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Light Wave Archive #12


Mind Bend of Health


Mind bend affects all regions of the biology and holographic wheel of possibility of sustainable health. The holographic body, also known as the large transfusion body, and is subject to distortion due to mind bend of field. Mind bend of field occurs as the synapse junctures of cranium of the large transfusion body are disturbed. As the forensics of the holographic cranium are disturbed, a formation of dis-synthesis of light occurs within the holographic body. Dis-synthesis relays down into the small transfusion body leading to distortion of field of the biology.


As the disturbed level of holographic formation steps down into the biological dream for health, the pattern can lead to a troubled synapses in the forensics of the body. The holographic patterns replicate over the physical cranium leading to synapses fluxes that do not sustain health and well-being of self. Generally, symptoms of holographic mind bend take three to seven years to align as a physical symptom as reposed down into the systems of the biological self.


Holographic mind bend is the main formation of disease throughout the human condition. Those in evolutionary sequences of fulfillment have an opportunity to forgive and correct holographic mind bend through restoration of genetic truth within the biology. The result is a release of disease patterns that would otherwise develop in the life. All disease patterns of others who are not evolving also begin as holographic mind bend. Humans not fulfilling upon the evolutionary path have no choice other than to live the dreams of the disease.


Sometimes holographic dreams of disease and mind bend of the transfusion levels of self are passed onto another. Holographic intertwining of the outer layers of the field is generally the cause of all trades in disease patterns. The trades replicate down the layers into the physical dream of the biology. Often those light synthesizing will correct the patterns at the body level dream but are unable to correct the holographic layers of trades until the transfusion reaches certain octaves of development.


Healing of Holographic Self Systems


Holographic trades of self begin at octaves of 140 and upwards in development. Development extends into hundreds of thousands of octaves for a full realization in any given life into divine mindset. Each octave must be cleared in order to carry on in health as each pattern at cause of a dis-synthesis is transfused through. Light synthesis must run smooth, clear, and clean and not too hot or cold overall to aid in continued development of self in biological health over time. Cold spots and hot spots are a sign of mis-development of light synthesis due to holographic layers that intertwine and synapses of self that become confused in the capacity to relay light.


Intertwining of layers will cause portions of the small and large transfusion body to mis-align in time and space. As the octaves at cause of the intertwining are cleared and the layers of holographic field restored, the light synthesis self corrects leading to a self healing of the strife of the body. Light synthesis is sensitive and it is easy to simulate physical symptoms of major disease without a physical cause. It takes months or more of a continued symptom to affect the biology even if pain is experienced in the etheric light transfusion system.


Sometimes physical hormonal issues of imbalance plague those of light synthesis evolution. The hormones are easily thrown off due to mis-management of light in the glands of the biology. Intention to synthesize light evenly through the thyroid, pancreas, adrenal function, gall bladder and pituitary, pineal along with brain stem generally rectify the symptoms of hormone imbalance as experienced in the physical.


The use of specific herbs and nutrients to retain hormone balance maybe necessary in light synthesis today. It is useful to research herbs and formulas that aid in retaining the balance of each hormone system and intake the herbs weekly as needed within. The formulas required for health of the hormones will vary between individuals and it is best to seek nutritional advice within or with a naturopath as necessary in the evolutionary journey.


Holographic transfusion causes the systems of synapses of the field to light infuse. Light infusion of the holographic circuits are a construction of ley lines and fuses in the field that appear as spider webs of light with nodes at each juncture. Fuses ignite the light in the web of synthesis of circuits in the field. All circuits and fuses require mending if tattered or torn in the act of transfusion. Transfusion is subject to light of the planet that sometimes can deteriorate the capacity of the circuitry to infuse. Mis-infusion of light leads to loss of warmth and disease if not re-synthesized over time. Choosing to mend the light circuitry and fuses daily through intention is a good focus each night to sustain the act of transfusion.


Sometimes damaged circuits are sustained due to layers of exchange of holographic levels of self. The exchanges occur between archetypes that are each light infusing at this time. The damage due to exchanges will recur every third day of light synthesis until the systems can be repaired as the octave that the exchange occurred is transfused through. Through the intention to re-synthesize all light circuits, the holographic transfusion body will remain healthy enough to transfuse evenly until the damage can be released in full. The health of the transfusion body then ceases to relay a dream of a loss of health unto the biological dream.


The holographic layers of light synthesis of field are often injured within themselves. Transfusing into layers of compressed or twisted holographic archives can be very confusing within. As a synapse error is transfused into, major body pain can occur that mimics a disease such as stroke, heart attack, leg injury, arm or hand injury or other symptom of physical strife. The pain is only a synapse error of transfusion in the large light body configuration that has eclipsed into the small transfusion body surrounding the biology. The pain is not really physical unless it is relayed over months of continued transfusion.


The synapse eclipse in the holographic foray of dream will cause a mis-firing of the nerves of the biology if extreme enough. The mis-firing of nerves may mimic a major physical problem. The underlying cause of the pain are nerves that fail to fire properly in the biology. All pain is really a nervous system repose problem. In correcting the synapses eclipse in the small transfusion body, the symptoms are minimized until the larger transfusion systems of circuitry can heal.


Light Synthesis Transfusion


Light synthesis is subject to uneven projection of formation of field from holographic imbalances. If the light synthesis around the body is balanced through intention, the holographic systems of failure do not affect the biology. Choosing to recast the small transfusion body daily and nightly is a good recourse if physical symptoms mimicking a health condition develop until the holographic pattern can be transfused through. Patterns sometimes exaggerate as the juncture of problematic octaves of self are approached to be transfused through. Transfusing through the pattern will straighten out the layers of holographic systems of self leading to a healing of the pattern where it originates.


Light synthesis transfusion is different from magnetic ascension. Magnetic ascension stretches and pushes patterns of density to release what is at cause of pain in the etheric. Light burns the density off through application of adequate transfusion in the molecular foray of dream. Mis-management of the light transfusion in the molecular structure can cause pain in the etheric. Choosing to sustain a thorough light synthesis through the molecular structure is one means of renditioning out of physical symptoms of self.


Light synthesis of molecules is an undercurrent of the small transfusion body. If all light relays are intact, then the molecular structure evenly infuses in light. Light infusion of the molecules requires spark of the Tao to inaugurate. The intention to re-condition the molecules with adequate spark is a useful intention to sustain light synthesis of the biology.


Light synthesis hosts elements that spin systems of fire, water and air within. Light synthesis of mostly fire is relied upon for hot transfusion. Hot transfusion will burn off density within the body along with the field. Assuring that the fire and light burn evenly from head to toe is important. Uneven light and fire elemental mix causes combustion leading to dryness in some regions. If the mucous membranes become too dry, they chap or fail to sustain the health of the eyes, mouth, esophagus, stomach, or intestines along with vaginal region.


Uneven light and water elemental mix causes congestion in some regions. Congestion can cause mucous membranes to create phlegm. The regions most complicated in uneven light and water systems can affect the health of the lungs, pancreas, liver, spleen, kidneys and heart. Congestion of the lungs is more readily perceived as mucous may form that leads to wheezing or shortness of breath. Pancreas congestion can lead to lower or higher insulin levels leading to symptoms of diabetes. Organ congestion leads to inefficient biological systems that fail to cleanse the blood. Heart congestion can lead to an imbalance of fluids of the body over time.


Imbalance of light and air elements leads to an oversaturation of fire in hot transfusion primarily. Often combustion of the biology is due to too much air in the hot transfusion which expands the fire element of self excessively. Air moves light more rapidly. Transfusion has a balanced pace overall at each octave. Application of light can assist if the transfusion is too dim at any given octave. If the transfusion is too bright for the levels of density in the body, then combustion can occur during hot light synthesis.


Sustaining the correct balance of air, water and fire is a delicate issue at many octaves of light transfusion. Those octaves that are of tattered or torn layers of infrastructure are the most difficult to transfuse through and sustain a state of light synthesis balance. The choice to balance the elements through conscious intention in hot and cool transfusion is the best manner to rendition the light to hold the biology in balance overall. Some regions of the biology may require more heat. The application of more air element to such regions during hot synthesis will aid them in moving up in temperature. Some regions of the biology may require more cooling effect. The application of more water element to such regions during cool transfusion will aid in reducing the temperature to retain health overall.


Dandered regions of the field can be erased through intention during transfusion. Erasure applies a synthesis of colors in the violet to ultra-violet range that trigger the dander to depart. Layers straighten out best in the application of hot synthesis of air and fire in the ultra-violet range. Ultra violet can be applied to the environmental dream also to clear confusion out of the systems of self.


There are large pallets (light grid centers) available for light synthesis elements and erasure to aid each in the goal of daily balanced light synthesis of field. Erasure is perhaps the single most important apparatus to trigger if dandering occurs in excess leading to a decline of light. Decline of light will cool the field and as the field cools excessively, flu like symptoms can occur. Choosing to hot transfuse with application of more fire and light in the ultra-violet range will remedy the physical.


Light Wave Mindset Meridians


There are many meridians that form in the biology and field for those light synthesizing. Light synthesis requires added light in the torso, spinal column, and cranium primarily. Light flows along veins of threads that appear like a spider web in the etheric field. Light wave mindset meridians form from the sacrum up the back in fourteen nodes that cause a foray of synthesis along the spine and in the backside of the torso. A parallel series of fourteen light wave mindset meridians forms up the front side of the body.


Meridians of other modality of ascension can be laced with light threads in the small transfusion body that covers the skin and penetrates the biology. Ascension light meridians trace the biological meridians and blood and lymph systems primarily along with spine, bone marrow and cortex of the right and left hemisphere of the brain. Ascension light meridians renew and allow for a level of mindset to develop known as meta. Meta mindset is balanced and leads to the happenstance of forgiveness over all life circumstance.


The light wave mindset meridians are separate and distinct from other threads of light in ascension. The light wave mindset meridians form as tantric wave systems of self. The twenty-eight meridians move in phosphorous light science of self from the legs, arms and into the torso and cranium of the etheric. Phosphorous is a light that glows and illuminates.


The twenty-eight meridians create a glow of the torso along with adjoining meridians of the biological self. The phosphorous causes a rendition over heavy metals, carbon-based substances, toxins, petrochemicals and rubber-based substances that burn off in light synthesis as gases. The burning of density into gas is a phenomena of phosphorous based light synapses of self.




Phosphorous is a substance of heat that requires hot air to aspire unto waves of motion that illuminate and dissipate density. Phosphorous science in light wave formations is known as fluorescence. Fluorescence is a type of wave that is a union of fire and air as an elemental forecast that illuminates the field and renditions density into gases. In pure fluorescence, the water element is no longer required as a formation of self. Fluorescence in current biological happenstance of self-realization cannot move beyond water element as it would burn up the consciousness long before it realized.


Many light workers are subject to fluorescence in recent history of the past 30 years. Some who have fluorescence science in light wave synergy for a time remain healthy for about 10 to 15 years maximum. Beyond this, the combustive factor of fluorescence tends to cause disease. Most who fluorescence in this time period will go on to a vegan or macrobiotic as the light synthesis does not desire density. This has been so for the past 30 years of light synthesis of the human species.


The human kingdom requires fluorescence to cause spiritual evolutionary enfoldment in the era ahead. Forces have fluorescenced those that they required to sustain the presupposition of evolution for humanity in recent cycles. The manner in which fluorescence has unfolded was useful only as a precept to enlightenment. Now in this time period, real fluorescence can unfold in mastering biology that can handle the forensics of motion and sustain a state of health through realization of self.


Fluorescence requires an extremely strong and healthy body to sustain. The fluorescence and if applied in an unhealthy biology will lead to more rapid aging and disease and an early death. Fluorescence will renew biology that is moderately to extremely healthy. Those receiving treatments of fluorescence will understand the experience due to tantric rush. Tantric rush is a forensic action in which the entire field ignites in a flame of the chalice of the divine and toasts the energetic systems leading to what feels like hot flashes and also causes sweat to perspire down the back and in the chest. During periods of rush, density is also released in gases and the rush of water through the skin is a sign of purification of self.


Gaseous Formations in Light Wave Synergy     


The gaseous formations that form in light wave synergy can be extremely toxic under octaves of 400. Those renditioning through octaves of 80 to 400 should create an environment of ventilation to assure non-asphyxiation from one’s own gases. Gases can smell like methane, fossil fuels and burnt wood and rubber in the early stages of light synthesis. Good ventilation will allow the gases to disperse without causing harm to the lungs. Fans and open windows are suggested especially at night.


Beyond octave 400, the gases released are less noxious and may not be sensed in the physical much. Gases continue to be released each day and night of light wave synergy of self. The gases sometimes lead to bloated sensations of the abdomen primarily. Often gases will collect in the gut leading to flatulence. If the gases do not form in the intestines it can lead to a bloated figure. The gases are not harmful, although the belly may appear a bit swollen. The best rendition is to walk or swim or take a hot tub or Jacuzzi to help aid the gases in releasing through the skin.


Gaseous formations are more likely to occur in those of Polynesian inheritance of self. Tibetan inheritance has a tendency to light synthesize more external to the biology and does not produce the swelling of the belly. Those of Tibetan inheritance rely upon the bone structure to sustain the heat of the biology. Those of Polynesian inheritance rely upon the lipids of the biology to retain the heat. Light synthesis for those of Polynesian inheritance may be less vibrant, but the body temperature is often better at sustaining health over time.


Tantric Orgasms


Polynesian inheritances form additional light wave meridians in the spine and torso. The spine of Polynesian transfusion inheritance forms up to 300 light wave formations of self that leads to the experience of tantric orgasms. Tantric orgasms are a full body experience in which the fluorescence ignites a fuse and the light illuminates the legs, arms, spine and cortex of the biology. The result of the tantric wave orgasms is a sense of well-being and tantric nurturing of self and not sexual pleasure, although this can occur simultaneously in unions of the two.


Tantric motion is a forensic issue of the field and the biological circuitry of light meridians of the etheric vessel. The 96 tantric meridians of Polynesian ancestry produce a cadence through the lipids rather than the bones. Both Polynesian and Tibetan biology orgasm in the spine and cranium leading to a clearing of mindset and a restoration of truth of self. Tibetan forensics illuminates the field more greatly than the biology with the core and brain being the main presuppositions of realization. Polynesian ancestry illuminates the entire body leading to realization as a sensual expression of caring and well-being of self as another path of expression.


Encoding Systems of Self


Paths vary between archaeological presuppositions of self. Self is an android equation of forensics of binary, trinity, foursome or six-some systems of encoding. Binary encoding is alpha-beta/meta-theta mindset in which love and hate move back and forth in an unending equation of self. Trinity mindset moves back and forth between thessa and thulsa mindset leading to expressions of unity through forgiveness hypothesis of self. Foursome moves on into another level of unity consciousness in oska and aliska mindset in which presupposition of divinity begins. Six-some encoding leads to moska and nesska or oneness consciousness in another level of divine expression of self. Eight-some encoding and above leads to visspa, vesspa, tisska and tesska mindset bridging into concepts of precepts of divine attributes of self of a presupposition of self-realization.


Divine mindsets number eighteen in totality. As the eighteen mindsets of oneness and wholeness theory of self are mastered, real transfusion begins. Real transfusion is a modality of externalizing the self of the self within into a nonphysical equation of biology that carries on post death. Real transfusion is loaded with difficulties of karmic stature of self in many cycles past. Incomplete transfusion is loaded with problems and karmic consequences of biology and self. The purpose of the work ahead shall be to illuminate the struggles of incomplete transfusion such that another path may be chosen in life or in post death.


Post death is not an end. Post death offers the opportunity to carry on in the realization through direct application of holographic repose systems of self. Holographic repose is an opportunity to review and forgive the lives of twins, cross twins, counterparts and cross counterparts in the lore of dreams that prevail upon Earth. As the entire wheel of possibility upon Earth is forgiven, the consciousness can repose to carry on in another creation of choice.


Mind Bend and Synapse Failure


Mind bend is physical as well as holographic. Physical mind bend presupposes an energetic forensic motion that cause the light waves of the cranium to part or give way. As the light waves of the cranium bend in one direction or another, depressive to aggressive states of being may be experienced. If the mind bend is extreme, suicide to murder may be experienced. Self is often what is aborted amongst those attempting realization and the dream of the life may or may not rendition in parallel direction of dreams.


Mindset development affects the dreams in dream time long before the physical follows a parallel path. Humans who are conscious and aware will perceive the difficult dream time and seek to heal long before a dark physical happenstance manifests. Mindset development is about full consciousness theory of self in which one is aware of dreams and dream weaving along with karmic happenstance of ancestry expressions in the life. Through forgiveness application of self, the dreams are released prior to manifestation leading to better futures ahead.


Mindset development is non-useful if the consciousness of the biology is incapable of understanding dreaming theory and ancestry theory of postulations of karmic happenstance of existence. Those who fail to develop conscious dreaming capabilities are not suited to the journey of realization of self. Realization of self requires the minimum of oska and aliska mentality. Aliska mentality leads to wholeness theory of self.


Wholeness is a middle path where extremes cease. Each opposite of light and dark must be faced and renditioned into the middle journey of divine aspirations of self in mastery of aliska mindset. Divinity precludes judgment and other postulations of prior formations of consensus ascension level awareness. Realization requires the capacity to find the divinity in all happenstance of all circumstance regardless of equations of self.


Finding divinity of binary equations of love and hate is the first level of divine postulation of understanding. Finding divinity in triad equations of mother-father-child systems of self is the next level of divinity mastered. Finding divinity in four-some equations is about quad complex of self in which the four corners balance one another in the dance of life and cancel the variant polarities. Finding divinity in six-some equations is about group realization of self in the mastery of the individual and the thoughtform of the clan.


Four Levels of Healing for Light Synthesis       


There are four levels of healing postulations of self available unto those light synthesizing beyond binary postulations of self. The four levels are succinct in the delivery of support for rising into equations and octaves of realization. The levels are for those mastering self and not for others. It is imperative that humans realizing into the four levels of healing do not take others into the temples. Those taking others failing to realize will be extracted from the temples as the realization of others can be dandered otherwise.


In consensus-based ascension, it is the entire clan that realizes. Those that cannot realize beyond a certain point are extracted from the clan. In self-realization beyond clan modality of self, each human realizes for itself and not anyone else. Most transitioning between group and personal self-realization struggle with the ordering of dreams that are of clan modality of thoughtform. Clan modality of thoughtform must be relinquished fully amongst those choosing for personal self-realization at this time.


It is a natural tendency for clan realization to carry others into the temples and expect that self and others are worked upon in association with relationships in life. In the forensic science of self-realization, healing no one other than you is allowed into the healing systems of self. For those in single life theory of dream, taking another into healing modality of self is less common. For those in partnerships with un-realizing humans, the dance often becomes complex. Clan modality of healing is a middle step towards self-realization. Those transitioning between the two camps will cease to carry others into the healing of self. It is not a good theory to remain in a union with someone that cannot realize in the presupposition of the theory of self. If you are in a union that cannot realize, carry on in group realization for the life until it is renditioned into a postulation of individuation of self.


Sometimes leadership of groups is troublesome also in self-realization accolades of self. Leaders of group realization tend to accolade healing of the entire group regardless of personal capacity to realize. It is in the theory of realization of groups that deep difficulties can occur due to those who fail to evolve beyond alpha beta mindset of self. Alpha beta will often hide itself in group forays of dreams and appear as though personally realizing in other mindsets. Alpha beta that hides can render the group or individuals who are close to the other who cannot realize anything beyond love and hate mindset of self.


All mind bend occurs due to alpha beta causing an oblique system of motion over other mindsets. Oblique is a flattening of what requires a rotation of waves in order to cause equations of triad and above systems of self to aspire to awareness in the life. Alpha beta relationships are generally relinquished in time in authentically realizing levels of self or groups of humans realizing together. Alpha beta mindset will render itself as those who take on the destruction of self cease to do so in continued realization of self. As alpha beta mindset renders itself, those associated become ill.


Mother Bear Clan Healing for Light Synthesis


Mother bear clan healing is a formation of equations of self of the natural world systems of herbal hypothesis of self. Herbs host light waves of variant attributes of self that allow for synergy and synthesis of field. Synergy and synthesis lead to balance in which the consciousness can realize the next level of forgiveness required for continued mastery. Calling upon mother bear clan healing will allow the herbs to postulate equations that aid in the sustenance of synthesis of field.


Horse and Elephant Clan Healing for Light Synthesis


Horse is a Shaktar attribute of healing available to those in the west. Elephant is a Babaji level of healing available to those in the east. Horse and elephant aspire to foster strength and fortitude of striations that lead to balance in transfusion applications of light synthesis. Call upon each one at a time to support the strength of synthesis of self.


Forensic Clan Treatments


Forensic treatments are superlative measures of realization that is biological and field orientation associated. Forensic science is the direct application of light wave synergy to the field and form. The field has circuitry and synapses in the holographic body. The biology has synapses in the etheric vessel and physical. Synapses and circuitry of self is a complex subject all of its own. Each nerve connects to a synapse in the mindset that fosters a level of thoughtform in realization. Realization is both ethereal and physical as the mindset develops that causes the behavior in the dream.


Forensics treatments should occur every three nights or more amongst those realizing mindsets of thessa and thulsa and above. The further the mastery flows, the more forensics treatments require application unto self leading to multiple treatments per day. Forensic science allows for balance of mindset leading to thoughts of wholeness and love along with compassion into divine aspirations of dreams in life.


Light Synthesis Clan Healing


Light synthesis healing is for recasting the small and large transfusion body such that light synthesizes evenly throughout the field and form. Light synthesis healing is an adroit equation of self that enters the field and balances the circuitry for continued realization. Most treatments last two to four hours and occur every other night. For advanced mindset development, the healing can become almost continual to retain balance of thoughtform of self. Light wave synthesis of healing occurs best as the meridian system of tantric levels of flow develop in the etheric for fluorescence science of self.




Health is an adroit equation all of its own. Equations of trinity and above are motions that occur from the molecular structure to the outer edges of the field of a mastering human. Equations set in motion the flow of synergy and synthesis that retains consciousness and expands awareness as initiations are mastered. Initiations are mastered as a succinct series of equations of code to expand the field into superlative oscillations of synergy of self.


In clan development, equations are applied to the group and the many evolve through expansion of a group self. As group self is departed from, the self must apply parallel equations as the group in the singular to prove capacity for further mastery. Those capable of moving group equations then master further equations leading to divine expressions of self in the continued expansion of awareness. Awareness expands in syncopated rhythms of oscillations of field. Un-syncopated rhythms cause a collapse rather than an expansion. Those mastering may be offered many attempts to expand prior to choosing to cease to evolve if mastery over equations fails.


Equations of self are not to be underestimated in their capacity to cause expansion of field and awareness of the individual or the pair if mastering together. Pairs mastering together oscillate expansions in syncopated rhythms of the divinity of the two. Expanding together is sometimes easier but just as precarious in its difficulties if the fields fail to syncopate together. Those expanding together must learn to keep pace and rely upon rhythms of light synthesis forensics that unite and cease to dis-synergize one or the other to prove that mastery of the two is viable at any level.


Healing of the two for those in partnerships is available in the above vestibules of self. Healing is administered in vestibules of self that unite with the forensics of flow of the field in certain times of the day. Healing can occur day or night depending upon need and flow as well as attention of the consciousness of the human realizing. Conscious attention will always call the healing towards the field regardless of time of day.


Forensics science is an aptitude all of its own in light synthesis. Those gifted at forensics science will modulate the syncopation of light such that healing becomes available regularly throughout the day. For those mastering upper mindset, ongoing healing is a requirement at this time of difficult circuitry upon planet Earth.


Guru Mindset      


Guru mindset is a complex subject to be spoken of ahead. Guru realization is a group foray of dream for the clan to expand together under the guidance of one who is gifted. Guru realization occurs in fame and in non-fame alike. The gifted one is tested as the group realization transitions into self-realization as much as the constituents of the group. Each must prove their capacity to realize in order to move beyond guru mindset.


Guru mindset is subject to desiring to be cared for without cause. The cause of being cared for is simply that one is deserved when others may not be deserved leading to non-care of self. The polarity of care and non-care may lead to a time of non-care for those departing from group realization and entering a stature of sincere realization of self. Those continuing to receive care for a time are most likely unsuited to personal realization and in time are cast out of the system as those capable prove their capacity of self.


Forensics of Self


Self is a forensic action in the field through holographic synapses and circuitry that ignites fuses of nodes of self. Self embeds itself into the field in nodes that represent junctures of the circuitry of holographic forensics. Holographic forensics are deposits of air, water and fire elements of self. Self based elements are different from the elements used to construct the field at large as they ignite like a fuse. Fuses ignite much like a match to allow a certain level of fire to trigger the light to shimmer in the field.


Fuses are a special equation that requires recurrent attention to maintain. Fuses that extinguish themselves lead to imbalance of light synthesis of field. Fuses are filled with the spark of the Tao to inaugurate the light rendition of self. Self is only aware as it is illuminated from within. Self relies upon light synthesis to understand and maneuver as a realizing equation of itself. Light synthesis is not a modality of realization in evolutionary sequences of consensus ascension.


Consensus ascension requires self that illuminates itself in forensics of Earth from mineral synapses of the planet. Consensus self is not of the archetype or of the biological sequences of awareness. Consensus self understands many repositories of information to derive its evolutionary understanding of itself. Consensus self carries on regardless of human happenstance. Consensus self relies upon the planet to master and fulfill upon its own forensics of light synthesis to inaugurate each expansion of realization.


Planetary self renditions itself into its own systems of self to aid in the awareness of the systems of Earth. Systems of Earth are adventuring to cease to participate in human equations of self. Human equations of self are now to realize in the individuated state. Self of the planet will carry on in its journey and humans a separate journey that dovetails with the expanse of the whole. Wholeness theory is a repository of self that requires itself to inaugurate the evolutionary journey of the planet. Wholeness theory can be mastered by individual humans as a precept of theory of self.


Wholeness theory allows self of the field to ignite a system of circuitry that launches realization of another level of divinity above compassionate action levels of awareness. Divine theory is a twelve-level mastery of mindset leading to the capacity to transfuse into a nonphysical state if chosen for. Transfusion has its adroit equations to allow for another level of mastery beyond death. There is no end to mastery or the capacity to realize if death is fulfilled upon in the twelfth level of mindset development.


In the infinite love and forgiveness of the Dao and Tao.


Health of Self


The health of myself

Is a forensics notion

That allows the equations

Of self

To foster a union

Of the circuits of systems

Of the archetypal self


In sequences of beautification

Of light synthesis

Of field


Fuse of Self


The fuse of self

Is an adroit equation

Of holographic presupposition

That synthesizes

In a repose

Of recurrent spark

Of the Tao

To forensics a motion

Of awareness

Such that the theories

Of realization

Can unfold


The theory of self

Is a postulation

Held in the circuitry

Of myself


The Ignition of Self


The self of the self within

Ignites in a spark

Through time

Causing the synthesis

To align through momentum

Of transfusion

In a lore of wholeness

In a theory of truth

In a forensics motion

In time

Held in a divine spark

Of all that is

And all that will ever be

Through universal postulations

Of systems of self

In the unity

Of the oneness

Of the wholeness



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