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Light Wave Archive #16


Ascension and Development of Light Synthesis


Ascension is a magnetic field rotation that develops within as DNA strands grow into series of three thousand compartments of twelve formations. As the DNA develops in full with twelve strands integrated into the physical, light synthesis begins. Light synthesis involves a light motion that moves in juxtaposition of the light body in a triple sphere motion of self. Triple sphere light body motions are not necessarily easy to master. Those that do not master retain the development of the magnetic field rotation remaining at whatever strand count was integrated in the life.


Twelve full strands (36,000 DNA segments) integrated denotes a completion cycle of ascension mastery into the format of biology that is sustainably oriented. Sustainable biology creates a systematic system of self that fosters itself within. Sustainable biology departs the patterns of waste causing management of the cells to become superfluous. Superfluous cells lead to waste that is a nutrient elsewhere in the biological sequences of self. Sustainable biology equates to waste from one cell becoming the nutrient of other cells.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Nutrients for Sustainable Biology


Sustainable biology is mastered in sequences after light synthesis transfusion is fostered. Sustainable biology has nutrients required to develop. The nutrients required can be vast depending upon region of origin and nutrition in childhood through adult years. Sustainable biology has hormones to develop due to the need to transport wastes to regions that they are required nutrients. The hormones are complex and involve the adrenals, the thyroid, the pancreas, the pituitary and the thymus primarily.


Herbs that support sustainable systems of hormone relays include: Ginseng, Maca, Gotu Kola, Mangosteen, Dong Quai, Yohimbe


There is also a need for essential fatty acids that can be fostered through Sea Buckthorn Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil.


Sesame seed, flax seed and other essential fatty acids are less capable of the development of relay hormones in sustainable biology. Often the above oils are available as capsules on line or in health food stores. The biological requirements of each progressing into sustainable biology varies from person to person. Sometimes organs, glands or systems are depleted and require other sustenance herbs.


There are many sustainable resources of nutrients also required for nerve development for mindset relays of self. The nutrients are primarily a variety of minerals and fulvic acids available in liquid forms also from health food stores or websites. There are many herbs that can support and sustain the body in its development and it is best to muscle test week to month what is required next in the continued ascension of the vessel into light synthesis biology.


Light Synthesis DNA


Light synthesis biology hosts light relays throughout the cellular structure of the etheric body. There are three levels of DNA, the first is physical, the second is of the energy field (chakras and subtle bodies and dream formations for self) and the third is for light synthesis. Light synthesis DNA opens as sustainable self is relayed into the development of field. Light synthesis relays can be lost in karmic interplay with demonic resources of self. It is best to intend to transfuse through the karma and re-inaugurate the lost self if this occurs.


If the pallets (light grid centers) and light synthesis formations are defused, it is best to intend to re-infuse and re-synergize all parts of the light body and generally this recoups the loss. Sometimes pallets can be lost or taken and it is best to intend to retrieve each layer until a complete formation rests underneath the light body for sustainable light synthesis to occur.


Light synthesis DNA is sustainable in and of its own formations. Light synthesis DNA cannot be stripped. If the light transfusion is not adequate, the DNA can be triggered to reform so that transfusion can be sustained. One sign of inadequate transfusion day to day is a loss of body temperature. The body should heat up and then cool down between hot and cold transfusion periods. If the body fails to heat up, the DNA may require reactivation to restore the transfusion body and process. Use intention to reactivate the DNA.


Life Is Poetry in Motion


Light synthesis is a motion that causes the field to develop into sustainable languages of prose ckantor. Prose ckantor is an estuary of sound, motion and light that is poetic in stature of self. Life is poetry in motion, and light synthesis begins the experience of the unfolding of dream in a poetic notion and surreal experience of self. Poetry in motion causes magical moments in time to be light synthesized within and in the experience of those sharing of the life happenstance of self. Those sharing in the magic may or may not light synthesize but will benefit from the friendship.


Light synthesis is more common today than transfusion. Transfusion begins as light synthesis develops into an estuary of superlative formations of wave motions. Wave motions are offered as examples in the articles of the archives that are superlative in the formation of light synthesis. Light synthesis is a transference mechanism for life to unfold in superlative dreams. Superlative dreams are a notion that life is to flower and unfold in the beauty and sweetness of all that is.


Self Development and Transfusion Lore


Self-development is a special sequence of dream that allows another level of mastery to unfold. Those in light synthesis foster self-development that causes dreams of union and unity in twin and counterpart lore of self to be experienced. Relationships become sustainable actions in which those gathering together cause superlative function of self in relation to one another. Superlative function of self is a postulation of collaborative functions of life. Collaborative functions cause those who gather to support and sustain one another and the whole in sustainable dreaming accolades of self.


Sustainable dreaming causes the destiny of the one or the group to foster dreams that provide for the whole. Sustainable dreaming shall be restored as Earth function of self in about two hundred years. Those developing light synthesis and sustainable dream function are the prelude to a New Age of Earth. Sustainable dreaming is not necessarily a function of self unless light synthesis begins to unfold. Light synthesis requires the small and large transfusion bodies and the development of the three apexes of self infusion along with the chalice of the divine and the mantle of self to be fostered through light synthesis DNA activation.


Transfusion lore of self is another level of development beyond light synthesis in which transfusion gates are suspended through motions in the field. Transfusion gate keeping requires another level of mastery into transfusion lore of self. Transfusion gates are not necessarily easy to hold even in regions that suspend gates in larger formations of self. Self requires superlative function in order to sustain transfusion gates. Superlative function of self is a prose ckantor rendition of life in which the motions of field cause transfusion into a resource suspending the transfusion gate of self. The transfusion occurs as an up and down motion in which resources of the life are shared with the components of field.


Self associated with transfusion gate management forms in eighteen superlative layers surrounding the transfusion body in transfusion lore. The eighteen layers form six bodies that are physical to nonphysical in expression. The physical layer is the foundation. The second layer is a dream time formation that is also physical. The third layer bridges the physical and nonphysical leading to the monad. The monad infuses itself into layers four through six to experience the life of transfusion lore of self in mastery of itself.


Transfusion is a lore of self that causes the life to function in a dream that hosts fables associated with transfusion and not light synthesis. Light synthesis lore will be discussed in future books in “Shakti Lore” and “Shaktar Relationship” information along with “Yogananda Tales of the Heart”. Those in Light Synthesis of self can rendition through the darker lore and happenstance of union and foray for a dream of counterpart or twin lore of superlative function of love of the two. Those mastering light synthesis can and will enjoy beautiful unions and friendships of sustainable action of self as self-development unfolds within.


Transfusion lore is another level of development in which equality is first embraced and then other lore of multifaceted awareness develops within. Transfusion lore parallels light synthesis lore and will be discussed in-depth later. All mastery involves balancing the male and female precepts of life to foster unity within regardless of stature of development.


Self-development for light synthesis requires mindset development into superlative nodes and relays of self that foster cherry formations in the synapse function of self. Cherry formations are not always easy to develop unless proper nutrients are available to sustain the biological sequences of development. Half cherry formations foster light synthesis self-development in mindset of Oska, Aliska, Moska and Nesska. Visspa and Vesspa require full cherry formations to foster in transfusion lore of self comprehension.


Transfusion Diet


Diet is a primary concern for anyone attempting light synthesis or transfusion lore development of self. Light synthesis causes transfusion action of self. Transfusion action causes the light to transfuse so that the patterns can be altered in the wave functions of motion of self. As light synthesis occurs, the transfusion bodies ignite into a beautiful foray of waves that transcends through the patterns afflicting balance within.


Light will deplete the body of some nutrients that require a recurrent replenishment to sustain health through sequences of dreams of synthesis. The nutritional foray of suggested possibility varies from human to human. Some biological sequences are subject to protein depletion. For these individuals, the requirement to eat fish is therefore a biological need of self-development. All biological needs are considered inside the law of the Tao if the body requires the nutrients to develop.


Some biology that is sustainable may not require protein to foster continued development. Light synthesis varies. Some light synthesis occurs in arc waves. Arcs tend to run in bandwidths that will cause protein to be turned into gas in the biology. Those prone to arc synthesis are generally thin in stature and may require protein to self-develop into sustainable biology. Those who synthesize in spherical formations do not detriment protein as readily in the physiology and tend to be less lean in stature.


All light synthesis is best sustained upon a primarily vegan diet as milk and dairy products tend to produce mucous in the blood. Mucous in the blood can augment mindset loss if the substances coat the synapses sufficiently. Coconut oil and coconut milk is a better substitute except for butter. Butter has enzymes and fats necessary to sustenance of the structure when consumed in small amounts each month. For those in protein depletion, small amount of fish is suggested each week to meet the full dietary needs of self.


Light synthesis transfusion tends to spin best when the body is not weighted down in excessive consumption of food. Large amounts of food tend to ferment leading to gastric overload and toxic build up in the intestines. Those light synthesizing are best to have many small meals per day regardless of the nature of the light formations of field. Those requiring protein are best to have a small piece of fish several times per week. Food is best combined in formations that synergize within and digest easily to avoid putrefaction of the blood.


Wheat products bloat the intestines and putrefy the blood through the theory of gluten. Gluten is a protein substance associated with wheat that fails to digest and often creates mucous in light synthesis. The mucous collects in the intestines causing indigestion and incapacity to absorb nutrients. The mucous coats the arterial walls leading to arterial sclerosis. Renditioning the diet to be wheat free is useful to light wave synthesis of the biology. There are many other grains that do not form mucous in the blood to choose from that better support the health in light synthesis.


Having said all of the above, if one is a strict vegan, as Asur’Ana is, please continue to follow that diet. Please check with one’s inner guidance and muscle test one’s needs and follow one’s own truth within in all matters.


Light Synthesis Development Difficulties         


Light synthesis is a development strategy of self. Self develops in estuaries that expand through time. As estuaries expand, the life is renditioned in a new motion of dream. New motions can cause strife that feels physical although mostly energetic. Most light synthesis transfusion strife occurs due to oscillations of field that does not foster the structure of the etheric to retain its formations. Light can sometimes deplete or exaggerate the field rotation in uneven sequences leading to the sensation of a physical ailment in the life.


Light motions are not necessarily the easier formations to sustain unless the development of field is solid. Solid fields are recast through time to build in the rotation as a push and pull of self. The push and pull of self is magnetic and the field spins in free energy formations that striate self into a synthesis within. Striations develop in longitude and latitude of field and must be evenly distributed in order for the field syncopation to remain even through time. Uneven field syncopation leads to strife of the physical that may feel ill when it is simply an issue of the requirement to more greatly develop the striations into even sequences through time.


Relays of striations of self develop securely in motions of life. Fostering life is the main synthesis theme of self. Self is not interested in death. Death and darker nemesis dreams offset self-development by fostering a system in which striations cease or fail to be inaugurated within. Failure for self to develop leads to death if light synthesis has begun. Self-development is an ongoing feat throughout each year of light synthesis of self. Self-development renditions the field to understand the principles of sustainable actions in the life. Sustainable actions lead to forgiveness and compassion theory of self.


Difficulties of physical happenstance of disease can flourish if the darker dreams of self fail to be transfused through. All disease is a dream time foray only until it is fostered in the life. Light synthesis will cause the dreams of physical disease strife to be made manifest as a part of the transfusion process. Physical ailments may or may not manifest into the cellular structure if transfused through. The nerves repose the dream into the physiology leading to the sensation and flavor of disease long before it manifests into a physical happenstance. The time differential between the flavor of disease and actual disease allows the pattern to be acknowledged and then transfused through before the physical becomes sick.


The best intention if an imbalance of field emerges in life is to transfuse through the patterning through application of light synthesis of field. As the light body spins more greatly, light synthesizes within and the issues are illuminated to be forgiven. As forgiveness is fostered, the light forays for a dream of stability of field during which the conflict is renditioned. Conflict of field is often an estuary of self of another that attempts to displace issues of self elsewhere. As the estuary of self is restored unto oneself, the dance concludes in a rendition of field.


Rendition is a term that is self-inaugurated. Self of oneself inaugurates self striations to balance conflict of field. Self of oneself will draw self that is sustainable into the field and rendition non-sustainable actions of self. Non-sustainable actions are often forensic motions of others relayed towards oneself. Forensic motion of others leads to imbalance of field. As one transfuses above the conflict, the motion can be renditioned to cause sustainability within. Sustainability within fosters balance that leads to a life journey of joy and peace.


Sustainability within causes a balanced field rotation and light synthesis. Sustainability is mastered in sequences of dreams that continue to expand the field in striations of self leading to balance in segment after segment mastered. Sometimes imbalance is experienced for a time until the field has renditioned through the conflict into a larger and more concise light synthesis of self. Imbalance of field will lead to days of strife, tiredness, feelings of sadness, feelings of apathy and a tendency to desire to rest. The symptoms fade as the field is renditioned through the associated issues of self.


Rest is a prerequisite of a body mastering light synthesis. Long hours of sleep may be necessary during some stages of development. The choice to create mild exercise, stretches, swimming and bathing are useful unto light synthesis development of self. The physical motions aid the self in striating new striations into the field to rendition the ordering of motion into balance. Self-development is a lifelong pursuit for those mastering light synthesis of field.


Monadic Development and Ascension     


The monad is a formation of self associated with each archetype destined to realize self. Monads are formed through synthesis of the archetype through time. Monads hold information on self-development along with biological information for ascension. Monadic development is fostered in early ascension relays of self. Monadic development is an estuary of presupposition of self to foster mastery that is to cause ascension of the biology into a sustainable format of DNA. Monadic development descends into the heart estuary to cause a connection to the monad of self. Mastery of ascension occurs in twelve stages of development to foster twelve strands of DNA. If at any point mastery fails at a particular stage of development, monadic infusion ceases.


Monadic infusion causes an expansion of the understanding of the spiritual principles of life including the requirement to forgive. Forgiveness is a reflection of the monadic interplay of self. Monadic interplay is not to be confused with self-development. Monadic interplay is a precursor to self-development which begins as twelve strands of theory of life are mastered. As twelve strands of theory are mastered and light synthesis takes flight, monadic interplay ceases and self-development begins.


Monadic interplay is a dragon aid associated precursor of dream of ascension mastery. Dragon aid dreaming allows the concepts of dragon and demon to be understood so that forgiveness can be born. Dragon aid dreams are suspended in notions of forgiveness theory of self. Forgiveness theory is a presupposition that all that ails can be renditioned in the dream if forgiveness is fostered within. As light synthesis begins, dragon theory of self is sustained. Dragon theory is a supposition of mastery of compassionate action in life.


Theory of Light   


The theory of light is an oscillation of synthesis that begins as the threshold of light wave motion begins. Light wave motion begins as octave 80 is transfused through. As octave 80 is mastered, the theory of light begins. The theory of light is a sustainable principle of self. Sustainable self is a development of understanding that the principles of unity, collaboration, truth and synthesis are to be fostered within.


Unity is a concept that all is necessary within to understand and bless others. Collaboration is a concept that each is necessary unto the whole in order for wholeness theory to emerge. Truth is an oscillation of the divine to foster a reasonable dream for each. Synthesis is a notion that allows for self-development to be fostered as striations within the field. Self-development occurs through octave 450 after which transfusion lore of self begins.


Self-development is to sustain a state of compassionate action in life. Compassionate action is a mastery over a concept beyond forgiveness theory of self. Compassionate action is a necessary oscillation to master in mindset development. Compassionate action is not necessarily the easiest of lessons to comprehend in the physical. The physical is a foray of good and evil, black and white, self and non-self. Self emerges as a positive dream and non-self as a negative that leads to death.


Death must be forgiven and embraced as a non-issue of self in order for transfusion to begin. The fear of death is a large issue for most humans. Those mastering transfusion lore of self will face death as a concept to transcend through surrender to the purpose of one’s destiny. Dark dreams may emerge for a time as light synthesis takes flight. The dark dreams are estuaries of self that need to conclude through compassionate action in order for transfusion lore to surface as a dream for the life. Darkness is something to transfuse through in order to rendition oneself into the destiny key for the life.


Destiny is a prescribed key for the purpose of life. Destiny keys are a case specific system of fostering the development of self into light synthesis motion or transfusion lore. Destiny is not determined by anyone other than oneself. Destiny cannot be forged, denied, cancelled or renditioned upon another. Each destiny is purposeful to the existence of the monadic self from which one originates as archetypal consciousness. The Tao casts the archetypal consciousness and the Dao infuses life in a monadic duet of light synthesis of self.


Monadic Duet     


Monadic duets are formations of sound that repose upon the life to cause light synthesis to begin. Monadic duets are cast specific to the anthology and theory of self. Monadic duets play as a form of interplay of self as light synthesis begins. Monadic duets are not to be confused with monadic interplay which precedes the formation of the duet. The sensation of a monadic duet is a love story that unfolds within in superlative formations of light. The love story manifests in the opening unto the love of the love within that blossoms in sequences of dreams to unfold.


As the heart blossoms, the chalice of the divine forms and the monadic duet begins. The monadic duet is a recurrent theory of love that blossoms as the self develops in the striations of light synthesis of field. Love of the love within is a forensic rush that causes the flavor of fulfillment of self in the life. Fulfillment of self is a fostering of the notion that one is loved, cared for and fostered in the dream. All love first manifests as an internal flavor before causing a dream of parallel occurrences to unfold.


Monadic duets flow in sensations of light that foster the dreams of non-strife. Non-strife is dreams that occur in the flavor of love. Love is a gentle motion that requires a state of care to be fostered. Care is a non-motion in most dreams of humans today. The dreams of humanity are filled with financial burdens, loss, greed, lust, forensic motions of non-truth and a flavor of depression from arsenals of non-self present in the human marketplace. Human preoccupations are filled with non-self that detriments self-development. Choosing to restrain oneself from engaging too frequently with the human marketplace may be a necessary experience for those choosing for self-development at this time.


The human marketplace can detriment self. Detriment is any experience that causes self to fade and consciousness to diminish within. Detriment of self is not a notion of fulfillment. Sincere fulfillment is a state that occurs as self oscillates the love within into the heart motions of field. Heart motions that fulfill are case specific and not to be shared with another. Many lose the heart motions of fulfillment as they are shared to foster another. It is best to sustain the heart motions succinct within and understand that self of the self is yourself and not another to be fostered. In self-development, each must develop themselves into their own sustainable actions and cannot be renditioned by another.


Self is a striation of yourself that is your consciousness sustained in the life. Consciousness of self is case specific and the requirement to share is not. Self is a denomination of oneself that is fostered through the monadic duet from the archetype of one’s birth. Each archetype fosters the monadic duet and does not desire to be a part of any other’s dream. Monadic duets are a loving forensic motion that causes the flavor of development to be fostered. Monadic duets are also a beautiful repose to dance within.


Monadic Duet of Self


I am the self of the self

In a postulation

Of myself

As an expression

Of a monadic relay

Of my archetype

In the life expression

Of experience

To recall my understanding

In a forensic motion

Of light synthesis

To sustain the realization of self

And foster the union

Of the Dao and Tao

In the love of the love



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