Image shows the beauty and splendor of life in Inner Earth.

Life In Inner Earth


Image Copyright: Walfrido Garcia at Walfrido


The Earth’s Interior is the mirror image of the surface foundation. Everything is in reverse order in the inside of the Earth. The mountain ranges are in direct proportion to the dimensions of the Earth’s cavity, and tower above the landscape. The oceans are larger than life, and flow calmly and swiftly around the inside of the globe. The air is crisp and clean, and the sand is white. The Central Sun is dimmer than the Sun on the outside, and reflects the Light from the Heavens.


The cities are all nestled in lush woodlands, overflowing with flowers and huge trees. There is green growth surrounding all man-made structures. Everything is in perpetual blossom and bloom. It is a land of wonder and beauty.


All is in perfect proportion to the size of the circumference of the interior. Everything is larger than life—even the great Beings who inhabit the interior are larger than the humans on the outside. All is beauty, and all is in a heavenly state of bliss.


Inner Earth Beings


These Great Souls are of the Light, and are guardians of Inner Earth. They keep all in pristine beauty and harmony for the time when many surface humans will be allowed to “physically” enter their domain. These souls are mostly in an Ascended state, and are continuing their evolution here because of the perfection of conditions.


The Inner Earth Beings mostly watch our surface with little interest. They are involved with their own evolution, and don’t want to get involved with ours because of their past experiences of helping unevolved humans. They feel that the Light has to grow from within each surface human. Until there is a fair amount of evolution present, their interaction with us has little effect, while at the same time, detracting them from their purpose. They feel there’s nothing they can do until our mass consciousness is in a higher state of evolution.


The Tunnels and Spaceport in the Hollow Earth


Inner Earth Beings come and leave the Earth freely using the spacecraft that are kept there in the Spaceport in the inside of the Earth. So although they are inside the Earth, they have freedom, health, abundance and peace.


There is free travel between the Subterranean Cities and the Hollow Earth through the tunnels. Electromagnetic trains can take them from one part of the Earth to another in a fraction of the time it takes us on the surface. Their transportation is quick and efficient, and burns no fuels. Therefore, there’s no pollution underground.


Residents of the subterranean cities long for the day when we on the surface can travel freely to the Hollow Earth, where we’ll be greeted with great joy and love. It is the return to the Land of Eden. They will join with us in the celebration, merging all our civilizations into One.


Elegant Lifestyles


Inhabitants of  Inner Earth have very elegant lifestyles compared to the surface. They live in palatial living quarters that are round and spacious, without inner walls for separation. This way, cosmic energy flows freely around, unimpeded by barriers, resulting in a highly charged atmosphere, free of dust. They are always surrounded by this Life Force wherever they are in their homes. Energy is always circulating and connecting the love from their hearts. They are wrapped in the intensity of love, and give their love freely to others; there’s always more than enough to go around.


Their brothers and sisters from the Subterranean Cities have free access to their realm in the center of the Earth. Neither passports nor credentials are necessary to enter or exit. For this is God’s World, and all in Inner Earth are God Beings.


Their lives are tranquil and peaceful. This tranquility gives them the opportunity to evolve rapidly, and to delve into whatever sources of study they wish to learn. This is the purpose of life—to ever evolve in an environment where all have access to the myriad wonders of the Universe.


Their hearts are always attuned to Source-God. They live their lives in total harmony with the Creator and the Creation. Differences that are so pronounced on the surface don’t exist here, for they see only each other’s Light, and communicate freely from their hearts.


Constant Temperature


In the Hollow Earth, there is a constant temperature in the low 70’s. This constant temperature allows the people to live in relative ease and comfort. Inner Earth is a Paradise with tall, graceful mountains jutting into the sky; there are large, clear, clean lakes and oceans that abound with life. The diet in the Hollow Earth is strictly organic vegetarian, and people are healthy, robust and strong.


Palaces of Light


Inner Earth Beings reside in the Hollow Earth amongst great richness, and live in great palaces infused with Light.


They dwell amongst splendor our eyes cannot yet conceive of. Every possible convenience is at their fingertips. Their homes are set in the lushness of the countryside that abounds all around them, and are built right into the natural environment, surrounded by lakes and streams.


They live in grand palaces made of crystallized stones that are embedded with jewels from the Earth. These crystallized stones create a magnetic field and radiance that nurtures and balances their bodies, and fills them with the Life Force emanating from the Great Central Sun of our Universe. All things in their homes radiate the purity of God-Source, and tune them to Source’s vibrations.


Their homes are round and translucent, and blend into the countryside. By outward appearances the homes give them total privacy. But once within, they can see out in all directions around them. This gives them a spacious feeling of vision, rather than being “locked in”, as we are on the surface. Not only can they see out of their homes, but they can see out beyond the Earth, to the Stars in the sky. Their vision has no boundaries or barriers, wherever they are in the Hollow Earth. Their eyes and senses are free to roam the Universe, while their bodies remain inside the globe.


 The Heartbeat of Mother Earth


Inner Earth Beings have been here for millions of years, slowly evolving themselves into God Beings. Their evolution has made great strides due to the isolation of being wrapped up inside the womb of Mother Earth.


All their lives have been spent in peace and bliss, due to their location. They exist here in peace and tranquility because of the proximity to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The more deeply one goes into the Earth, the more deeply one feels the beat of the Earth. The more one feels Her heartbeat, the more one resonates to her Goddess qualities. So this proximity has led them, over the millennia, to their oneness with all life and to their joy of existence. All life knows this oneness, yet most of life has yet to feel it in their outer bodies.




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