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Light Wave Archive #14


Twin Lore and Self-Development


Twin theory is a group of eighteen who align in the synapse of mindset development as twins. Twins are synapse formations of mindset set at birth to develop together in life happenstance of moderate polarity of existence. Lives of twins develop all around the globe and are not to be confused with counterpart theory of self. Self-development of twins is a guru foray in which the one rising into a guru-ship manages the swings and postulations for realization of self.


Twin lore theory is one of support of the life dream of unfolding of actualization of self. Actualization of self is a theory of mindset evolution that is triggered in parallel in certain time periods of the life. The life of each twin modulates the flow associated with realization of self. In this time period, limited twins are set in motion to realize. In the years ahead leading to a cycle of light infusion, more twins will be set to realize together in more happenstances of life.


Twins master in sequences of dreams that foray for individuation of self. Individuation of self begins as the development of twin theory is launched. For most in this time period, the theory is launched by age 36 and developed by age 50. Mid-life is a rendition of a polarity reversal of vast proportion of change augmenting another era of realization of each twin. Some twins may fail to reverse causing a few to motion forward into other mindset development yet beyond where the others realized in the life.


Realization does not cease with death and carries on post crossing. Twins who realize mindsets in the life will carry on to continue to realize following death. Twin realization is a theory of self that inaugurates itself into the formation of development of the striations of field. Consciousness is a striation of field, and those that fail to self-develop have little to foray into continued realization post death. Those failing to realize post death dissipate into cycles of reincarnation ahead.


Twin formations are exact in their postulations and theories of self. Postulations of self are renditioned in five-year cycles in re-examination of the twin theory developing as life is lived. Twins that cease to develop are released from the postulation of theory and new twins that are developing in other age ranges are integrated into the theory. Twins can vary in age range from very young to older depending upon need of the wheel of eighteen postulations of self. Twins continue to gather in dreaming forays of self as mindset develops further in the group.


Twins that develop are special to one another. Most know one another in the nonphysical if not in the physical. As physical encounters occur, they are special friendships that can develop over time. Some twins may come together in theory of mindset of union of divine flame of self. Most may never meet a partnership of this nature due to the truth that the polarity associated is extreme. Twins as friends are beautiful forays of support and kinship of realization of self.


Counterpart Lore Theory of Self     


Counterpart lore occurs upon a wheel of forty-eight possible incarnations destined to be lived in polarity. Each in the counterpart lore theory incarnates within a five-year cycle. The cycles vary from counterpart to counterpart wheel of possibility. Counterparts are divided into theories of expression that develop the relays from the archetype to cause associated dream happenstance of self. Counterpart theory is not realized unless mindset chooses to develop in present time happenstance of humankind. Development of counterpart lore theory is really an adroit equation of realization of self in postulations of forty-eight incarnations sequenced in dreams that parallel through time.


Counterpart theory does hold the postulation of the development of the guru in present time. The guru rises into the position of holding the possibility of realization of life amongst counterparts associated with his or her wheel. Gurus rarely host a group of those who choose to realize together. Gurus are a postulation and theory all of their own and aid in holding the fables for transfusion if the opportunity arises to cause realization to occur.


Counterpart theory of realization happenstances polarity shifts through reversals of self in present time. Counterpart lore allows self to pole reverse in eighteen-year cycles of parallel incarnations in a wheel of possibility. The wheel of possibility polarity reversing in present time is spread in age to cover incarnations occurs over a twenty-five-year cycle. Incarnations parallel and some awaken and realize when others do not. Wheels of those who are mindset developing are reformed as status of inauguration of self is analyzed within and in the guru swing system of self.


Polarity Reversals


Polarity reversals are an interesting issue all of their own. Polarity reversals only occur amongst those choosing for realization in the life. Polarity reversals cause a shift from an astrological point of reference. Polarity reversals involve the happenstance of a reversal chart that is 12 hours ahead of the original birth time of hypothesis of the life. Reversals occur as portions of the reversal chart nature are integrated. Reversal charts have many characteristics that are opposite to birth nature of origin of self. As the new nature of the reversal chart is integrated, the poles shift leading to the motion of integration of the new birth happenstance of origin represented in the reversal chart.


Reversals occur in quarter, half and three quarter levels of integration of opposing attributes of self. Each level of reversal takes four to six years to develop. Each reversal leads to the forgiveness of life happenstance and change. Changes occur as moves, departures of family happenstance, divorce, loss of children or friendships or jobs, and changes that are associated in the life. Polarity reversals are a natural happenstance of life in times of evolutionary fulfillment. Poles began reversing in the 1980’s in this time period of sequences of possible evolution of the whole. Many have been triggered to pole reverse through ascension happenstance of self.


Pole reversals do not necessarily lead to realization of self. Pole reversals can occur in condrian lore humans who vie for opposites to rendition the life into better circumstances of life. Pole reversals of condrian lore humans are not realization founded as the archetypal sequences are not prepared for a complete reversal of self. Complete reversals rendition the life into an opposite formation in which all that was known ceases and a new life blossoms in a unique and different formation of self.


Complete Reversals


Complete reversals are rare today. Worldwide, roughly 350 are completing complete reversals in this year of 2019. Complete reversals are life happenstance of difficult changes and the renditioning of self into the inauguration of self-development for purposes of realization. A complete reversal inaugurates another happenstance in which the poles integrated cancel all birth karma such that the life is complete and can be fostered founded upon dharma. Dharma is a happenstance of dreaming for self-realization.


Complete reversals may or may not occur in the life happenstance due to symptoms of self that do not wish to change the habitat of the body. Some are not suited to complete reversals in the life happenstance of self. Those that cannot reverse in the life will do so in death and post life experiences of counterpart lore repose of self. Those choosing for death as the reverse polarization of self that is complete will be the more likely actualization of a complete reversal in this time period. Complete reversals foster the choice to cease to reincarnate and develop self for continued evolutionary sequences that are nonphysical or choose to reincarnate elsewhere.


Twins work together to foster complete reversals of self. Each of the 350 accomplishing a complete reversal at this time have a twin fostering in parallel and in opposite gender of self. Twin formations of reversals are difficult happenstances to align in present time. Some twins may fall into dark happenstance of self as the other reverses. The dark happenstance of self can also be fallen into in three quarter reversals if twins fail to align in the attempt to re-polarize. Twins who do not align in the re-polarization may split into light and dark sequences of dreams against one another.


Twin Reversals


Twin reversals offset polarities of male and female ascension natures of self. Twin reversals span all age ranges and continents and are similar in their vestibules of self. Vestibules form at birth to carry through the life and rendition to the twins that are developing mindset in each cycle. Vestibules of self have nonphysical spiritual goals that foray for soul to aid in the realization process.


Soul always has parallel goals to self and renditions to condition self into another level of realization. Realization of twins parallels and often mindset bridges are constructed to allow the pair to rendition together in the physical. Mindset bridges form between continents as most twins of mastery level paths are not born in parallel regions except in variations of age.


Age plays a role in mindset development. Realization occurs due to life experience. Most realization does not occur before age 48 to 56 due to the need to host life experience in the equation of realization of self. Life experience is short in this creation, and at other times with longer lifespans, realization would not begin until age 100 to 150 years of life experience. Life unfolds rapidly in this time period due to forensic motions that speed up and compress time into the oneness paradigm of self. Those renditioning in mindset can expand or contract time at will. Time is an illusion to be realized beyond that offsets aging and promotes renewal allowing wholeness within to be fostered.


Wholeness and the oneness spawned from wholeness paradigm mindset fosters the realization that one is whole and complete only from within. There is no other than oneself and all else is only a mirror of what lies within. Wholeness theory allows for responsibility for all happenstance as a reflection of self. Self reflects in the mirror to understand and ponder its happenstance of existence. Self realizes itself in happenstances of harmony and disharmony to understand the attributes of polarity that require transfusing through. Polarity is to be transfused through leading to forensics of wholeness each level of mastery of mindset developed.


Pole reversals are complex and not to be underestimated in their adroit equations that cause shifts in awareness and aptitudes for realization of self. Self realizes sometimes through trauma within and or without. Trauma is generally preferred internal to self and not externalized. Internal trauma is a polarity sought after and utilized to trigger the realization within.


Realization within is a very special happenstance of deep emotion of forensic truth. Forensic truth is a happenstance of beauty of self. Beauty of self is a sought after goal in realization. Beauty of self renditions the dream to relay in beautiful happenstances of moments of synergy of self and others.


Mindset Theory of Development    


Mindsets theory of development hosts adroit equations of self that have been studied and observed over time. Mindset development occurs as synapses form in the rendition of the cortex and synapses of the brain. The cortex is layered within each lobe and within the hypothalamus and medulla. As the layers grow, synapses occur that are shaped in variant formations.


Synapses of thulsa and thessa are cherry shaped with a tail that acts as a fuse to ignite the synergy of the wave formation. Most destined for mindset development are born with thulsa and thessa cherry shaped synapses. Those of thulsa and thessa mindset tend to be stable and aware humans that understand and bridge into compassion naturally within. Development of mindset beyond thulsa and thessa group cherry formations into flowers that trigger wholeness theory of self to emerge.


Alpha beta synapses are triangular in shape. The mindset of alpha beta is unstable and polarizes between synapses and synapse groups. The polarization causes an on-off thoughtform that loves some and hates others leading to disagreements and strife in the life. Balance of mindset occurs in meta for alpha beta mindset.


Meta triggers a series of triangular formations to group together that are more balanced. Meta can lead to the forgiveness theory of self but not in all cases. Meta rarely develops to sustain balance throughout the day however leading to periods of love and hate in the life or in dream time as energetic forays that sublimate. Thoughtform development is personal, but there are avenues of expression and experience that demonstrate mindset development. The following is a simple assessment of the thoughtforms associated with each level of development.


Thulsa and Thessa Mindset


I forgive

I am that I am

I am myself

I love

I bless

I forgive

I look inward

I perceive

I witness

I complete


Oska and Aliska


I dream

I determine my dreams

I foster

I rendition

I master

I know my truth

I open the chalice of the divine

I seat the self of the self within


Moska and Nesska


I deliver

I deliberate

I cause

I sublimate not

I honor in integrity of all

I open the chalice of the mind

I foster the heart mind accolade of self

I foster compassionate action

I deliberate myself


Visspa and Vesspa


I care and share

I do not disturb

I am only myself

I know my truth

I am sincere to my expression of self

I foster dreams of myself

I disassociate with attachment

I realign self in all formations of dreams

I complete with the karmic contracts of this life

I notice others and attempt to rendition self (in the mirror)


Tisska and Tesska


I am that I am that I am

I pole reverse in completion of self

I harbor each life change

I forgive all contracts in life

I rendition light and dark into neutrality

I transcend heaven and hell

I have compassion for light and dark in each happenstance

I foster reunion of the self of the self in all striations of self

I demonstrate actions of deliberate transformation of self


There are many formations of mindset development issues to explore ahead. The thoughts of self are intricate and deliberate issues to be renditioned through in transfusion through holographic precepts of self. Transfusion begins as oska and aliska mindset is demonstrated. Mindset is physical and nutrients are required to foster development into wholeness of self.


Synthesis of Self


The synthesis of Self

Is a metamorphosis of myself

In reaction to the expansion

Of the Self of the Self

Which striates new formations

In formulas Divine

In precepts of a union

And honor

And integrity within


The synapses of myself

Formulate into a synthesis

Of mindset development

Of Self


The Beautification of Self


The Self of the Self within

Is a presupposition of itself

In a mindset Divine

That postulates existence

In a formation of truth

In a synthesis of unity

In a synergy of transfusion

That fosters the development

Of wave motions

That hosts the possibility

Of an adroit equation

Of the recognition

Of the internal beauty

Of all that is

And all that has ever been

As a Divine happenstance

Throughout time


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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