Image of liquid light of pale blue and pale pink in the ocean of energy. Light Wave Archive #20

Light Wave Archive #20


Light Infusion


Light infusion occurs as the one hundred and ninetieth (190th) octave is transfused through. Light is anchored as a cellular formation of photon particles that heat each cell from within. Light infusion begins with approximately fifteen percent of the cells to be infused in photon systems of self. Photonic systems require light particle DNA to be fostered. The cells infused with light release the need to consume sugar to sustain the temperature. Cells infused must be evenly distributed throughout the structure to cause equilibrium of overall body level temperature for sustainable health in life.


Uneven distribution of light infusion can perplex systems of the biology into increasingly weakened states leading to disease. It is important to intend even distribution of light infusion at each level. The levels are adjusted founded upon regional happenstance of light synthesis gates. Some regions may only allow for ten percentage of the cells to be infused as the one hundred and ninetieth octave is transfused through. This is an approximate measure of light infusion in early transfusion through the first decibel of octaves mastered:


Octaves and Light Infusion


Octave 190:     10-15% light cell infusion

Octave 260:     20-28% light cell infusion

Octave 440:     30-40% light cell infusion

(one decibel is transited in octave 400)


Light infusion requires light synthesis DNA that is procured through the inheritance of those that transfused in times past. Most that develop ascension have some light synthesis DNA possible. Most can master through one decibel of light infusion without triggering disease symptoms. Those without light infusion DNA that is thorough will develop disease in regions of the biology that are non-sustainable in light infusion blueprints over time beyond mastery of one decibel. It is important to ascertain if light synthesis DNA is available in the biological habitat for each region before proceeding beyond the first decibel of mastery.


One decibel of mastery equates to augmenting compassionate action into the life dreams. Compassionate action is not a small awareness and develops in those realizing self to this level. Light synthesis DNA is precarious to fall in the tapestry that may be unpreventable to offset in further development in many. Some archetypes are depleted in light synthesis knowledge for sustainable body level DNA. Sustainable body level DNA is mastered through ascension preceding the first light infusion. If sustainable DNA has not been integrated in full, the first light infusion will foster the healing throughout the biology wherever it has failed to become sustainable over time.


Nutrients and Detoxification Requirements


The need to provide the biology with vital nutrients and detoxify daily increase the further the light is infused into the cellular structure. Light infusion is gradual to foster mindset development, synapse growth and repair parts of the biology that are unwell or non-sustainable. Providing the necessary substances plus a good diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is a necessity to augment sustainable biology for mindset development. The wrong food resources will damage mindset and lead to disease of the nervous repose over time in attempted light synthesis.


The nerves repose compassion or divine precincts of self recurrently. If nerves are tarnished with excessive substances such as toxins, sugar and salt or the wrong fats, they fail to repose leading to a cessation of development. Depression can be a sign of a need to detoxify or a cessation of development due to toxic overload that has occurred. Toxic overload is subject to candida development due to acid wastes in the blood. Acid blood may be the single most difficult issue in current human dietary and environmental habitat today amongst those attempting mindset development. Acid waste build up will lead to a cessation of development and can augment light synthesis into disease over time.


Acid blood is offset through pH positive water that is ingested daily along with a diet high in fresh vegetables and fruits. Candida can be released through ingesting larger dosages of colloidal silver over a two-week period (one half cup per day will cure candida and drinking pH positive water and a pH positive diet will restrain further candida growth). Larger dosages of silver are a good part of a bi-yearly cleanse to offset further candida growth that detriments mindset development over time.


The need for minerals is a constant issue for mindset sustenance or further development. A good liquid mineral supplement is recommended daily (Liquimins is useful in dosages of 20-25 drops). Zeolite or humic and fulvic acids are useful to retain mindset and for continued development of synapse junctures (1-4 drops per day). Enzymes are useful to aerate the blood. Supplements of 500 mg. of vegetables enzymes with one large meal per day is recommended to offset blood coagulation. Ester-C taken daily in 1,000-4,000 mg also offsets coagulation in the blood.


Blood coagulation is complicated by light and can lead to clots that collect and may cause a heart attack or stroke over time otherwise. A diet rich in starches and protein that cause acid waste build-up is one sure way to kill the body after octave 280 is mastered. Starches should be restricted to one small portion per day. Rice, quinoa or polenta (corn meal) are the best resources of starch. Accumulation of cholesterol complicates the formation of blood clots by causing them to grow in size.


Vegan Diet


If not on a vegan diet, butter and cholesterol should be avoided except in small amounts per month. Four tablespoons of butter per month is adequate. Meats of all kinds along with milk and cheese are to be avoided completely. Healthy fats are helpful including coconut, sesame or macadamia or other nut oils. Peanut oil and olive oil are useful only in dosages of a few tablespoons per week. Soy oil should be avoided. Grapeseed oil is useful as a substance for cooking at high temperatures such as roasting or stir-frying vegetables. Fried foods are to be avoided altogether. Healthy oils in too large a dosage can also cause blood to clot. A fat free diet is acceptable as long as omega 3-6-7-9 supplements are added to the diet.


Rice is a postulation of a starch that fulfills but triggers acid waste. It is useful in dosages of one to two cups every other day and not more. Flours that are healthy such as quinoa, kamut, teff or amaranth are useful for baked goods every other day. Cooked cereals such as quinoa or kamut flakes are good twice per week for breakfast.


All other meals are best fostered as roasted or steamed or stir-fried vegetables, salads or fresh fruit. One fresh salad per day is recommended along with a cup of fresh vegetable and fruit juice to sustain the blood. Greens smoothies can replace the fresh juice. One serving of fresh fruit is also recommended for sustainable health in light synthesis and can be incorporated into the juice or smoothie. Snacks can be of dried fruits and nuts.


Light synthesis augments toxins in the blood if certain substances are consumed recurrently that are non-supportive of the mindset. Too much salt turns healthy fats into rancid fats which clog the arteries. If too much salt is ingested, increasing the supply of pH positive water will flush the system alleviating the symptoms. Too much sugar causes the blood to clot further rather than aerate. Adding more digestive enzymes following the consumption of sugar alleviates the symptoms temporarily. Recurrent salts and sugars in the diet assure a health problem ahead in light synthesis of self. Light draws health to the body if the diet supports the systems of the biology. Light draws disease to the body if the diet is troublesome.


Asur’Ana abstains from all alcoholic beverages. However, for those who do drink alcohol and has a cholesterol problem, a shot of fine gin per day will clear the blood and fluid of the cranium of the distortion. Cholesterol from coconut fat is better but also can be troublesome if more than three meals per week contain coconut milk or fat. Red wine daily also aids cholesterol build up and aids mind bend within.


Sustainable living is an adroit equation of nutrients that allow for development of the next level of mindset to be fostered. Sustainable biology leads to a sustainable dream in which health is sustained. The dream for the diet becomes sustainable as sustainable biology is mastered in ascension. Dreams for non-sustainable dietary notions are a sign that the development of sustainable biology may not have been fostered.


Dreams for diet are a cadence that catches upon the field and is a reflection of the truth of the inheritance. Sustainable truth should cadence a sustainable dietary dream into the life. Truths can be traded leading to the wrong dietary dream to be attracted into the life. The choice to align the dietary dream unto the truth of the mindset development of self will rendition the problem.


The desire for salt and or sugar can be a sign of protein deprivation. Adding more protein in the form of vegetarian resources such as nuts, beans, legumes or tofu should remedy the cravings for junk foods. Vegetable resources of protein can be consumed daily in small quantities to augment enough protein to foster mindset non-bend. Organic raw or toasted nuts along with cooked peas are possibly the best resource of daily protein needs in light synthesis for sustainable health.


Sound Synthesis


Sound synthesis augments light in decibels just beneath the floor of each octave one has mastered. Sound creates a floor or mantle of self that sustains the vibration in the transfusion bodies of field. If sound systems of self fail to develop, the field can waver up and down in octaves leading to strife, mind bend or conditions that simulate disease. Sound systems of self are a sustainable motion of music that parallels throughout the field in the light motions of self. Sound forms the mantle of self and light sustains self in its motions of the divine.


Music for the mantle of self forms in the rotation of the chakras in instruments. Instruments develop that surround each chakra leading to a cadence that forms as the field spins. Music forms in the transfusion bodies as octaves one hundred and eighty (180) are mastered. Sounds in the mantle of self and transfusion bodies cadence together in common melodies for sustainable realization of self. Sounds that are sweet attract sweet dreams to the life. Sounds that are sour cause strife or dreams of difficulty to catch.


Sour sounds generally occur due to demonic sound systems of self. Demons have sounds that are sour or turbulent in cadence. Demon sound systems must be relinquished at each level of octave transfused through in time. Demonic sound systems surface regularly in each system of self that fell in times past in the archetype related to the incarnation. Demonic sounds attract demonic interplay in the life dreams as they occur. Demonic encounters are frequently renderous in nature and can damage the field. Choosing to sweeten the sounds in the mantle of self and transfusion lore systems will offset demonic interplay in the dance of life.


Sour sounds frequently occur under decibel one through four (octaves 400 to 1,600) due to transgressions of demon systems of self that plagued the ancestries through time. Transfusing into sweet systems of sound through intention is one means of altering a sour interlude of experience. Sour interludes lead to depression or suicidal thoughts and also difficult dreams of strife. Sometimes sour interludes feel as though disease has manifest or suddenly cripples the body. The choice to sweeten the sounds through intention are useful light synthesis development skills. Listening to beautiful acoustic music daily is a helpful tool to remembering to sweeten the music in the mantle of self in particular.


Sometimes demonic systems of sounds can be rendered into the field from others or a group of others. Trading sound systems is a demon action that is karmic in the habitat of self. Forgiving the karma will allow the sound systems of demon interplay to conclude. Rendering is an action of invasiveness of field. The demonic interplay triggers an invasion of field between parties in which the sweet sound system moves elsewhere and the sour system enters the dream. The sour system causes sour music to repose and sour dreams of strife then catch in life that are unsustainable.


Demon sound systems are adroit equations sustained through machines. Sweet sound systems are adroit equations sustained by Tao systems of self. The machines of demonic systems of self release as the habitat of karma is forgiven that is associated. Tao develops the sweet sound system of each to foster forgiveness, compassionate action and divine thoughts in life.


Sometimes the Tao within allows sour music for a time for the fostering of forgiveness or compassionate action. Lessons of strife are a part of the development of realization. Often, difficult lessons are accompanied by demon sound systems from karmic encounters of a sometimes difficult nature. Demons are a large part of the habitat of karma to be settled through four decibels of mastery of light synthesis.


Dance of Dream


Dreams of the divine are a dance of cadences that foster the incantation of the motion of wave formation. Each wave motion hosts an incantation that fosters the dance of a dream. Dreams flux in cadences that trigger sublime to divine moments in time. Cadences foster the incantation of the moment to augment the dream to flow in a particular system. Systems of dreams abound in all regions. Some systems of dream are demonic and cadence in sour sound. Sometimes sour cadences can trigger sour music amongst those light synthesizing. Living in regions with primarily sweet dragon dreams is useful to sustainable light synthesis through time.


Regions vary between sweet and sour sound from place to place. Restaurants and shops can foster sweet or sour sounds. Shopping or dining in sweet melodies is helpful to those synthesizing light in this time period. Adventures into the country side are also useful as nature generally produces sweeter sounds than suburban existence. Some natural world regions can also be demonic and flow in very sour cadences. Attuning to the sound and choosing for the sweetest melodies in each region journeyed unto are a good choice amongst those realizing self to foster continued mastery.


Sour music affects the nervous repose of the biology. The nerves repose in motions of light that synthesize into the physical synapses in the cortex and in nerve junctures throughout the biology in sweet sounds to sustain health. Sour music causes nerve depression in which synapses fail to fire completely and leads to disease over time. Nerve depression can also lead to depression as an emotional state of grief or the desire to sleep too frequently along with tiredness or listlessness. Nerves that are in disrepair and fail to fire completely can trigger sour nervous repose too. The choice to provide the necessary nutrients to rebuild the nerves will remedy the depression from nerve disrepair over time.


Toxins of heavy metals, cholesterol, sugar and salt can dander nerves into a remission of performance. Healthy diets and the choice to detoxify is a consistent choice for development of mindset. Mindset is precarious to many afflictions in the environment as well as in the diet. An environment of pure air and a country ambiance is necessary for mindset development. City living is difficult but can be remedied through ionizing the air of the home, office and car. Ionizing machines are readily available and relatively inexpensive for any room in the house or in the car. Many house plants can provide enough oxygen in closed environments in all regions as well.


Superlative Thinking


Superlative thinking is a not not not system of self. Not not not systems foster nots in dreams that contain thoughts that are sour or demon oriented. Placing dreams of demons into nots resolves sour dreams of others from reacting within the system of self. Dreams that fail to react due to nots have no effect upon the mindset or life. Not not not dreams foster dreams of those in oska or aliska mindset and above to remain pure. Learning to deliver not not not dreams upon those who are demonic is one resolution to the sour sounds that afflict one’s dream. Applying not not not is self-induced through intention on the part of each mastering.


Superlative thinking fosters waves that motion in figure eights. Figure eights reflect an infinity of possibility in a mindset that understands anything is available to be dreamed for the life hypothesis of existence. Infinite possibility is a means of discovering that anything can be achieved that one’s heart may desire and the karmic and dharmic habitat allow for. Dreams of infinite possibility oscillate in figure eight synapse development of half cherry formations. Full cherry formations lead to another level of dream management above infinite possibility known as infinite capability.


Infinite possibility is a motion of the divine. Divine motions lead to a state of non-strife, peace, care and the fostering of self in life. Divine motions augment a love of the truth of the Tao within. Love of the Tao is a sustainable motion that develops in the heart beyond oska mindset. Visspa mindset causes a strong cadence of care to be fostered in the love of the Tao. The love of the Tao is an adroit equation that is mastered in the heart accolade of self. The heart of the Tao development fosters the infinite possibility into infinite capability.


Infinite capability is a system of self that is visspa mindset development. Visspa is a state of world service in which thoughts of the divine cause sustainable actions in life. Sustainable actions trigger global service unto the whole. Global service can be measured as actions towards others that support and sustain lives. Global service is also a natural world mindset cadence that supports the waves of the planet leading to balance of the global systems of self. The planet hosts a consciousness or self that needs to be sustained in those mastering visspa mindset or above.


Global mindset is precarious at this time. Overrun of demon sourness has plagued many regions previously developing in visspa or other octaves of awareness or above. Demon sound systems plaguing the land lead to a loss of visspa bandwidths of waves in associated regions. Demon sound systems can often be forgiven and removed from the land where those developing are mastering visspa or above. Not all regions can sustain visspa mindset. Choosing the region that augments development of visspa is a needed goal for those choosing for the path of divine realization in this life.


Sweetness of Life


The sweetness of life

Is a sustainable reaction

To a motion divine

That triggers beautiful melodies

Of rapturous notions

Of the sublime

To unfold within

Causing dreams to emerge

Of sustenance, peace and care

In superlative thoughts

In an incantation

For realization

Of self


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