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Light Wave Archive #23


Atlantean Fate Keys


Atlantean fate keys are prevalent today amongst those choosing for mindset development. Atlantean fate keys cause an excursion of dream that fosters a reunion with those of Atlantis in present time. Some dreams are nonphysical in which one encounters tantric beloveds or mindset experts or medical experts who aid in the dreaming of the development as an etheric healing vestibule. Astute Atlantean teams foster dream time healing for those mastering new mindset flux. Currently, the healing teams fostered in dreaming with Aligning With Earth website and Light Wave series are Atlantean based. Aligning With Earth is choosing to bring Atlantean information on mindset development to the conscious attention of the public.


Atlantean systems of development were far superior than in this era. The cortex of the mind developed in six layers instead of two, three or four in this era. Six layers of cortex is akin to a full realization of self. Six layers of cortex fosters synapses that flux into an exquisite human expression of love of the Tao and the fostering of the Dao. Those of the sixth level of development ruled the planet and human dreams in Atlantis out of deep compassion and a desire for humans to reunite through time into tantric lore of self. The astute warriors of spirit of their era continue to prevail today to include new developments in this era and foster mindset flux that prevents humans from nuclear warfare.


There are four humans incarnate for up to eighteen hundred years in remote regions that continue to retain six layers of cortex. The four humans are supported from the era of Atlantis into present time. The four are unknown to humanity or the governments of this world. Atlantis relies upon their mind flux to retain control over the dreams through time that would backlash upon their own era. Those developing under the auspices of their care are numerous in this era due to technology that spills over in the collective mind flux of their era. The collective mindset is to now flux into other light wave motions to straighten out the collective vision to foster an age of enlightenment in lieu of a nuclear catastrophe.


Atlantis systems works best in tantric dreams. Many fostered learn about partnership lore of self from Atlantis systems in tantric wave motions. Some are fostered in dreaming with Atlantean masters of tantric motion only. Some are taken in time in an abduction happenstance of fate for further development into third and fourth layers of cortex for another level of mindset development. Most cannot spawn four layers let alone three in this cycle. The teams of Atlantis are now to focus upon tantric lore of partnership fables to foster care of the two, the three, the four and the group into a new era of harmony of humanity to offset potential war.


Cortex Development and Nerve Detriment       


Tantric lore of self is a light synergy-based fostering to allow the right and left hemispheres to realign into peace, gratitude, care of the heart and union within. Second and third level cortex development can foster a unified wave pattern that leads to harmony of the two, three, four and the group. Without Atlantean fostering, most mind waves flux the left and right hemisphere apartheid triggering disunity within and disharmony without.


The problems of sick mind flux outweigh the delight of a synergized mind wave in this cycle. A large problem is the result of nerve detriment. Nerve detriment misfires the synapses in the cortex to a point of causing agitation, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, non-fostering of the life and difficult dreams of recurrent bouts of nemesis.


The nerve detriment can be improved with light infusion through Atlantean healing teams in the cycle to come. The light infusions foster a motion that ignites the mind from the feet and hands into the cortex and back to the toes in rhythmic fostering of the divine synergy of self. As the mindset fluxes in rhythmic patterns, the mind bend ceases and nemesis dreaming concludes. The rhythm fostering divine understanding requires succinct motions from head to toe through the nerves of the biology. Most nerves foster mind bend instead of synergized thoughts through time. Nerves must be regrown to allow for synergy and a non-mind bend status in life.


Light infusion will cause succinct rhythms through time if applied evenly through the biology. If applied unevenly, extremes of despair to suicidal tendencies or the opposite of hysteria or rage may engulf the individual for a time. Fear or flavors of terror may also accompany the sick motions of nerves until fostered into a status of healing. Difficult emotions are a part of mindset development today due to nerve detriment. Mind detriment is more prevalent due to difficult DNA in the birth habitat of self. Mind detriment can be transfused through in time.


Nerve detriment is a difficult foundation to begin mindset development within. Toxic habitat of life is the key problem for most. The choice to detox the body and foster a healthy diet of nutrients that allow the nerve damage to regrow is the best recourse of action for those choosing to mindset develop in this cycle. Nerve fluxes lead to all diseases known by nutritional science today. As nerves cease to flux, then renewal can be fostered and a younger age transfused into in order to extend the time incarnate to realize more within and in life.


Nerve detriment is treated in many methods of light synthesis in the healing foray of Atlantis development. Sick nerves can be shaved, renunciated, deadened, charred or re-routed through Atlantean light synthesis healing treatments. Shaving nerves triggers a regrowth in six to eight weeks as long as the nutrients necessary are supplemented in the diet. Renunciated nerves trigger a re-routing of the pathway that is non-succinct in the biology. Charred nerves create a dead end at a nerve juncture or point of return so that the pathway can regrow into health. Rerouting nerves is a bunion application. Bunions form where nerves are to be rerouted into a healthier repose of self.


There are many karmic patterns that flux in non-succinct mindset and sick nerve repose. The karmic patterns are suspended in the repose of the archetype. The archetype is suspended in light motion above the field in two sections beyond the subtle bodies. The body is fostered at the base with the etheric body which is surrounded by the small transfusion body. The small transfusion body sustains the mental, emotional, intuitive and creative subtle bodies. The small transfusion body allows light to motion new DNA into the nerves primarily. Nerves restructure in the subtle bodies, etheric body and physical structure through time.


Nerve bunions are difficult formations due to the requirement to reroute bundles that are non-succinct. Nerve bunions can leak into systems of psoriasis through time. There are many means of treating nerve bunions and skin lesions spoken unto beneath. Nerve bunions are not necessarily a problem for second level cortex development. Third and fourth levels of cortex development will foster nerve bunions in the rerouting of the motions from head to toe to foster mellifluous mindset or above. Second level cortex development fosters soporiferous to superlative mindset through time.


Health and Cortex Development


If the body is not vegetarian to vegan much of its life, even fostering of light throughout all cells is generally not delivered through time due to density in the gut region. Those who could not foster vegetarian to vegan diets in their ascensions are generally abated from further light infusion to foster more mindset development in this cycle. It is better for those who have been non-vegetarian to preserve the ascension at that level or in the mindset of thulsa and thessa than cause an early death due to over light infusion. It is best for those caught in this predicament to cleanse and renew the body and focus upon Shakti and Shaktar lore dreaming instead, causing a beautiful partnership to occur in the life. A vegan diet is best to flux the nerves into synergy in mindsets above oska and aliska and into soporiferous biology.


Soporiferous and Superlative Biology     


Cleansing into soporiferous biology is a requirement for sustainable mindset development. Soporiferous biology is a light DNA of repose in the nerves that is even in its flux from head to toe through time. Soporiferous biology triggers the third layer of cortex to form. Soporiferous biology is associated with wholeness theory of existence. Soporiferous biology causes a life of inner peace, introspection, understanding fostered in compassionate action and care of the Dao and Tao within along with all others in the life. Soporiferous biology causes mindset of visspa and vesspa which fosters superlative thoughts. Visspa and vesspa mindset is considered a modern-day saint of care when developed.


Superlative biology fosters a fourth level of cortex to grow. Soporiferous to superlative biology requires many nutrients to foster today. Many of the basic nutrients needed for mindset development are missing in this era due to the depleted farmlands and difficult interest in flesh or dairy in the dietary habitat of life. Supplements can boost the missing nutrients to foster soporiferous to superlative nerves. Fostering soporiferous to superlative nerves is a journey of introspection all of its own that is not easy in this era.


The journey may foster a deep introspection into the largest darkness ever witnessed through time in the journey of mindset development to date. The darkness must be transfused through in order to abate the destructive tendencies that have developed in the ancestries through time and in many successive falls in awareness. Those mastering into soporiferous to superlative biology may understand what is shared here from a very personal and difficult inward bound journey that may last upwards of four years to foster soporiferous or superlative nerves.


Soporiferous to superlative nerves often detriment due to heavy metal poisoning and other toxic compounds in the environment today. The nonphysical healing staff fosters nutrient supplement that is light originated and on top of herbs or other nutrients taken in the physical. The light supplements foster the herbs to rendition the nerves into soporiferous to superlative nerve bundles and endings.


Nerve Bunion Treatment       


Nerve bunions can form in many places in mindset fostering into soporiferous to superlative biology. Bunions that form near the skin may be the most obvious but generally there are those that are deep tissue oriented that burst due to sick mindset. Nerve bunions delay mindset flux into harmonious waves fostered in succinct motions from head to toe. It is best to take the nutrients necessary to foster healing of nerve bunions as rapidly as possible. Mind bend is often associated with four or more nerve bunions. There are many nutrients useful and rituals also helpful to healing nerve bunions.


Nerve bunions on the hands or toes may protrude the blackness outside of the skin. Extreme nerve bunions may flake or puff up in oozy red blisters with the charred nerve extruding underneath. The toes or fingers with black blisters are not gangrene although upon sight this may be the fear within. The best solution is to bathe the feet or hands as frequently as three times per day in a foot bath or full body bath. For those with deep tissue bunions, the recommended Atlantean medicines below can be added to the bath nightly to foster renewal of the damaged nerves.


If baths are not possible, finding skin ointments or lotions of parallel complimentary ingredients may suffice to speed up the healing of multiple nerve bunions. Multiple nerve bunions are difficult and may trigger motions that foster minor ailments such as lower or middle back pain, neck pain, knee or joint pain, or other afflictions through time. Many chiropractors may be gifted at pressing the bones into place that protrude due to nerve bunion formations. The protrusion of posture will only cease as the nerve bunion heals in time.


Nerves tend to bunion in numbers of four to eight as light is infused into damaged cellular structure to be fostered out of difficult nerve DNA or toxic exposure through time. Four bunions generally repose more evenly than eight. Eight bunions generally trigger a bone relocation somewhere in the spine. Bone relocation is best treated by swimming recurrently and bathing frequently until the bunions heal.


Diabetic flux can exacerbate nerve bunions. Sugar tends to coat the nerves and then trigger an ignition of light into a heat that chars the stature skin of certain nerves through time. Only nerves with charred skin tend to bunion. It is best to choose for a vegan and mostly carb free diet in mindset development as a result and especially in light infusion above the sixty percent range. There are herbs that aid with diabetic flux such as prickly pear, flowering cactus and banana leaf. A combination of these three herbs daily aids in reducing blood sugar through time in a diet with some carbohydrates associated. A carb free diet will offset many bunions in continued light infusion and mindset development. Good carbs foster mindset and are best in sprouted whole and protein rich grains and legumes.


Signs of diabetic flux include blurry vision, racing heart syndrome, inability to sleep through the night or at all, diabetic sores on the skin, inability to breathe easily, heart palpitations, and blood that becomes excessively thick through time. Thick blood can lead to clotting that then triggers a cessation of the heart to beat. Diabetic flux may be the single most difficult happenstance to offset in light motions ahead due to the difficult dietary habits of humanity in this cycle that do not foster health in light infusion.


Herbs Useful for Bunions and Nerve Flux         


There are specific herbs that aid in healing the nerves that can be ingested through time. Some herbs are best taken for long durations and others only for short durations and until the affliction within is resolved. Taking herbs needlessly triggers toxic problems in other organs through time. There are also many subtle nutrients needed to develop nerves adequately to flux evenly in the biology. Even nerve flux is required in each level of development of visspa mindset and above. Each level of mindset requires another shift in nerve DNA to foster another level of flux that is even in a higher octave of light synthesis.


Nerves expand and may trigger the fingers and toes to grow in size and stature. Larger hands and feet are a noted issue in Atlantean development cycles. Shoes of comfort were developed through their era in support of mindset development. Comfort shoes today is recommended for all choosing to mindset develop whether male or female. Health related shoes that aid the feet in finding their stature of health are recommended to support non-mind bend through time.


Atlantean Medicines for Bunion Healing


Powdered Vitamin C


Powdered C triggers the skin to renew if bathed within or used as a scrub in the shower. The acid dissolves dead skin. 2 tablespoons of powdered C are adequate for a bath as long as the feet and hands along with face are scrubbed with a small amount of the powder and then rinsed during bathing to foster nerve renewal. For a foot bath, two tablespoons are useful in a small container of warm to hot water. Soaking 30 minutes and no more is recommended for each bath or footbath if the feet are swollen due to nerve bunions.


Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver ointment and colloidal silver are useful to nerve healing and development. Nerves in development require consistent infusions of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver needs to be ingested in amounts of one quarter cup or more per day to foster mindset development into healthy nervous repose of self. In times of major light infusion, three cups or more of colloidal silver may be the recommended dosage to support development of the spinal cord.


A colloidal silver maker is a useful purchase and saves money. Colloidal silver gel can be placed on top of nerve bunions that are exposed above the skin. The nerve bunion may cause a break in the skin until healed. Colloidal silver ointment prevents infections of tissue that is open to the bacteria in the air or environment. Bandaging the exposed regions after anointing with colloidal silver is best. Colloidal silver ointment can be hand made with ten drops mixed with three tablespoons of aloe vera jelly. Colloidal silver ointment is also a kind treatment to put on the face once every few days to heal bunions in the head.


Pine Needle Oil


Pine needle resin fosters a bond that heals the interior of the nerve. Pine needle oil can be applied directly upon the skin surrounding the protruded bunion as an ointment mixed with olive oil. In extreme cases of many bunions, ingesting pine need oil is recommended in small amounts only. Retsina is a white wine made with pine resin from Greece that may have been fermented to prevent nerve bunions in light cycles past. Pine needle essential oil can be ingested as one drop in a glass of water once per day for about four days in extreme cases of bunions protruding out of the skin. If the bunions fail to heal in two weeks, a second dosage of the pine oil can be ingested in support of nerve healing.


Cedarwood Oil


Cedarwood oil is not to be ingested but can be applied to the skin mixed in olive oil surrounding tissue that is cantankerous due to nerve bunions. Cedarwood oil fosters the skin of the nerve to moisten so that what has charred can heal. The charring of a nerve is the result of a flux of light motion that fails to synergize up, down and through the nervous repose of self and fluxes a hole at the end of the nerve. Cedarwood oil is poisonous to ingest and is not to be taken internally.


Yunnan Baiyao Powder


Yunnan Baiyao powder is a formation of dried ginseng from a Chinese formula that will trigger psoriasis type rashes or oozing sores to heal. All bunion related skin sores are the result of the acidic nature of the leaky nerves surfacing upon the epidermis. Powdered ginseng when applied will create a coating upon the sore that scabs and fosters the skin to heal underneath. Yunnan Baiyao also prevents infection of the open wound.


Iodine Salt


Iodine salt is useful to mend the layers of the nerves through time. Iodine salt is best added to the foot bath in large amounts if a nerve bunion is blistered. Do not take iodine internally for damaged nerves. Ingesting iodine is only useful in the event of a thyroid deficiency.




Fo-Ti is useful to aid in cleansing the blood of an orange substance release in extreme bunion formations. Extreme bunions will exude a substance that is carotenoid in nature and is a blood poison. If the carotenoid substance reaches an amount of eight percent of the blood fluid, blood poisoning may lead to death through time. If the feet or hands turn orange it is a sign that there is blood poisoning to be surmounted in an extreme bunion formation. Fo-Ti in small amounts over the course of a month generally rectifies the circumstance along with a large infusion of colloidal silver to offset death. Colloidal silver may be taken in three infusions of sixteen ounces each to prevent death by blood poisoning. Fo-Ti to follow absorbs the remaining blood poisons removing them unto the waste management functions of the intestines.


Miscellaneous Recommendations


1. If a heart attack occurs due to large numbers of bunions forming near the heart, it is best to infuse the blood with eight ounces of a homeopathic remedy known as Silva Solution which dissolves pus and clots in the blood within twelve hours. Heart dis-syncopation is not unusual in mindset development into the third and fourth layers of cortex development. See your naturopath or doctor if you are unsure as to why the heart breached significantly in its beating.


Often the hands or feet will foster bunions as the heart breaches for more than five minutes. Blood poisoning can form thereafter and is best treated as annotated above.


2. Lion’s Mane Medicinal Mushroom aids the nerve cells in renditioning in DNA into light synthesis fostering. Lion’s mane mushrooms are a good general tonic to be taken throughout mindset development cycles.


3. Ester C is a useful daily substance to foster renewal of the nerves through time.


4. Hoodia herb is useful to cause non-mind bend flux of waves in the cortex that could spawn bunions otherwise. Hoodia is useful to all mindset levels of development.


5. Swimming three times per week is useful to turn the lymph to foster health and repose the nerves into balance to offset further formations of bunions.


6. Walking daily is also useful to balancing the nervous repose of self to aid in the non-fostering of bunions through time.


7. Light wave hula balances the nerves when fostered in succinct motions of physical motion.


8. Repose yoga positions are also useful to balancing the mind flux to prevent bunions. If bunions have formed extensively, swimming is better than repose positions until healed.


Fostering Healthy Nervous Repose


Healthy nervous repose requires succinct motions from the nerves in each synapse grown upon the cortex and a nerve stream into the hands and toes. The hands and toes are the relays of the nervous repose back into the spine and head. Nerve fluxes that are extreme are generally produced as the hands or toes fail to repose back to the cortex. Nerves in the spine, hips, shoulders, neck and sacral area or rectal area are subject to bunions along with fingers, hands, feet and toes.


Nerves often attach to bones or ligaments if not developed adequately through time. The nerve may separate from the bone or ligament in a pop due to repose stretches, walking, swimming, light wave mind dance or stretching. Only gentle motions are suggested in mindset development. Heavy exercise may bunion nerves instead of allowing them to heal. Repose stretches are useful to allow nerves to separate into their own formations required for proper repose of nervous function in mindset fostering.


Yoga is a keen substitute for repose positions as long as it is gentle and does not push the body to overstretch. Overstretching can stretch the nerves into a bad repose of mindset flux through time. Nerves require the capacity to stretch in development. Nerves that stretch require specific nutrients in the diet. Ester-C is one of the main nutrients useful to allowing nerves to stretch enough to foster even repose of motion in mindset development. Lion’s mane also aids not only the stretching of the nerves and triggers the function of the nerve cells to renew through time and cease to bunion.


There are many substances useful to renewing the body but only a few that are useful to renewing the nerves to foster mindset development. Some supplements may trigger a relapse into degeneration of the nerves and are to be avoided as a result. Any vitamin in a single dosage or multi-nutrient compound supplement formation, even if raw in stature, can dander nerves. Excessive presence of vitamins in the biology may trigger a sick flux of motion through the nerves. Herbal formulas to renew and revive are best to foster the needed nutrients in mindset development. Reds and greens formulas along with protein powders that are raw will provide most vitamins necessary to supplement the diet for mindset development without damaging the nerves.


Liquid minerals are a daily requirement to foster mindset development. Fulvic acids (zeolite) and cell food daily are also useful to trigger proper mind flux and prevent bunions. Cell food provides oxygen to the blood to renew the nerves. An environment high in oxygen is also useful to prevent nerve bunions from forming. There are ionizing systems and oxygen systems available in the techno gadget happy society that may be useful to those mindset developing in this era. Many indoor plants also rendition the environment to become oxygen rich through time.


Physical Atlantean Escapes


Some initiates are suspended in time in the physical for sacred development in the hands of the masters of the Atlantean era. Those fostered in the physical or nonphysical by those from Atlantis have fate destiny keys deliberated from birth. Physical abduction memories are often common amongst those who are fostered in Atlantean era of sacred development. Abduction memories record upon the nerves if they are fostered in the physical. Often the love and care of Atlantis escapes drives the repose of the nerves into deep despair as one returns to life in this era. Abductions in this time period are real and they are only for the cause of fostering mindset development through Atlantean teams.


Physical abductions are sacred in their intent of action on the part of Atlantis masters. It is best for those who interpret that abduction has occurred to allow the dreams to surface so that the nervous repose of fear or terror can be erased. The era of Atlantis is a loving formation of light flux that intends to aid and support those developing in all eras both past and future. There are no other abductions that occur in the physical in this era other than Atlantean escapes. Abductions are succinct rhythms that foster the body and field to be motioned through bi-location unto Atlantean assessment and development teams to foster health and fortitude in the mastery of mindsets of visspa and vesspa or above.


Atlantean escapes can last for a short duration as a month and as long as fifteen months in time. Time is renditioned to re-syncopate back into the moment of the abduction triggering a lapse in the memory of the escape. The lapse of memory may trigger the repose of rape, abandonment, loss or other strife until recovered. Recovering the memories of abductions occurs as one reposes the dreams of affluence from the octaves above.


Fostering of development during an abduction may include sacred surgery upon the physical to retain health or supplemental nutrients delivered through injections. Sometimes tantric teachings occur in partnership lore to foster sacred union in this era and with others mindset developing currently incarnate. The mindset development system of Atlantis is astute, aware and desires to foster those that are mastering in this era. Processing the memories of abduction will aid in the release of the terror or fear associated allowing the keys and gifts to foster love and further mindset development to be opened. Healing from an Atlantean excursion in the physical is a beautiful foray to witness through time due to all the loving keys provided by our ancestors incarnate in another era.


Development and Cortex Layers    


Most physical abduction excursions are for the purposes of developing a third or fourth layer of cortex in the cranium to foster visspa or vesspa mindset or above. Some are taken by those from Atlantis and analyzed only to discover that a third or fourth layer is not sustainable within the genetic encoding from birth. Those of a second layer of cortex development are then fostered as oska and aliska mindset of union between the left and right hemispheres. Oska and aliska may be fluxed into a unified wave motion that triggers the male and female or left and right hemisphere to better balance through time. The Atlantis abductions foster a unified motion for non-mind bend amongst those of oska and aliska assertions of development.


Many ascension developments foster a growth of a second layer of cortex through time. Some developments are born with two to three layers of cortex in this cycle. Those with two layers are far more stable in mindset flux in general through time. Three layers of development and above is also fostered by astute Dao and Tao awareness from within and in association with Atlantean teams of specialists from their era. The teams are generally motioned into night time dreaming of the life and not a daytime repose of self.


The fostering of three to four layers of cortex is a succinct rhythm of divine understanding postulated and then fostered within. Most growing a third to fourth layer of cortex may not be suited to divine partnership unless the partner is also Atlantean developed to parallel happenstance of fate. Certain regions flux more who are developed than others in Atlantean excursions. The western US, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland are key development areas along with Hawaii. Few other regions foster Atlantean developments in this era.


Oska and aliska mindset are more common in more aspirants around the world in this time period. It is the purpose of Aligning With Earth website to oscillate understanding for oska and aliska and above mind development and not just those developing a third level of cortex formation. Less than three percent of the population has the capacity to grow a third level of cortex at this time. Out of the three percent possible less than six percent of this is to be developed through Atlantean excursions of fate. The fostering of a third to fourth layer of cortex is an excursion all of its own within. Those developing understand the process and its strife intimately within.


It is the goal of the studies to foster more Shakti Lessons to extrapolate divine understanding through partnership information to ignite the Dao and Tao within into a union divine. Oska and aliska, nesska and moska mindsets need to flux into unison of waves to foster a union divine within. As two fluxing the cortex into union between the right and left hemisphere of synapse formation, a union divine in partnership may be experienced. The Shakti Study section in another volume of the Light Wave series is designed to foster a unified mind in oska or above mindset.


It is the blessings of the Dao and Tao in this cycle to foster many divine partnerships in oska and aliska or above mindset flux. The restoration of love upon planet Earth can only occur as more humans recall how to love one another in light wave motions of field and mindset flux of care of self. As thirty percent of humanity is fostered into a development of care of the heart, the planet will surge into a wave motion of the love of the divine. The love of the divine of the planet triggers an age of enlightenment to unfold. The fostering of one third of humanity in a mind flux of care is a fifty-year process ahead.


At this time more of the population is failing to develop. Those rising in light motion will succeed those who fail and befall often sad fates of disease or accidents to depart physicality. Those departing are to be loved and honored for the mirrors fostered in the development of oneself. All developments have their mirrors of family, friends and partners of strife to allow forgiveness and compassion to unfold. Compassion and forgiveness are needed attributes to foster a divine partnership within or without.


The Shaktar and Shakti Lore information is an Atlantean based escape to foster unions of glorious and blessed light formations. The information is fostered through an estuary of development in the Atlantean era. The estuary of information is a gift of the Atlantean mindset development teams who perceive love as a vital force required to cause a union of the planet to recur to flux a light motion cycle into the current world dream. The light motion cycle will rendition many dreams of detriment and strife out of the human experience. Those fostering unions are blessed in this era for the love and care of the two to be caused within and without through time due to the effect upon the Dao and Tao of the planet.


Atlantean Excursion


I am a postulation

Of a divine key

Of a birthright of myself

To foster an Atlantean excursion

To provide sustenance

Unto my mindset development

And trigger renewal

Into light wave motion

Of soporiferous to superlative

Or mellifluous wave formations

To foster a union divine

Within the self of the self

And a partnership divine

In the life


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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