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Light Wave Archive #21


11-11 and 12-12 Gateways


Gateways are portholes that are planetary sequences of numerical formations that foster particular dreams in certain regions. Dreams of unity occur in superlative regions fostering 11-11 portholes. 11-11 portholes are numerical binary encoding of the molecules of the rocks, plants, trees and nature kingdoms that are 11 to the twenty seventh followed by a 0 or 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110. The binary sequences call dreams of the sustenance of unity to the land and the people living in the region.


12-12 gateways purify the 11-11 sequences further into concepts of oneness and wholeness theory of life. The 12-12 encoding is 12 to the twenty sixth following by 0 or 12121212121212121212121212121212121212121212121212120. 12-12 gateways are rare and generally in remote regions around the planet except in a few openings to date. 12-12 gateways cause dreams to align in honor and integrity for the land and people living in the region. At this time, there are only thirty 12-12 gates and one hundred and forty-five 11-11 gates planet wide.


11-11 encoding is an equation that fosters unity in the dreams of life of initiates that master the sequences personally within their own binary equations. Those mastering the 11-11 sequences within foster the mindset development of oska and aliska to moska and nesska. Those in 11-11 mastery come to understand compassionate action within. Those in 11-11 mastery are best sustained in regions with 11-11 portholes and gateways. Those who are not supported often find themselves falling into depression.


12-12 encoding is an equation that fosters wholeness theory of self in realization of itself. 12-12 encoding is more difficult to master and requires development of visspa and vesspa mindset of full cherry formations of synapses in the cortex of the brain. Those in 12-12 encoding are even less succinct in the continued development if the life is not fostered within a 12-12 gateway or porthole upon the planet. Visspa and vesspa mindset is easily mind bent in non-12-12 gateway regions.


Many regions foster 11-11 portholes and gateways in far more numbers than 12-12 formations. 11-11 gateways are present in most mountainous, lakeside, ocean side, parkland or pristine regions global wide. For those mastering the 11-11 sequences, it is best to find the regions that feel the most joyous to the body as they are most likely in an 11-11 sequence of binary encoding. The dreams of life and of the land will align into unity sequences in 11-11 gates and foster continued development of those in oska or aliska or moska and nesska mindsets.


12-12 gates are minimal at this time. There are two in Hawaii, four in Iceland, two in North and Middle Norway and one in Northern Sweden, one in Denmark, one in Finland, three near Greece in the Mediterranean, four in the mainland US in Florida, Idaho, Colorado and Arizona, three in Canada in Jasper, Banff and the Northern Territories, two in New Zealand, three in North, Middle and South Africa, four in Tibet and many others in the north and south poles. There are futures that may open three additional 12-12 gates to sequence in Alaska, Southern Sweden and Ontario Canada. These gates should open in the coming 15 months. As this occurs, the 12-12 rendition of the planetary mindset will be fulfilled upon for a light synthesis era in this time period lasting approximately 80 years.


Mastery of 11-11 and 12-12 Sequences


For those in 12-12 binary sequences, wholeness theory of life is mastered and dreams associated unfold in visspa and vesspa mindset. 12-12 mastery is far more difficult and requires nemesis to foster a union divine within. Nemesis is a dark mirror happenstance in which the strife of life in the unconscious and conscious is examined, forgiven and the light and dark sides of self ignite into a union divine.


A deep level of inner union is fostered in 12-12 mastery with the Dao and Tao within each. Dao and Tao drive the dreams forth in non-free will dreams of continued mastery and sustenance of self. Free will is surrendered in order to master 12-12 sequences of divine wave action in life dreams. As free will is surrendered, the Tao and Dao within direct all dreams for the continued sustenance and mastery.


11-11 mastery is more common and is not to be underestimated in the effects fostered in the life. 11-11 mastery is unity-based, and light synthesis takes flight following the integration of the binary encoding into the molecular structure. Molecules sequence in binary encoding that drives the rotation of the structure. 11-11 molecules are a tri-sphere affluence of structure associated with unity within. 12-12 molecules are a six-sphere affluence associated with integrity within. Integrity and wholeness align the field into a succinct motion in which a union divine is fostered and transfusion lore of self begins in 12-12 level mastery. 11-11 level mastery fosters light synthesis and not transfusion.


Light Synthesis versus Transfusion


Light synthesis is not transfusion lore of self and should not be confused. Light synthesis involves transfusion bodies of small and large stature but not transfusion gates. There are light synthesis motions in 11-11 portholes that foster an upward motion of light that the transfusion bodies align to for those in 11-11 binary sequences within. The 11-11 motion of the land and region fosters continued synthesis of self of each in 11-11 binary sequences into mastery of unity through forgiveness and compassionate action in life. Light synthesis can involve its own gates that are non-transfusion oriented and in particular for those outside of 11-11 gateways.


In 12-12 gateways, transfusion gates form. Only those in 12-12 binary encoding are allowed to be surrounded by transfusion gates for the act of transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore is founded upon equality which must be mastered as a union divine in order to begin. Generally, 12-12 gates form near 11-11 gates of superlative notions. Initiates may gather in such regions to foster further development of self. Those in 11-11 binary encoding remain in 11-11 gates even if in a 12-12 porthole region. Only those of 12-12 encoding enter the 12-12 gates as the motions lead to a non-succinct rhythm for those in 11-11 encoding. It is important therefore not to cross into 12-12 gates as an 11-11 master unless you have gone through nemesis and are mastering 12-12 binary encoding as it may dis-syncopate your dreams.


Light synthesis is a motion that also can be fostered in gates outside of an 11-11 porthole region. If you are unable to relocate to a region of 11-11 syncopation and have mastered 11-11 encoding, light mansions with pallets (light grid centers) and keys can be fostered and opened to sustain the motions of light synthesis in most regions through intention. Light gates are available in many regions and often shut off until someone superlative motions them on. As the gates are opened with proper pallets and keys, light synthesis can begin almost anywhere including in some cities.


Not all cities foster light pallets, but some do, in which case unity mastery is possible in a denser region. Dense regions with light gates are often superlative in nature and tend to be wealthier or more pristine in stature in suburban or city life. Light tends to attract beautiful human dreams wherever it motions even in cities. Wealthy humans tend to enjoy light regions as a result even if they do not syncopate in light wave motion.


11-11 and 12-12 Gateways of Development


Those fostering enough light synthesis above octaves 180 rise above the density of suburbia or city life enough to foster continued mastery of mindset development. 12-12 gates rarely develop near cities unless they are absolved of enough density to foster them. Iceland is one example where the city of Reykjavik is absolved by four 12-12 gates fostering transfusion throughout the region. There are also thirty-six 11-11 gates in Iceland. Iceland is a beautiful region to travel to re-infuse and re-numerate into useful sequences for continued mastery of self. Iceland is one of the few regions of this nature global wide humans can visit.


12-12 gates cause superlative formations of light through transfusion lore of self. 12-12 is a re-numeration only possible as the molecular structures absolves the issues of dis-unity within. Dis-unity is a difficult happenstance in which aging and disease can manifest. 11-11 sequences do not entirely absolve aging issues and a superlative diet is recommended for those fostering this level of mastery to sustain life. 12-12 mastery can re-numerate the biology out of disease as long as the structure is healthy enough to foster the restructuring of field. 12-12 mastery leads to a sustainable biology that does not age and can transfuse in health into its crossing.


Those mastering 11-11 sequences are subject to recurrent re-numeration into other sequences leading to sour sounds and strife in the field or dreams of life. If one is mastering 11-11 in oska or aliska mindset and lives upon land that is numerated in other sequences, it is easy for the body to re-numerate into other encoding that is not useful to the mindset development. Depression or suicidal feelings or passive aggressive behavior are often the result of a re-numeration out of 11-11 sequencing after it has been mastered.


Those finding that they have dropped out of 11-11 sequencing are best to either relocate into regions hosting a porthole of 11-11 encoding; or travel recurrently to visit such a region with intent to re-numerate with the land. The land of 11-11 portholes hosts motions that aid in sustaining 11-11 encoding in the molecules. Nautilus Dreaming also hosts re-numeration chambers that will aid in re-encoding the molecular structure to a given binary system level of mastery if needed.


Those mastering visspa or vesspa require regions with 12-12 portholes to sustain the encoding. Dropping out of 12-12 and back into 11-11 numeration can act as a sequence towards illness as the fall fosters a loss of consciousness. Sometimes gates close and then re-sequence open in a year or more. Those living in regions where 11-11 or 12-12 gates close can also re-numerate into other sequences of binary encoding less than useful to the mindset developed leading to passive aggressive behavior or depression. It is best to watch the emotions and take action to re-numerate into the encoding necessary to sustain the mindset and continued mastery.


8-8 Numeration and Partnership Lore


8-8 binary encoding is useful in partnership lore for twin and counterpart unions until 11-11 encoding is fostered. 8-8 encoding is a 08 times sixteen followed by a 0 or 080808080808080808080808080808080. 8-8 encoding fosters infinity between the two in succinct wave motions between the molecules, mindset and life dreams. 8-8 encoding is non-competitive and fosters a beautiful synthesis in mindsets of thulsa or thessa. Those born in thessa or thulsa generally begin their journey in 8-8 encoding. The molecules of the 8-8 encoding appear as infinity symbols for those at this level of ascension mastery. In life, the 8-8 sequences lead to the infinite possibility of dreaming dreams desirous of the heart in care of the two and the clan.


The 8-8 sequences swing into polarity through time. Partnerships can sequence from a beautiful union into a parting of relationship if the lore directs the dream into a karmic habitat completion. This can be so for 8-8 sequenced dreams for friendship or family dynamics. If there is continued karmic habitat, the relationship continues and sequences into another seven-year lore cycle. If there is no further habitat, the union dissolves into a parting either through death or through separation in life. 8-8 encoding for partnership is more common than 11-11 partnership lore. Both 8-8 and 11-11 partnership lore are Shakti and Shaktar dreaming associated.


12-12 partnerships are rare today. There are only four global wide. The mastery of 12-12 has been very difficult to foster this cycle due to the toxic issues of life and the collective consciousness which drives dreams into the secular domain of self. The few that have mastered 12-12 partnerships are most likely unknown as group foray of dreams tend to damage those in wholeness theory of self together.


For those who discover that the partnership is sustainable in infinite sequences in the 8-8 system of development, 11-11 sequences together are the next level of mastery. Mastery in partnership from 8-8 into 11-11 sequences can be difficult if only one can foster the mastery within. If one fosters an 11-11 mastery and the other fails, the two generally depart the union through strife or death. Two who master 11-11 unions together have a beautiful supposition of self to generate a superlative lore of the two. If two have mastered 11-11 sequences and one carries on mastering a 12-12 sequence, often the one remaining in 11-11 encoding departs or passes. The flux between two levels of mastery do not work well together for the physical due to disturbances between molecular structure leading to dissonance within of one.


Condrian Lore Binary Encoding      


8-8, 11-11 and 12-12 encoding each foster red nation lore of collaboration within the clan. Red nation lore includes many indigenous systems fostering dreams that sustain the group or the whole. Those in 8-8, 11-11 and 12-12 encoding generally relate well together in a group foray or region in group wholeness theory. Those in condrian binary encoding trigger strife amongst those in group wholeness theory of life. Condrian encoding is 4-4 and 6-6 based. 4-4 and 6-6 based encoding creates sequences of dreams that are creative to destructive in affluence of self or competitive in nature.


The 4-4 encoding is 4 to the twelfth followed by a 0 or 0404040404040404040404040. 4-4 molecular structure is a sphere with four atoms rotating around its sun. 4-4 encoding mimics the 8-8 sequences in partnership theory of life. The two in 4-4 encoding may appear to flourish together as a couple or fast friends or business partners or family members. The 4-4 partnership is competitive and the two will damage others in 8-8, 11-11 or 12-12 sequences to offset difficult lore of destruction to be dreamed by the pair.


The pair in 4-4 encoding triggers difficult lore to occur upon another pair rather than living the lore to forgive the dance in life. Those in 4-4 encoding rarely forgive and generally forage for a dream to extend the life until the very end. The 4-4 encoding is only enacted in pairs and not in the singular. For any human in 4-4 sequences, there is always another even if not apparent that acts as a partner in crime. 4-4 encoding can occur in all condrian lore humans.


The 6-6 encoding is 6 to the seventh followed by a 0 or 060606060606060. 6-6 encoding hosts a molecular appearance of a sphere with six atoms that rotate around its sun. 6-6 encoding is dominion and subordinate oriented. Two in 6-6 encoding will host one who dominates and the other who subordinates in partnership, friendship, family or business relationships. Those in 6-6 encoding generally find one another through time entering ego and negative ego suppositions of self. Ego and negative ego unions or friendships are always of 6-6 encoding.


Those in 6-6 encoding also relate to those in 4-4 pairs out of dominion. The two in 4-4 encoding is dominant over another in 6-6 encoding or another pair in 6-6 motions. There are also 4-4 and 6-6 regions in which the land fosters the molecular structure in the rocks, land, plants, trees and kingdoms. 4-4 and 6-6 regions foster dreams of dominion and subordination in nature as well as within humans living in the region.


Those in 6-6 numerical sequences will attempt dominion over those in 8-8, 11-11 or 12-12 encoding in life dramas. Often those of this nature will cause a disturbance that is emotional or competitive with others or the leader of the clan. Both 6-6 and 4-4 sequences are overcome in apartheid of self. Separation in the physical is often a necessity in completion with others in 4-4 or 6-6 binary encoding to foster a self-healing from the rendering of field associated.


Some in 4-4 or 6-6 encoding may appear spiritual. The spiritual foray fosters many dreams that those who are competitive participate within. Often competition is only apparent in the unconscious maliciousness of a field that renders or deposits cruel actions upon another developing self or mastering ascension. Some rise out of 4-4 or 6-6 encoding in time into 8-8 or 11-11 sequences. Some in 8-8 or 11-11 sequences can also fall back into 4-4 or 6-6 re-numeration through the land or if under the dominion of another or a pair of others in such sequences. If this occurs it is best to re-numerate back into the 8-8 or 11-11 sequences lost to carry on in the mastery of self in apartheid to the other in condrian lore.


Truth in Action


Truth is a sustainable resource within. The truth of the 8-8 encoding is one of infinite possibility. The truth of the 11-11 is unity within. The truth of the 12-12 is divinity within. 4-4 and 6-6 sequences of encoding foster only non-truth in the dreams of life. 4-4 and 6-6 sequences render spirit, damage forensics, foster an attrition of the dreams of others, and often act as pirates of spiritual pursuits of self. The motions of those in 11-11 sequences sometimes accolades around those of 4-4 or 6-6 sequences underneath superfluous coats in the field. Underneath what appears mastered is a difficult foray of a human who slaughters or damages others rather than taking responsibility for their own karmic habitat through forgiveness action of self.


Karmic habitat of 4-4 or 6-6 humans is an adroit circumstance of fate of non-forgiveness. The karma of those in 4-4 or 6-6 sequences is to be lived and not understood as the binary encoding is unable to foster the motions of forgiveness. Those with superfluous coats harvested from another of 11-11 sequences will attempt to understand in order to forgive, but will be unable to foster the intention due to the nature of the molecular structure of field. Atom based molecular structures host a magnetism that is unable to motion forgiveness of self.


The figure eight molecular structure erases the karmic habitat as forgiveness is fostered. The tri-sphere motion also erases the karmic habitat in forgiveness but also embraces the enemy in its motions of compassion. It is in embracing the enemy that compassion is mastered in the tri-sphere system of field rotation. The figure eight and tri-sphere motions are also present in the field in the development of the chakra system and subtle bodies in ascension mastery.


Truth requires forgiveness to be present. Truth is an adroit equation that fosters an understanding that allows forgiveness or compassion to flow. Truth ignites a rhythm that triggers dreams of perception and insights into the nature of others and the consequences of the karmic habitat between two. The truth reveals the nature of the drama at cause of the karma so that it can be relinquished in forgiveness allowing the karmic habitat to be erased.


Truth is an act of the divine self or soul postulating its notions upon the self of the self within to foster the perception necessary to forgive or find compassion for another in life. The divine self or soul is the aspect of sustenance that incarnates each cycle to foster its development in monadic sequence of duets. A duet is a twin flame of soul that extends into two variant pathways of humans to learn parallel lessons of forgiveness and compassionate action in different lives. Sometimes monadic duets find one another in the physical. Generally speaking, this does not occur as the two are incarnate in vastly variant regions that never cross paths.


Condrian Lore Damage of Self


Sequences of 4-4 and 6-6 fosters vortexes of chakras that can damage the self-development of those in 8-8 or 11-11 sequences of binary encoding. The vortexes act as a wave motion that renders consciousness in the interaction between the self of each. 4-4 and 6-6 encoded humans foster a self that is demon oriented. Demon oriented selves seek out dragon oriented selves to expand without mastery to foster larger dreams that would otherwise be possible. Chakra vortexes of 4-4 and 6-6 characters can be offset through renunciation of self of themselves.


Renunciation is an intention upon completion of the interaction with demon oriented humans. Renunciation is an act of disassembly and erasure of all shared experiences recurring through time between two selves. Renunciation cannot occur prior to the completion of the karmic habitat between one of condrian and another of red nation lore of self. As the karmic habitat is complete, the renunciation of the one of condrian lore will separate all interactions fostering self-healing of the one rendered through time in demonic interplay of self.


4-4 and 6-6 sequenced humans abound in the world foray of dream. For every 8-8 sequence there are twelve others born with 4-4 or 6-6 sequences of binary encoding. For each mastering 11-11 sequences, there are sixteen of 4-4 or 6-6 encoding present upon Earth. Condrian lore prevails in the human marketplace at this time. Those of 8-8, 11-11 and 12-12 sequences are best to draw one another into the circle of affluence in the life for a more supportive and co-creative dream with others in a group foray.


The Odd 7-7 Numeration      


There is a 7-7 numeration that occurs rarely in human form and is associated with a mindset breach. Those born brain damaged or in severe deformity with afflictions of the mind such as Down syndrome or autism, a binary encoding occurs of a 7-7 nature. The 7-7 nature is a sequence of seven to the fourteenth followed by a 0 or 07070707070707070707070707070. The numeration of the 7-7 triggers a vastly non-conscious experience of life to settle karmic habitat for loss of physical awareness over time in the inheritance.


7-7 numerations rarely render or damage others. Those in 4-4 or 6-6 sequences may use the field of the one in 7-7 ordering to damage others. The field of 7-7 sequences of binary encoding are very non-succinct. Often the feeling of love that occurs in the one who is autistic or with Down syndrome can be used to harvest the heart accolade by another in 4-4 or 6-6 sequences of encoding. The 4-4 or 6-6 relies upon vortexes spun through the one in 7-7 encoding to damage a third party in the care of the heart. 7-7 numerations are often born to pairs of 8-8 sequences of encoding and reflect a loss of a sequence leading to non-conscious afflictions of dreams in life.


Binary Systems of Self


Binary systems of encoding also host a self that is of the physical. Self or consciousness is not only striations of field but also striations within the molecular structure in addition to the etheric vessel. Physical systems of self hold the consciousness of the body so that the DNA aligns succinct to foster the health and sustenance in life. A loss of body level consciousness can lead to rendering of DNA that then leads to a loss of succinct rhythms of sustenance and health over time.


Those of 4-4 or 6-6 binary systems often render the body consciousness of those in 8-8 or 11-11 sequences to extend the life. Rendering of the molecular structure is not as uncommon as one might think. Often molecular structures are rendered with some awareness of a pain in the body for a time; and if the consciousness fails to be retrieved and reinstated upon a body level, the pain subsides and the DNA then fractures. As the DNA fails to spin properly over time in a given region, physical dysfunction to disease manifests through time.


Repairing the binary systems of the biology is a system all of its own. There are healing chambers in Nautilus Dreaming to foster a binary incantation of or repair to retrieve lost body level awareness through time. Often a recasting of grid work and etheric structures follows a treatment for the binary systems of self rendition. Binary systems are fostered through incantations over the life and development of mastery level of self through time. If the incantation for the binary system itself is rendered, another encoding can be instated. It is important to ensure that the incantation for the binary system is present to offset a rendition into the wrong encoding over time.


One who falls from 11-11 into 8-8 sequences after fostering a rise will feel diminished to an extreme, depressed, exhausted or suicidal within. A fall from 11-11 to 8-8 is a vast diminishment of molecular rotation that is non-sustainable within. 11-11 leads to a sustainable rhythm that provides the life force for the vessel and consciousness in the life. If a fall into 8-8 sequences and out of 11-11 is detected, it is best to adventure into Nautilus Dreaming for a re-numeration of field to the proper encoding for your mastery.


8-8 levels of thulsa and thessa mindset can also be re-numerate into 6-6 or 4-4 sequences if overlaid by one or a pair of others who infuse their binary encoding on top of self. 8-8 falls in consciousness also lead to the flavor of guilt, suicidal qualities of life and despair. The resolution is to re-numerate back to an 8-8 sequence through a rendition in time. Nautilus dreaming does not support 8-8 levels of work; only 11-11 and 12-12. If you are an 8-8 encoding in thessa and thulsa, it is best to work with dragon dreaming systems to support a re-numeration of encoding.


Re-Numeration of Self


I am that I am

The numerical sequences

Of myself

In motion

With my level of mastery

In all levels of fostering

Of realization

Through time


The 8-8 Numeration

(Pastel rose in color)


I am that I am

The 8-8 numeration

In the infinite insights

Of myself

In relation unto each

That crosses my path

In the syncopated rhythms

Of a motion

That sustains the care

Of the two

And wholeness

Of the clan


The 11-11 Numeration

(Silver in color)


I am that I am

The 11-11 numeration

In the caress

That sustains unity

Within myself

And with each

In the sustenance

Of the whole

In a postulation

Of forgiveness

And compassionate action

In all dreams

Of life


The 12-12 Numeration

(Gold in color)


I am that I am

The 12-12 numeration

In the divine syncopation

Of the rhythms

Of light

In a synthesis of truth

In an expression

Of the Tao

In an oscillation

Of repose

Of a symphony

In a union divine

With the Dao


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