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Light Wave Archive #3


We are in the process of orchestrating a full on Shaktar dream time for the group. All who want to study with us can intend to be part of the group while reading our book and you’re automatically admitted. We are about to enter a Shaktar dream. This arises out of the need to fulfill upon a clear channeling or translation of Shaktar information that is gifted at understanding relationship as well as light wave transfusion. Relationship teachings are a foundation of Shaktar dreaming and encompass most other circumstance including jobs, shopping or other avenues of expression in the physical. Shaktar dreaming also involves mastery over light wave transfusion.


Shaktar dreaming is tantric light wave based and its origins are of the Lemurian time period and go back to the configurations of relocation of Sirian occupants upon Earth. The dreams of Shaktar are congruent and non-fear based. In order to be sustained, a certain light wave mind formation must occur within.


Light Wave Mind Formations


Waves are a part of the brain function. There are alpha, beta, and theta brain waves mapped by human scientists. There are also seeta and thusa brain waves. Each wave involves another thoughtform associated with human expression. The light wave brain moves more in thusa which is a formation of conscious dreaming.


Most humans fall asleep in formations of theta, seeta, and thusa waves; but those mapping light wave mind synergy will learn to aspire to remain awake and dream consciously. Thusa mind management is a function of Shaktar dreaming and can be called upon to learn to work in formations that sustain light wave motions that are congruent with the order of Shaktar. New blueprints are allowing seeta and theta waves to be included in Shaktar formations of dreaming.


Light wave mind formations of Shaktar derivative are emotional, sensitive, nurturing and non-undermining in nature. Other natures are also included in Shaktar dreaming including prophesying avenues of vision, food growth and cooking, natural world phenomenon such as parkland experiences, operations of businesses that are Shaktar associated, and management of the family or home along with the marketplace. Shaktar can be in most dreams except those of industry that is toxic or harmful in any capacity. Shaktar is a harmless dream and one therefore good for those ascending to draw upon.


Shaktar Dreaming


Shaktar dreaming is not a configuration for all circumstances. Some circumstances require the dream to remain as it is configured. We do not recommend reconfiguring all dreams into Shaktar in any circumstance as this would disturb the occupants of the orders associated. Orders vary as we have described in a previous Chapter “A Series of Orders that Direct Creation” and will be explained further in archives ahead.


Shaktar dreaming is a configuration of forces that aspire into sequences of love and relationship-oriented fusion of association. The associations in Shaktar are interesting and sometimes sought after due to the harmonizing quality of Shaktar prose. The prose opens the gates to Shaktar dreaming.


Prose unite circumstance into fortuitous operations of synergy when light wave management is sustained. Prose can be recited within to help sustain and configure a Shaktar dream around you. We have already published a separate book for prose in Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Please give consideration to printing and reciting the prose to yourself and see what happens and share of your adventures in Shaktar dreaming ahead.


Prose dreaming is a beautiful configuration of truth that aspires to free the mind and collaborate with the heart in a syncopation of unity. It is through prose dreaming that times of gratuitousness unfold. Gratuitous nature is one that is happy and carefree of binding ties to laboriousness and drudgery of circumstance. It is our hope for each fostering their ascension to allow you to draw to you more joyful dreams ahead through prose dreaming.


Shaktar dreaming requires configuration and anchoring of various natures within Shaktar management systems of operation. There are systems of healing, divestiture of vision, help with life dreaming and configurations of support. We invite you to draw upon the possibilities available unto you for your own health, well-being and joyful encounters ahead.


Shaktar dreaming is requesting the group to focus upon relationship. Relationship is about self loving self along with self loving other selves without. There are derivations of prose to sustain and support self relationships, and these are to come through the written materials ahead.


Dragon Dreaming


Blessings of the Heart of the Tao unto each. The Heart of the Tao is a constellation of examination of light wave synergy momentum. The Tao is a dragon of sorts that infuses itself into all dreams associated with light wave synergy. Light wave synergy occurs upon many dimensions of thoughtform in all regions of domain within the Tao. The Tao is a composite of light wave mindset that synergizes in movements of self that allow a synergy between minds to occur. The mind occurs in the cranium and heart in a united flow between hearts and minds.


Light wave mindset is of dragon origin as a shape of conduit for synergy. Dragons form conscious formations of dreaming for all in light wave mindset. Dragons are heretofore considered serpents but really are not. Dragons represent consciousness in this constellation of mind synergy of light. Mind synergy is not to be confused with anything other than Tao rhythms of manifestation. Manifestation occurs in light wave synergy in Tao dreaming.


Tao dreaming is an occurrence of dragon-based souls. Soul is a synonym of synergies that offset form with consciousness in the shape of a dragon. Dragons infuse themselves into the spine and cranium. Dragon consciousness is not to be confused with serpent consciousness. Dragon consciousness has heart and serpent consciousness has no feeling. Those who do not feel much are generally speaking of serpent consciousness. Those who feel deeply are of dragon consciousness in human existence.


Serpent consciousness is a lovely antonym for luxury of lessons of another mindset without heart. Mindset without heart creates many meticulous conditions of difficulty for each who participates within it.


Dragon souls care deeply. Caring is an action of heart and those of dragon consciousness care. Care flows through many accolades of occurrences including love, affection, nurturing, sharing, opening the heart, synergizing the two hearts together and synergizing the mind and heart as one.


Oneness Mindset


Oneness consciousness is a state of mind that unites the two or the many into a single configuration of dragon breath. Dragon breath of life is not to be confused with anything other than synergy between the diaphragm and heart. The diaphragm represents the breath of life configuration of mind that syncopates the rhythms of love within the self. The self is unified as the self of the self of the self within in which dragon infuses the body with a new and continuous motion of light wave mind synergy. The synergy is really only a system of truth that syncopates the rhythm of divine timing of soul and body into the oneness of Tao consciousness.


Tao is a preconceived notion of something greater than self. Tao is no greater or lesser than anyone and is only a configuration of consciousness that unites commonalities between creators. Creators unite through sound tone and movement in motions of synergy that state the truth of the configuration of dreaming that they are held within. Dreams are accolades of truth that formulate the configuration of oneness contained within each self within the creation at large. Tao is a synergizing force of unification into the oneness mindset.


Oneness mindset is not to be confused with wholeness principles. Wholeness is a state of being that is sustainably driven. Sustainably driven formations create a synergy of mindset that sustains itself. Sustainable principles are useful in leading up to light wave mind synergy but precariously precociously non-unanimously un-useful until the mind is configured in synergizing synapses.


Synergizing synapses create thulsa and thessa consciousness. Thulsa and thessa is oneness mind configurations of motions that unite the thoughts into the oneness paradigm. Oneness paradigm perceives the world at large in a union of states of being that are synergistic and non-polarity based. Construing thoughts in polarity create light and dark infractions of configurations that fail to dissolve polarity leading to conflict in all formulations and formations to be expressed and experienced as disunity.


Unity and Disunity Brain Waves Synapses


It is the mind that causes disunity. The mind is subject to synapses that cause the thoughts that lead to unity or disunity. Disunity thoughts are caused in beta and alpha brain wave formations primarily. Unity thoughts are caused in theta, thessa and thulsa mind wave synergy. Relationships that are unity based can only occur in theta, thessa or thulsa mind wave synergy between the two.


Relationship is founded upon synergy. Non synergistic types of relationship form bonds of useless preoccupation with selfishness that prevails in destroying the heart mind connection. The heart and mind must synergize in order for love to flow between the two in unity mindset. Two heart mind configurations are difficult to complete unless there is a third system at play. Threesomes are even more difficult and we will write more about this in the year ahead. Threesomes are so complex that light wave mind rarely functions together unless there is a really big agreement for alignment.


Agreements for alignment of light wave mind flow occur between dragon souls. Dragon souls unite couples and groups into common light wave mind synergy held between the cranium and chest in configurations of love through synapses that fire designed for this purpose. Light wave mind synergy occurs in a configuration of synapses that sustain theta, thulsa and thessa orientation of waves. Light wave mindset is not to be confused with love. Love is a function of motion that sustains an open heart that synergizes blessings to and fro. Heart configurations are pleasant to experience but are not the same as light wave mind synergy configurations.


Light Wave Mind Configurations


Light wave mind configurations unite people in interesting preoccupations of mindset. Mindset preoccupations are a function of focus and understanding. Common understanding through light wave mind synergy is useful for each that is configuring to bypass mass consciousness. Mass consciousness is held in only power-oriented configurations of greed, lust, control and systems of unanimously precarious and ostentatious systems of incongruity that dis-synergizes all but the rich and famous or powerful in nature. A precarious system of rancor is the primary sensation of current consensus mind set in humankind.


Rancor is a thoughtform generated in tantric lust. In tantric lust, one is synergized while another is dis-synergized and the light in the molecular structure is then diminished. As the light is diminished, rancor forms which is a sort of pus in the molecular rotation. As the pus forms, it causes the molecules to diminish in their rotation leading to cessation of movement in some regions that causes disease. As re-synergy occurs, the pus can release leading to a recovery over many ailments.


Dis-synergy occurs in current mind set causing relationship to be founded upon stature, prestige, famous accolades of sassiness constructed upon a foundation of greed. Light wave mind synergy precludes any of the above attributes of greed. Synergy requires gentleness, honor, non-fame prestige, gentle delights of the tantric flow systems and union of Spirit.


Tantric alignment is relatively simple once light wave mind synapses develop. Light wave synapses are configured through time to hold light wave synergy in the form of theta brain waves. New motions of tantric systems require theta as a conscious configuration of thinking. Most think in theta only while asleep. Conscious dreaming is an accolade of theta bandwidths of light wave mindset.


Light Wave Mind Bend and Drone Thinking


There are two additional forms of light wave mind synapses. One is thessa and the other is thulsa. Thessa is similar to theta but not as succinct in deriving motions of gentleness. Gentleness is a prerequisite to the delicacy of heart mind union. Heart mind union requires delicacy as anything less causes light wave mind bend. Light wave mind bend is a condition all of its own in the current systems of thinking prevailing in the human consensus. Current consensus thoughtform strives to bend minds to think alike as drones. Drone thinking causes one to follow the other in blind faith of false synergy of truth.


Dragon thinking causes an end to the drone symptoms of mass awareness. Dragon thinking is associated with thessa and thulsa mind waves. Thessa and thulsa mind waves form other types of synapses that cause a unity of language to form that is fusion associated. Fusion is a language that does not polarize between light and dark. Fusion thoughtform causes oneness to emerge within in the accolade of the dreamer of the dreamer of the dreamer within.


Ckanton Language


The prose that are to be synergized in motion through our materials are of ckanton derivative language that is dragon based. Dragons speak in many types of language including ckanton, mezodorf, duelzeldorf and photodorf sensory expressions. Ckanton is the most resonant form of language for this region known as Earth, and the accolades of proses shall be spoken in this language. Mezodorf and duelzeldorf cause percussions of sound that resound in apathy and disintegration of light wave mind set and are to be re-orchestrated in ckanton as a result to offset the experience of extinction, thereby leading to ascension ahead.


Dragon Dream Time


Dragon dream time occurs in many accolades of rhythms of verses of poetic resounding tones and thoughts that syncopate in a unity of mindset. The dragon dream time relies upon incantations as it shares its thoughts through sound motions suspended in light synthesis in order to exchange healing and synergy of mindset for understanding purposes. Dragon dreaming is not new but we are returning to its resources for the purposes of the next phase of light wave synergy ascension.


Dragon dream time is a dream time all of its own suspended in its own oasis of lore. Dragon lore is about serpents and dragons and how they honored and later destroyed one another. Dragon dream time parallels nature which is a structure remaining of dragon incarnations that occurred through the kingdoms of times past. Dragon dream time is gentle and osculates in rotational bandwidths of synergy that causes circular thinking to occur. Circular thinking is a derivative of ckanton thoughts of thessa and thulsa bandwidths of light wave mind synergy expressed in theta mindset.


Theta, Thessa and Thulsa Bandwidths


Theta is a bandwidth beneath thessa and thulsa and causes disunified thoughts of heaven and hell to be experienced. Hell is a state of being that occurs of light wave mind dis-synergy. As the mind waves dis-synergize, they experience dark dreams of difficult emotional turmoil. As the mind waves synergize, then heavenly experiences of bliss occur through lighter dreams that are dreamt. Light wave mind dis-synergy is put behind oneself in the development of thulsa and thessa brain wave motion. The development of thulsa and thessa brain waves is not easy, but as it occurs one enters a new dream state in which only dragon dreaming can occur that is luscious and delicious to experience.


Thulsa and thessa bandwidths are not to be understood until light wave mind synergy in theta are transcended. We are hoping for a select group to choose to move into thessa and thulsa bandwidths of light wave synergy to express and experience dragon dreaming. Dragon dreams are expansive and unencumbered by the mindset of dis-factional dissatisfaction that prevails in current human light mindset. Thulsa and theta are mastered as heaven and hell as concepts are transferred into bandwidths of unity in which the two cease to exist and only love is experienced within.


The love expressed within is in the love of the love of the love within unity held in the peplum of energy flow in a syncopated rhythm of heart and mind unification. Heart and mind unification is really only possible if and when thessa and thulsa mind waves are incorporated as synapses in the development of light wave brain. As the heart and mind are unified, the language shifts to be devoid of hate and this unifies the thoughts as dragon ckanton in motions of accolades of synergy. It is in the synergy of the motion of the brain waves that love based unity is sustained in the dreams that are expressed.


Dragon ckanton is really a derived notion of dragon lore to be expressed in the dreams ahead associated with our materials. We will be exploring dragon dreams in a new and contemplative manner in a derivative of dream time that is to be set in motion all over Earth to redirect humankind in a new synergy of union. As the synergy of union develops, the dreams of humankind shall unite into a new accolade of motion that shall synergize the whole into a union of mindset. As the union of mindset occurs, the dreaming of the human species shall flow again into octaves of love. Please see Chapter 4 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information on the 10 Octaves of Love. The octaves of love will now expand to include dragon dream time.


Thulsa and Thessa Births


Octaves of unity can only occur as thulsa and thessa mindset is held in the cranial systems of heart mind synergy amongst a certain portion of the population. There shall be hundreds of thousands of births of those in thessa and thulsa mindset ahead. Those mapping the ascension to such a state shall occur in adult form to birth and also raise and support those of this nature entering the world in their youth. Those mastering thulsa and thessa shall rise above the masses causing a new dream to take hold that shall reknit the human species into a new awareness giving birth to the age of enlightenment ahead. The age of enlightenment is the years of the dragon to be rebirthed in synergy with all of nature.


Dragon dreams are added to theta bandwidths of conscious dream accolades. Those who master thulsa and thessa mindset shall be few and far between over the coming century but shall expand as the births of those of this nature are fostered. Those entering thessa and thulsa mindset create a new dream for themselves first and later the whole. The synergy of thulsa and thessa mindset is not easy and requires focus inward to secure the love of the love within as a masculine and feminine expression of divinity.


Divinity and Divine Intervention


Divinity is really the result of the union of the male and female within. Divinity cannot be experienced in any other manner really and sincerely. Divinity is a state of being in which the love of the ckanton takes flight into its expression giving birth to a new self within. The new self is not to be confused with other parts of self expressed before. The new self is unified in a flame of truth that is hosted in the peplum in a synergized motion of heart mind octaves of expression. Divinity is a heart mind octave of experience that can only be expressed in thulsa and thessa mindset.


Divine intervention is the result of those of thulsa and thessa mindset that chose to cause the development of others to resound in their synergy of movements remaining from earlier time periods upon Earth. Those choosing the path into thessa and thulsa mindset are responding to an octave of redirection of the dragon Tao that desires to foster a return journey up into light wave synergy in this cycle upon Earth. Those responding to the wave of intervention may be many; those developing thulsa or thessa brain waves will be few due to the difficult internal journey of mastery associated.


Mastery requires time to focus inward. The time required is not to be confused with other preoccupations of theta derived experience. Theta experience is about light wave mind synergy that comprises the artistic experiences along with teaching and healing octaves of development leading to another level of mastery. The next level of mastery for the devoted shall be an increasingly internal need to perceive inward into the gateways of disunified mind synergy and to reset the motions into those of a state of synergy.


Synergy is not to be misunderstood as heaven but as a direction of unification leading to the development of thessa and thulsa synapses and brain waves. Thulsa and thessa unite in a special formation of octaves that cease to split between light and dark. Thessa and thulsa mindset are not really experienced much today as only twenty humans alive appear to be associated global wide. In time there shall be many more playing their ckantons with one another leading to the resurgence of a renaissance of light wave mind synergy.


The last period of thulsa and thessa development involved one known as Nostradamus. Nostradamus left a literary archives of future precepts that caused a future of its own leading unto the fulfillment of his predictions. Nostradamus did not intend to offer the world a dark future, however it was the only possible future he perceived for humankind. His intention was to offer up the dark future which Edgar Cayce also perceived so that humans could alter the dream and dream another time of unity instead.


The Ascension Insights series is fulfilling upon a redirection of the dreams of Nostradamus into new hope. Now the development of thessa and thulsa mindset shall direct the dream further into another era of renaissance to be experienced in new mass thinking of accolades of derivatives of unity ahead.


The era of Nostradamus is given closure today due to a full polarity reversal that has occurred due to Divine Intervention from All That Is, the Source or the Tao. We have orchestrated ckantons of the dragon realm spoken in thulsa and thessa mindset to set in motion another dream for the human kingdom. The new dream reversed the poles of the north and south into a new direction of dreaming for humankind. Now all shall flow in the opposite and what was perceived as popular will become unpopular; and that which was unpopular popular; and that which was deemed to succeed will fail while that which would be deemed to fail shall succeed.


Poetry in Motion


The accolades of ckantons offered are spoken unto here. The ckantons are in thessa and thulsa bandwidths of mastery that has been fulfilled upon in Asur’Ana. Some are mastering these bandwidths within themselves; and many more shall join us ahead with a special redirection within to move in parallel. This is not to say that we are in any way superior; just that we are uniting as a force to redirect humanity into a new echelon of time in which nirvana can be experienced.


The light wave mind synergy is a phenomenon of succinct movements of truth expressed in motions of thulsa and thessa mindset. The mindset of thessa and thulsa is best expressed in derivatives of union-based accolades of insurmountable expression of poetry in motion. Poetry in motion is not to be confused with underestimation of power. Poetry in motion has the most power of all to syncopate the dreaming into octaves of unity that can then redirect the purpose of the existence of self.


The existence of self is a precarious circumstance today in the dark and light mindset of heaven and hell expression. In order to foster dreams of unity, a new type of ckanton requires development. In the Ascension Insights series, we worked with the Language of Light derivatives of thoughtform to unify the dreams into the middle path. The unity worked amongst those choosing to integrate the language but has yet to create a mass awakening as hoped.


The ckanton of the Language of Light has been experimented with in order to construct a new ckanton to allow another level of thessa and thulsa mindset to be born. The thulsa and thessa mindset is best experienced in accolades of prose. We hope that each enjoys what is presented at the end of each archive now and into the future by printing out the ckantons and using them for your personal dreams ahead. The ckantons are also dreamt into the current dreams of humankind to allow another level of unity to foster for the whole and to contribute to our collective goal of masterminding a new journey for the human species into the accolades of love.


Dragon Lore


The new ckanton language shall awaken a population of dragon souls that incarnate into the human species long ago. There are sleeping dragons in your midst. It is time to awaken the dragons into a new era of dreaming that surmounts the limitations of serpent paradigm and augments a new journey into a new tomorrow of greater fulfillment of hope. The dragons shall form circuits of conduits of energy flow that shall congregate in male and female derivatives of junctures that shall lead to thulsa and thessa expression of mindset. The dragon souls are a necessary component to this journey out of theta and into thessa and thulsa light wave synergy as they retain the unity amongst the group or the whole.


Those who choose to participate in dragon dream time shall carry on in dragon dreaming with new pallets, instruments and keys to be anchored in your home region to reunite circuits of others who are incarnate as dragon souls. As the souls in your home region are triggered to activate again in dragon formation, the circuits shall form that shall begin to anchor thulsa and thessa light wave synergy in group formations. As the circuits form, it will be easier for each to dragon dream rather than serpent dream ahead. Dragon dreaming requires the circuits to persevere in attuning unto ckantons of dragon lore.


Dragon lore is a fastidious circumstance of partnership dreaming that is devoid of dis-synergy as a foundation of non-love. Hibernating systems of dragon lore do exist and those living within the dream time associated often create loving unions in spite of dis-synergy patterns. Serpent dreaming is of theta or beta mindset. Theta and beta carry on in light and dark incantations that are derived from karmic episodes in the ancestry one is clearing in activation of light wave synergy of motion.


Unknown Karmic Records from the Era of Anu Revealed


There is very important karma uncovered in the Idaho region. The karma has to do with unknown records of the era of the Anu involving another cast of characters that led to the nuclear annihilation setting Earth into a vast extinction cycle. It was in this timeframe that thessa and thulsa mindset was lost giving way to only theta remaining as a human expression to follow.


The karma involves a cast of characters that repeated in Tut’s era of Pharaoh incarcerations of drama. The characters of the Anu era were an accolade above those of Tut’s era and fostered the same drama in the dreams of humankind.


(NOTE: The full synergy of lessons from other periods in human history are best understood in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Workbook 2.Please digest the information in chapters 1 and 3 of Workbook 1 and chapter 7 of Workbook 2 to understand the full repercussions of ancestral insight about the following accolade of karma.)


The current exploration of karma involves a foursome of dis-synergistic flavor that incarnate in the tail end of the Anu incarcerations of experience. The incantations from this era formed prose and lore associated with Innana’s school of incarcerated sex for pleasure of merchants from the Pleiades who flew in and out on spacecraft and required tantric relief. Innana herself had many lovers of Pleiadian, Red Nation and other inheritances over time. Often children were conceived and then moved into a slave incarnation to be raised as a surrogate for tantric relief of the Pleiadians visiting Earth.


Daylya and Gaylya


One of the children of Innana and a red nation chief who she seduced in merriment of accolades of surrender and remorse chose to become a tantric queen known as Daylya. Daylya was beautiful and fair and seduced many a man who accompanied her to and fro to the Pleiades and other renders creations abroad. She became quite the feat to behold. After 300 years of capitulated onslaught of incarcerated sex on behalf of her mother who had accumulated a load of tantric lust relief, Daylya returned to Earth to discover another tantric relief of the red nation sort for herself named Gaylya.


Gaylya was a twin who had been born to Rosetti (also known as Vestivia as Apollo’s wife) and a red nation son of chief of same father of Daylya. Daylya and Gaylya came together as two tantric hoses united in kinship and synergy of one of the one within; only to dis-synergize Earth in their union.


Sampson and Isis


Daylya and Gaylya gave birth to a son named Sampson. Sampson went on to master his own campaign of tantra as a 400-year stint of execution of anything that dis-synergized his parents. Execution occurs through tantric battles that occur to this day in the outer dream time of the human kingdom and in relationship lore patterning. Along came Isis, another tantric relief related to Innana and another red nation host. Isis and Sampson became lifelong friends who understood one another as a tantric pair of kinship.


Sampson tried to re-synergize Isis in red nation lore as she was in Pleiadian Innana version of tantric lust. This shift into red nation motion left Isis dependent upon Sampson for her energetic flow as she did not understand red nation lore. The two further dis-synergized Rosetti or Vestivia and Rosaletti or Vestuvia who were still incarnate; and hoisted a hell gate of the Pleiades over the two who perished in a demonic escalade of caldron of existence.


Rosetti and Rosaletti were just recently pulled from their demonic caldron left upon the land of Idaho; and the demons were released. A part of the consciousness of Rosetti and Rosaletti had sat in a demonic hell and in great grief for over 120,000 years. Rosetti and Rosaletti were the red nation names given by a shaman who renamed them of their Pleiadian inheritances as they left the family of Anu. The remaining consciousness of Rosetti and Rosaletti are currently undergoing a bardo to better understand and review their life experiences and as reunited with the rest of their ancestral selves.


Twin Lore


The Sampson and Isis karma capitulated Earth into a war leading to nuclear devastation on the part of Merduk and his relief of Innana as a half-sister he hated. The nuclear winter destroyed thulsa and thessa mindset upon Earth except for brief renaissances over time. The main renaissance recorded in the land of Idaho and occurred 8,000 years before the nuclear winter of Atlantis and was augmented in the transfusion of Buddha. Buddha attempted to restore thessa and thulsa mindset upon Earth.


We invite those who would like to study with us as we work upon this next evolutionary sequence and karmic release as our archetypal natures continue to be explored in twin and counterpart relations. Daylya and Gaylya were twins of dis-synergy that dis-synergized Earth and nature. Sampson and Isis were twins of plundering that plundered the parents and sister into extinction patterning. As the karma is released the twin patterns can be dissolved in the holographic wheels upon Earth.


Twin lore is to be written from a more expansive understanding in the months and years ahead. The following prose ckantons are offered to reknit your dreams into new dragon formations founded upon a synergy of love.


Incantation for Unified Dreaming


I am the purpose of the purpose within

I am the mindset of the dragon lore

I am the truth of the truth of the truth

Of the Tao of the one within

I am a force all unto my own

I am derived in the dreams of a dreamtime

That arises out of the need to foster

Another outcome of the human kingdom

I am the one of the one of the one within

That evolves into a new state

That fosters the reunion of spirit and matter

In the accolades of the journey through time

Of all that came before me

And all that shall follow

Into the renunciation of the forces of hell

Into the reunion of the forces of heaven

To be united into a single force again

That fosters the hope of a new tomorrow


Incantation for Abundance


I am the purpose of the divine

I incantate a motion of synergy

That predisposes itself to unity of mindset

That derives an accolade of motion

That unifies the polarity of my dreams

Into a syncopated motion of synergy

That fosters the middle path

In my sojourn into ecstasy of mindset

Of a heaven bent union

Of the divine masculine and feminine within

That shall surmount any turmoil

To be experienced or expressed

Ever in my dreaming ahead


Incantation for Fostering of Self


The self of the self of the self within

Is called forth in my mindset

To motion a synergy of unity

Deep within the peplum of my heart

The peplum is a flower

That synergizes a motion

Of succinct vibration and bandwidth

Of union divine

From which I synergize

Into new motions

And flower unto myself

The self of the self of the self within

Which leads to the experience

Of my sincere expression

Of the truth of myself without


Incantation for Security


I am the truth

Of a precarious circumstance

Of a dangerous accolade

Of insurmountable treason

That causes a synergy of hell

To be fostered in my presence

I dis-synergize the hell

Allowing a heaven to enter my dreaming

Fostering another moment of magic

In the journey towards sustaining

A divine moment in time

In which unity within

Expresses as unity without

In my dreaming ahead


Incantation for Hope


I am the one of the one of the one

That fosters the moments in time

That motion forward

The sequences of dreaming

From which I foster

The hope of the hope within

To emerge into the daylight of my twilight

Synergizing all that is known

Into a series of motions

Of succinct postulations

Of a restoration of hope

That fosters a state of unity

In my dreams


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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