Image of a silver key on a lovely pink and white rose petal with the rose next to it. Light Wave Archive #1

Light Wave Archive #1


This is the first Light Wave archive from the Source or Tao of Shaktar to those who are reading and studying our materials. We are glad to assist each of you in your continued choice to master light wave synergy and relationship patterning. We are covering many levels of work from introductory to greatly experienced in information. We see a deep maturity in your capacity to handle spiritual issues and a need to continue to focus inward in the materials presented.


The relationship materials are devised to heal with dream time planes that are associated. The dream time planes are semi etheric and held in the void of infinite possibility of the Tao or the Source to be attuned unto for clearing and healing of patterning associated with relationship. For those interested in studying with us, we have 36 planes associated with current and future materials available to you to explore your issues of relationship as a means of healing karma associated with continued ascension.


Light Wave Ascension


Ascension is really a relationship unto oneself and unto the Source or the Tao and of the masculine and feminine within. As relationship issues are tended unto, then a deeper level of love may emerge within oneself and into the dreaming that one is dreaming for the life. Dreaming is as it has been, however, there are new languages available that we will call “prose script” into your dream, and this invoke light wave sequences.


Light wave sequences are different from the dreams you have danced within up until now as they are synergized and also non-polarity based. There is no light, medium, and dark dreaming in light wave synergy. Therefore, the struggle of polarity ceases as light wave dreams are mastered; however, one must rise up in octaves to sustain the light waves enough to light wave dream.


Sustainable Dreaming


Light wave dreams begin at octaves of 18 and above. Asur’Ana is mastering more even light wave synergy for sustainable dreaming. Sustainable dreaming is even and consistent light wave synergy and gives a sense of well-being in unity. Before one aspires to enter this level of dreaming, there is much nemesis darkness that must be cleared. Asur’Ana has really struggled to process all the heavy and painful holographic memories in order to rise into light wave synergized dreaming.


The journey is possible but may be difficult if there are many dis-synergized patterns related to the holographic sequences of memories of the ancestors. As you retrace your ancestral memories of how and why they fell out of sustainability, you may find it can be a difficult journey. Each journey is different and has its own struggles, and the Tao intends to support each of you rising into sustainable biology and dreaming ahead.


Sustainable dreaming are sequences of non-nemesis patterning that causes the act of rendering to cease. Rendering is a state of being derived out of nemesis holocaust thinking that seeks to destroy everything through mastication. Nemesis dreaming is a totally dis-synergized state of being in which everything falls apart. Nothing lives and nothing cares to live and all that falls renders itself unto extinction. This is the sad state of affairs that those ascending are aspiring to forgive and depart from the act of.


Nemesis Dreaming


There have been 46,000 rendering patterns decoded. The information has called to the forefront many patterns to clear amongst those attuning to light wave ascension. For one, there has been a slow rendering of transfusion pattern that was orchestrated in 2008 that has affected many light workers global wide. The slow rendering gradually eats away at the space between of the void of infinite possibility and replaces it with the void of big impossibility. As enough of the void of impossibility is added, then difficult dreams of nemesis begin to emerge.


Nemesis dreaming is dreaming of the infinite void of impossibility. There have been seven time periods that the void of infinite impossibility emerged as a troublesome pattern upon Earth. There are also keys to karma that was forgiven by ancestors who attempted nemesis release in these time periods. As each chooses to forgive the karma for nemesis that has already been released, then 70% of the debt of nemesis dreaming dissipates. The karma had been reinstated into the holographic dream sequences and will erase as this is forgiven.


Nemesis is really a difficult pattern to work upon as it calls in such darkness that sometimes dreams do not align kindly. This has transpired for Asur’Ana along with others now attempting nemesis release sequences. New pallets (light grid centers) are available for nemesis release that can draw the dream more into dream time to be cleared there rather than manifesting in the physical. This is important as it is so easy to cause a difficult sequence of dreaming while working upon nemesis karma. Nemesis karma has thoughtform that is hateful and caustic in its version of truth. The truth of nemesis is one of dis-synergy of light waves, and so it is light wave and transfusion karma.


Transfusion Up Octaves


Transfusion up octaves is the best way to move beyond nemesis karma. In order to accomplish this, light pallets and transfusion gates along with a full sequence of transfusion dreaming must be available; along with a full and complete fusion body of both small and larger nature. The transfusion body can be placed in the void of infinite possibility of the Tao, and then one will begin to transfuse one’s consciousness back to the Tao rather than up the dimensions.


Shaktar and Shakti and other transfusion folk did not transfuse home but rather into the consensus or into nonphysical afterlife that has become like a parasite on all of this creation. The truth appears to be that in the transfusion into the Tao, there is another possibility which is to take consciousness Home to where one was spawned; or rely upon Tao gates to move to another creation to reincarnate that may be more loving and serve one’s continued evolution.


Transfusion requires that the small fusion body be complete in order to create an ongoing renewal into health and rejuvenation. The small fusion body must have fuses lining each meridian large and small, surrounding each organ and gland, up through the core of the spine, legs, arms and head; and in all the meridians of the cranium. The cranium meridians number 36 and will allow for the renewal and evolution into light wave brain formations.


Light Wave Mind


Light wave brain formations are difficult to structure from other brain formats in some cases leading to depression or other symptoms of nervousness and forgetfulness. Sooner or later, all the brain converts and the best way to orchestrate this rapidly is to transfuse up octaves until it is adequately accomplished. Light wave brain symptoms include an inability to think straight, an inability to speak, and inability to move or twitches and jerks while resting.


Other symptoms include depression or suicidal feelings and also occasional bouts of apathy, sourness, bitterness or vastly deep feelings of wounding that may elicit long periods of crying at some time. Do not worry about any of this as it will pass; however, the best solution is to rise up and clear through the patterns associated; and also, to provide the body with all the nutrients necessary to support the development of the light wave mind.


The light wave mind is made up of many minerals and therefore mineral supplements are important. We have discovered that small amounts of fulvic minerals are useful to light wave brain development and maintenance; also, liquid minerals as muscle tested. Vitamin B6 is also important to cranial development and sustenance. There is also a need for greens and kale being one of the more nutrient rich. Both cooked and raw greens are recommended each week. Colloidal gold is helpful in developing the photon pockets in the grooves of the cortex of the light wave synapses.


Light wave brain formations should not move over the eyes or ears as they will cause deterioration of seeing or hearing otherwise. Photon caps in the synapses will help in restraining the waves to cover the head only. A photon cap over the cranium helps to dampen light waves from burning the brain or masticating the bones. Bone mastication can lead to suffocation of the light wave mind if it collects in the synapses. Generally speaking, the photon light wave mind is a Shaktar body archetype. Some may not have this archetype to draw upon, however, in modification with photon particle wave lengths, there is a greater degree of stability in the thinking of the light wave mind and a part of the mapping.


You are mapping a journey into the light wave mind and light wave synergy dreaming. We invite each to do what you do carefully and gently and do not rush and be thorough in all genetic modifications. Please do call upon the Source or the Tao to help you to sustain a whole and complete ascension in the transfusion process.




The original teachings of Shaktar were for the tantric swing. Tantric swing can be equated with the sensual nature of making love; or it can be equated with the dance of life in all of its various moves and motions. Tantra is an esoteric manner of speaking to sensuality in which the sensual nature of existence is explored within. Sensuality can equate to vast power of truth and peace within along with the feeling of being in a body or as a spirit somewhere experiencing something beautiful. Therefore, tantra is not necessarily sexual but often the only pleasure some humans receive is sensual.


Tantra is a version of truth that is of a type of existence that causes sexuality to be used in fusion to activate the higher keys of existence for the purposes of mastery and evolution. Tantric practices surface each cycle when an evolutionary sequence of events is about to begin. It is not generally practiced outside of such time periods, but in some regions is practiced continuously to sustain the light wave motion and vibration of its existence.


Tantra really should be an ongoing practice in human culture and would help to create synergy and harmony if so. The fact that there is so little synergy is simply a reflection of the inability to bring about tantric lore as a way of being. We are not referring tantric lore in this instance to the difficult relationships between counterparts as much as lore of being that is true to the relationship of love unto self.


Self-love is a form of love that puts self above all else. In acting out of self-love, then one takes care of oneself, and then in so doing also takes care of others who act out of love of self. Love of self is not selfish but a way of being that is sincere to the practice of tantra and also holographic synergy. Holographic synergy is a state of being in which there is a vast underlying nurturing of the physical that is cellular and comes through the holographic system. Here upon Earth, the holographic synergy has been rendered and so few receive any nurturing at all. As synergy is restored in the choice to release the karma, then nurturing can also be restored in a deep sense.


Restoring holographic synergy is a sequence of nemesis release that is available for each attuning unto this information. Intend to restore your personal holographic synergy and experience the nurturing possible in the sequences of dreaming in Shaktar dream time. Shaktar dream time is really a dreaming associated with Shaktar in his incarnation and transfusion and nothing more. Also attune to Tao Shaktar and Tao Shaktar’s void for new instructions on healing relationship through prose language and other systems of new prose that are arising out of the needs of those upon Earth.


Relationship Study


Relationship is about relationship unto oneself and learning to love oneself first. Relationship is an easy manner of focusing inward and looking at the male and female within. The focus of the beloved is the primary appearance within the sequence of dreaming as it is where your inner male fails to love the female or vice versa. It is in learning to love the male and female together in all dreams and all possibilities that the healing into wholeness and oneness and the dissipation of the fragmented state of being that one exists can be left behind.


Asur’Ana recognizes that her keys of destiny were stripped before birth and the twin that she should have entered a relationship with to bring forth ascension did not transpire. Now the destiny key that she never set in motion has gone off. This shall bring forth an interesting array of possibility in the dreams for her life; and the Tao shall help to assimilate all that has transpired so that a new dream can be born for her.


Perhaps there are missing destiny keys in most who are reading this book. It is as if the entire possibility of ascension was rendered before most were born or in early age. Perhaps each will look at when and where one may have lost one’s destiny key, and retrieve it, and set it in motion. Also, take a look at what may have transpired in this life if you had lived your original destined path. There is no right or wrong and every path serves even when we think otherwise, as such is the nature of existence. Therefore, the destiny can now unfold, and for many this is in middle age.


There is the possibility that many will find their twins now as the destiny key is set in motion. There were many destinies planned between twins for healing nemesis related karma and also holographic twin karma that is so difficult. Therefore, it is highly possible for many to meet their twins in unique ways to foster the next evolutionary sequences of dreaming for your life and ascension. We advise that you choose wisely and set in motion this dream if you desire it. If so, intend to place yourself in those circumstances that allow for the meeting of others that may be the relationship you are seeking.


One can use singles personals to meet a potential beloved. Personals are useful as they will mirror your own relationship issues within those who respond. The man or woman of your life may or may not show but an interesting array of potential friends may grow. Do not deny yourself any opportunity to meet others in the choice to find your twin; as you will learn and clear what lies before you, blocking you from your goal in the choice to participate in the dance of life rather than refrain from it.


Some spiritual seekers desire to seek the love of nature before the love of humanity. This is neither right or wrong, and perhaps the love of nature is easier in some respects to embrace. Although this is sweet, it is not the only possibility, and perhaps the pursuit of happiness through relationship is also a sweet journey to experience. Relationship may not be easy in the dis-synergized motions of today; however, those who have studied our materials have done enough clearing to manifest a nice partner that heals and nurtures and is not your nemesis. Do not go into a long-term nemesis relationship, however great the attraction may be as it will only destroy you. Intend instead a loving, nurturing partnership that heals and provides keys for your own evolution, and also is willing to work through their issues along with you.


Mature relationships may be what each chooses to seek. Mature relationships may be with someone older who has had enough life experience to understand relationship enough to dance in courage and in complimentary fashions without rejection and blame. Those who have studied our materials have transcended most issues of this nature and also moved beyond a good deal of the competitive patterning within. This is not to say that it is a perfect path; but that there is something accomplished in the clearing and inward focus that this group has aspired unto. So be free and be beautiful and be who you are in it all; and we welcome you into the journey of relationship in association with human dreaming ahead.


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Light Wave Art & Glossary



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Souls on their Journey to Evolutionary Fulfillment. May you always walk in the Light and see the Rainbow.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 1: Transfusion. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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