Picture of the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Cooperative.

Krystal River Tri-Matrix Cooperative


Image Copyright: ‘Krystal River Tri-Matrix Cooperative’, E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas at Arhayas Productions


The Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative is a large collective of Krystic and Adashi Ascended Beings from the Aquareion Parallel-Adjacent-Eckasha, WEsaLA Adjacent-Eckasha and the AdonA-EyanA Founders races of our Eckasha system. They formed this Krystic Intervention Team Cooperative 450 BYA (Billion Years Ago) for the purpose of protecting the organic life field and Eternal Life Ascension potential of these 3 neighboring Eckasha-Matrix systems from being assimilated, entrapped and eventually destroyed by the fallen Bourgha Time-Raider Races.


The Time-Raider Races caused the Black-hole fall of their entire Ecka-Veca system in the Parallel Eckasha 480 BYA and launched a crusade to entrap and assimilate All Life Everywhere. The fallen Bourgha races caused fall of their Ecka-Veca through their “Great 6-6-6-6 Quarantined Polarity Experiment” and its inherent “Victim-Victimizer Game,” which they engaged in an attempt to discover the root cause of consciousness de-evolution into fall, in hope of eradicating Fall Potential. They lost control of their experiment and fell into extreme polarity disorientation and violence, and created a “Time-Rip Technology” that allowed them to break free from the localized quarantine of their “Great Experiment” to launch their conquest of absorbing and assimilating All Life Everywhere.


The Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative of 450 BYA developed the Krystic Gyrodome Technology and the Aqualene Transmission Krystic evolutionary option, to protect the Krystic evolution and Ascension Potential of the organic life field in the 3 neighboring matrices by eventually sealing the Bourgha Time-Rip and reestablishing quarantine on the fallen Bourgha Black-hole system.


Eternal Life Krystic Service


The Founding High-Councils of the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative are a collective of Eternal Life-Adashi-Adept race lines from the Parallel-Adjacent Eckasha Aquareion Matrix, the AquafarE of the Edon-Middle-Domains, their Aquious Inner-Hub-Domain collectives, and the Aquari original-humanid-Angelic Human-prototype KrystGuardian race originally of the Aquareion Matrix Outer-Domain race that the AquafarE and Aquious races co-created.


All Founding Councils and members of the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative work in Krystic Service to the Highest Eternal Life Evolutionary Potentials for All Life Everywhere, under the Eternal Guidance of the Mashaya-hana Master Councils and related Krystar-Ascended Adashi-Adepts of the 3-domain Adashi-Return Cycles.


The Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative and their Adashi-Adept Krystar Master Councils continue to be the guiding force and active orchestrators and facilitators of the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host and its “Step-Down Projects” such as the “550 Million Years Ago Amenti Rescue Mission.” All GA-MCEO (Guardian Alliance Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) and IAFW (Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds) organizations, as well as many other Kryst Service organizations, are direct, active members and representatives of the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative.


Aqualene Transmission


The Aqualene Transmission refers to 2 interrelated aspects of the Krystal River Host Mission.


In regard to the contemporary M31-Andromeda/Milky Way Galaxy/Earth drama, this term refers specifically to a very powerful, “Blended, Braided Trans-harmonic Spectral Frequency Current” composed of:


  1. An “Aqua colored” current from the Outer-Domain of the Parallel-Adjacent Eckasha Aquareion Matrix that is called the “Arc of Aquari,”
  2. A “Blue colored” current from the Aquareion Matrix An-Sha-TA-Sa Hub-Domain and
  3. A “Deep-Blue” current from the Ha’ah-TUr’ Hub-Domain of our Eckasha System.


When activated, the Aqualene Transmission Current creates a Frequency Bridge through which the Frequency Spectra of the Tri-Matrix Krystal River Host “Steps-Down” from the Parallel-Adjacent-Eckasha Aquareion Host System, through the Aurora Continuum, into the Ha’ah-TUr’ Hub-Domain of our Eckasha System, then into the M31-Aquinos /Andromeda Galaxy and into our Milky Way Fragment-Galaxy, to bring the Krystal River Host link and Ascension Potential into the falling territories of the Milky Way.


The Aqualene Transmission Current anchors into various Hosting Territories through the Living Aquafereion Shield collectives incarnate within those systems to serve the Krystal River Host. Once anchored and activated, the Aqualene Transmission Current enables the Aurora Platforms, Gates and Gyrodome Fields of the Krystal River Host to open within Hosting Territories.


The other use of the term Aqualene Transmission dates back to the 450 BYA when the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative engaged the Krystal River Host. One aspect of this Host was a very long-term Krystic Hybridization Program and evolutionary option that was called the Aqualene Transmission, which specifically involved Co-creation and Seeding of the Outer-Domain Guardian Aquari race line within the territories involved with the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host.


The AquafarE of the Edon-Middle-Domains and their Aquious Inner-Hub-Domain collectives from the Parallel-Adjacent Eckasha “Aquareion Matrix” co-created the Aquari original-humanid-Angelic Human-prototype KrystGuardian race to enable members of their races to incarnate directly into the Outer-Domain territories to service the Krystal River Host. This “Aquareion lineage” carried the specific DNA Codes to enable its members to run the specific frequencies of the “Aqualene Transmission Currents,” so that they could collectively form the “Aquareion Shield” within the Tri-Matrix territories to anchor and service the Ascension Gate systems of the Krystal River Host and activate the Gyrodome Protection Field to close the Bourgha Time-Rip.




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