systems can be rebuilt through dragon lore dreaming and in support of the choice to evolve.


As the seven layers of self is recovered and the systems reconstructed, the renewal of forensic motion will resound as a hum in the field. Asur’Ana experiences the hum many times per day and also at night before fading into sleep. Sleep may become deeper as the accolades of soul resound through the field to allow for a deeper state of renewal to unfold. The hum is the buzz of spirit that accolades its presence over the cranium and spine to inspire the nerves to respond in a manner that causes the stem cells to cause the act of renewal.


Forensics treatments are supplied in order dreaming by Shaktar, Brahma and Chathan. The three orders strive to renew in lieu of spirit that has diminished over time. If self has yet to be recovered, the intention to renew will cause the order healing teams to foster the request. Recovery of self allows the renewal to accolade separate from any order treatment and repair. The orders strive to maintain certain key roles of aspirants that desire to transfuse and learn the spiritual lessons of the incarceratory fabric of humankind.


Forensics will strive to balance the field and biology such that an even motion is sustained. The motions of light wave synergy vary due to influxes and out fluxes of forensics that cease to balance the field throughout the day. If tired, then the forensics are diminished as they are too out of balance. Taking a walk is useful in such moments or doing yoga like stretches. The stretches cause the nervous system to rebalance the forensics of the left and right upper and lower quadrants of the biological field leading to a return of energy to the life.


Healing the Self


The self of the self within is a part of the fabric of the archetype through time that seeks to evolve self into another accolade of achievement of expansion of self. Self is an ever-expanding formulation that desires to understand, grow or perish if the fulfillment of evolution fails. The loss of evolution has been a difficult happenstance in the dreams of humankind. Self seeks to renew and ponder its existence to discover how and why it diminished or ceased to evolve to choose for another path.


Self is an accolade of holographic truth. Holographic truth is a centrifugal force that is designed to expand self into un-incarcerated states of understanding. Incarceration to unknown karma and forces is a part of the fabric of self that has accoladed with other selves over time and taken on motions of patterns that failed to be caused by the archetype. Archetypal cause is complex but associated with self of the self within.


The fabric of self is a striation of sequences of dream that ponder the existence in association with spirit. Spirit accolades over the striations to understand and un-incarcerate the system of self. Self is so diminished demonstrably that it is a difficult task to purify itself enough to ascertain enough spirit for the process of renewal. Those embarking upon the journey of the recovery of self may discover it is an emotional level of work. The emotions run deep in the wounds of the self, and as self is reunited it often weeps of its journey of demise.


Self-healing is really healing of the self. The vibration of love is designed to augment the repair of self in accolades of synergy offered through sequences of evolutionary dreams. Evolutionary dreams are fortuitous moments in time where self can rebuild and reinstate the archetypal truth of its nature. The dragon realm is designed to aid in the repair of self. The dragons offer three ckantons for the possibility of healing of self.


Healing self is perhaps the largest fundamental opportunity to evolve in any given life. Consensus ascension takes the fabric of the field and reconstitutes enough that the healing of self may begin. Healing self is an accolade of spiritual restitution of the archetypal fabric that sustains existence through time. The fall of humankind has so barbed self that it shall take a tremendous accolade of force within to foster the healing of self. Healing of self also requires time; time to contemplate, time to feel, time to cry and process the deep wounds of the losses in archetypal rendering, and the motions necessary to rebuild the self into a force that can sustain the evolutionary fulfillment of the life.


For each choosing to heal of self, we bless you. You are the journey and you are the force that can renew within enough to call to yourself another day of another dream of another tomorrow and another fate other than the extinction of self. The extinction of self is perhaps the single most horrific experience of spirit that often collides with self in the destination of loss of itself. The collision of spirit and self often renders spirit along with self in systems of systematic reproach to existence. The fulfillment of spirit at this time is to reinstate self enough to ponder the loss and reconstruct a new level of wholeness within. Please attune to the following ckantons to support the healing of the self of the self within.


Healing the Self


I am the Self of the Self

That chooses a reproach

In a systematic system through time

That accolades the achievement

Of the renunciation of non-self

And the reconstitution of myself

Into a fabric of wholeness

In an accolade of time

In a sequence of dreams

Of evolutionary fulfillment

Of the Self of the Self within


The Expression of Self


I am the expression of myself

Cadenced through time

In an accolade of dream

Mesmerizing the Spirit

Loving the constitution

Of the fabric of the One

Of the One of the One within

In which wholeness resides

And the journey begins

Allowing for a new future

To be born


The Renewal of Self


I am the accolade of myself

Synergizing through time

Finding the resolution

To the loss of self

Opening the heart

To a Spirit Divine

Caressing the divinity

Of the Soul within

Uncovering the motion

Of a cadence of truth

Dreaming an elixir

To restore my youth


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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