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Light Wave Archive #11


Mind Bend of Self


Mind bend is a phenomenon of condrian lore humans and derivations thereof. Most alpha beta thoughtform is purely of condrian DNA. Alpha is a mindset and synapse formation that produces thoughts of hatred and extreme judgment of stance in life. Beta is the opposite producing a mindset that loves and accepts some while hating others in alpha. Condrian lore humans move back and forth between alpha and beta mindset as rudimentary happenstance of kindness to remorse, love to hate, acceptance to rejection, lust to sexual pleasure, and greed to poverty circumstances of life. Hate leads to death and love to life as fundamental principles of self of condrian lore humans.


Condrian lore humans can evolve beyond alpha and beta mindset in some circumstance. As mindset develops, first meta and theta are developed extensively. Meta is balance between alpha and beta formations leading to forgiveness as a presupposition of life. Theta is dream time accolades of meta mindset that form during deep sleep. Some of condrian lore only develop theta leading to an inability to forgive as conscious action of self. Those who cannot forgive through conscious expression can forgive in dream time oscillations if chosen for.


As meta develops fully enough amongst evolving humans, synapses can grow that produce thessa and thulsa mindset. Not all appear to be capable of transcending beyond meta and theta in attempted ascensions to date in Earth lore systems of self amongst condrian lore humans. Those who fail to develop into thessa and thulsa can sometimes revert into alpha beta systems of self leading to deep attrition of themselves. Although sad, those who fail to develop extinguish self through time. Alpha destroys self of others or the self of the self within if expressed for long enough time periods.


Those developing thulsa and thessa and above mindsets are subject to extreme mind bend of those of alpha beta mindset in close proximity unto self. Mind bend fosters feelings of deterioration of self from emotional upsets to recurrent depression leading to grief, anger or chaos of mindset. Dark dreams happenstance amongst those who mind bend for long periods into alpha postulations leading to strife in life. As those in alpha mind bend of self are reposed back, the mind bend ceases.


Mind bend occurs if the prose governing the field are bent or inverted into opposing postulations of self. Prose are emitted through the nervous repose of the field through the self of the self within. The nervous system is cast as a circuitry within the holographic body associated with the large transfusion body. Prose ckantor repose through the holographic circuitry of self to direct the dreams of the life. If the prose invert into opposites or hypocrisy of theory of self, dreams rendition into extinction postulations of self. As the mind bend ceases and the theories flow as intended, the dreams flow in sync with life rather than extinction theory of self.


Mindset Development Is Crucial to Realization of Self


Theory of self is associated with eighty-eight prose intended through incantation prior to life. Soul and self search deeply prior to birth to postulate the purpose of the existence. Soul and self hypotheses theories to support the spiritual goals of the destiny of the incarnation. Destiny is a fortuitous happenstance leading to the development of a particular prose that highlights the purpose of the life at the midpoint of existence. Middle age is a time of deep repose and rebirth if the original goal of hypothesis for the incarnation has been met or exceeded in the life. If the spiritual goals have been met, another hypothesis for the continued life is constructed during a time of rebirth to bridge into new fortuitous happenstance of continued realization of self.


Mindset development plays a crucial role in the continued life dreams of self. If the mindset can develop, further goals that postulate continued evolutionary fulfillment are developed. New prose hypotheses are incantated to redirect the life into new happenstance associated to trigger further development of compassionate action and divine expressions of self. Those that fail to be capable of continued mindset development are oscillated into repose of the forgiveness happenstance of self for the remainder of the life.


Transitioning Beyond Alpha Beta Thoughtform


Sometimes those that fail further mindset development out of meta return to alpha beta mindset causing a failure of all realization of the given life. Sometimes alpha alpha mindset is entered into of extremely destructive hypothesis of diabolical dreams. Those experiencing alpha alpha mindset directed at self experience a repose of hell until the mind bend ceases. Alpha alpha mind bend is perhaps one of the most difficult oscillations to experience and rendition out of in realization of self.


Those in diabolical mindset can be realized through in actions of divine presupposition of self only. As the divinity is perceived in all creations including those in diabolical thought, the mind bend ceases. The truth may be perceived that all mindset is subject to development of synapses in biological sequences of dreams. Sometimes some genealogies are unable to happenstance the evolution of mindset necessary to embrace forgiveness as a life stance of development even when achieved for a time.


Mind bend occurs in associations that fail to repose meta or theta thoughtform in the exchange of dreams. Dreams are exchanged in any encounter in life through shared mindset. Shared mindset works best in unity if theta and thessa or above has been developed. Shared mindset oscillates beauty, truth, sincerity of self and love shared in friendship or union. Love only occurs between those of mindset of thessa and thulsa and above. Meta mindset can express deep appreciation and acceptance but not unconditional love. Those in meta can be enjoyed as friends or beloved as long as they do not fall into alpha and beta in the relationship.


Alpha renders the spirit and self of those in meta, theta, thessa, thulsa and above mindset. Alpha holds no boundaries whatsoever as an energetic foray of dream. Alpha will not honor forgiveness or completion of karma or any other happenstance of life. Alpha simply reposes dis-synergy and dis-union to a point of rendering self of the self within. Those afflicted with those of alpha mindset will know it due to the dis-synergy of self leading to oscillations that cause mind bend theory of small to medium actions of energetic pain. As the alpha is redirected back into beta or meta in the association, the mind bend ceases and the field and emotional presupposition of self restored. Alpha is redirected through intention into beta or meta or above mindsets amongst those who are derelicts of self.


Derelicts of self are condrian formations that render spirit and self in formulations of ego and negative ego expressions. Ego splits self of the self within through adroit equations of rendering to presuppose superiority of life stance. Negative ego causes self to abate and dissipate leading to depletion of dream of the life out of a presupposition of inferiority. Either presupposition of inferiority or superiority does not love or forgive the karmic happenstance between the two.


Learning to sustain dreams in syncopation with self through encounters with alpha beta mindset is a spiritual evolutionary goal amongst those mastering thessa and thulsa mindset or above. Modulating through encounters with alpha beta mindset can cause dreams of emotional to physical strife if there is karmic happenstance associated. Alpha beta mindset karma is from time periods of mindset development in Atlantis or earlier in history following Anu derivation of thoughtform sequences of dreams. Those mastering self will rendition through light wave mindset aberration of Anu derivation of condrian lore scripts of dreams.


Forgive Karma for Condrian Lore


All dreams are founded upon scripts that presuppose a destiny for the life. The destiny for mindset development presupposes the goal of the theory of evolution in which the karma is forgiven of condrian lore sensations and flavors of self. As condrian lore is departed from, those of like mindset of thessa and thulsa and above can adjoin in friendship and partnerships leading to a new dream ahead of deeper fulfillment and synergy within and without.


Condrian lore humans are gifted at erasing mindset development leading to mind bend to an extreme. Erasure of mindset development is an oscillation of nervous system repose imposed upon another. If the repose occurs long enough, mindset development can fold into another oscillation that ceases to develop or leads to insanity, crisis within, the experiences of hell in meditation or in life, or other derivations of dark happenstance of dream. The intent to restore mindset in all its oscillations will prevent further deterioration and lead to a recovery of self.


Those traversing through periods of mind bend will learn to oscillate a nervous repose that bends the mind back upon the one of alpha mindset. The intent to bend the mind back is enough to fulfill upon the goal. Sometimes the oscillations must be reposed 800 to 1,000 times to cause the electrical oscillations of another to be returned. The alpha beta mindset may not respond well to the repose of the electrical hyperventilation of self. Alpha beta mindset continually reposes a discharge of electrical current due to non-resonant and non-symbiotic relations with the carbon-based nature of Earth. Carbon nature is a repose of sacredness and divinity in all of life. Condrian nature causes extinction to repose upon Earth or in relationships between humans.


Forensic Repose


Repose is a fundamental manner in which mindset develops through the forensics of the biology. Forensic motions of mindset move from the toes through the legs and sacrum up the spine touching upon one synapse per nerve. Forensic motions also move through the upper body from the fingers to the neck and up into the cranium related to one synapse per nerve. Nerves that fail to repose cause hot and cold spots leading to aches and pains. Over time, if the repose in a given nerve or series of nerves fails to repose in full it leads to disease. Each forensic motion renews and revitalizes certain cells of organs, glands and systems throughout the biology.


Forensic repose also causes wave like action through the field much as a pebble tossed into a pond causes outward bound motions rippling from the inside out. Forensic motions cause the field to align and repair due to phosphorous theory of self that ripple and cascade throughout the field. Phosphorous is a mineral that causes light to illuminate. Illumination causes light to syncopate to hydrogenate the field to allow for density to dissipate into light wave synergy of self. Phosphorous is both a mineral deposit upon Earth and within the minerals of the nervous repose system of the field.


The nervous repose system is constructed in the holographic or larger transfusion body that resides on the outside of the creative body directing human life. The nervous system of the holographic body is light wave driven and causes synapses to form in the field to repose self into itself to cause synergy between body, mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit synergy allows the magic and joy of dream accolades of expression to be experienced. Body, mind and spirit syncopation causes knowledge that is forensic and known by self to become available unto the mindset of the brain to understand.


The nervous system of the biology must repose in response to the repose of the holographic body in divine timing with self in order to sustain health. The nervous system must develop a symposium of sound that resounds back and forth between the physical and nonphysical attributes of self. The symposium in the physical requires minerals to be available in the diet to allow the nervous system to develop the symposium of sound necessary to a state of ongoing repose of self. Fulvic acids and liquid minerals including colloidal gold and silver are some of the substances required recurrently to develop upper mindset of self. Phosphorous is not a required nutrient for the biology to develop new mindset. Phosphorous is required as an etheric substance only to weave the synapses of the field.


Mindset Development and Transfusion


Mindset development oscillates the field in a particular wave action that causes the repose in the physical to align with the nonphysical. The phosphorous of the synapses of the field ignite a flame of divine action of self as the light shimmers during transfusion. The synapses of the field are adroit creations that are created through combinations of light wave particles or elements. Light wave elements are associated with fire, water and air only. There are eighteen light elements, six associated with fire, six with water and six with air. Forensics of field in fire cause hot transfusion that dissipates density into gases. Forensics in water cause cold transfusion during sleep for integration of self. Forensics of air cause medium transfusion to counterbalance hot and cold during the waking hours of the day.


Too much hot transfusion may disturb the mind leading to sleepless nights of non-rest. Choosing for cool transfusion during the night interspersed with medium transfusion upon awakening and hot transfusion during the day is one manner to cause light wave mindset to allow for renewal of the cells and self. Renewal of cells and integration of expansion of self requires rest to foster.


Rest is not a panacea for light wave deprivation of self. If rest recurs too greatly or tiredness is the underlying biological symptom, there is a problem in the transfusion of self. Too much hot transfusion can hurt the adrenals and thyroid systems of self leading to intermittent states of tiredness. Tending to the body in herbal formulas to support all systems in light wave synergy is a fundamental standard of supporting the health of the biology during transfusion evolutionary sequences of self.


There are many herbal formulas that support and sustain biology that chooses for light wave evolution and upper mindset development. It is not our theory to expose what does or does not work as each is in a personal association with the herbs in relation to the development of self. It is recommended that each seek inward and choose wisely that which supports the sustenance of self and body in its upper mindset development. Medicinal mushrooms hold octaves of knowledge on prior eras of mindset development and are a good supplement to ingest frequently.


Mindset development requires standards of a light wave transfusion body that oscillates into motions that sustains forensics action to retain the temperature of the biology. Light wave biology sustains its temperature in light wave motion and not sugar based consumption of food resources. Food is taken in to synergize necessary nutrients to sustain the body in its transfusion only. Large amounts of food may cause indigestion that compromises the health of the vessel. Food resources that support the synergy of transfusion are primarily vegan although there are always exceptions to any rule.


More on Mind Bend


Light wave mindset is an octave driven expanse of self. Self rises up octaves of achievement through motions of light synthesis that expand through the synapses of the transfusion body. Each octave host patterns of dandering of the ancestry as light wave mindset fell over time. Those achieving self trigger a clearing of each octave risen through in motions of light wave synergy over time. Clearing the octaves can be experienced as adroit sensations of pain and dis-synergy of field or mindset bend formations of suffering and or grief. Mind bend occurred in association with others in the ancestry. As others of parallel ancestry intersect with those mastering self, the mind bend of the past recreates in the moment to be transfused through in order to rendition the evolutionary sequences in the life.


Mind bend is an adroit sensation of the physical that leads to the sensations of pain or suffering of self. As the mind ceases to bend the pain and suffering depart the sensation of self. Mind bend is an oscillation that precludes physical pain other than an oscillation of motion of field. Physical pain that fails to release over time is a postulation of a physical problem that requires nutritional counseling or other medical support to resolve. Bodies of age may have weak forensics leading to decline of the cells in transfusion. Those of older nature may require a rendition of nutrition and dietary change along with a period of cleansing to foster the health required to evenly transfuse light. Unequal transfusion of light can lead to more rapid system of disease to develop.


Mind bend is an objective to defeat in all encounters of mindset development. Intention to return the mind bend to others is the most adroit solution to the sensations of mind bend in any encounter. Relationships of intimate encounters with those that mind bend are not recommended as they can lead to disease and or death over time. Divine postulations of self sustain a resource of development reserved for development through realization. Mind bend encounters may render the reserves leading to non-development of self over time.


Non-development of self is an adroit equation of its own. Equations are formulas of numeric systems of self that cause expansion or depletion of field. Non-development of self occurs in an adroit equation of depletion. Realization of self occurs in an adroit equation of expansion. Edit the equations for continued expansion of self in each octave and realization becomes the postulation of the life.


In the infinite love and forgiveness of the Dao and Tao.


Postulation of Self


The postulation of Self

Is an adroit equation

Of forensic motion

That illuminates through time

Un-dandering the field

Realizing the life

Forgiving the emotions

Of the sensations of strife

In an ever-expanding motion

Of the Love of the Love Within

Reposing the emotions

Of compassionate action

In service

To all that is

And all that will ever be

Through time


Mind Bend Not


The mind bend of self

Is an expression of dis-service

Unto the Love of the Love Within

In which the repose fades

And strife emerges

As an equation of prostitution

Over the wholeness theory

Of the Dao and Tao

Ignited within and through time


I Am That I Am That I Am

To achieve mind bend not

In which the oscillations of Self

Sustain and support myself

In all dreams in life

Throughout time


The Dreamer of Self


The dreamer of myself

Chooses to repose

The beauty of the symposium

Of Self and Spirit

Composed into a symphony

Of Love and Oneness

In the theory of wholeness

Of the Self of the Self Within

Mastering itself

Realizing itself

Through the forensics of motion

In syncopation

With light wave synergy

Through time


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This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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