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Light Wave Archive #4


Introducing the Tales of Sampson, Daylya and Gaylya


The Source or Tao of Shaktar is choosing to write about the karma that has aspired to be driven to relinquishment in the tales of another set of difficult humans that were incarnate at the time that the Family of Anu were alive. The characters precede an era of the pharaohs who mimicked their notions, potions and ckantons in a derived life of tantric sexuality leading to the hardship of humankind. The story of Sampson, Daylya and Gaylya is really not new but had been surreptitiously erased from our archives of karma due to unforeseen circumstance with Anu archetypes until now.


We refer you to Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook archives for the entire story of archetypal karma explored. Chapters 1 and 3 in Workbook 1 will tell the unfolding tales over time and offer the spiritual lessons associated. The tales mapped were presented in the workbooks with Mother Earth consciousness to allow humans to understand, digest and forgive their ancestral history. This archive offers up yet additional insights to forgive amongst those persevering in their life script in the fostering of ascension.


The era of the Anu and their extended family was in the 4th Dimension; it was an era of light and not the density that we know at this time. The era culminated in a nuclear blast from which Earth is gradually and slowly recovering in her ascension. Few humans will live to ascend to the 5th Dimension with Earth. Humans choosing to transfuse Home to All That Is, the Source or the Tao can foster this ahead in evolutionary sequences that shall unfold due to those mapping light wave mindset ascension now. Transfusion requires light wave mindset to foster as a means of transferring physical consciousness into the nonphysical so that it is not lost completely in death.


Rosetti’s Spiritual Purpose


Gaylya was the son of Rosetti (also known as Vestivia in Anu name). Rosetti had two children, a daughter Rosaletti (Vestuvia in Anu name) who was the child of her husband Apollo. Later Rosetti divorced and returned to a red nation tantric community where she met her twin and gave birth to her son Gaylya. Gaylya was a favored grandson of Innana who helped to raise him after Rosetti perished. Rosetti died as Gaylya turned age 16. The loss of her life was the result of being transfused over into the darkness of Athena which she absorbed upon death experiencing hell and demonic circumstance. Heaven and hell are concepts of theta mindset that are a result in a fall in consciousness of the human kingdom.


Rosetti had a spiritual purpose that was important to the overall configuration of Earth’s future. She was born with 1/3 Athena lineages. The lineages were to transfuse the Anu karma in her lifetime. The Anu rendered her mother Petulia who passed following Rosetti’s birth. Petulia also absorbed the hatred and darkness of the Anu dying into a hell cauldron of demons through the ancestral configuration of her daughter. The configuration of Rosetti is not necessarily the one planned upon in the archives of the human archetypal scripts and may have been invaded by Athena to alter the inheritance.


Nanomo and Petulia


Rosetti’s father Nanomo was a gifted red nation spiritual leader of his day and married his twin Petulia. Athena discovered Nanomo and spent a year under his direction as a fellow spiritual master. Athena has founded an ascension school with others who were aspiring, some from the Pleiades and some from red nation lore. Athena was destined to transfuse and Nanomo aided her towards this goal and had a brief love of the mind tantric experience with her. It was during the interplay of heart mind connections in light wave mindset that Athena invaded the twin system of the red nation lore and displaced the karma for the Anu into their archetypal threads. The twin dream fell into nemesis thereafter leading to Petulia’s death.


Nanomo looked at the child Rosetti following his beloved’s death and perceived the part Anu inheritance. He felt the child was destructive, and so he gave Rosetti to Innana to raise through Athena so that the harm would not affect his remaining tribe of tantric aspirants. Nanomo transfused shortly after this with Athena who pressed herself into a split dark and light system. The darkness encased Rosetti and her daughter Rosaletti upon death. The two remained in a hell configuration of demonics post death due to light wave mind bend infractions into theta thoughtform.


Spiritual Goal of Rosetti and Rosaletti


The spiritual goal of Rosetti and Rosaletti was large. They each chose part of Athena and Anu inheritance to clear the karma in their own lifetimes such that the world would not move into extreme polarity. The failure to release the karma led to extremes causing a nuclear annihilation of greater proportion than has ever occurred. Rosetti and Rosaletti each failed in their spiritual mission and those who share of their inheritance may grieve over this truth. Rosetti translates into “sweet flower” and Rosaletti “little cherub” which was their red nation lore names offered by the tantric communities. The two were loved and were cherished.


Gaylya Married His Twin Daylya


Rosetti and Rosaletti went into light wave mind bend to an extreme prior to death. The light mind bend was fostered through Gaylya, Rosetti’s son. Gaylya was 200 years old at this point and had met his twin Daylya. Daylya was a gifted musician and poet, and he was charmed in a performance at a tantric retreat. Soon they were married, and he took Daylya home to meet Innana. Gaylya was a favored grandson to Innana who took him on many intergalactic trips to many places, educated him in tantric practices, and also found concubines for him up until his marriage.


Gaylya was handsome, about 10 feet tall with dark skin but blond hair and blue eyes. Daylya was fair with blond hair and lighter skin. He found her delicate and Innana took her personally under her care to train her to be the most loving partner for Gaylya. The three united into a tantric whirlwind and Rosetti went into light wave mind bent and into distortion. She committed suicide by ingesting a lethal herb. The hell she had gone into within was not understood and the local medicine people could not configure her out of it; and she perished in the disfiguration of the Anu family.


Rosetti’s Death


The Anu family had light wave motions that inverted love into hatred. The inversion of love into hatred had occurred in Athena’s transfusion as she held the wrong biological sequences for the resonance with Earth. The love into hatred inverted natural world consciousness into demons. Rosetti remained in a cauldron of demons for a long time before being pulled out by the Shaktar order. A part of her consciousness melded with the cauldron and was not recovered until it was released as of late.


Rosetti had been mastering dragon dream time. She was gifted in many ways at her dreaming and was planning on transfusing at the end of her life. Before this was fostered, she was capitulated into a dark caldron upon Athena’s transfusion. She died 100 years prior to the end of her script failing to transfuse. There is deep anguish over the outcome of her life which failed to release the karma she had been born to clear and this then later led to nuclear annihilation. Gaylya and Innana each perceived that if Rosetti transfused that their lives would change with Innana departing Earth; they disliked the future, and so rendered it displacing the karma of the Anu lore upon Rosetti through incarceration.


Gaylya did not understand what he had done to his mother who he loved. However, Innana did and was a narcissistic human that only thought of self. Gaylya was sad at his mother’s passing but desirous and happy in his union with Daylya. Innana possessed Daylya and often made love to Gaylya consciously. It was in the conscious love making that Innana could manipulate Gaylya’s twin connection unto his mother to cause her passing. Daylya was favored and Innana bequeathed a beautiful dream for her as a tantrica.


Gaylya and Daylya’s Tantric School


Gaylya and Daylya founded a tantric school that numbered 600 in the height of the bloom of the group. The group founded 6 communities all within a day or so walk of one another. In the beginning, the focus of the group was forgiveness through tantric lore, as well as an understanding of the dynamics of relationship. The two synergized self and group along with the remaining Anu family. Innana felt cherished by her grandson possibly greater than any lover she had had including David who had passed by the time Gaylya was born. Innana displaced her dream of tantra upon their organization and soon the focus of forgiveness departed and a new level of lust entered the group.


The tantric group dreams became increasingly chaotic leading to the falling apart of couples and the reunion with other partners that were less than helpful for forgiveness. The Sampson-Daylya-Gaylya tantric system led to twin degeneration into Anu lore that held nemesis configurations associated. It is the nemesis that causes twins to become lethal to one another. The twins in their association began to die and eventually the entire school was relinquished as a result.


Sampson and Isis


Daylya and Gaylya gave birth to a son, Sampson. Sampson was tantric raised but was more interested in sports than sexuality. He won many medals of gold and silver nature at the Olympics of the time. This great grandmother Innana adored. Sampson married briefly and had a child, and then divorced the partner for another. Sampson met his match in Isis. Isis was a half child of Innana and a red nation man incubated in a slave birth. Isis was a trained tantrica who by age 400 had traveled the stars in her capacity to have beloveds of a rendering nature. Sampson and Isis became pals and friends, but never married understanding one another deeply.


Sampson and Hercules’s Tantric Deadlock


The synergy of Sampson and Isis dis-synergized Rosaletti who died in a cauldron of demons like her mother. Sampson went on to spawn a tantric battle with Hercules. Hercules was a hero like Sampson that also won Olympic medals and was a gallant hero. Hercules retired from his athletics leading another tantric movement in his home region. Women loved Hercules. Isis paid a visit out of curiosity and fell headlong into a tantric dance with Hercules. Sampson did not appreciate the circumstance and a tantric deadlock warlock battle resumed in dream time.


The deadlock left Hercules near death who appealed to Innana for support. Innana had worked with him in his tantric skills. She took him in and repaired his field allowing Hercules to live a short time longer. Innana also desired to transfer the responsibility of sustaining herself from Gaylya unto Hercules, but this never did quite configure. Sampson transfused and transfigured the Anu family darkness back upon Innana and Merduk who had life extended the longest in the dream. The darkness rolled over the two leading to a war which broke out between those following one or the other in the associated civilizations that they had given birth unto.


Innana and Merduk’s 1,000-Year War


The war raged for 1,000 years and culminated in a nuclear devastation that Earth is slowly and gradually recovering in her ascension. The dreams from this era have repeated historically 8 times sometimes culminating in radiation from bad transfusions; sometimes in nuclear warfare. Ascending humans have striven to release the karma associated with the sad fate of the Anu merchants such that the world could be redirected into the new hope of ascension. Perhaps in uncovering another segment of the karma that drove the world to war this can be fostered ahead.


Karmic Lessons


There are many karmic lessons to be surmised from the history explored above. The lesson of darkness from unknown ancestral expression is a large part of the cause that Earth continues to reel from. Humans are a mixed bag of ancestral lineage that does not configure with her in harmony. Sampson, Daylya and Gaylya along with Rosetti, Rosaletti and Athena were all mixed genealogies that desired spiritual cause but failed in their own missions associated with destiny.


Prior to birth, each works with the holographic systems to understand the life and create a cause and outcome that is useful unto the whole known as the destiny. Holographic configurations of support for human incarnation still remain associated with destiny keys; but most are separated from the memory after age 4 or 5. As such, most fail to recall their destiny much as Rosetti and Rosaletti. Petulia also failed to recall her birth agreements for transfusion and was the purest having no Anu lineages. Her fall also contributed to the capitulation of Rosetti and Rosaletti in the incarcerations of Anu karma threaded through the genealogies associated.


When one fails to fulfill upon destiny keys bequeathed upon birth it can be a great travesty. The destiny keys are created by the archetypes for the purpose of sustaining the whole. Key characters are born with big scripts that are dragon soul associated to be fulfilled upon in the management of the dream of humanity. Nanomo and Petulia each were keyed with a big dragon role in their respective incarnations. The serpents of the Anu intervened causing a failure of the scripts to fulfill upon the destiny and failure from becoming the fulfillment of the life.


Destiny is a song, a ckantor, a postulation and a script. As the song, ckantor, postulation and script unite the destiny is fulfilled upon. The song is a musical key for the dream to catch upon the associated script. The postulation is a ckantor that ignites the destiny into fulfillment. There are many ckantors for each destiny key and as they configure the dream is redirected into its destiny.


Most upon Earth playing significant roles this ascension cycle have also lost their destiny key. Athena and Innana were possibly the largest manipulators of keys and lineages to sustain the life extension of their existence. Athena manipulated through spiritual configurations of information and Innana through sexual tantric lore. Athena and Innana were good friends who united in her Ascension school, and it was as the human holographic archives were sustained open that the manipulations were fostered.


The lineages and holographic sequences of destiny for many humans were badly distorted in recent years. This is to be now reconfigured through Shaktar/Shakti, Brahma/Vishnu, Chathan, Oryn and Angelo dreaming orders. The orders order the dreams into sequences of fulfillment of destiny. The new order will be of Narnia version or Newbie strides that shall foster a new day in which the keys of destiny of light wave synergy can be fulfilled upon. For each, please explore the loss of your destiny keys, and what you were fulfilled upon in the mirror of the karma that is offered in this archive.


Destiny is a unique ckantor. Ckantor is sustained by prose that will cause many alterations in the field and dream. One ckantor may offer the redirection of many patterns in the field that could require hundreds of intentions to foster. Dragon ckantor is a macro command not unlike the Tao’s absolute commands offered in Tao language. As each learns to work with ckantor, then the best possible dreaming can come to fruition.


Dragon Dreaming and Other Nuances     


The goals of Dragon Dreaming now begin. Dragons are soul configurations of love. Soul of love is returning again to reunite the circuits upon the land. Dragons are gifted at holding space with the orders. Call upon dragons for support of the synergy of the land and nature. Nature always holds dragon dream time. Dragon dreaming is gifted at many tabloids of information including renewal and regeneration along with healing and configuring aspirations for hope in dismal dreams. Dragons invite you to aspire to the biggest and best possible you that can be caused ahead in their association.


The evolutionary fulfillment of this time is to move towards thessa and thulsa light wave mind synergy. Light wave mind requires synapses that are triggered that are associated and develop at the demise of theta mindset. Theta mindset began in the era of Sampson, Daylya and Gaylya. This era was the fall of falls for light wave mind synergy. As the synergy fell from thessa and thulsa into theta, nuclear annihilation was caused in the wake of aplomb of global mindset dis-synergy.


Light wave mind synergy requires theta be relinquished and thulsa and thessa mindset to be born. The journey to this goal is not so difficult. The synapses of theta fade and are replaced by new synapses of thulsa and thessa mindset configurations to be born. The result is a rebirth into a broader bandwidth of understanding in the spiritual aspirations and goals of forgiveness. Forgiveness requires a larger perspective to unfold. The explorations of the former information were a configuration in an attempt to allow a larger picture to unfold. Now they can be realized ahead.


The ckantons offered up are for forgiveness of the karma associated with this piece and all difficult configurations of associations that one may face ahead. Ckantons are special and macro commands. You can apply each ckanton along with the other commands you have learned in the Ascension Insights series. All commands are useful to transformatist and transfigurist pathways of evolution home into another level of mindset that delivers the synergy of truth and love in an ongoing modality of dreaming for forgiveness.


Fulfilling Upon Forgiveness


I am the will to surrender

To the strife

Of the marriage to a night

Of a renderer’s plight of flight and fancy

That only served to bequest

The dearest of hearts to a sad nest

Of a circumstance forlorn

That fabled a tale to be followed

In many dark nights of dis-synergy

Of the whole


In the forgiveness of the forgiveness

Of the Tao of the Tao of the Tao within

I bless this mess

Into a rebirth of synergy

Within and Without

As the dreamer and the dream


Truth Revealed


I am the One of the One of the One

Of the dragon realm

Vying to understand the pillaging

Of a circumstance gone wrong

In a credence of dis-synergy

In a rehash of difficult circumstance

Only to discover that it is all only

A lack of Love

Necessary to correct a circumstance

That was left in a dark night of the Soul

Only to be forgotten and left un-whole


Let us love and bless

All the creatures caught in this mess

And all humans and souls

In the darkest of nights

Of symbiotic disunity

To rebirth into a circumstance anew

Where Love and a new dream

May be fulfilled within


Peace Unto All Circumstances


I am the One of the One of the One within

That aspires to understand

All circumstance of a karmic indebtedness

That leads humans astray

Into the forensic play

Of a dis-synergy gone wrong

Only to forget that there was a Home

To return unto


Let us recall a brighter day

And a new way

That carries us Home

To the Love of the Love of the Love

Of the Tao of the Tao of the Tao



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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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