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Life After Death


Humans living on Earth are at many different levels of Consciousness and diverse steps on the evolutionary or re-evolutionary ladder. ALL are loved by Source-God; ALL are sacred and equal in value. The following article is based on my spiritual understanding of the death transition. There may be other exceptions to the following scenarios. Please read this information with your own discernment. Accept only what resonates with you and let go of the rest.


Perhaps many of us fear death. It seems so final, like the end of life and of everything that we know. In reality, there is life after death. Our consciousness does not experience death. It is only our physical body that ceases to function on Earth. Perhaps a better title for this article is “Life After Earth”.


For many people, death is merely a change or transition from a physical state of life (characterized by inhabiting a physical body) to a nonphysical state of life within a much finer, more subtle nonphysical body existing at a much higher vibration on the Astral plane. It should be noted that the Astral worlds are in effect the “Fifth Dimension”, with the length, width and height of the physical world being the first three dimensions and time being the fourth dimension. The astral worlds become the new home for most people after they depart the physical plane.


Spiritually Developed and Virtuous Individuals


Some highly spiritually developed and virtuous individuals/beings came to Earth on a special mission from the inner planes/levels of consciousness (or inner harmonic universes or inner spheres). There are many missions they could partake in, but one is: they incarnate to assist planet Earth as she is undergoing unprecedented transformations at this time in history. Earth has attained the status as an Ascension Planet and is moving into higher vibrational frequencies of the inner sphere of life and reality. The Indigos, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children are part of the mission.


Spiritually Developed Individuals and the Death Transition


At death, these spiritually developed people will transition beyond the Astral plane, inward to their rightful place of residence according to their current state of Spiritual evolution. For example, before incarnating on Earth for a mission, you might have been residing on Harmonic Universe 5 (or Level 4 of Consciousness or High Heaven). At death, your consciousness will return to that inner sphere; its vibration would be much finer and higher than if you were to reside in a nonphysical body on an astral world (which is on Harmonic Universe 2 or Level 1 of Consciousness). The more inward the plane is, the higher is its vibration, and the lower is its density.


The inner planes can also be called the “higher” planes. Think of the layers of an onion. God-Source is in the center. (Source-God is actually everywhere, but Hiers purest Essence is at the center.) The physical worlds are on the outermost level from Source. We tend to think of higher worlds (such as heavens) as being higher or above us; heavens are actually closer to Source, so they’re more inward, hence the term “inner planes” or “inner spheres”, etc.


Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children and the Death Transition


Some very pure souls have incarnated on the Earth plane here for the first time to assist with planet Earth’s Ascension. They are known as the Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow Children. At death, these individuals will be helped by their Family of Consciousness (higher aspects of themselves) to transition to their Home Planet, Tara, Gaia or elsewhere where they play and celebrate for an awesome service mission completed.


Some Individuals Can Take Their Bodies 


Some spiritually developed and virtuous individuals as well as some Indigos, Crystal, and Rainbow Children can take our physical bodies with them, if they choose, into the Fifth Dimension.


Some ascension sources say that although other planets and galaxies have shifted into higher dimensions before in the history of the Universe, this is the first time that souls in incarnation on a planet are going to be taking their physical vehicles with them into the higher dimension. Doing this is seen as the next step in humanity’s evolution.


Given this, it seems important for us to really take care of our bodies at this time. Radical transformation can be hard on the body, causing pain, aches, exhaustion and flu-like symptoms.


Life After Death for the Majority of Humans


1. People who were not initiated by a living Master, are not spiritually developed beings on a special mission from the inner planes, but have lived a good life: They will be sent to a paradise or heaven where they may enjoy the good which they have earned. This is usually a low heaven somewhere on the Astral plane (Level 1 of Consciousness) or Causal/Mental plane (Level 2 of Consciousness). They will continue to learn and develop, rest and recuperate until the time arrives for them to return to Earth life once more. They may enjoy a thousand or a million years in some heaven but they must finally return to Earth life after their earnings have been spent.


Thus each and everyone must tread the wheel of birth and death, age after age, until his/her good karma eventually brings him/her to a living Master for initiation, so that they can return Home. Level 5 of Consciousness is pure Spirit and where Eternity begins, which is our true Home. Ultimately, we are pure Spirit and beyond all concept of form which is an illusion of the physical and Astral worlds or low heavens. Some individuals can become enlightened and return to their true Home without initiation from a living Master, but from what I understand, it is difficult or would take a very long time or eons and eons.


2. People who were not initiated by a living Master, are not spiritually developed beings on a special mission from the inner planes, and have lived a bad life: If the individuals have been very bad, their sentence will send them to some region of remedial and disciplinary punishment. It is intended to purge their souls of their evil mind. They themselves will know and fully approve of their own sentence, for they will know exactly what they have earned. When the period of their discipline expires—years, a century, or a thousand years—they return to Earth life for another birth and another chance to create better karma. The deep impressions of their bitter experiences will be retained and they will bring with them into the new life, although they may not remember the details of it. They will automatically shun those paths of evil which formerly brought them grief.


Life After Death for Initiates of the Inner Light and Sound Meditation


1. People who were initiated by a living Master, are not highly developed beings on a special mission from the inner planes, but have done little or nothing in way of spiritual exercises: The Master meets them at death or a little before. (S)he makes him/herself visible to them, and (s)he notifies them that their time is up. As soon as they leave the physical body, the Master takes them to that level of consciousness which they have earned. There, the Master places them in a training school where they make good progress under his/her directions. Then they will go to a higher level after a time. Generally, they are taken up, grade by grade, until they reach the 5th level. They never return to Earth life again unless to rescue or liberate their loved ones from the wheel of birth and death.


2. People who were initiated by a living Master, are not spiritually developed beings on a special mission from the inner planes, have made good progress on the Path, but have not yet attained mastership themselves: These initiates know the day and hour when they will depart the physical plane, long before it comes. The entire process of death is under their control. Neither do they lose consciousness for a single moment. They pass out of body as easily as one would lay off an old garment. In their daily practice, they have already gone through that process many times. The only difference this time is the breaking of the silver cord. At the time of death, they go directly to that level of consciousness that they have attained under the escort of the Master, where they are to abide for a time until they are ready to go higher. Generally, they move up, grade by grade, until they reach the 5th level. They never return to Earth life again unless to rescue or liberate their loved ones from the wheel of birth and death.


3. People who were initiated by a living Master, are or are not spiritually developed beings on a special mission from the inner planes, but have attained mastership. They are the Masters themselves: The Masters have attained the 5th Level of Consciousness and sometimes higher. The Masters have transcended life and death. They could remain in their bodies for centuries or even thousands of years if they wished but as a rule they do not. They observe the laws of this world and carry their work in harmony with those laws as much as possible. Their work is strictly of a spiritual nature. After leaving their bodies, they rise at once above all physical worlds, above all lower and middle heavens, and take up their duties and responsibilities, entering upon their higher duties, as these may have been assigned them by God-Source.


Sometimes spiritually developed individuals on a special mission from the inner planes chose to incarnate on Earth to meet a living Master so that they can receive initiation. They do so for various reasons, such as to attain mastership and become Masters themselves, to return Home on the 5th Level or higher, to assist with Earth’s ascension into the inner sphere, or to assist the living Master with the mission, etc.


Please click here for the Inner Light Meditation.


Death is Nothing to Fear


We view those who have departed the physical world as dead. It might come as a surprise to some of us that the inhabitants of the astral worlds and the inner planes view us who are still living on Earth (with all of the trials and tribulations of the physical world) as the dead ones. We are dead to the love, light, peace, joy, harmony, glories and splendors of the inner spheres of life.


Natural death (whether through old age, sickness, accidents, natural disasters, and not suicide) should never, ever be feared. For most decent people who have led a good life, the transition of passing to the Astral worlds is a joyous time for celebration. It is a completely natural aspect of spiritual evolution and a transition to worlds of beauty, harmony, and joy where no hardships, trials or misery exist.


Good people usually live in the middle (Fifth Dimension) to high Astral worlds (Sixth Dimension) where they will be experiencing an existence of love, light, peace and happiness on a level beyond the comprehension of most people still living on Earth. At these levels of the Astral, everyone contributes out of a desire for service, with no expectation of reward. In the Astral realms, people can create anything they wish for, so the concepts of work and money do not exist. Everyone lives together there in perfect peace, harmony and happiness.


Individuals who came from the inner planes/spheres on a special mission and those initiated by a living Master will transition beyond the Astral worlds into glorious spheres of absolute love, light, bliss, and pure beauty that earthly language can never be able to describe.


Death means the liberation of a Soul from its physical body, and the completion of another mission. It is the final release from the restrictions of the physical body. Friends, relatives and loved ones should celebrate this joyfully.


For an interesting glimpse of life after death, among many fascinating topics, please read Adrian P. Cooper’s  book, Our Ultimate Reality.




The Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson

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