Image shows colorful spiral symbolizing simultaneous time.

Is Time Simultaneous?


Is time simultaneous (meaning that the past, present and future are happening all at once)? According to classical physics of material reasoning, this is not possible. In classical physics all movements are material and are determined by physical laws. These laws are thought of as measurable in terms of initial values of position and velocity of the material objects concerned.


Simultaneous Time is Possible in Quantum Physics 


However, quantum physics seems to say that simultaneous time is possible. In his book, The Quantum Doctor: A Quantum Physicist Explains the Healing Power of Integral Medicine, Professor Goswami stated that in quantum physics, objects are described as waves of possibility that can be at two (or more) places at once. But in which of these places an object will manifest in a given measurement is not determinable by any physical law or algorithm.


Goswami further clarified: In classical physics, all interactions are local, coming from the vicinity with the help of signals traveling through space taking a certain amount of time. But in quantum physics, this isn’t so. There, non-local connections that allow signal-less instantaneous communication exist in addition to local connections. In classical physics, all movement is continuous and can be determined by mathematics and algorithms that require continuity. But in quantum physics, discontinuous quantum leaps are allowed in addition to continuous movement. 


Quantum Physics Experiments


Two experiments in quantum physics provide evidence that there is a high probability that time is simultaneous. In the article, Physicists Put Atom in 2 Places at Once, a team of physicists has proved that an entire atom can simultaneously exist in two widely separated places. Dr. Christopher Monroe and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, were able to divide a single beryllium atom into two distinct states of existence and then separated the two states in space.


In another article, In Two Places At Once: Strange World of Quantum Mechanics Shown to Work in Visible World for First Time, A U.S team managed to create a quantum state in an object billions of times larger than any previously tested. Andrew Cleland from the University of California and his team used a tiny metal paddle, which is inclined to vibrate when a current passes through it. They were able to show the resonating paddle was in a quantum state, between one and zero quanta of energy. This meant it was effectively moving and standing still at the same time. They proved that the principles of quantum mechanics can apply to everyday objects as well as atomic-scale particles.


Spiritual Understanding of Simultaneous Time


From the perspective of our Spirit or the totality of our Consciousness, time is not linear but simultaneous. Spirit starts from the 5th Level of Consciousness which is beyond or outside of the realms of Time and Space or the unified field of the Time Matrix.


[Please refer to the article The Levels Of Creation According To The Masters for more information about the Levels of Consciousness and the multidimensional universes of the Cosmos.]


The concept of simultaneous time is difficult for some of us to understand because as Spirits, we only project a small fragment of our Consciousness (a holographic projection of your Self) into the 3rd Dimension while incarnating in a physical body on Earth. We only see one timeline because that fragment of our Consciousness is focusing only in the 3rd dimension. We don’t see all the other spokes on the wheel (or other timelines on other dimensions of the cosmic spiral). We have other fragments of our Consciousness coexisting simultaneously on other dimensions of the multidimensional universes of the Cosmos.  [We also have ascended parts of our Self beyond the Time Matrix.]


Since we only see one time track while living on this planet, we think that time is linear—that it has a Past, a Present and a Future. But in actuality, everything is happening simultaneously in the NOW. Time as we know it doesn’t actually exist but instead is a creation of Consciousness. I have discussed this in another article, Does Time Exist?


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