Wonderful image of the dandelion. Light Wave Archive #2

Light Wave Archive #2


All partnership is equivalent to the male and female within and the divine love that can flow between the two. All relationship begins within and this is more important to address as a sequence of karma than most may realize or recognize at this time.


Time is of the essence in terms of mastering nemesis karma. All nemesis karma is sequenced in dreaming to be anchored upon Earth in times ahead and in 3 years or less. The nemesis dreaming will cause multiple configurations of trouble for all humans in all regions upon Earth who are stuck in darker dreams. We are to define the nature of darker dreams through Shaktar euphemisms in this archive and future archives ahead.


A Long-Awaited Change


Dreaming shall masticate ahead into large sequences of deep non-aplomb due to a series of polarity gates emanating from Nebulas, the Pleiades, Arcturus and Orion. The four creations together sequence dreams upon Earth to restore a fragmentation from other nemesis times such as the era of the Pharaohs. Please see Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Workbook 2, that was recorded by the Earth Consciousness about ascension through holographic patterning involving certain dreams of the Anu, Gurus, Pharaohs and Red Nations Peoples.


The Light Wave Archives are sequencing into dreams about twins and counterparts and nemesis formations of polarity amongst ancient archetypes of deep introspective and spiritual mastery nature. This information is not for the casual spiritual aspirant, and therefore we invite those who are sincere about their path to study along with us and discover how and why the patterns spoken unto affect your dream.


Learning to consciously dream weave is an aspect of creator nature. All humans are creators in their genealogies if they have origins to the ancient ones with larger craniums in present time. Those with larger craniums were wiser and more enigmatic in nature. Those of very mastered levels of transfusion were almost always of this nature throughout time and those mastering today are also of this nature. Archetypal natures are concise in their capacity to restore a thoughtform of a prior era or bring forward new dreams that are drawn from ancient templates of sincere times of prosperity of awareness. This is a cycle in the now of a circumstance in which dreams of the past can intersect with dreams of the now to create a different outcome than what would be dreamt otherwise leading to an age of enlightenment.


Dreaming Without Polarity


Dreams are confined to many configurations of nemesis or hell in the current thinking of humankind. Current paradigm thoughtform relies upon three poles of light, medium, and dark to prevent anything other than the past falls in awareness from recurring. In order to shift the awareness, polarities must reverse first and then segue into middle path dreaming, and this is what light wave synergy thoughtform creates. Light wave synergy is really about dreaming without polarity, and this standard of being was once present upon Earth long ago and in many eras in time.


Light wave synergy is about unity and out of unity the male and female must work together in a synchronistic manner in order to prevail. Shaktar dreaming is one means of restoring a synchronicity of dreaming from another time as he transfused. This is not the only dream of light wave origins upon Earth but is the one most resonant with the photonic gates we are traversing within the new dream. Those who are not photonic in biology will perish ahead of many sequences of diseases that are unpreventable other than mastering a photonic structure in this lifetime.




Light waves vary upon Earth into many sequences of dream that are not always trustworthy in their derivations. Those light waves that are electrical may appear magnetic at one frequency and then not at another. The best solution is to intend the best possible light wave synergy at any given octave of mastery. Mastery is measured in octaves and not segments of DNA as the DNA is so complex that it is confusing to modulate otherwise. Octaves are about transfusion light emanations and are measured by wave syncopation into dreams layered around Earth. As octaves are mastered, then the waves match a particular bandwidth of motion from more ancient times, and then each retrieves the spiritual information lost in the given bandwidth.


Transfusion Gates


Light wave mastery is not new but has been orchestrated through dream time in sequences of bad light wave transfusion. The bad transfusion will make humans ill and triggers nemesis dreaming. The nemesis dreaming is a repeat of the result of bad transfusions of long ago, and so we are simply working our way through history in the continued ascent of the map makers. In order to offset the nemesis, there needs to be enough legitimate mastery to shut down archives of darkness that are descending into the future of Earth. The darkness is really about other creation dreams that are displaced upon Earth through transfusion gates to other creations.


Transfusion gates vary from region to region and some have none at all. Transfusion is difficult to orchestrate without the gates associated. Some gates come from Orion, some from the Pleiades; some from Arcturus, some from Nebulas, and some from Sirius. All gates will transfuse but only those from Sirius and Nebulas are really supportive of photonic light wave synergy. Choosing to enter gates from these two quadrants will cause a transfusion into health in this time period. If health is not sustained in photonic gates, then photonic biology has failed to be mastered. Therefore, mastering photonic light is necessary to transfusion into gates from photonic creations. All other gates will one day disappear, and we are working upon giving them closure as it leads to a recurrence of Pleiadian dreaming yet again in the future cycle ahead.


For the spiritual adept, one can use the Tao transfusion gates to move to the Original Omniverse which is All Loving, Eternal and Infinite! The Original Omniverse is majestic with multi-spectrum of glorious, brilliant lights and fused with soothing but mighty and luminous energy. It is absolutely positive, blissful and radiant.


Sustainability Cycle


We are exiting a Pleiadian cycle and entering a cycle of sustainability that is from ancient biological sequences of dreaming. In order for this to occur, the gates from other creations need to be shut down and cease to be transfused into. The transfusion into other gates is really a lesson of the past as it never worked in the era that the transfusion occurred. The transfusion through alternative creation gates created nemesis that led to nuclear warring resulting to a massive slide in consciousness. This is the karma we are up against again in our mapping and in this cycle of nemesis drawback from times past.


Those mapping light waves enter a multi holographic sequence of dreaming. The light will trigger multiple holographic layers to transfuse at once and there will be other karma possible that shall be triggered. There is much more associated with transfusion in its history to explore.


Athena’s Transfusion Records


In this quadrant there were transfusions from many corridors of human awareness and the DNA associated. The records of the associated transfusions are just beginning to be compiled. It appears that Idaho in the US is a large quadrant with records for transfusions of the past as is Sweden in Europe. There are many other regions that are useful to gathering fusion archives including Banff in Canada.


The transfusion records in Idaho are surfacing and involve Athena archetype. Athena transfused and in her biological sequences of electrical light waves inverted love into hate. Energy configurations were syncopated upon Earth that led to demonic thoughtform that caught upon the red nation peoples. Demonic thoughtform is nemesis based and the red nations peoples befell nemesis dreaming thereafter. The nemesis dreaming led to many problematic patterns for their tribes.


The transfusion of Athena ran on top of other archetypes causing the dreams associated to become extremely destructive. The destructive nature of the dreams led to a dis-synergy of the spiritual masters of the time to a point that they could no longer transfuse. The lack of transfusion limited the light upon Earth, and this then led to a series of dream configurations that caused the Anu to fall into warring with one another culminating in a nuclear annihilation of Earth.


Karma is held upon the land in grid formations of light. As the light grids have been constructed in Idaho, the karma for Athena transfusion has surfaced. It was unknown that Athena not only transfused but ran an ascension school in her day. It was also unknown that Athena attempted a transfusion. For further information on Athena and the records gathered for ascension, we refer you to Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 and Workbook 2.


Transfusion is an act of ascension in which the light formations allow a nonphysical vessel to be constructed such that death is transcended in full or in part with the consciousness merging with the light vessel. Athena appears to have created only an incomplete transfusion that has many problems associated in relation to human archetypal nature.


Incomplete transfusion is an act of dis-synergy. In her transfusion, Athena appears to have dis-synergized others mastering transfusion in this time period. As those of red nation descent dis-synergized, they became ill rather than completing their transfusions. Athena also failed to transfuse fully leaving her physical vessel behind. This type of transfusion creates a partial light body formation that has little consciousness that is useful for continued life experience as a nonphysical expression. In essence, Athena’s transfusion was a failure.


The karma for incomplete transfusion will continue to be explored by each that studies light wave synergy information. Incomplete transfusion leads to many problems that we will continue to release karma for such that an era of complete transfusion or ascension can be aspired unto into the future.


We shall be seeking to construct a special dream time that is associated with light wave synergy. Light wave synergy has a dream time of its own to be brought forth in accolades of prose. The prose directs the dream time in beautiful formations of synergy and joy to be experienced and expressed as dreamt.



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Light Wave Art & Glossary



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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