Image shows the wheel of karma or the law of cause and effect.



Karma is a Sanskrit term for the law of cause and effect, or “As you sow, so shall you reap” as mentioned in the Bible. For every good or positive action, a good or positive result will occur; for every bad or negative action, a bad or negative result will occur. Right actions are those which create good karma; bad actions create bad karma. It is known in physics as the law of compensation or balance or equilibrium. In jurisprudence it is the law of justice.


All great religions talk about the laws of karma and reincarnation. These laws have been created to protect the order of society and the well-being of all the creatures of the universe. Everything in the Cosmos is subject to the law of cause and effect—every person, animal, fish, insect, plant, mineral, etc. There are no exceptions to this principle. If we respect these cosmic laws, then they will protect us from experiencing lower levels of existence.


Three Kinds of Karma


There are three kinds of karma recognized by the Masters. The first is called prarabdh karma, which means ‘fate karma’. It is that which has been earned in one or more previous lives, and upon which this present life is based. This sort of karma the individual must pay off during this life. (S)he must live it out to the full extent. There is no escape from it, not even if one is initiated by a living Master


The second kind is called sinchit karma, which means ‘reserve karma’. It may be compared to money deposited in a bank, in a savings account. This karma is caused by a past situation still awaiting its corresponding effect or reaction. This is in effect latent karma.


The third kind of karma is kriyaman, the ‘daily karma’ (or future karma), which we are making from day to day during this life. This type of karma may be disposed of in several ways: We may suffer or reap its payment at once or at some other time during this life, or we may have it stored up as sinchit karma to be drawn upon at some future time. In that case, it may become fate karma for a future life.


In reality and from the perspective of our Infinite or Divine Self, all karma is caused and reconciled in the same eternal moment of Now. It is only experienced as past, present and future in the context of the Earth concepts of time and space.


Karma Causes Us to Transmigrate


Karma is the cause of our transmigration, lifetimes after lifetimes. It binds us to this physical world, the astral worlds (Level 1 or Harmonic Universe 2), and the causal/mental worlds (Level 2 or Harmonic Universe 3). However, the law of karma extends only up to Level 2. There is no karma on the supercausal worlds (Level 3 or Harmonic Universe 4) and higher. There is a higher law which supersedes all other laws, and that is the Law of Love. The Law of Love governs all worlds starting from Level 3 (Dimensions 10-11-12) and higher.


[Please refer to the article The Levels Of Creation According To The Masters for more information about the multidimensional universes of the Cosmos.]


In this physical world, we are all constantly creating karma, incurring debts, and all of these debts must be paid off. There is simply no escape from karma. Sooner or later, karma has to be balanced within each and every person. That’s how we continue to exist here, because we keep paying and borrowing, and repaying, all the time.


It’s always better to do good so that one can have positive karma. However, having karma of any kind, whether positive or negative, imply that you need to come back to earth life again and again, either to repay your debt or to enjoy your reward. Therefore, for those on the Path of Inner Light and Sound Meditation, the Master would erase all karma from one’s past lives.


The Akashic Records


Although the karma is erased, the records of one’s incarnations on the Earth plane and Astral plane (Level 1 of Consciousness or Dimensions 4-5-6) are always retained in the Akashic Records on Level 2 of Consciousness (Dimensions 7-8-9). Only Masters, spiritual teachers and spiritually developed (or enlightened) individuals can have access to the Akashic Records at will. Otherwise, how can you continue living your life peacefully if you found out that you’re married to someone who killed you in a past life, or that your brother betrayed you in another life. Of course not all relationships are like this. If you have a harmonious relationship with your spouse or family member, then it’s most likely that you have good karma together, but if not, then you were enemies in other lifetime(s).


Additionally, you might not be able to forgive yourself and continue with your life if you found out that you killed or tortured many people in the past. You will be able to access the Akashic Records (if interested) when you are spiritually developed and ready to know the truth about your incarnational history. To be spiritually developed (or enlightened) means to realize the interconnectedness and Oneness of all life, that Humanity is One, and to have love and compassion for yourself and others. Meditation is an excellent way to develop spiritually.


After initiation, the karma from past lives will be erased, but the Master does not touch the karma from this life, known as ‘fate karma’ as explained earlier. If the Master erases this karma, the initiates would die immediately, as we need karma to exist in this world.




Enlightenment would erase all past karma, once and for all. Once we’re enlightened, the past is gone. Think of this analogy. When you switch on the light, it doesn’t matter how many thousands of years that darkness has been residing in this room, in one instant, it’s gone. There is no other way we can erase the past karma except through enlightenment.


The storage of past karma is what keeps us here. Once we’re enlightened, the past karma is erased, but the present karma continues. We can continue to clear ‘daily karma’ with meditation every day. Therefore, future karma does not exist; that’s how we can be free to return Home or any higher worlds that we choose after this physical life is complete.


Please click here for the Inner Light Meditation.


Borrowing Karma to Come Down


Spiritually developed individuals on a mission from Level 3 and higher would need to borrow karma to come down to the lower worlds and incarnate here on Earth. One way this can manifest is through a process known as a walk-in experience. This type of walk-in is within one’s own Family of Consciousness, so there is an agreement made on a higher level before the original Soul incarnates here.


As stated in the article Does Time Exist, the fact that you have a physical body meant that you also have other fragments of your Consciousness coexisting simultaneously on other dimensions of the Time Matrix. These other living beings are You residing in other time tracks (and other lifetimes) in other dimensions while you are here on Earth. You also have ascended parts of yourself beyond the Time Matrix. Collectively, they can be termed your Family of Consciousness. When the original Soul has completed what it sets out to accomplish in a lifetime, it can choose to walk out of the physical body. A higher aspect (such as your Oversoul, Avatar, Rishi or Ascended Master of one’s family from the same Divine Being) may walk in to continue the embodiment and fulfill a mission that has been agreed upon.




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