Image of the 7 Tones of Creation (Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La) to symbolize the meaning of the word Krystal.





The Krist Grid is the first level of Creation and the closest to Source. It is the first Tree of Life or the Kathara Grid.


Things that are built upon the mathematical programming of the Krist Grid are referred as Kristos. What this means is that they have the ability to perpetually self-regenerate. It means that they have an open conduit of circulation of Consciousness and Life Force Energy between the manifestation fields and God-Source directly, so they are eternal life as opposed to finite life.


They are eternal free energy systems as opposed to finite energy systems that struggle and compete for power or for energy.


Thus, when we talk about Kristos, we talk about concepts as far as Consciousness, but we also talk about very, very specific Universal Mechanics.


Through the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Divine Trinity, the “Divine Child” of the Cosmic Krist (Known on the smaller Universal level as the “Christ”) is perpetually born.


The Cosmic Krist is the living God-Force Consciousness Field created through the specific combining of the ManU-ManA-EirA God-Forces within a very specific “Divine Design”, by which the First Creation of Manifest Expression could occur, was enabled to remain perpetually in motion, and through which God-Source and Its many manifestations of Self can retain an Eternal, Perpetual Open inter-relationship.


The Krist is the specifically arranged Living Manifestation Template, existing with the “Divine Trinity” ManU-ManA-EirA God-Force Consciousness Field, which perpetually holds the Divine Blueprint or precise “Technical Specifications of Divine Order” upon and through which Eternal Life Cosmic Creation is created. 


Krist Code


The Krist Code is the Perpetual Motion and Precise Mathematical-Geometrical Instructions for the Creation Program from God-Source.


The Kathara Lines form the structure framework of the Kathara Grid and exist in precise angular and proportional relationship to each other, according to the ratios of the energy balance set by the Krist Code.


Deviations from the natural Krist Code configuration of “First Creation” create alterations of the energetic balance (Inorganic Kathara Grids) causing interruption of the continual self-regeneration (perpetual life) of the manifest forms and the formations of Miasms that eventually lead to destruction of the corresponding matter-form via self-annihilation of the Partiki units.


The original Eternal Nature of God-Source Itself, and thus that of All Creation, remains always perpetual and constant, due to the mechanisms of Self-healing through Starburst that God-Source intended, imbued and sets in motion, (through the directives of the Eternal Life Krist Code) as the foundations for First Creation.


Everything including every single Partiki in the Universe has an encryption.


Eternal Life emerged from the original encryption set into the first Partiki, called the Krist Code. From this point, Creation emerges and expands and as it does so, the encryption expands and becomes more complex, but is still based on the Krist Code and Base-12 encryption.


The Krist Code allows for full At-One-ment to be experienced while being in Manifestation within Source.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La (KRYST-HALA)


The word “Krist” and “Kristallisation” are drawn from the first set of 7 vibrational encryptions to emerge into audible outer expressions of Consciousness sound cells from phasing of the Inner Hub ADON Bud Cluster (the “Bud-Aahs” of the Inner Monadic First Eternal Life Creation) of 6 Primordial Outer Tones:


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


Are known as the Kryst-HaLa of the “Aah” First Great Void – or – the Kryst-(H)aL(a)Aah, the Tonal Core of Outer First Creation.


The Eckasha Aah AhaLaah’ – Body is known as the “Body of the Krist”, “the First Sun of God-Source”, as it represents the first outer manifest Krystallisation of God-Force Consciousness into electro-magnetic radiation “aware-ised eternal energy” expression.


The Kryst-HaLa pattern is the encryption held by this Core First Light Unit called the Tauren.


The Origin of the Words “Christ” and “Allah”


“Christ” and “Allah” derive from Kryst-Hala: The word that derives from the 7 Core Audible Tones of Creation: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


Kryst-Hala was broken down, and changed through oral tradition, into two words:

Kryst which became Christ and HaLa which became Allah.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL)


There is a frequency, tone and geometry recorded in the Silicate Matrix of the DNA, DNA Signal, that is being imprinted in new ways with the Krystal Tones. This is a large Aurora project that has to do with re-encryption of the flesh and therefore re-configuring the DNA elements of the human body to be resonant with the frequencies of the Diamond Sun Body.


These seven tones of Original Creation are broken down into:


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La


When we tone these individually, they hold a piece of a larger schematic that fits into the Krystal body, the Diamond Sun Christos (Kristos) Blueprint. These Tones are not to be confused with Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La – emphasis on the H sound.


Krystal Tones


When the tones of Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL) are woven into a complete pattern, they are an actual “Merkaba” Spirit Body. This Spirit Body of Krystal Star Consciousness is phonetically (sounds like) spelled something like: CHRYSTHALLA or KRYST-HALA (Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La), which also describes and explains (means) the male and female merged Risen Christos (Kristos) Body.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Aa La (KRYSTAL) is a process (verb) of encryption.


Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La (KRYST-HALA) is the end result (noun) male/female merged Risen Christos (Kristos) Body.


The Krystal Guardians suggest that sounding or communicating with these tones in meditation, prayer, music or breathwork is helpful for Aurora re-encryption, to refocus the mind, break through Mind Control to support Soul and Oversoul integration between the bodies.




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